Ultimate Balance

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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on EEcard, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.
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ebolian. - 8 päeva tagasi
AK_Galaxy - 3 päeva tagasi
MiaDraws Things
MiaDraws Things - 7 päeva tagasi
꧁Sparkles Studio꧂
꧁Sparkles Studio꧂ - 7 päeva tagasi
@ᴋᴘᴏᴘ ɢᴜᴄᴄɪ spontaneous
꧁Sparkles Studio꧂
꧁Sparkles Studio꧂ - 7 päeva tagasi
@ᴋᴘᴏᴘ ɢᴜᴄᴄɪ lovely
Megzlot 16
Megzlot 16 - 7 päeva tagasi
Shotze - 5 minutit tagasi
bruh I just realized what tyler joseph was talking about in slowtown where he said "put cards in our spokes and make our engines sound like traffic" 10:54
Hairy Chocopop
Hairy Chocopop - 20 minutit tagasi
How tall are you?
Ryker Paulson
Ryker Paulson - 28 minutit tagasi
Just turned on notifications
Daniel Rosen
Daniel Rosen - 31 minut tagasi
Feels good to ring that bell, and accept the Greg.
Boggii Graal
Boggii Graal - 38 minutit tagasi
It not crimimit (Christmas) yet
samuel derose
samuel derose - Tund tagasi
Do a video on Christmas chronicles on Netflix it is like Santa clause but worse
ZAIDOGTSD - Tund tagasi
Beautiful eyes
thosedampuns - Tund tagasi
Every time I look at the thumbnail I get more confused
The Dude
The Dude - Tund tagasi
Notification squad my dude!!😎
Sad Grandma Betty
Sad Grandma Betty - Tund tagasi
Cheese Nips
Cheese Nips - Tund tagasi
Great videos Danny! Next step: 4k camera.
Astro - Tund tagasi
17:16 he spent $600 for infinite drip
soapy lime
soapy lime - Tund tagasi
guys i have to pee
Cheese Nips
Cheese Nips - Tund tagasi
matthew jr marshall
matthew jr marshall - Tund tagasi
you need 5 mill
Paul Donnor
Paul Donnor - 2 tundi tagasi
Fun fact: The little dots of light you see from sudden movements are called "Phosphenes" and are caused by pressure (I think from the blood vessels in your eyes).
I know nothing else about them. I just like the term because it sounds like Phos fiends; like miscreants of light.
nobody's problem
nobody's problem - 2 tundi tagasi
what's food?
Rachel Sorscher
Rachel Sorscher - 2 tundi tagasi
I was just playing among us and a person who said they were you banned me from the room because I was being sarcastic I am still laughing
Royale Bella
Royale Bella - 2 tundi tagasi
I’m a Greg now
lumanae - 2 tundi tagasi
tomshoot - 2 tundi tagasi
Why you so similar to cast on Netflix "Clouds"
nobody's problem
nobody's problem - 2 tundi tagasi
ItchyMC - 3 tundi tagasi
It's crazy what we classify as technology...a 20$ rubber band
Rainey Shell
Rainey Shell - 3 tundi tagasi
I jus subbed now IM OL GREEEGGG
Meghann Roberts
Meghann Roberts - 3 tundi tagasi
I am truly Greg
puffy yoongles
puffy yoongles - 3 tundi tagasi
in conclusion:

IDO MIZRACHI - 3 tundi tagasi
Hey you! Comment if your somehow watching this in 2030
rebecca fearnehough
rebecca fearnehough - 3 tundi tagasi
wod up
ebonyonce - 3 tundi tagasi
"I love how sustainable hello fresh is"
Says the guy who ordered 30, individually wrapped plastic wristbands that are useless and will be thrown away immediately
MackWaffle - 4 tundi tagasi
nice balance
Trinity Wilson
Trinity Wilson - 4 tundi tagasi
the clikkies finally understanding Tyler's sketch-`
Weeb Idk
Weeb Idk - 4 tundi tagasi
Mr.BaconLord - 4 tundi tagasi
Danny, for this year's Christmas movie. You should watch Spookley and the Christmas Kittens.
Chloe Beaumont
Chloe Beaumont - 4 tundi tagasi
John Blanner
John Blanner - 4 tundi tagasi
Danny buddy boy, I have a movie for YOU to roast, it is called Troop Zero, and i is on amazon prime, and let me tell you, it has a weird twist a the end.
Evan Mark ftm
Evan Mark ftm - 4 tundi tagasi
They make no claims and let the consumer say if it works or not... after they have paid for it.
John Marston
John Marston - 4 tundi tagasi
I named my Minecraft puffer fish Greg after you
Stewie Guy
Stewie Guy - 5 tundi tagasi
GamaB7 - 5 tundi tagasi
I have to pause the vid to catch my breath coz im laughing too much
Stewie Guy
Stewie Guy - 5 tundi tagasi
wow... wtf am I wearing?
