Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 - see why it's the German Rolls-Royce Cullinan!

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Mat’s at the Mercedes Centre of Excellence for a very special video… He’s getting his hands on the new Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600!
It’s the first Maybach SUV and it starts from £150,000. But as you can imagine, once you chuck in a couple of options the price easily increases… And the one Mat’s reviewing costs £250,000!!
So what do you guys think - is this ultra-luxurious (and ultra-expensive) SUV the #1 posh SUV? Or are established names like the Bentayga & Cullinan still well ahead? Let us know in the comments!
00:00 Intro
00:39 Exterior Design
02:16 Interior Design
03:50 Back Seats
05:28 Boot
05:56 Soundproofing
06:50 Engines
07:40 Sound System
08:05 Comfort
09:00 Verdict
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carwow - Місяць tagasi
Come on then - Maybach GLS vs Rolls-Royce Cullinan. Which is the #1 luxury SUV? VOTE below!
Εժωιո Տօեօ
Εժωιո Տօեօ - 7 päeva tagasi
Mercedes GLS
Spandan Adhikari
Spandan Adhikari - 8 päeva tagasi
Mercedes- Maybach GLS. If I had the money of course..
Mark T
Mark T - 9 päeva tagasi
@Chris Baggins May In fact Rolls is a blinged and pumped up BMW mate.
Adam - 10 päeva tagasi
Plastic grille... Nah.
Rebcca Vyshatytska
Rebcca Vyshatytska - 10 päeva tagasi
Yeah I’m
MONIQUE Franklin
MONIQUE Franklin - 9 tundi tagasi
It's pretty on the inside but the outside is ugly.
dem boy Kimonge
dem boy Kimonge - 15 tundi tagasi
M.Shoaib Munir
M.Shoaib Munir - 20 tundi tagasi
I think it's the most luxurious SUV in the world ?
Umondi Mike
Umondi Mike - Päev tagasi
Cullinan is still the best luxury !!!
What ?
What ? - Päev tagasi
Me watching these video as if I’m ever gonna buy this 😆
Tyler Eckart
Tyler Eckart - Päev tagasi
Ford Expeditions have had the retractable steps for like 15 years lol
Ro Han
Ro Han - Päev tagasi
GLS 600 FOR SURE...👑🔥🔥🔥
Emmanuel Emmanuel
Emmanuel Emmanuel - 2 päeva tagasi
Can anyone just give me a Camaro as a gift for my birthday coming up on the 22 December please ?? Keep your s class , just get me only that camaro and am good.
Trxnl - 2 päeva tagasi
Is Mercedes tryna copy BMW???
Kirby - 2 päeva tagasi
I kind of like it, I don't like the white exterior and interior though.
Drbranicap - 2 päeva tagasi
Matt you are showing such arrogance in your videos.Ie you are in Stuttgart but can not [pronounce correctly the name of the town and than bucher the name of the vehicle.FF Sake ask or listen to the native Germans how call their town or a car!!??its SHtutgart like a shadow,shoe SEan do that to skoda all the timer.And its not meybach but MAYBAH ,like MY Shoe MYbahhhhhhhhhh,not K at the end.
matija leva
matija leva - 2 päeva tagasi
I would buy a house, rather then this car, also my pick between those three is mercedes. Cause i am a mercedes guy
Yichen - 2 päeva tagasi
Jorg Gurt
Jorg Gurt - 2 päeva tagasi
Thanks, interesting, I think I'll start to earn money for it.
Saurabh Pandey
Saurabh Pandey - 2 päeva tagasi
I'm a poor man, i see luxury on thumbnail, i click on them.
Mr Marvis
Mr Marvis - 3 päeva tagasi
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Raz - 3 päeva tagasi
Fucking hell that blue interior light at the back together with white everything would make me feel like in a dentist chair. It doesn't make me feel cozy and relaxed. Quite the opposite. Maybe brown/beige leather and red/orange light would be my choice
Jason Peacock
Jason Peacock - 3 päeva tagasi
Maybach Gls
Dolca Ovidiu
Dolca Ovidiu - 3 päeva tagasi
Song 8:47? please
Anon Non
Anon Non - 3 päeva tagasi
It looks like a Jeep.
LuluDemon - 3 päeva tagasi
My goodness. I don't care if it's a Maybach. It's ugly as hell! 😥😣
Fliss - 3 päeva tagasi
I bought this car but I didn't like the fridge. Sold it one week later and bought the Bently even tho I lost 20% on the Maybach. Good week.
JaCh - 3 päeva tagasi
its called Maybach and not maybac
Juan Tawmás
Juan Tawmás - 3 päeva tagasi
#When you have more comfort and luxury in your vehicle than you do in your own home
Rousky Regny
Rousky Regny - 4 päeva tagasi
Nice car cheap TV presenter
The King Of The Games
The King Of The Games - 4 päeva tagasi
I would 10000% get a Range Rover SVAutobiography over any one of these :)
BARAKA CUMMINGS SR - 4 päeva tagasi
I Really Love This Maybach GLS 600 With The Up Grade Love ❤️ It But I Can’t afford it with my income unless I win the lotto
Peter McLelland
Peter McLelland - 4 päeva tagasi
Germans subconsciously design everything to mount a 88 mm ?
Adarsh DJ
Adarsh DJ - 4 päeva tagasi
Wait ~ Samsung tablet is actually special. Dont want any apple stuff in a Maybach please 🤣
Abel Bello
Abel Bello - 5 päeva tagasi
All of that shit is stupid..
ĀVREE EVANS - 5 päeva tagasi
Rahul Ahmed
Rahul Ahmed - 5 päeva tagasi
MM is the best ❤️💜 Mercedes Benz maybach is the sign of luxury and tradition.
Siddarth Joji
Siddarth Joji - 5 päeva tagasi
Was I the only one offended by how he was handling himself inside the car.
anjanlee - 5 päeva tagasi
Cassini - 5 päeva tagasi
Can anybody tell me why there‘s this little frame in the Center of the grill of many Mercedes models? It‘s super odd in my opinion
Antony Steel
Antony Steel - 5 päeva tagasi
Click - 5 päeva tagasi
Should I really trade in my 2005 Camry for this car?
Matthew Wallace
Matthew Wallace - 6 päeva tagasi
Rolls Royce
Phil - 6 päeva tagasi
This is simply a beautiful SUV.
JR Astra C
JR Astra C - 6 päeva tagasi
this is one useless unnecessary toy, I prefer Mini Cooper from Mr. Bean
Jason Miller
Jason Miller - 6 päeva tagasi
Tips for thumbs up, instead of thumbs down:
It's MY-bach. Not MAY-back.
Learn how to pronounce the bloody name you putz.
