The Twitch Safety Council is पागल...

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Not even a week has passed and what I believe is a decent idea if done right ends up leading into a situation where it ends up making the service look quite foolish if left unchecked. Thanks for watching!
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Smiley face
Smiley face - 9 tundi tagasi
"Gamers are white Supermacist"
Me a brown skinned saudi person : *LAUGH IN ARABIC*
SunyCartoons - 9 tundi tagasi
I'm a lesbian, so I understand the frustration and anger that minority groups have to face with shitty, bigoted people constantly screaming at them, including on voice chat. But you can't just remove it completely simply because it upsets you. Block people, mute people, report them! Why is that so difficult to do?
I know why; because you want attention. Instead of doing simple, easy solutions, it's more fun to bring attention to yourself and get on a soap box and cry about how awful the world is. Instead of calling out idiots and being done with it, it's easier to whine and scream.
SunyCartoons - 9 tundi tagasi
This woman doesn't have the right to represent the trans community if she's going to act like this. Are there gamers who breed toxic bigotry on a daily basis? Of course there is. That's not every freakin'n human being on the god damn planet. This woman just perpetuates the stereotype that trans people are overly sensitive and narrow minded.
Marshal. - 9 tundi tagasi
Erika Tomcats
Erika Tomcats - 10 tundi tagasi
"Gamers are white supremacists"
Me, an Italian: *Laughs in Roman*
The Clownji God
The Clownji God - 10 tundi tagasi
nice persona 5 background
Revbecca - 10 tundi tagasi
damn this fuckin staff nutjob is gonna ruin the image of trans twitch streamers, thanks steph. fuckin asshole
JAY RAJPOOT - 10 tundi tagasi
bro she looks like a guy, oh wait.
Sean Simmons
Sean Simmons - 11 tundi tagasi
"Gamers are white supremacists"
Me as a Irish American: laughs in Shepard's pie
Cal McCollum
Cal McCollum - 11 tundi tagasi
“Gamers are white supremacists”. Me, a caucasian: laughs in Gluten Allergy
wee - 11 tundi tagasi
That halo clip was actually keemstar lmfao\
Ben idk
Ben idk - 11 tundi tagasi
"Gamers are white supremacists"
Me, a Jew; Laughs in matzo ball soup
Private Kombat
Private Kombat - 11 tundi tagasi
"Gamers are white supremacists"
Me as a Russian:Chugs back a bottle of vodka with some good black tar heroine
the official youtube channel by hideo kojima
Omg this is such a bad video.
1. Hiring with the intent to diversify your workplace is a good thing because it gives marginalized communities more opertunites, create a more progressive society, and can often lead to less sex and racism in the work place. This is escpecialy true with moderation team for all the reasons above Plus it give a unique perspective that can help filter out more sex and racism.
2. So obviously not all gamers are white supremacists, but she definitely would see more white supremacists because she is In the public eye and she is trans. During gamer gate a lot more gamers became white supremacists and she is probably frequently harassed by that group.
3. Voice chat. Obviously voice chat shouldn’t be completely banned, but she clarified her view on that. She basically just wants better moderation. You could have safe space servers or better game moderation. Voice chat as it is right now is very toxic you just don’t realize that because you have a white guy sounding voice.
In conclusion this is basically just all the arguments that were used in gamergate and that ended with Anita and others having to deal with thousands of detailed death threats and being doxed because they had and opinion.
Jason Edward
Jason Edward - 11 tundi tagasi
"Gamers are white supremacists"
Me, a Swede, laughs in Arabic.
onecentJager - 12 tundi tagasi
"Gamers are white supremacists"
Me, a gamer: *Laughs in F-Mega*
Elias Abbas
Elias Abbas - 12 tundi tagasi
"Gamers are white supremacists"
Me, an Arab: *Laughs explosively*
R_I_C_K_Y boi
R_I_C_K_Y boi - 13 tundi tagasi
"Gamers are white supremacists."
Me, an Indian: laughs in vindaloo
Hi im r4du
Hi im r4du - 13 tundi tagasi
Lmao eu mw 2019 voice chat is all about People vs brits or people vs french its so funny
shrew berry
shrew berry - 13 tundi tagasi
You can advertise on her teeth
Sukamedik - 13 tundi tagasi
do you know what rainbow 6 needs? battle royale that's right please add battle royale like fortnite Poggers ubi
thegettokidZz - 13 tundi tagasi
Imagine being shamed for identifying as the gender you were assigned at birth...
