THE GREEN KNIGHT Official Trailer (2020) Alicia Vikander, Dev Patel, A24 Movie HD

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THE GREEN KNIGHT Official Trailer (2020) Alicia Vikander, Dev Patel, Joel Edgerton, David Lowery A24 Movie HD
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radicallytubular - Päev tagasi
This looks so fucking rad
Simon Almirante
Simon Almirante - 27 päeva tagasi
I wanna watch it looks good
Dani Mandu
Dani Mandu - 29 päeva tagasi
Man love the trailer but they all just like need more heavy rock music. It missing. Ten times better if I just have it on repeat and listen to Metallica and Delta Parole as background music. Banger
Derz only 1 God
Derz only 1 God - Місяць tagasi
'The Green Night' ... What's it all about?
Bappy ROY
Bappy ROY - Місяць tagasi
Meanwhile my Indian chutya brother will watch shitty movie of Aditya roy kappore, Varun dhawan.
Frank Slater
Frank Slater - Місяць tagasi
Looks like a great film. I just wish they would stop casting ethnically foreign people to play key figures in our history & folklore.
Xanegoh - Місяць tagasi
A gritty retelling of an Arthurian story? Why am I not surprised?
Meanslpinter - Місяць tagasi
The white man Jesus is actually the devil it has been revealed.
addi5on - Місяць tagasi
NGL, im in love with A24 since lady bird
Jimmy Mcdonald
Jimmy Mcdonald - Місяць tagasi
Well this looks stupid as fuck
Mm Mm
Mm Mm - Місяць tagasi
Sad europeans are so beaten down mentally by now... they see Apu cast as Sir Gawain in their national legend and don’t even have the spirit left to be angry.
James Sharp
James Sharp - Місяць tagasi
Everything A24 puts out is weird and all screwed up.
Nick Braker
Nick Braker - Місяць tagasi
This is from the book translated by JRR Tolkien. It’s a collection of old mid-evil poems written by a poet who’s name they never knew. It’s amazing.
The Iron-Wifu
The Iron-Wifu - Місяць tagasi
Rohit kumar
Rohit kumar - Місяць tagasi
Make it a web series🙏🙏🙏🙏
Meskie Solomon
Meskie Solomon - Місяць tagasi
Wait did I see Dev Patel?
Martin Carbosin
Martin Carbosin - Місяць tagasi
I guess that chief Hopper will going to loose some weight during this Siberian ''exercises''
BlurryInnervision - Місяць tagasi
oath of ancients paladin ftw
iammilorex - Місяць tagasi
DEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVV! So happy Dev's getting work. This looks phenomenal.
Snake Whitcher
Snake Whitcher - Місяць tagasi
All the actors that were in Game of Stuff are back. And they're doing a thing. There's even a theme to it. Who will live, and who won't? The answer might surprise you!!!
Star Smoke
Star Smoke - Місяць tagasi
Oh man now this is how you make a compelling trailer!!
Leonardo Cascante
Leonardo Cascante - Місяць tagasi
stop fucking blackwashing history
SirReznor - Місяць tagasi
Reminds me of the video game Hellblade Senua Sacrifice and the movie Holy Moutain with a pinch of Game of Thrones. Seems like big one scary acid trip.
Real Horrorshow
Real Horrorshow - Місяць tagasi
Sir Gawain is Indian now? Can't wait for the Mahabharata movie with Krishna as a White guy.
jonathan - Місяць tagasi
yes Susie didn't make hopper die because she wanted to sing a song that bitch
Liz Smith
Liz Smith - Місяць tagasi
John Prudent
John Prudent - Місяць tagasi
I'm not sure what I just saw. But I am very intrigued.
Kendra Weekes
Kendra Weekes - Місяць tagasi
What genre is this ?!?!? 😂
Quinn Lee-Newbury
Quinn Lee-Newbury - Місяць tagasi
Aight I'm ready for this today
Data Ghost
Data Ghost - Місяць tagasi
Count me in!
