This Xbox Controller has TWENTY Headphone Jacks?!

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Xbox has released a new adaptive controller for gamers with limited mobility. It works with computers AND Xbox systems. Check it out here: (this video is not sponsored) Playing video games has brought people together, and brought countless hours of entertainment to many people. With this new adaptive controller from Xbox for people with limited motion, even more people can join in. If you use one of the adaptive Xbox controllers in your own set up, I want to see! Send me a tweet!
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Joshua Hinchliffe
Joshua Hinchliffe - Tund tagasi
2:50 “apple has left the chat”
Me: * designs a phone with more than 20 cameras *
The chat (after apple launches a new phone):apple has joined back in the chat an with more guns
ButterSplat - 9 tundi tagasi
why did they make it so hard to take it apart, its not like the person who bought it would take it apa..... o wait.
panda mafia
panda mafia - 18 tundi tagasi
Stop the capp 🧢 🧢
taeha. - 20 tundi tagasi
oh doooo is se this before idée i had your uine
Stinkydonuts553 - Päev tagasi
I thought of something funny but I’m not gonna say it cuz it’s probably offensive
Breakit Brayden
Breakit Brayden - Päev tagasi
Apple has left the chat
Sxlariso - Päev tagasi
fortnite bot
fortnite bot - Päev tagasi
I hate Xbox but this is good
Garry 48
Garry 48 - 2 päeva tagasi
And Here's Iphone
king drift335 channle
king drift335 channle - 2 päeva tagasi
Get Wrecked Apple you trash and you know it
RAIDER BJG - 2 päeva tagasi
That’s really cool 🔥🔥
Влад Никитин
Влад Никитин - 2 päeva tagasi
Айфон вышел из чата
apoorv raghuvanshi
apoorv raghuvanshi - 2 päeva tagasi
I was confused if he was talking literally or sarcastically the whole video
Cxyptic - 2 päeva tagasi
Those are not headphone jacks they are for the buttons
Alejandro Rodriguez
Alejandro Rodriguez - 3 päeva tagasi
Looks like now we know why Apple is making phones without headphone jacks 😂😂😂
Rory Ashcroft
Rory Ashcroft - 3 päeva tagasi
I like how a big company like Microsoft is aware of people who are disabled or who have different needs 👍🤘🙂
Landon Jines
Landon Jines - 3 päeva tagasi
I’m disappointed that Jerry didn’t say something along the lines of “taking this apart like a little LEGO”
Landon Jines
Landon Jines - 3 päeva tagasi
Ah yes the T9H security bits
jery4dollars - 3 päeva tagasi
jery4dollars - 3 päeva tagasi
Kayleigh Viegas
Kayleigh Viegas - 3 päeva tagasi
Microsoft: this

Still love Nintendo though
Jonathan - 3 päeva tagasi
PS4 has left the chat
DecentR - 3 päeva tagasi
They must hate Apple alot
Salty Lightning
Salty Lightning - 3 päeva tagasi
How much dose it cost?
ツNate - 3 päeva tagasi
Isn’t this controller meant for retards?
Your Big mummy
Your Big mummy - Päev tagasi
King Naate that’s a lot of retard money
ツNate - Päev tagasi
Your Big mummy yeah. It’s a bad game but you know what? People have made hundreds of thousands of dollars playing a trash free to play game.
Your Big mummy
Your Big mummy - Päev tagasi
Damn this controller must be meant for you my dude you play fortnite
Nyanico YT
Nyanico YT - 3 päeva tagasi
Apple: Removes headphone jack
Microsoft: Makes a controller with 20 headphone jacks
Apple: 😐
Plasticgamer YT
Plasticgamer YT - 3 päeva tagasi
For those of you who don’t know each headphone jack is another button or joystick on an Xbox One controller, a disabled person would have an accessory complementary to what disability they have and plug it in to use as a button or joystick like an ordinary Xbox One controller.
Sworatex - 3 päeva tagasi
Imagine having almost 6 million subscribers, years of technical knowledge but still don't know you can buy rechargable batteries or akku packs for you Xbox controller.