ViskaDrake - 13 tundi tagasi
That second X-Box 360 lobby video was dangerously funny, I was eating when that part came on. Some of the things that came out of voice chat were real gems.
Xanders - 13 tundi tagasi
What does a cis white man sound like? A man with a North American accent?
A S H K O T O R - 14 tundi tagasi
You love complaining don't you?
I don’t exist and I never did
“gamers are white supremacists”
Me, an immigrant from Central America: *laughs in lawn mower*
I don’t exist and I never did
Me, a mostly native k’iche’ mayan of Guatemala: *laughs in human sacrifice*
I don’t exist and I never did
Me, a Peruvian: *laughs in Machu Picchu*
I don’t exist and I never did
Me, a half Salvadoran: *laughs in ms-13*
maltawhat - 14 tundi tagasi
I almost pissed myself laughing "people with marginalized voices" 😂
I've lived almost 40yrs and the way I always looked at it is that people have different voices
That thing is one of the most hateful bigots I've ever witnessed in my life yet somehow some genius decided that's the right person to have a say in how things are moderated hahahahahahahaha
You missed some other pretty intense shit it said and FYI those tweets you're reading are from deer lady's partner who happens to be another hateful POS.
I miss the days of those wild cod lobby's those were good times 🤔
Trevor Vizinski maina
Trevor Vizinski maina - 15 tundi tagasi
"Gamers are white supremacist"
Me, a Bulgarian: thank you
Cold Laundry
Cold Laundry - 15 tundi tagasi
I’m not a white supremacist, just racist
komorebiYT - 15 tundi tagasi
"a bit more funnier"
norXmal - 15 tundi tagasi
Don't like someone on voice chat, can't take the heat, just want to play the game?

*Mute them like any person with common sense*

That would be like, yeah this doctor scammed me, let's remove all doctors from the world instead of never using that doctor again.
Big Boss
Big Boss - 15 tundi tagasi
That is not a girl
Gabriel Costa
Gabriel Costa - 16 tundi tagasi
Oh deer Pepelaugh
Lord Swag Man
Lord Swag Man - 16 tundi tagasi
“Gamers are white supremacists”
Me, a Native American: *laughs in wounded knee*
Iggy - 16 tundi tagasi
1:50 There is no such thing as ''miss out''.
Atlantic Madman
Atlantic Madman - 16 tundi tagasi
“Gamers are white supremacists”
Me, an American: *Laughs in obese guns*
HBTB 2750
HBTB 2750 - 17 tundi tagasi
"Gamers are white supremacist."
Me, a Floridian: *Laughs in Post-Apocalypse Mad Max Wastelander.*
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu - 17 tundi tagasi
“Gamers are white supremacists” Me, a Russian: laughs in ICBM
Childish Flamingo
Childish Flamingo - 17 tundi tagasi
“Gamers are white supremacists”
Me, a full blooded German: laughs in bratwurst and beer
Dedf1sh Gaming
Dedf1sh Gaming - 17 tundi tagasi
"Gamers are white supremacists"
Me, a black Ukrainian with a German name and living in America with an Asian: *Laughs in Mr. Worldwide*
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu - 17 tundi tagasi
hey im just asian and ive heard alot more racist comments from her group to mine because of the coronavirus... so whos the most "marginalized" now hmmmmm
buttieboy666 - 17 tundi tagasi
Does that make me a white male that is marginalized? I mute gta standard. I mute rocket league standard. The world is troll and she's right in the foundation. Gamers please drop twitch unless they concede to normality.
I'm a boy
I'm a boy - 18 tundi tagasi
I once got permanently banned from astreamers chat for writing something that isn't english it was fucking ridiculous
Blu Ray
Blu Ray - 18 tundi tagasi
''Gamers are white supremacists''
Me, a Greek: *Laughs in debt*
Kelvin Marku
Kelvin Marku - 18 tundi tagasi
Gamer are white supremacist
Black/Asian/Hispanic people who play video games:
D_vas_8or - 18 tundi tagasi
"Gamers are white supremacists"
Me, the guy who killed Hitler's great-grandson: Laughs in German
Strangefreak - 18 tundi tagasi
"Marginalized gamers"
niggatron 69
niggatron 69 - 19 tundi tagasi
"gamers are white supremacists"
Me, an Irish man: laughs in spud
Ampotato - 19 tundi tagasi
Before i play videogames i make sure to put on my Klan robes and hang up a swastika on my wall
Evil BanKai
Evil BanKai - 19 tundi tagasi
"Gamers are white supremacists"
Me,a Greek white male: Laugh's in pita gyros
Krishna Sharma
Krishna Sharma - 19 tundi tagasi
PAGAL intensifies
New Order of Alexandria
New Order of Alexandria - 20 tundi tagasi
All gamers are white supremacists says the *white* trans woman.