Prasanth Dev
Prasanth Dev - 6 päeva tagasi
Rolls Royce for sure
DrAhmedAlothmaN - 6 päeva tagasi
Left 6th CN palsy (DM related mostly)
Pusat Başaran
Pusat Başaran - 7 päeva tagasi
This is in Turkey 5 million Turkish money
W - 7 päeva tagasi
07:10 so that's a suv version of DRS
Emin Tüzemen
Emin Tüzemen - 7 päeva tagasi
Cullinan 😎
Paul Munro
Paul Munro - 7 päeva tagasi
With the bouncing car, the 'Curve" button made me smile. I wonder why? Who says the Germans don't have a sense of humor?
Greg Lialios
Greg Lialios - 7 päeva tagasi
If you ever feel useless just think of the off-road mode this maybach has
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez - 7 päeva tagasi
I’ve only just realized he has a wandering eye
Иван Васильевич
Иван Васильевич - 7 päeva tagasi
It seems that the designers of the Mercedes have begun to skimp. This exterior and interior is good for the 90s of the twentieth century.
But in the XXI century, there is a danger of falling sales and the decline of the gelding as the flagship of the auto industry, it's sad ...
The mistake of BMW is repeated, which did not attach due importance to the design, for which it paid with low sales.
When watching the video, the feeling that you are looking at a retro car, and not an ultra modern and expensive sedan, does not leave.
We are waiting for the electro S-class.
Hassan Ahmed
Hassan Ahmed - 7 päeva tagasi
Eric Wambua
Eric Wambua - 7 päeva tagasi
They should have put the double M logo on the steering wheel and on the bonnet emblem instead of the three point star.
Dananjaya Udara
Dananjaya Udara - 7 päeva tagasi
Those wheel arches didn't look right to me..
Noor The light
Noor The light - 8 päeva tagasi
Please read about this covid and the ingredients in it
zmaud - 8 päeva tagasi
Rich people be like
Might as well get a new vehicle when this one breaks
WhizFizz !
WhizFizz ! - 8 päeva tagasi
Did anyone notice the interior sounds and felt cheap? Just like a dressed up GLS with a Maybach badge? Comment and let's discuss.
anjoLas - 8 päeva tagasi
Muricans will never EVER be able to make anything CLOSE to this in a billion years
Kacper Dzieniak
Kacper Dzieniak - 8 päeva tagasi
Range Rover vogue
Marian Godfrey
Marian Godfrey - 8 päeva tagasi
I getting a mercedes-maybach
Jonathan j Hoey
Jonathan j Hoey - 9 päeva tagasi
fake exhaust pipe sucks
drupek100 - 9 päeva tagasi
😂😂 I am trying to avoid an eye contact lol 🤓🤓
Jack Stevenson
Jack Stevenson - 9 päeva tagasi
Pitcha Pitcho
Pitcha Pitcho - 9 päeva tagasi
Je veux une cinquantaine blindés pour le cortège de mon mariage combien ça coûte ?👍🎩
Sebajdin Aliu
Sebajdin Aliu - 9 päeva tagasi
I mean coca cola🤣🤣🤣
Tsvetelin Kirilov
Tsvetelin Kirilov - 10 päeva tagasi
The interieur is basically just a hyped e-class tho
Petr Turek
Petr Turek - 10 päeva tagasi
so there is a 5 seater?
Tanmay Jangid
Tanmay Jangid - 10 päeva tagasi
W.D.M - 10 päeva tagasi
It looks like those white lions
M W - 10 päeva tagasi
I’d buy a house. Slower from 0-60, but way spacier. But if I were a nightgown- wearer from Dubai, I’d chose the Maybach.
Shivansh Agarwal
Shivansh Agarwal - 10 päeva tagasi
He is the @Linus Tech Tips of cars.
Dr Peter jones
Dr Peter jones - 10 päeva tagasi
I am not sure anyone would buy a car which has a badge on it which built tank engines in the second world war.The Mercades badge is better known,its earlier models did not sell. if you buy a 250 k car its a life style badge not a mercades. The car is probably one of the last Maybaches with petrol engines. Bently Bentaga made by VW inspired Mercades to make this car to compete . Why not pay 250 k and get the best in the world Rolls Royce?
Emmanuel Macharia
Emmanuel Macharia - 10 päeva tagasi
These kind of cars are not usually bought for the level of luxury, that's just a bonus. People go after the badge, the badge shouts your wealth. There is nothing that shouts that you are rich like owning a Rolls Royce. The Merc may look more blingy and all, but it will never have as much presence and class as a Rolls Royce
eric131313 - 10 päeva tagasi
Looks like funeral car
donkmeister - 10 päeva tagasi
Wot no drag race against a luxury yacht?!?!
Obviously the only reason I'm not buying this £250k super-luxo-barge is that I would want the Maybach emblem instead of the three-pointed star, to distinguish myself from the plebs who lease/PCP their GLS's. It's nothing to do with the fact I don't have £250k to spend on a car, honest.
Jakub Oubrecht
Jakub Oubrecht - 11 päeva tagasi
Looks good! So i vote for Range Rover SV
Marian Palko
Marian Palko - 11 päeva tagasi
0:49 Does that swivel on purpose? Because that's not very confidence-inspiring.
brani mabriel
brani mabriel - 11 päeva tagasi
Just ordered its speakers entertainment system for my Toyota Vitz. Bye to rough road, bumps and road noises, it will be a wow.
Basri Yuzeirov
Basri Yuzeirov - 11 päeva tagasi
If my kid in a crash would hit the wind screen I would beat his ass up
Londonwolf - 11 päeva tagasi
Whoever buy this car please look after it properly cause i ll buy it 30 years later from you.
Alex Fitness
Alex Fitness - 11 päeva tagasi
So Gully
So Gully - 11 päeva tagasi
Terrible design especially the backseat
Nirala Dutta
Nirala Dutta - 12 päeva tagasi
I m going for Maybach
Jason Aristo
Jason Aristo - 12 päeva tagasi
it is a luxuxy suv indeed, but does the appearance please you at all? to be honest i don't appreciate how it looks at all
sYnTV Gaming
sYnTV Gaming - 12 päeva tagasi
-If I had change to reward cars by their luxury, comfort, power and most recognized exterior / interior designs, then only one out of few other successful companies or manufacturers that circles around and jumps into my mind right now, is most likely Rolls Royce Phantom for sure.

