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Guide to Do when Encounter Errors on Your Credit Report

Obtain a copy of your credit reports

Not yet? Do it now, get a copy of your free credit report from each of the three credit reporting agencies-Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Review all the reports thoroughly and check for mistakes.

Raise a dispute in writing to the credit agencies

Draft a letter detailing your issue and send to the agency or agencies which marked mistake on credit file. Sending it by certified mail will ensure that it is acknowledged and received, so that you can be aware that it reached the right address. You can also read FTC guidelines about the formulation of dispute. You should be sure of your dispute and attach the copy of the documents supporting your issues.

You can also attach a copy of the credit file with flaws on which the concern is raised and secure or preserve all the documents you are sending.

Inform the bank or lender about the error

You should also write about the account where you noticed the error. For instance, you have paid the bills of medicines you bought but it is reported as unpaid. You can inform the store dealer about same, along with the disputed error and paid receipt. Do not forget to ask for the response.

Invest patience

Credit reporting agencies usually take 30 days to resolve the dispute. After they received your raised concern, the action begins by forwarding it to the lender or creditor that provided the information. The source will then probe into the raised dispute reported by the agencies, which after investigating, they will report back to the credit bureau.

Check the correction

After the source agrees with your dispute then it will get corrected and the bureaus will also offer you updated free credit report, so that you can verify the correction which will also boost your credit score.

In case your concerns remain unsolved, you can ask for the dispute statement to be attached to the credit file so that when future lenders or creditors pull your report, they can see your raised dispute. This way it will not damage your credit reputation.