Top 15 things to do while quarantined

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Top 15 things to do while quarantined
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Top 15 things to do when in lockdown in your home. No matter if it's bad weather or quarantine. This is list of things I do at home. Here we sit trying to imagine how two weeks of relaxation at home is a bad thing. This video completely made by not leaving home!
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『baitmaster76』 - 49 minutit tagasi
Making shaslik on rooftop
Тёма - Tund tagasi
Смотрю видосы Бориса уже неделю и всё так же чики-брики
Bald guy
Bald guy - 2 tundi tagasi
Here in the Philippines we use our teeth to open bottles of beer
SoftballFreak 28
SoftballFreak 28 - 2 tundi tagasi
I have a very important question. Does vodka help with the corona? My sickly mother does not believe me when I tell her the only reason I'm not sick is bc i drink the mighty vodka.

p.s. we western peeps
comedy player
comedy player - 3 tundi tagasi
if you wear shoes at my home you get whatever my mom has in her hand (dont come if she cooks or at dinner)
Ghost the Stormcaller
Ghost the Stormcaller - 4 tundi tagasi
I love it when he says "SIGN ME UP, CYKA!"
Luca Milion
Luca Milion - 4 tundi tagasi
Lvl 100 Boris cooker
Uroš Mitrović
Uroš Mitrović - 5 tundi tagasi
Add number 16 on list if you like to open hazelnuts(lešnike).
Adrian Smith
Adrian Smith - 6 tundi tagasi
SneagleArt - 7 tundi tagasi
No gym no problem potato is here to help
SIAUW KAI FENG OWEN - 7 tundi tagasi
1:42 How to basic has entered the chat
SIAUW KAI FENG OWEN - 7 tundi tagasi
I low-key expected 0:43 to be slavic hardbass
Narko Zz
Narko Zz - 8 tundi tagasi
Thanks man
Το κανάλι του παππού
You forgot mayonez in the popcorn
_RVX_ exoiTs
_RVX_ exoiTs - 10 tundi tagasi
Загадка its a debil but not a Boris who is a debil.
_RVX_ exoiTs
_RVX_ exoiTs - 10 tundi tagasi
You are лучый борис
jayc playz
jayc playz - 12 tundi tagasi
solvit russia
he remind me of csgo
Aditya Rajkhowa Lama
Aditya Rajkhowa Lama - 12 tundi tagasi
I bet Borris is the nicest russian ever
joseph Stalin
joseph Stalin - 13 tundi tagasi
it's just speed that make them hard
joseph Stalin
joseph Stalin - 13 tundi tagasi
HELLO, I have seen ur vids and i like it alot, irl i am piano player, u wanna play a easy song on piano that sounds good i recommend flight of bumblebee or Turkish March Mozart are good easy songs
arthura Kirkland
arthura Kirkland - 13 tundi tagasi
La cosa número dos ya la hacía antes de la cuarentena tengo amigos ._.
Mr. Steal Your Pineapple Juice
Mr. Steal Your Pineapple Juice - 14 tundi tagasi
Is Boris actually Russian?
The Soviet Union
The Soviet Union - 15 tundi tagasi
Not forecast of raining knife and fork. Forecast of Chernobyl rainwater.
Eclipse Z
Eclipse Z - 15 tundi tagasi
I'm dumb af, I can't tell if he speaking Russian or American anymore cause of his thick accent now
Francesca Tiko-Okoye
Francesca Tiko-Okoye - 15 tundi tagasi
Little disclaimer do not do russian kick dance in bathroom. Even if it is only room where your neighbors can't hear you. You will hit your head and will be stuck in fetal position screaming words down stairs neighbors cannot hear because you are in bathroom
America - 16 tundi tagasi
BEN SWOLO - 17 tundi tagasi
What was that crap from #1 ?
DJ Mahmut
DJ Mahmut - 17 tundi tagasi
Suka aja pas lu ngomong BLYAT :D
Donut’s Aviation
Donut’s Aviation - 14 tundi tagasi
Augusto Sturmer
Augusto Sturmer - 18 tundi tagasi
Já perceberam que o Boris cozinha com uma blyat de uma baioneta de AKM?
oscar young
oscar young - 18 tundi tagasi
The accent is amazing
Emily An
Emily An - 19 tundi tagasi
Boris "since school is off" online classes : ɴᴏ
Anderson Alves
Anderson Alves - 19 tundi tagasi
Bum fungus
Bum fungus - 20 tundi tagasi
Boris finna get a coronary from all the butter
anonymous boy25
anonymous boy25 - 21 tund tagasi
Boris why won't you buy a Nintendo switch?
Emily An
Emily An - 19 tundi tagasi
0:10 Mona Face Mask
Coofee - 21 tund tagasi
iи тнese тгуiиg тiмеs, i наve deсidеd то вuу а руссий кеувоагd
iт's кiиdа нагd шhеи i иееd английский cнагастегs, тноugн
Franciszek Roskosz
Franciszek Roskosz - 23 tundi tagasi
my birthday is in 2,5 hours
Coofee - 21 tund tagasi
happy birthday, an hour and a half in advance!
Hardi Olen
Hardi Olen - Päev tagasi
this video garbage i know what to do i cant stress this enough but HOMEWORK
NikoLiberty2008 - Päev tagasi
I made the subtitles for the video (Turkish) and someone else just edited the title a little bit and now he's credited instead of me.
Coofee - 21 tund tagasi
bruh moment
tremon 36
tremon 36 - Päev tagasi
Step 1: make stalinium bunker so coronavirus can't penetrate it
Step 2: fill the bunker with semiskci and vodka so you can survive quarantine
eduarda almeida
eduarda almeida - Päev tagasi
Eles estão chamando meu modo de vida de quarentena kkkk
Tran Nhan
Tran Nhan - Päev tagasi
Boris, can you have the merch-price for vietnam currency, because according to dollars, that's a bit too high.
lolpippiou - Päev tagasi
What font do you use for subtitles?
Noah Bach Frandsen
Noah Bach Frandsen - Päev tagasi
are you russian?
Nikolai Larissa
Nikolai Larissa - Päev tagasi
Squating down in a dumbbell while watching this video
Charge 4
Charge 4 - Päev tagasi
Where is polish translate?
Fabian Matkowski
Fabian Matkowski - Päev tagasi
Boris: Not get carried away playing Metro 2 weeks
The government: make it 50
oodox - Päev tagasi
corona kurwa mać
Marino Rossi
Marino Rossi - Päev tagasi
Chef lv 1
Chef boris lv 100 boss
Русский медведь No. 1
0:10 Mona Face Mask
andrei handoca
andrei handoca - Päev tagasi
how are you boris are you good?
Александр Цвилий
кто из украины братаны
Александр Цвилий
а еще в маске можно гопстоп делать нихто не узнает for gopniks only
Александр Цвилий
че пиво глазом не открыть , так береш пляху пива ,,Десант" открываешь глазом сразу видно кто на раёне за вдв)
SinXter - Päev tagasi
What's the piano song?
5KD - Päev tagasi
Play Russian roulette
apex ghost
apex ghost - Päev tagasi
aloona larionova try her
Flameshot - Päev tagasi
i have a idea since u are almost 3m will u do hair reveal
Adam's World
Adam's World - Päev tagasi
i love this guy!! got me laughing for hours!!!XD
ZENSZU 《51》 - Päev tagasi
How about homeless?
Like on the streets
MikeFlameDragon - Päev tagasi
Did Boris move?
RagiestPolishGamer - Päev tagasi
Learn Russian while quarantined
bucihc - Päev tagasi
@LifeOfBoris why have you not done review of Doom Eternal yet?!?
John Stolec
John Stolec - Päev tagasi
Gopnik Workout: Home Edition