Wins the multi nomination awards every year and I am sure that will win in some nomination awards upcoming year as well, not even funny! People just love heavy SUV-s audition on any category. Not that they feel bit less worthy, but hands down! The most luxurious and most expensive car still in this day, because of it's royal figure and amazing comfort and equipment while cruising is priceless experience! Fully forged "(24-inc)" wheels with star lightning with panorama roof and outstanding golden interior details. Like what else u need? The car is quite comfortable and car it self has pretty long body, with massive suicide doors in both sides, AKA (coach doors). And of course! Let's not forget his famous unique and stealthy "Spirit of Ecstasy" ornament, (aka) "Eleanor, (aka)Silver Lady, or (aka)Flying Lady". (It was designed by Sykes) It slides up and back down, the way you control with the remote car key you use your key in the console or just remotely. What an fine work of machinery id say! Even the thieves can think and act at the same time when in focus, but man if your in front of a Rolls Royce Phantom proximally - ( worth $5.5 Mil ), (O h S h I I I T ! ! !) You options there are limited my friend. Either way you making yourself fool and documentary star at the same time 'n day. The car itself might be in full protection mode and everything is recorded even if you don't notice any major red flags. recording while your every little itching fingers makes towards to the car and then spots on a (shining, metallic) statue of "Soul of the Machine" on top of the Phantom grill and tryin your best to take the small hand sized shining sculpture worth ($20k and up to $200k), which is mounted on a spring-loaded mechanism designed to retract instantly into the radiator shell if struck from any direction. If you somehow managed to find the car and tryin to take and have touch it a slight a bit, then the ornament slides under the hood back to it resting place on radiator in just matter of milliseconds. People say that It is sort of image of wealth, class and elegance symbol of the car. Everyone would love to see it and take pictures left 'n right, because it's by far most uniquely handcrafted and carefully constructed man made art of machinery, with most expensive features, shapes. To all that , in any angle to look! Opportunities might get shorter every day by day. Just put hopes and bray's echoes still long to see it cruise true the ally ways with handmade / grafted machinery like that. Many among us bray's the god, or who ever for their favor. But most negative thing is to stop hoping what you can or what you can't a ford. Every single day just motivate your self about 5-10 minutes, to keep on pushing, to keep going forward with your hopes / goals!

