$1000 if You Can Break This Ball in 1 Minute

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We put money on the line and challenged our team to break a few of our favorite products in one minute. With a spoon*. Let's see what happens.
*a spoon is not even the most ridiculous tool we gave them
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Vat19 - 2 місяці tagasi
Check out episode #2! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBH780TVjgw
Izzara Adrian
Izzara Adrian - 2 päeva tagasi
SK GRAPHICS - 15 päeva tagasi
Break the magnifying glass you'll get sharp edges to cutt the ball off
Bike - 16 päeva tagasi
Ok I see the link
Atharva Bordavekar
Atharva Bordavekar - 22 päeva tagasi
i could do it with the magnifying glass. first, i would break the glass and with the glass i would cut the ball
Ayesha Rizvi
Ayesha Rizvi - 23 päeva tagasi
Mohamed Izkaan Ismail ?? Then why do u watch them
Shreyansh Sahu
Shreyansh Sahu - Tund tagasi
Concentrate Chakra in your palm u will be able to burst it.😂😂
Tiffany Odling
Tiffany Odling - 2 tundi tagasi
Magnifying glass= glass, smash the glass and cut it
Snypez_ DblockJr
Snypez_ DblockJr - 2 tundi tagasi
Are we all just gonna act like Kyle didn’t say feels like a brain
OMG Toys
OMG Toys - 4 tundi tagasi
Check out new vid
Gosia Jadek
Gosia Jadek - 4 tundi tagasi
Ebooki, Finanse, Gry, Konkursy
WEJDŹ - https://freedisc.pl/M-B-I
PigeonWolfie Playz
PigeonWolfie Playz - 6 tundi tagasi
Me who has grown up teeth

jx whitaker
jx whitaker - 9 tundi tagasi
What goes on inside your head when you get a headache 4:50
ZERTIX 9870 - 13 tundi tagasi
kyle: im not a nerd
me: so you bully
Galaxy_artz gacha
Galaxy_artz gacha - 14 tundi tagasi
When i saw the ball my little sister says "is that a brain?? "
Ciphix StudiosYT
Ciphix StudiosYT - 16 tundi tagasi
I can stab it with a knife
BlockJr YT
BlockJr YT - 17 tundi tagasi
2:23 rip ball
Chris Gabriel Venus
Chris Gabriel Venus - 18 tundi tagasi
They can break it with sharpness not blunt force
Lokiii uwu
Lokiii uwu - 18 tundi tagasi
1:53, are you sure it's a prison?
Aisyah Zahrah Kamiliya 5h
Aisyah Zahrah Kamiliya 5h - 23 tundi tagasi
3:35 same here i want to get all of them
Muhammad Alomari
Muhammad Alomari - Päev tagasi
Um how does he know how a brain feels like
Shanaz Talib
Shanaz Talib - Päev tagasi
And you please show me vat19 link
Ashlee Grimmett
Ashlee Grimmett - Päev tagasi
kaleb Paul vlogs
kaleb Paul vlogs - Päev tagasi
Ba b baba
(EDIT)idk its an ad
NinjaLegend2000 Roblox & more!
me dumb i thought on the 1st round the metical detector would break it right away cause its like an axe with those sides
Aldrian Tucaling
Aldrian Tucaling - Päev tagasi
Who knows a brain is tuff to break
• Clxudy Bunny•
• Clxudy Bunny• - Päev tagasi
The man: it looks like a brain and it feels like a brain
Red Riot
Red Riot - Päev tagasi
If they had me as a contestant they would have to physically restrain me from biting into the objects or biting the tools. Like episode 2s pool noodle I would have given up and started eating the foam
Kouk - Päev tagasi
4:51 "Schools And Parents Torturing A Child's Mental Health"
Z3N_Garden_ YT1
Z3N_Garden_ YT1 - Päev tagasi
3:23 wait he’s felt a brain?
Impostor confirmed
HoutWout - Päev tagasi
*Legends say Kyle is still trying to break the stress ball with a metal detector*
blubonichronic - Päev tagasi
what i would do is use all the stuff with pointy stuff on it is stab throw it
Gerald 19
Gerald 19 - Päev tagasi
Host: shes got a spoon
Me scared because i cut myself with a spoon
Xander Fleming
Xander Fleming - Päev tagasi
Oh i think im getting into it!
John’s making progress!
*you are now 1% into the ball!*
Ma rC
Ma rC - Päev tagasi
i haven't cut my nail its easy
Everything Fiction
Everything Fiction - Päev tagasi
Daniel van Fresno
Daniel van Fresno - Päev tagasi
Aaron Bagaoisan
Aaron Bagaoisan - Päev tagasi
It look's like a brain
ujwal rijal
ujwal rijal - Päev tagasi
a chain saw*
1000 dollars:you are all mine
Zooey Playz
Zooey Playz - 2 päeva tagasi
If i were there i would be like: can i stand up and jump on it
Kyle Nelson
Kyle Nelson - 2 päeva tagasi
One of the guys that has my name Kyle
Cristian Palomino
Cristian Palomino - 2 päeva tagasi
KYLE: "looks kind of like a brain, feels kind of like a brain." ME: how does he know what a brain feels like!?!?
Whatthesac - 2 päeva tagasi
Kyle is kinda sus
Icy - 2 päeva tagasi
It looks like a brain 🧠 it feels like a brain 🧠 Wait you know what a brain feels like!?
Reina Oreo
Reina Oreo - 2 päeva tagasi
I like this vid