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Kiera Patrick
Kiera Patrick - Päev tagasi
24:24 Harry looks so young 😭
gurtaj lail
gurtaj lail - 2 päeva tagasi
“Tobi went to Coventry university in London” he’s around 100 miles off lmao
hamido gaming
hamido gaming - 2 päeva tagasi
Harry's drawing actually looks like chris md
Leah Does whatever
Leah Does whatever - 3 päeva tagasi
24:14 actually it is sir theodore the third
Game Boy
Game Boy - 3 päeva tagasi
How to say his name:
ola gee day. Olo Tungy
Jess Bess - Mulan MMA
Jess Bess - Mulan MMA - 4 päeva tagasi
they didnt show tobi's first video
Charlie Corker
Charlie Corker - 5 päeva tagasi
10:16 josh looking like Jack Whitehall
Notmyname Boi
Notmyname Boi - 6 päeva tagasi
4:46 and still trying to get to 10 million
It a joke deji ok
RaNdom Memes
RaNdom Memes - 7 päeva tagasi
Natasha Hynes
Natasha Hynes - 7 päeva tagasi
Lol half the time I couldn't see Tobie 😂
bottom feeder
bottom feeder - 9 päeva tagasi
Am I the only one who though pat Josh’s name was Josh Zerker
Lucy Evans
Lucy Evans - 9 päeva tagasi
One of the first sidemen videos I watched that wasn’t the big ones was this and that’s when I found out what JJ’s real name is
SiR gAbe 2
SiR gAbe 2 - 9 päeva tagasi
That Toby drawing lowkey look like flight
Pierce Webb
Pierce Webb - 10 päeva tagasi
Olajide sounds like the way a sims character would say it
J- Dog
J- Dog - 10 päeva tagasi
Tobi's quote: It's relative
Subscribe without Any videos.
Subscribe without Any videos. - 12 päeva tagasi
Is it me or does anyone else think that guy drew Harry like his little brother Josh
mpants - 11 päeva tagasi
if you watch an old harry video harry looks exactly like that drawing
Smart_guy123 - 13 päeva tagasi
He is kinda wrong, if u think about it in total of views, on channels. Harry is bigger.
khadijah rajah
khadijah rajah - 13 päeva tagasi
Don’t say your on your last legs😱😭
SpiralSatsuma47 - 14 päeva tagasi
11:36 JJ spkips an ad he really got 16m subs but doesnt have youtube premium
shout out to all the edwards out there me included
mpants - 11 päeva tagasi
what is wrong with not wasting money on youtube premium when you can just skip an ad
 - 14 päeva tagasi
he draws well but shit
Chloe Booth
Chloe Booth - 15 päeva tagasi
I actually can’t imagine what I’m gonna do when the sidemen stop uploading 🥺
Team Nero
Team Nero - 17 päeva tagasi
Cov uni in london
Shadow Clan
Shadow Clan - 17 päeva tagasi
i mean it was theodor the 3rd
TWNS 10 - 18 päeva tagasi
i am always confused on if they are really friends or not. Harry didn’t even know Simon’s age. Vik didn’t even know JJ’s middle name. It’s just weird.
SpiralSatsuma47 - 14 päeva tagasi
name 6 of youre friends middle names and ages then
Nafisa Khanom
Nafisa Khanom - 20 päeva tagasi
Vik, Josh and Ethan in the outro was weirdly satisfying to watch
HiP3R SniP3R
HiP3R SniP3R - 22 päeva tagasi
HiP3R SniP3R
HiP3R SniP3R - 22 päeva tagasi
Tequashi - 22 päeva tagasi
stop that fucking background music please
Nathan Jena
Nathan Jena - 23 päeva tagasi
Only video I still haven't watched (aside from the compilations)
Alan Productions
Alan Productions - 23 päeva tagasi
That was Sir Theodore The 3rd
YRJ Keenwa
YRJ Keenwa - 25 päeva tagasi
The one video I haven’t seen on this channel (besides montages) I haven’t stooped that low yet
William Leger
William Leger - 26 päeva tagasi
why did toby's pic look like flight
KAYABASI KAAN - 27 päeva tagasi
I cant believe they missed sir theodore
Nisharg Patel
Nisharg Patel - 27 päeva tagasi
24:14 they said it was folabi but it is actually Sir Theodore the Third. 😂
Ronit Rehal
Ronit Rehal - 27 päeva tagasi
anyone else here before people start commenting “who’s here after YouTube changed its comment section”
honeymoon avenue
honeymoon avenue - 19 päeva tagasi
@Ronit Rehal ohh right
Ronit Rehal
Ronit Rehal - 19 päeva tagasi
honeymoon avenue yeah they changed it on the app
honeymoon avenue
honeymoon avenue - 19 päeva tagasi
is youtube changing its comment section??