Alpine - 3 päeva tagasi
perfect for when i want my 39 friends to be able to hear the game aswell
Alpine - 3 päeva tagasi
@Predator 8 thats correct i dont
Predator 8
Predator 8 - 3 päeva tagasi
Boi u dont even have 3 friends
Plasticgamer YT
Plasticgamer YT - 3 päeva tagasi
All jokes aside that doesn’t work
DeepCupsChan119 - 4 päeva tagasi
Yeah I only had 4 headphones for my gaming like ps4 Xbox and pc even switch so can’t buy too much headphone
Eric Hall
Eric Hall - 4 päeva tagasi
I’m personally a PlayStation person but I give big props to Microsoft for this one hands down some of the best types of things company’s could do to make life better for everyone but isn’t done enough
JavaFloof - 4 päeva tagasi
what in the
Coaster Workbench
Coaster Workbench - 4 päeva tagasi
I was so happy to see that Xbox cares about those who want to game even in a wheelchair.
Zameer Nizam
Zameer Nizam - 4 päeva tagasi
Apple: *Removes headphone jack*
Microsoft: We don't do that here
JAR100 - 4 päeva tagasi
Imma PlayStation fan but this is smart
Reattention - 4 päeva tagasi
Me with 20 speakers not knowing what to do.... controller with 20 jacks comes on recomendet: Me:ITS GAME TIME
10k Subscribers With No Video
10k Subscribers With No Video - 4 päeva tagasi
Your Big mummy
Your Big mummy - Päev tagasi
Noah M
Noah M - 4 päeva tagasi
Now you can get the whole squad to roast that kid on Xbox live
B3AST-Plague - 4 päeva tagasi
Imagine crankin 90s with this in fn
Metal Galaxy
Metal Galaxy - 4 päeva tagasi
Much respect to Microsoft. Controllers for those with lack of mobility is a fairly niche market. It is great that Microsoft has developed gaming hardware which caters towards those already in unfortunate situations.
Cat911_ _
Cat911_ _ - 4 päeva tagasi
I want to see where is that karen that is complaining “SOMEONE COULD REALLY USE THIS WHY ARE YOU BREAKING THIS”
nixnet - 4 päeva tagasi
looks like gamepad for pepole with DJ sindrome
Brent Peiffer
Brent Peiffer - 4 päeva tagasi
Plasticgamer YT
Plasticgamer YT - 3 päeva tagasi
Plasticgamer YT
Plasticgamer YT - 3 päeva tagasi
TJ's World
TJ's World - 4 päeva tagasi
Um is it just me or is there no LT and RT buttons?
Plasticgamer YT
Plasticgamer YT - 3 päeva tagasi
OakMoney 2299811
OakMoney 2299811 - 4 päeva tagasi
it is making up for all the apple phones that dont have headphone jacks
Random things With Shawn
Random things With Shawn - 4 päeva tagasi
So that’s where all the phones headphone jacks have gone
Dark Wyvern
Dark Wyvern - 4 päeva tagasi
Microsoft: hmm, is 20 3.5mm Jack's enough?
Apple: **"has left the chat"**
Cameron Masonthe1st
Cameron Masonthe1st - 5 päeva tagasi
Ha see ps4 geiiiyyy
Justin Gibson
Justin Gibson - 5 päeva tagasi
That’s pretty awesome
Leila Echo
Leila Echo - 5 päeva tagasi
GlassOuse: perfectly compatible with our switches which designed for disabled people!
RekurA - 5 päeva tagasi
did i hear it can mount to wheelchair?
Plasticgamer YT
Plasticgamer YT - 3 päeva tagasi
boom boom
boom boom - 5 päeva tagasi
thats a speaker
Untidy Films
Untidy Films - 5 päeva tagasi
Apple's worst nightmare.
Bruce Alan
Bruce Alan - 5 päeva tagasi
So, Im thinking maybe hack another xbox controller into this and get jump and duck/cover/prone on my feet??