Marat Sar
Marat Sar - Місяць tagasi
Pedro Lanuza
Pedro Lanuza - Місяць tagasi
Studio: Okay, but who should play the main hero in this medieval tale?
Casting Director: Iunno, an Indian dude?
Studio: Bet.
Hope - Місяць tagasi
i have a feeling the soundtrack is going to be amazing...cant wait.
Jay Dave
Jay Dave - Місяць tagasi
At first I thought it was Sheila Labouf in the clip.. 😅
I Shvarkoff
I Shvarkoff - Місяць tagasi
King of night 1:19
Justin Jones
Justin Jones - Місяць tagasi
Omfg a24 is killing it
Mark Is the One
Mark Is the One - Місяць tagasi
Take my money already
GFM - Місяць tagasi
Doesn’t look like Sir Gawain or anything like the well established Britton, Celtic, or Saxon story of legend. It looks like a Dev Patel movie. His countenance, beard and other features, say nothing about King Arthur, the grail, chivalry, or Camelot. It just looks like he will approach the Green Knight and say, “My name is Iniogo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”
MrInvisible777 - Місяць tagasi
I have to AGREE with you on that!!!! It doesn't seem like the original one starring SEAN CONNERY AS THE ORIGINAL GREEN KNIGHT!!!! A TRUE TO THE LOOK AND FEEL OF THE BOOK MADE INTO A GOOD MOVIE.
Althaf Hussain
Althaf Hussain - Місяць tagasi
Will be a masterpiece
Cat O Mattic 5000
Cat O Mattic 5000 - Місяць tagasi
Should’ve been a white actor not an Indian
Cat O Mattic 5000
Cat O Mattic 5000 - Місяць tagasi
Jimmy Owens no he’s 100% Indian
Jimmy Owens
Jimmy Owens - Місяць tagasi
Dev Patel is English, not Indian.
TheBotleyBoy - Місяць tagasi
I have an original comment that would get me thousands of likes... but I'm not going to share it with you lot as I think you're all jerk-offs. Peace out.
james fowler
james fowler - Місяць tagasi
that looks badass!
Rezonator Jones
Rezonator Jones - Місяць tagasi
Wow, I forgot about this story. It’s been years since I saw the original movie with Sean Connery as the Green Knight.
Mason Foley
Mason Foley - Місяць tagasi
Co-starring: Groot
shenanagizer - Місяць tagasi
Consider me mucho interested A24
Nexu - Місяць tagasi
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Metallyca - Місяць tagasi
i almost thought this was a sequel to hereditary lmao
Isabel Wynn
Isabel Wynn - Місяць tagasi
This is stranger things???
MovieCast - Місяць tagasi
The Real Knight King
Patricia Garcia
Patricia Garcia - Місяць tagasi
it does not look interesting at all.
Croz Raven
Croz Raven - Місяць tagasi
_76zeffy 98_
_76zeffy 98_ - Місяць tagasi
I know nothing about this legend story. As a brown girl, I clicked it because it was Dev Patel. boy oh boy, I'm Mesmerized. I'm definitely going to watch it .🔥
Fukkin Clown
Fukkin Clown - Місяць tagasi
Anyone else notice Jake from State Farm isn’t white anymore..... no one bats an eye, but if he was black then made white..... end of the world. I actually like the new commercial... it isn’t about him not being white. It’s the fact they are doing this to get black people to “shut up” they do simple minded shit to keep y’all from getting y’all a rights... they playing y’all’s heads...
Praveen Kumar
Praveen Kumar - Місяць tagasi
I.T. 00:15
Abhishek Joshi
Abhishek Joshi - Місяць tagasi
Ardit Bytyqi
Ardit Bytyqi - Місяць tagasi
At the beginning of this trailer it looks like Kendrick Lamar album
Ardit Bytyqi
Ardit Bytyqi - Місяць tagasi
@Rodri yeahhh
Rodri - Місяць tagasi
the "Humble" music video you mean?