Emma Norman
Emma Norman - 28 päeva tagasi
ay i just realised i share a bday with josh!
mpants - 11 päeva tagasi
i share a birthday with simon 7 september 🎉
DSK Uzumxki
DSK Uzumxki - 27 päeva tagasi
me too XD
Colin Berg
Colin Berg - 28 päeva tagasi
Why am I just now realizing I have the same birthday as Josh. My idol🤩
mpants - 11 päeva tagasi
i have the same birthday as simon 7th september 🎉
DSK Uzumxki
DSK Uzumxki - 27 päeva tagasi
mine too
Emanuel Sjödin
Emanuel Sjödin - 28 päeva tagasi
Tobis drawing looked like an Egyptian dickhead
Mitro - 28 päeva tagasi
24:52 JJ falls asleep lmao
Young Joel
Young Joel - 28 päeva tagasi
Erica Goldberg
Erica Goldberg - 28 päeva tagasi
Iv_SUP3R _vI
Iv_SUP3R _vI - 29 päeva tagasi
Simon has the same middle name as me
Chocolate cake Fat boy
Chocolate cake Fat boy - 29 päeva tagasi
Oh my God look
🤯🤯😳🎁🤭🤭He is he is very tall
BrookPlayzRBLX - 29 päeva tagasi
5:02 his head be looking like an upsidedown cone lmao
Ruthless Agony
Ruthless Agony - 29 päeva tagasi
I feel old after listening to Harry n I’m younger than them.
Seth Joseph
Seth Joseph - 29 päeva tagasi
Petition for the channel to make a draw my life for ksi's character.
HiradTheBest - Місяць tagasi
No one
Harry: am i British?
Nathan McGlinn
Nathan McGlinn - Місяць tagasi
At 24:15 , Simon AND Harry was wrong
That’s Sir Theodore III
Sam Pershouse
Sam Pershouse - Місяць tagasi
11:20 its a chick drawing im pre sure look at her hands
George Lucas
George Lucas - Місяць tagasi
im laughing about how the draw my life guy said vik had friends
Acoustics Music
Acoustics Music - Місяць tagasi
how did they stretch a 12 minute video into a 30 minute video
Nathan Frowen
Nathan Frowen - Місяць tagasi
19:45 Harry sounds a bit like vikk on tha vid
Elmo - Місяць tagasi
Fav member: Harry
stacey fernandes
stacey fernandes - Місяць tagasi
josh has the same birthday As me
Euan Bernard
Euan Bernard - Місяць tagasi
Jj seemed really calm
AdilMQA - Місяць tagasi
Malachi Williams
Malachi Williams - Місяць tagasi
Banana Split
Banana Split - Місяць tagasi
Isn't Harry the most famous bc he has 15 mil subs and jj has like 8.55mil
Vprizgar - Місяць tagasi
Anyone clocked JJ falling asleep throughout the video?
OG - Місяць tagasi
When they pud Harry's fifa 12 video he sounded like he was on helium🤣
Zaman Hussain
Zaman Hussain - Місяць tagasi
Zerkaa: 27 years old
Miniminter: 27 years old
KSI: 26 years old
TBJZL: 26 years old
Behzinga: 25 years old
Vikstar123: 24 years old

W2S: 23 years old
Smart_guy123 - 5 päeva tagasi
@DoesMyNameMatter OK if u say so. 👍
DoesMyNameMatter - 5 päeva tagasi
Smart_guy123 Because thats how the joke works. Him being the youngest
Smart_guy123 - 10 päeva tagasi
@Jerico S so
Jerico S
Jerico S - 10 päeva tagasi
cause hes the youngest and the most racist
Smart_guy123 - 13 päeva tagasi
Why is Harry far away from the others?
Zaman Hussain
Zaman Hussain - Місяць tagasi
look at my wrist, Corona
Daniel Watters
Daniel Watters - Місяць tagasi
I didn’t know that Simon and josh were the same age
Muaz - Місяць tagasi
I swear Tobi always be saying “relative” lmao
Mikey Darwish
Mikey Darwish - Місяць tagasi
6:45 Had me dead
Keeno 2000
Keeno 2000 - Місяць tagasi
JJ ksi stands for killed.Serious.Injured ask Alexa or Siri and google
queenkylah4 _dead
queenkylah4 _dead - Місяць tagasi
why do they call josh the old one when hes only a couple of days older than simon lol
Deep fried Slush
Deep fried Slush - Місяць tagasi
The drawing of Ethan looked like Vik🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jess Herrick
Jess Herrick - Місяць tagasi
Vik:I was hella squeaky Ethan:I was hella depressed same Ethan SAME
Johnny-boy 26
Johnny-boy 26 - Місяць tagasi
Harry 😂😂😂
FNORF Hollow
FNORF Hollow - Місяць tagasi
16:57 he lookin like jay critch
Pearty - Місяць tagasi
16:07 look at curry man
mpants - 11 päeva tagasi
shut the fuck up
Alkarim Nation
Alkarim Nation - Місяць tagasi
19:31 Yo Harry nose hole looks like a face
Matthew Kunze
Matthew Kunze - Місяць tagasi
i'm taller than ethan and i'm almost 10 years younger than him
Fadi Muhammad
Fadi Muhammad - Місяць tagasi
Small t for Tobi
Kai Smith
Kai Smith - Місяць tagasi
Tobi do be lookin like flight reacts
Aaliyah Khan
Aaliyah Khan - Місяць tagasi
When vikk rages its so funny
Elizabeth XXX
Elizabeth XXX - Місяць tagasi
why did Ethan look like Russel Howard in the drawing
QueenElizabethTheSecond - Місяць tagasi
satchel sequeira
satchel sequeira - Місяць tagasi
I have an uncle and grandad named Vicram