The Turtlerr
The Turtlerr - 20 tundi tagasi
6:00 nice autotune
Failed Abortion
Failed Abortion - 20 tundi tagasi
"Gamers are white supremacist."
Me a Irishman: *Laughs drunkenly.*
niggatron 69
niggatron 69 - 19 tundi tagasi
Laughs in tayto
tahataha 2
tahataha 2 - 20 tundi tagasi
"Gamers are white supremacists."
me, an arab : laughs in bombs
karkatfan6941 - 20 tundi tagasi
“Gamers are white supremacists”
Me, a crustacean: *Laughs in crab*
Jason Liao
Jason Liao - 20 tundi tagasi
hey im just asian and ive heard alot more racist comments from her group to mine because of the coronavirus... so whos the most "marginalized" now hmmmmm
bruh moment
bruh moment - 20 tundi tagasi
Steph low key acts exactly as my sister does
Luke Saleem
Luke Saleem - 20 tundi tagasi
"all white men are supremacists"
Me a British Pakistani: sips tea whilst cooking some venison Biryani
Boh - 20 tundi tagasi
"gamers are White supremacists"
Me, an italian:
( Laughs in spaghetti )
M x
M x - 21 tund tagasi
You get sexually harassed online? "Just deal with it" fuck you man.
Hazzy - 21 tund tagasi
"Gamers are white supremacists"

Me, an Aussie: *laughs in upside down*
MaDudeeK - 21 tund tagasi
His sentence structure is so satisfying I arrive every time
Bad Word
Bad Word - 22 tundi tagasi
Goddamn twomad got me dyin
The official Michael jackson
The official Michael jackson - 22 tundi tagasi
"Gamers are white supremacist"
Me:do I even count
Pixel Whisper
Pixel Whisper - 22 tundi tagasi
had to mute the clip, sorry, just had to, one can only take so much cringe and stupidity
EDIT: ALSO, aren't they themselves, a "gamer"??? like, think before throwing out stupid sh*t like that
EDIT EDIT: "You look like a f*cking Ewok" 10/10 Best insult
Dead Meme
Dead Meme - 22 tundi tagasi
“Gamers are white supremacists.”
Me, a dead meme: *Laughs in 2009 memes.*
Number of Chromosomes
Number of Chromosomes - 22 tundi tagasi
"Gamers are white supremacists"
Me, a spaniard: *laughs in risketto*
BE NICE THO - 22 tundi tagasi
I liked this one though
mr big
mr big - 22 tundi tagasi
Also there is alot of racist assholes on psn, i can't ever talk Spanish with out being called Mexican and being told to go back to my country. 🤷🏽‍♂️
mr big
mr big - 22 tundi tagasi
I have gotten my ass beat my cops, and had them called for no reason whatsoever. This bitch wouldn't know what oppression was if it slapped her in her face
Goldgather - 23 tundi tagasi
Gamers are the most oppressed minority.
Noel Landaverde
Noel Landaverde - 23 tundi tagasi
GONNABEDEER: "I've believe most of you gamers are white supremacists"
Me: But, I am a Mexican.
Like seriously are this people really educated or brainwashed.
The hat that slaps you
The hat that slaps you - 23 tundi tagasi
Just Looking
Just Looking - 23 tundi tagasi
"Gamers are white supremacists."
Me: c:/ cd /joke_
c:/joke cd /progfile
c:/joke/progfile laugh.exe
print laughtrack
Cavin Lee
Cavin Lee - Päev tagasi
She says voice chat allows for discriminating minorities while she literally told a dyslexic person to shove it up their ass
Tyrone Abbachio
Tyrone Abbachio - Päev tagasi
2:18 Ah yes the 3 genders
michael dietz
michael dietz - Päev tagasi
I have a lisp and people would always give me shit online but guess what? WHO CARES. fuck.
Tyler McKee
Tyler McKee - Päev tagasi
“Gamers are white supremacist”
Me, a Samoan: laughs in large
Beowulf Ghost
Beowulf Ghost - Päev tagasi
"Gamers are white supremacists"
Me who is from somewhere: "Laughs in local thing"
Ragnarok Stravius
Ragnarok Stravius - Päev tagasi
Muta, can't you use your "I'm not a white person" card to directly talk with Twitch to make good changes?
Sometimes, to do good, you need some "evil".