Fred Khuram
Fred Khuram - Місяць tagasi
looks good. I hope it can deliver
filmx edits
filmx edits - Місяць tagasi
alicia vikander's one second cameo was so interesting
Edmund Schrag
Edmund Schrag - Місяць tagasi
Didn't see Alicia Vikander.
Still think this wins best trailer of 2020.
Mr Farky Hars
Mr Farky Hars - Місяць tagasi
Welsh Knight played by an Indian?? 😆
Antonio Priamo
Antonio Priamo - Місяць tagasi
Actually, Sir Gawain (as opposed to the Welsh folk hero Gwalchmei on whom he is based) is either from the Orkney Islands or Lothian depending on which version of events you're reading. I mean, your point still stands, but this particular version is Scottish.
Thabane Ntshangase
Thabane Ntshangase - Місяць tagasi
The hand over a mountain scene gave me serious Colossal Titan vibes
Thabane Ntshangase
Thabane Ntshangase - Місяць tagasi
A24 at it again! I wasn't gonna watch this trailer until I saw that it was an A24 movie
THE M PLAY - Місяць tagasi
vaas一 - Місяць tagasi
Matthew Harvey
Matthew Harvey - Місяць tagasi
so.. an INDIAN bloke, lemmie stress out the key word here.. "INDIAN".... in story that is northwestern European nature/location...
Its a stupid movie already...
Manilogini Kulanathan
Manilogini Kulanathan - Місяць tagasi
Matthew Harvey some Wales ancestors were roman. They mostly had a brown touched Skin.
shibbidydibbidy - Місяць tagasi
Perfect trailer
Mike Woodson
Mike Woodson - Місяць tagasi
They did not show the entire movie nor give everything away in the trailer. PLEASE stop bitching, damned if we do, damned if we don’t.
Ok, that’s off my chest. Hope you all enjoy this movie.
John Ceccarelli
John Ceccarelli - Місяць tagasi
The fuck did I just watch?
CeCe B
CeCe B - Місяць tagasi
Culture appropriation at its finest.
Ruben Aeneas
Ruben Aeneas - Місяць tagasi
I have a bittersweet relationship with A24. They make great movies, but slow as hell. Green Room, The Lighthouse, Uncut Gems, Lady Bird, The Disaster Artist, and The Lobster, are great, but then Midsommar, A Cure For Wellness, The Witch, a Killing of a Sacred Deer, and Swiss Army Knife were slowwwww. Not bad. Just slowwww.
james bali
james bali - Місяць tagasi
This trailer should be like the bible for all trailer editors, studio execs, creative agencies, exhibitionists..
Christina C
Christina C - Місяць tagasi
Holy god this looks good
T J Ø D R I K - Місяць tagasi
Looks like trash!
Flash Gordon
Flash Gordon - Місяць tagasi
This movie seems like it’s guna be trippy lol
Thomas Hendricks
Thomas Hendricks - Місяць tagasi
This has the look of a Tarsem Singh movie, love the hyper real look.
The Real C-Bear
The Real C-Bear - Місяць tagasi
A24? Sold.
Wiktoria Tłuczek
Wiktoria Tłuczek - Місяць tagasi
I thought it was Emperor's New Groove only judging by the thumbnail :')
sauki basya
sauki basya - Місяць tagasi
Reminds me of Netflix The King, minus Timothee Chalamet :)
theSinisterBend - Місяць tagasi
So now I want A24 to produce a Dark Souls movie.
Future Society Of Gentlemen
Future Society Of Gentlemen - Місяць tagasi
They better not f*** this up....this is a remake of See Gawain and the Green Knight
Taylor - Місяць tagasi
Oh man I can't wait! I love this production company and this is my favorite story of King Arthur's knights!