I'm in a Movie...

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Kestus: 15:55


Joseph Mabaso
Joseph Mabaso - 5 tundi tagasi
JJ better sleep with both eyes open cause bearus is on a mission. 😂
Misty Throne
Misty Throne - 6 tundi tagasi
Someone put his face onto a blacked video for the bants
Fred Boxing
Fred Boxing - 6 tundi tagasi
Where are the eyebrows
Cispicious - 7 tundi tagasi
He's in _the_ movie
Kinz Angels
Kinz Angels - 8 tundi tagasi
New to this and this video is epic :) love how you don't care :) came here after listen to you react to how to be KSI :)
Sulaimaan Ahmed
Sulaimaan Ahmed - 9 tundi tagasi
Yes...laid in america...
Nabbby Bbbadest
Nabbby Bbbadest - 10 tundi tagasi
Man I love that intro
KK44 - 10 tundi tagasi
Ksi: gives gold to a guy who deepfaked him
Also ksi: doesn’t give gold to the guy who makes dope beats out of his noises 😂
BlackGreninja1 - 11 tundi tagasi
That deepfake was fire
Temitope Yusuf
Temitope Yusuf - 11 tundi tagasi
When I am watching JJ videos without earphones I have to play with the volume.😂
haroon yahya
haroon yahya - 11 tundi tagasi
jj laugh is soo loud i could probably here it in another countrie
Simply Me
Simply Me - 11 tundi tagasi
We want jj to go bald because it won’t grow back
Mr12sonn3y - 12 tundi tagasi
13:33 Will now be one of my favorite moments of his Reddit series.
Andy Tran
Andy Tran - 12 tundi tagasi
ngl you look like duncan from laid in america🤔
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom - 13 tundi tagasi
JJ: I'll see you guys tomorrow. Also JJ: doesn't show up
Nick Wright
Nick Wright - 13 tundi tagasi
Who else thinks that Simon and JJ should make a joint channel where they do challenges or something like that. You know so we have more stuff to watch during lockdown
Huzaifa Kamran
Huzaifa Kamran - 13 tundi tagasi
That laugh,
That damned laugh.
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom - 13 tundi tagasi
Hitanshu Shukla
Hitanshu Shukla - 13 tundi tagasi
That red alert remix is a bit better than the orignal one tbh 😂
Obama - 14 tundi tagasi
13:33 Very underrated incredible moment.
Luke Hostad
Luke Hostad - 14 tundi tagasi
Missed opportunity to made Deji Kilmonger
ItsOgClutch23 !!
ItsOgClutch23 !! - 14 tundi tagasi
4:34 anyone know that song name?
Ahmad Merchant
Ahmad Merchant - 15 tundi tagasi
Jj olatunji growing faster than jj’s beard
Dawa bhutia
Dawa bhutia - 15 tundi tagasi
Guys make it happen let jj olantunji overtake ksi
Megan OMW
Megan OMW - 15 tundi tagasi
That dog beat was actually sick though!😂
Sultan Omari
Sultan Omari - 15 tundi tagasi
JJ : I am rich
Windows: please activate windows omg bruh hahahha
im cool
im cool - 15 tundi tagasi
4.5M views in not even a week.
Mr NutTV
Mr NutTV - 16 tundi tagasi
9:31 yoo why is Deji there?!? Lmao
Rocket docket
Rocket docket - 16 tundi tagasi
7:16 someone forgot to deep fake him here lol
Pablo - 17 tundi tagasi
He low key looks lyk juicewrld in red alert
PoloParachutes - 17 tundi tagasi
JJ Vs pronouncing “Tj” in someone’s name
Jude Benny Varghese
Jude Benny Varghese - 17 tundi tagasi
When KSI released Dissimulation. I was so hyped, keep up the flow and may God bless you
Jerzac與索菲 - 17 tundi tagasi
Petition for Johan Tjorha... to be in a new song
EvanHara 06
EvanHara 06 - 17 tundi tagasi
Steve D
Steve D - 18 tundi tagasi
Holy shit... I actually think if JJ was panther it would have been better
Irooji - 18 tundi tagasi
I’m just Ganna say it the remix of red alert is better than the original
Петар Павловић
Петар Павловић - 18 tundi tagasi
JJ gonna hit 10 mil on his second channel. Deji still can't hit 10 mil on his main channel xD
Ghazel Awienat
Ghazel Awienat - 19 tundi tagasi
Someone has to turn the jj laugh into a beat
SupremeDoggy - 19 tundi tagasi
Name the beat “I’m bringing it back”,that goes hard
CJ And CB - 19 tundi tagasi
If this comment gets 10k likes JJ has go contact the deep fake guy and make him deep fake the whole movie
Gaming Boss
Gaming Boss - 19 tundi tagasi
2:04 to 2:25 best bit of the video imo
Zesac 1209
Zesac 1209 - 19 tundi tagasi
KSI reddit users, his adult movie hit 1mil likes LET HIM KNOWWW NOW.