Amelia Lacy
Amelia Lacy - 5 tundi tagasi
i just- this is auch an old looking ad and this just now popped up for you?
Rochelle van Niekerk
Rochelle van Niekerk - 5 tundi tagasi
Me watching Danny video's: wow he is sooo attractive
Me 16 finds out he's 26: I think i love him
Kelley Grafton
Kelley Grafton - 5 tundi tagasi
It actually doesn’t work company’s say that their product makes u better at something but it never does it’s ur brain subconsciously being better at something bc they are convincing u it works Bc u want it to work also
Kelley Grafton
Kelley Grafton - 5 tundi tagasi
For example a company says it u wear a certain head band u can hold ur breath longer than ur usually able to it actually doesn’t but ur brain is making ur self do better bc they are convincing u that it works (it doesn’t)
bigboygrizzlynathan 24
bigboygrizzlynathan 24 - 5 tundi tagasi
I am now Greg
Kelley Grafton
Kelley Grafton - 5 tundi tagasi
Ahhhhhhh holiday merch merry Christmas!!!!!!!ahhhhhh
Susan Dooley
Susan Dooley - 6 tundi tagasi
Just Cyrus
Just Cyrus - 6 tundi tagasi
This is like a dungeons and dragons item to help your strength and dexterity. Oh, and don't forget, BALANCE.
Googie's Kookie's
Googie's Kookie's - 6 tundi tagasi
When you want the holiday merch but you're too poor and your mom wont buy it for you :')
Art Irony
Art Irony - 6 tundi tagasi
lmao I literally met the dude who invented them once
Chance Loomis
Chance Loomis - 6 tundi tagasi
mans kitchen looking exactly like cody ko's
Mary C
Mary C - 6 tundi tagasi
I've been seeing these bracelets with empty sockets (minus the button thingies) at thrift shops and in people's homes for years now. I guess this is what they were. Or knockoffs of this.
Six seconds %
Six seconds % - 7 tundi tagasi
thats lit
Jsool 7
Jsool 7 - 7 tundi tagasi
Broooo I remember this commercial😂😂
welp. - 7 tundi tagasi
Legend has it, that the fur from that one Troom Troom video is still on him
phoebe - 7 tundi tagasi
when u base a bracelet off of Asia: 😳
Frosty flaKer1
Frosty flaKer1 - 7 tundi tagasi
Btw u the best
Frosty flaKer1
Frosty flaKer1 - 7 tundi tagasi
Hey danny u should react to the new vid steven share posted its so fucking cringe
Gavin Burke
Gavin Burke - 7 tundi tagasi
You need to go over spookaly and the Christmas kittens the one with the square pumpkin but it's a Christmas special
Malyna Skafidas
Malyna Skafidas - 7 tundi tagasi
I think it worked because when you think something has a “power” that helps you do something, you do that thing better when you have the object, just like a lucky bracelet
Creedence Danielson
Creedence Danielson - 8 tundi tagasi
Danny if you can react to daddy o 5 I fill like it's perfect for you to react to
brianbadbrains - 8 tundi tagasi
“I’m a little bit disappointed I thought I was going to last longer than that” -me in bed
Lauren Evans
Lauren Evans - 8 tundi tagasi
Don’t forget to buy dish soap!
brianbadbrains - 8 tundi tagasi
All the kids who bullied me wore power balance... who’s laughing now...?(10 years later)
Yovanni LopezGamez
Yovanni LopezGamez - 8 tundi tagasi
You should do a colab with James mariot, dj cook and destiny 2
No Thx
No Thx - 8 tundi tagasi
How do u look like you're 16
TaeTae CutiePie
TaeTae CutiePie - 9 tundi tagasi
**cough** placebo **cough**
• adrienscrown •
• adrienscrown • - 10 tundi tagasi
Danny using two wristbands as earrings made me realize that he’d probably look pretty nice with real dangly earrings
Florencia López
Florencia López - 10 tundi tagasi
I renewed me. Did you renew you? Do you need a new you? I need a new me. I renew...me
Nevan Howland
Nevan Howland - 10 tundi tagasi
Nevan Howland
Nevan Howland - 10 tundi tagasi
Stardust - 10 tundi tagasi
All those bracelets are giving me flashbacks to my emo phase when I wore like 20 bracelets on each wrist 😂
Ggg Yyy
Ggg Yyy - 11 tundi tagasi
Day 7 of asking Danny to review Romeo and Juliet: Sealed with a kiss
ravenkhor - 7 tundi tagasi
Kika Yoo
Kika Yoo - 12 tundi tagasi
Guess what. I used to be a athlete.