- = ( There is always a change! ) (%) = - - = ( Keep Believing in Yourself just Work Hardest you Ever did! ) = - - = ( You Only Live Once! You Might as Well Be Badass! ) = -

I know, I Would Never Stop Believing in You!

-While Mercedes is a more modern-looking/powerful car.
-Bentley is just fast/comfortable and soon very affordable car in my opinion, witch most likely happen when it's not necessary but I may be wrong.

-Long story short! In my opinion Brabus or Mansory is from the best, to the best choice!
-However, if you have some extra money, that you have scraped out for years and years of hard work. Then yeah go and spend all of it on your self (because why not eh?) To this day these car dealerships are one of many more valued! If even not the most demanded. Both in Nano-performance to full on custom tune-up engine with lot of horsepower and demonic deep modified exhaust system.

-(just go and look it up! "Modified Brabus / Mansory" videos & listen)!!!
Power is the second main reason why people want to get their hands on beefy cars, and OH BOY! They can provide you all sort of custom adjustment that you ever dream off.
With that said! These are hands down very impressive and elegant cars out there, but my heart has been conquered by -=Brabus=- Until today, my heart still beats to Brabus! The only car dealership where I personally suggest all of you guys to look up, or even make first purchase of your taste, and give it a try!
Steve Fortier
Steve Fortier - 12 päeva tagasi
Mercedes is killing it🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Istanbul Beauty
Istanbul Beauty - 12 päeva tagasi
You shouldn’t rub it 🦠 coz coronavirus 🤓
Alex H
Alex H - 12 päeva tagasi
My uncle just ordered one! cant wait
petelmrg hubert
petelmrg hubert - 12 päeva tagasi
Beautifully made and engineered no doubt; but it looks like an old Lincoln Navigator. Range still looks the classiest and classless.
Thomas Armour
Thomas Armour - 12 päeva tagasi
The new Range Rover I would go for
Ema C
Ema C - 12 päeva tagasi
I love BMW but I have a Mercedes :)))) it's funny.... which brand is better.. BMW or Mercedes?
Juliano Wagner
Juliano Wagner - 12 päeva tagasi
Mercedes is much cheaper on better the another one’s
Adam Lhotak
Adam Lhotak - 12 päeva tagasi
Well actually, Rolls Royce is also quite German nowadays
Diederik - 12 päeva tagasi
The code stint was very pedestrian and very unMaybach like. Disappointing
Mike Holmes
Mike Holmes - 12 päeva tagasi
Matt, could you stop saying “somethink” instead of “something”. It’s getting on my nerves ! 😐
flippert0 - 12 päeva tagasi
The Invincible
The Invincible - 13 päeva tagasi
If I have to choose between these three SUVs I will go for maybach. But if you add camry in it I will go for camry.
DJ MAXTRIM - 13 päeva tagasi
Maybach SUV for my refugees
moltitrader - 13 päeva tagasi
👎too many adverts
moltitrader - 13 päeva tagasi
Too many utube ads for a 10 minute video.
Rostam Alizadeh
Rostam Alizadeh - 13 päeva tagasi
rather have a cullinan