snax - 20 tundi tagasi
The red alert guy was really good
Mc Butt
Mc Butt - 20 tundi tagasi
That remix red alert is a sick hype remix
Insomnia - 20 tundi tagasi
I come for one thing
Fabz - 21 tund tagasi
It would mean the world to me, If you guys listened to my recent coronavirus racism song I put out and gave me y’all’s genuine thoughts on it. 💯
LukeTompk1n5 Gaming
LukeTompk1n5 Gaming - 21 tund tagasi
Still hasn’t activated windows 😂
ElectroPlayz - 22 tundi tagasi
They should put his face for the whole movie for fun 😂
the_deepend - 22 tundi tagasi
Can u give me 15 bucks please
Daniel Younes
Daniel Younes - 22 tundi tagasi
6:55 WTF?
mr VERMIN SUPREME - 23 tundi tagasi
13:32 we know your every thought and action turn around fam
Jared Lopez
Jared Lopez - 23 tundi tagasi
13:33 This is where the best part of the video starts.
Damaine - 23 tundi tagasi
Ngl, he looked alright with T'chala's hairline 😂😂😂
RugbyisLife - Päev tagasi
This legend is gonna beat Deji, Ricegum and the other irrelevant YouTubers to 10mill on his second channel
kovah - Päev tagasi
deep fake him into mia khalif lmao
Zeke C
Zeke C - Päev tagasi
petition for JJ to make a song with Johan
Hugo Smith
Hugo Smith - Päev tagasi
in a movie
Hugo Smith
Hugo Smith - Päev tagasi
Hugo Smith
Hugo Smith - Päev tagasi
Hugo Smith
Hugo Smith - Päev tagasi
Hugo Smith
Hugo Smith - Päev tagasi
Alex Alvarez
Alex Alvarez - Päev tagasi
He said Black phanfer
Will Ss
Will Ss - Päev tagasi
9:24 patchy beard
Javier Parra
Javier Parra - Päev tagasi
Nowdeep fake deji as jjs challenger
Deleted channel
Deleted channel - Päev tagasi
Greed - Päev tagasi
KSI more like HE’s THE GUY
Door: I’m going head out
Stitch Commenting
Stitch Commenting - Päev tagasi
Look on the bright side JJ
At least you’ll have more hair on your face then on your head now
brysen stanly
brysen stanly - Päev tagasi
Hes gonna hit 10mil before the sidemen channel
Tom Shearman
Tom Shearman - Päev tagasi
5:33 when your custom character appears in a cutscene
Quekda - Päev tagasi
race to 10 mil subs featuring deji and ksi
Allah Rakhi
Allah Rakhi - Päev tagasi
The man doing the piece sign is grant guarantee aka the flash
CosmicJosh - Päev tagasi
When he said those comments
Folded Twice
Folded Twice - Päev tagasi
3:48 That future bass drop though :0
KS HunteR
KS HunteR - Päev tagasi
9:25 The editor taking a piss at JJ
Lucas Kassahun
Lucas Kassahun - Päev tagasi
That voice in the beginning tho, SENSATIONAL
JSB Gamer
JSB Gamer - Päev tagasi
For the sake of JJ don’t ruin the black panther thing he clearly was actually very excited and happy about it
Emily An
Emily An - Päev tagasi
He hasn't uploaded in 3 days. Guess we'll see him next year
Mohamed Ahmed
Mohamed Ahmed - Päev tagasi
I love you JJ you just make my day happy
uno reverse
uno reverse - Päev tagasi
ksi is trying to get waves
Snoiee - Päev tagasi
Red Alert remix was HARD
Emily An
Emily An - Päev tagasi
Ay yo I think bearus is gonna win do
DangerDevil - Päev tagasi
That PS4 spare though? lol