And guess what again, I used to have like 100 bracelets and all the other teammates, boys and girls, ALSO wore the same thing and tbh I didn't even know if my balance does improve at the time lmao
Mania Konończuk
Mania Konończuk - 12 tundi tagasi
hello, i have just watched new episode video and i have written a comment saying that from now on u could do only episode videos and ill be just fine because i love them.. well take that back , i think i peed myself a little
Prarthana Totloor
Prarthana Totloor - 13 tundi tagasi
10:00 and 11:04 twice the question was "what does it do" and they still don't answer it lmao.
ᴍʏᴛʜɪᴄʏᴀʟ sᴀᴛᴜʀɴ
danny i got your black greg hoodie a few months back im wearing it rn
its so comforble
_테리스 - 15 tundi tagasi
Kaden Gaming
Kaden Gaming - 15 tundi tagasi
Will it help me jurk off faster
Janetandamocha - 15 tundi tagasi
What if we thought they were talking about Asia, but "Eastern Philosophies" actually refers to New Jersey
Sally Beth
Sally Beth - 15 tundi tagasi
Swear to god Danny, the only thing that reminds me you’re not a literal fourteen-year-old is the fact that you have an actual wife
Jiali DA
Jiali DA - 16 tundi tagasi
Danny why you have a picture of you drinking water
2026.Angelina Stidham
2026.Angelina Stidham - 16 tundi tagasi
well, i guess i have no choice but to buy 30 power balance bracelets off amazon. I will be ultimately invincible. Im coming for you danny. i will your beat 29 Mississippi and become the ultimate power balance invincible flexible god.
2026.Angelina Stidham
2026.Angelina Stidham - 16 tundi tagasi
Omg, I remember these lmao... I remember thinking.. "what the f does this thing even do it doesn't even touch my wrist all the way cause it's too big" and then I was like, "It's definitely a scam. I blame this on North Korea."
Sandra Castaneda
Sandra Castaneda - 17 tundi tagasi
Who else was super excited in anticipation to see whether he actually got the thirty bracelets?!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 And, I LOVE the thrity bracelet look, the hoops were BRILLIANT!!! Anyone else think he looked like some rock star from the 80s? 😍💜
jelly bunny
jelly bunny - 17 tundi tagasi
they're just profiting off the placebo effect
jelly bunny
jelly bunny - 17 tundi tagasi
danny is so precious i'm literally dead rn

like literally i'm texting this from the grave xx #deadasf
GalladofBales - 17 tundi tagasi
I’m gonna call everything shiny a mylar hologram now
That meme
That meme - 17 tundi tagasi
Why do you have a bb gun
ImDumb YouBag
ImDumb YouBag - 17 tundi tagasi
Midori Gurin
Midori Gurin - 17 tundi tagasi
I'm greg... NO! IM GREG *NO IM GREG* *WHOLE CAFETIREA* *NO IM GREG* *expels whole school* finally done with these little shits..
Kepler Fi
Kepler Fi - 18 tundi tagasi
constantly using 0% of my brain
what are you talking about?
also, if your name is greg and join the greg family, are you pure greg because you're truly greg and truly greg, or are you just a double greg? feel like this question was probably asked before, but i need to know.
Crispy - 18 tundi tagasi
i just watched the i'm gonna kill santa claus song
Cryptic.Canine - 18 tundi tagasi
Ok guys I’m gonna tell you a story
I remember when I was really young I went to this exotic wares convention with my dad because he makes cool stuff outta wood n stuff (basically a custom carpenter but cool) and our booth was right across from the powerbalance booth and I was walking back from looking at all the macaws and exotic animals n shit and my young little kid self got stopped by the runner of the booth and he was like “hey, here, take these” he hands my 3 of the bracelets and just takes off, and I was like “ok lol”. I gave one to my dad and I think I threw the other one somewhere in the grass outside or something because I didn’t like the color, so that happened
(The bracelets were like $50 there btw)
Esperanza Serrano
Esperanza Serrano - 18 tundi tagasi
the iRenew ad made me think of Tyler from tøp 😭😭😭😭
TakingOutTheTrash - 18 tundi tagasi
Chakra bracelets
opzz xsin
opzz xsin - 18 tundi tagasi
Day 5 of asking Danny to review Romeo and Juliet: Sealed with a kiss
BrayLB - 18 tundi tagasi
Hey it’s me goku
Elisa Novelo
Elisa Novelo - 19 tundi tagasi
man proved himself wrong
opzz xsin
opzz xsin - 18 tundi tagasi
I just keep thinking of Tyler’s old skit about irenew bracelets... anyone else?
Gman plays1
Gman plays1 - 19 tundi tagasi
Maybe it supposed to be like a placebo type thing?
a reviewer
a reviewer - 19 tundi tagasi
I can officially say that I am now a proud subscribed greg
tom bob
tom bob - 20 tundi tagasi
Danny dead *ss you would look so good in hoops lol