Surface Duo Review: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!

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Surface Duo: The dual screen Microsoft folding phone.
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Phone provided by Microsoft for review.
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Landen Nipper
Landen Nipper - 2 tundi tagasi
Now I can have OnlyFans and some other things opens. Duel wielding
mujahid yousif
mujahid yousif - 12 tundi tagasi
Amazing intro 👍😍name please
Austin Reed
Austin Reed - 14 tundi tagasi
I’m not The kind a guy to be picky about sound but when he turned the phone all the way up I cringed lol 😂
Scot Harkins
Scot Harkins - 14 tundi tagasi
SwyftKey supports a split mode, with half to the left and half to the right. So does gBoard, as did Swype (crying...thanks, Nuance...jerks). I wonder if the split works across the divide here.
Scot Harkins
Scot Harkins - 15 tundi tagasi
Man...I've used the MS launcher for a few years now, across all my phones and tablets...I kinda want.
Scot Harkins
Scot Harkins - 15 tundi tagasi
Man...every time you hold an expensive thing at the top of the stairs...flippin' around in your that moment when your at the front of the coaster, where you get that hang time as the train tops the lift and you're seeing the open air before you and your heart is like "I DON'T WANNA DIE!!!” Yeah, like that.
Brewergamer - 16 tundi tagasi
I honestly want to see the Windows Phone make a comeback.
Nantawat Phetnamthongwattana
Trustme surface duo run UI like windowphone is perfect
Adhim Ramdana
Adhim Ramdana - Päev tagasi
Nintendo DS Touch 🤣
Grace Clemen
Grace Clemen - 2 päeva tagasi
Me when I see that phone go so deep in his pockets:

Girl clothing designers. TAKE SOME NOTES.
Isaiah - 2 päeva tagasi
Missed a joke "the Hingineers" @2:30
Yan Hutajulu
Yan Hutajulu - 2 päeva tagasi
Hopefully no more microsoft internal drama over the upcoming surface duo 2. I will be waiting patiently...
reubs91 - 2 päeva tagasi
It’s for on the go share traders.
Gorilazz - 2 päeva tagasi
the first real review ive seen of this phone thanks marques! everyone else has their balls clamped down by microsoft.
sabor - 2 päeva tagasi
It was TK Bay's review of the Duo that took me to BestBuy and purchase one. I didn't think the Duo was for me but after having it in my hands, I'm keeping it! Don't listen to this guy. Your experience can be different than his.
Ijaz H
Ijaz H - 2 päeva tagasi
A work in progress. No doubt they'll take the feedback and improve on the original. It's not as if Microsoft is short on money. I don't really multi task apps like that. A normal app switcher is good enough. This looks very battery hungry too.
Bobedi BOB
Bobedi BOB - 2 päeva tagasi
missed opportunity u should have said hingeeneers instead of hinge engineers 2:25
Kronos 's
Kronos 's - 2 päeva tagasi
What we need is, something to multitask with two of our 'friends' in whatsapp and messenger 😘😘
rajveer munde
rajveer munde - 2 päeva tagasi
Watch adult and thots both at the same time!!!
Fal K
Fal K - 3 päeva tagasi
Best review fr duo cheers frm singapore 🇸🇬
Boutros Zalloua
Boutros Zalloua - 3 päeva tagasi
I'm a big supporter Microsoft working with your biz apps for a long time but you stuffed up with the software bugs. Ms launcher and other Ms apps work a lot better on my new Realme X3 super zoom and it's a fraction of the price
Clinton Leonard
Clinton Leonard - 3 päeva tagasi
Anyone else not care about the camera on their phone? As long as it works.
007thematrix007 - 3 päeva tagasi
agreed, prefer narrower when folded...similar to samsung!
P P - 3 päeva tagasi
Microsoft Duo = 1400$
Galaxy Tab s6 = 600$
Buy 2 Tab s6 problem solved xD
Jeremy Helm
Jeremy Helm - 3 päeva tagasi
5:41 It's staring in the face, you have to multitask. This is a very interesting reinforcement about setting yourself up to win, that is too returned to the things which you want to be doing
Jonas O
Jonas O - 3 päeva tagasi
Wow, looks beautiful!
Not Going To New York Fashion Week
I like this concept as a tablet, especially for the dual screen. I absolutely wouldn't use this as a phone tho. This would be my social media and book club tablet, I might even get a data plan for it.
Saharsh jain
Saharsh jain - 4 päeva tagasi
hey man,
make a review for surface neo
Mohammad Al.
Mohammad Al. - 4 päeva tagasi
I wish if you played fortnight on it and showed us how’s it
nimay13 - 4 päeva tagasi
I feel like he overblown some of the bad side.
hen ko
hen ko - 4 päeva tagasi
“Kawhi never receives criticism like Lebron or other great players after having a bad game”
Muyanzi Reid
Muyanzi Reid - 4 päeva tagasi
Good, Meh, and bad is basically saying it's a decent device but not perfect.
I would much rather get this over the Z-Fold 2... Just for the much bigger screens the thinner more unique body and the pen support
paul Z
paul Z - 4 päeva tagasi
Why does the UI look like android 3.0?
Twisted Tentacle Inn
Twisted Tentacle Inn - 4 päeva tagasi
Bezels too thick in top and bottom? It hasn't bothered iPhone users lol.
hen ko
hen ko - 4 päeva tagasi
when he said 1400$ i went 😳
Browsing 88
Browsing 88 - 4 päeva tagasi
It looks very nice! What if you watch Netflix on it like as a laptop? Still both screens on?
Gaurav Solanki
Gaurav Solanki - 4 päeva tagasi
Good for stock traders.
David John Tough
David John Tough - 4 päeva tagasi
Nokia went down this road years ago ! Didn't catch on or sell
SatoChan - 4 päeva tagasi
What we want is : A microsoft Duo whith an Intel i9 and 32gb of ram running Windows 10
kamenwaticlients - 4 päeva tagasi
So I guess we will never get the Courier
Aliquid Gaming
Aliquid Gaming - 4 päeva tagasi
Hey man so with console and pc gaming being being streamable to smartphones I was wondering if you had a video(s) on which phones out there might work best for gaming on that scale