**beats meat aggressively**
Cassie - Päev tagasi
from Malaysia
Crazy LazyMar!e
Crazy LazyMar!e - Päev tagasi
Не ну а может шашлычки пойдём поедим?
Cassie - Päev tagasi
I’ve been entertaining myself with your videos for the past 2 weeks. Thank you for the informative and funny videos. I can’t believe I just came across your channel. Greetings
Trusted Player
Trusted Player - Päev tagasi
There is a little game you can play called "AQW"
Aesthetic Vibes
Aesthetic Vibes - Päev tagasi
Boris is literally my most favorite youtuber. remember, keep it cheeki breeki!
Rafael Paiola
Rafael Paiola - Päev tagasi
Well, Im for real trying to learn some russian with youtube classes, and obviously your videos on HOW TO LEARN SOME RUSSIAN, blin
Виктория Федорова
Где субтитры на русском? Ты что, сдох??
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide - Päev tagasi
Corana viruses
Weeb4235 - Päev tagasi
me : *bored in quarantine*
anime : hey
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide - Päev tagasi
Boris have you ever thought of doing Cinema reviews?
Bruh Sound Effect #2
Bruh Sound Effect #2 - Päev tagasi
2:48 I'm a serb, every serb knows how to open a bottle with a nearest item they find
〖Spxree〗 - Päev tagasi
I only sleep
Rebeka Nyári
Rebeka Nyári - 2 päeva tagasi
i swear this video actually helped me-
Dobulan Kippe
Dobulan Kippe - 2 päeva tagasi
i slav my phone
yurke - 2 päeva tagasi
Boris can you dance kazachok? Pozdrav iz Hrvatske Slavic brother
OwO Ghostly
OwO Ghostly - 2 päeva tagasi
Plz don't infected by ze Capitalist Virus boris!
Kinky dong
Kinky dong - 2 päeva tagasi
Since this dude already had a taste of what pneumonia is like, Ima trust him to give me advice
Polar Da Bear
Polar Da Bear - 2 päeva tagasi
*_I saw a dream of you doing a face reveal live.._*

_What did i saw?_

*a fucking handsome man*
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy - 2 päeva tagasi
F for all the people who didnt find this slavic channel
Kevin Yeoh
Kevin Yeoh - 2 päeva tagasi
I’ve been entertaining myself with your videos for the past 2 weeks. Thank you for the informative and funny videos. I can’t believe I just came across your channel. Greetings from Malaysia
Слав Игры
Слав Игры - 2 päeva tagasi
What song does he play on piano though? imma work on it.
Слав Игры
Слав Игры - 2 päeva tagasi
привет, ты знаешь название песни, которую он играет?
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy - 2 päeva tagasi
Привет мой русский друг.