Denas Gurskis
Denas Gurskis - 5 päeva tagasi
How can the headphone Jack's actually be used as I have no clue?
Anyone kno?
Plasticgamer YT
Plasticgamer YT - 3 päeva tagasi
Every headphone jack is a button or joystick on an Xbox One controller
Plasticgamer YT
Plasticgamer YT - 3 päeva tagasi
Disabled people can connect their accessories in the headphone jacks.
Modro Said
Modro Said - 5 päeva tagasi
Im imagining Jerry like a serial killer, cutting in a person and talking calm like this
Enrique Lecuona
Enrique Lecuona - Päev tagasi
??? Hahaha 😂 “ the battery seems to have stopped working”
John Brian
John Brian - 3 päeva tagasi
@??? lmao
??? - 3 päeva tagasi
“This skin has no adhesive holding it in.”
Declava - 5 päeva tagasi
The day when Xbox Live is destroyed is when I will actually care about anything Microsoft does with Xbox.
Snaking Gamer
Snaking Gamer - 5 päeva tagasi
*Apple has deleted the chat*
Clownfish Piggy
Clownfish Piggy - 5 päeva tagasi
this is the biggest "#### you" to apple I have ever seen
Cookiesnmemes - 5 päeva tagasi
Apple: *sweating*
Azim Ahmed
Azim Ahmed - 5 päeva tagasi
Perfect for your wife zach
Galaxy_3cho_x - 5 päeva tagasi
Not RayanGamerBoy3917
Not RayanGamerBoy3917 - 5 päeva tagasi
I like that your talking calmly.
Twitch Zemaj
Twitch Zemaj - 5 päeva tagasi
They look like twin turntables
Carlos Madacc
Carlos Madacc - 5 päeva tagasi
I'm pretty sure this is for more like media control. Not more so gaming imagine controlling your whole production
Plasticgamer YT
Plasticgamer YT - 3 päeva tagasi
Carlos Madacc oh, nice.
Carlos Madacc
Carlos Madacc - 3 päeva tagasi
Gaming etc. We use it in the studio
Plasticgamer YT
Plasticgamer YT - 3 päeva tagasi
But it is for gaming
Plasticgamer YT
Plasticgamer YT - 3 päeva tagasi
Adromeda - 5 päeva tagasi
everyone: *removes headphone jack*
Microsoft: hmm I think I'm just gonna add 19 MORE headphone jacks instead
Plasticgamer YT
Plasticgamer YT - 3 päeva tagasi
But it’s a controller...
Rory Lundgren
Rory Lundgren - 5 päeva tagasi
Title: 20 headphone jacks
Thumbnail: 20 headphone jacks
Video: chat 19 headphone jacks
Marcus St John
Marcus St John - 5 päeva tagasi
Xbox won console wars because of this everybody stfu up
Marcus St John
Marcus St John - 5 päeva tagasi
This made my day
Jia Wei Chen
Jia Wei Chen - 5 päeva tagasi
lol can i borrow one for my switch
Joe - 5 päeva tagasi
stop calling them headphone jacks you fucking idiot
Jean B. Bloomingdales
Jean B. Bloomingdales - 5 päeva tagasi
I don't understand why each jack has a assigned button. Isn't the jack for listening to chatts etc? What is the difference between any given inputs, and if this is a thing, how come there is only one in a normal controller?
And what do they do?
The kids in Africa
The kids in Africa - 5 päeva tagasi
Bro did you make an apple joke?! Wow I’m an Apple fanboy and I’m MAD. I’m not subscribed but I WILL subscribe then unsubscribe and give you a dislike for dishonoring my cell phone preference😤
NinjaHypera - 5 päeva tagasi
Click bayter
suncraft vlogs
suncraft vlogs - 5 päeva tagasi
My favorite Xbox game is Rainbow six siege
Boggy Gaming
Boggy Gaming - 5 päeva tagasi
Me: is it good?
Jerry: I dunno, lets just *take it apart*
123abyeet - 5 päeva tagasi
Apple: Headphone jacks suck
Samsung: we copy u
Google: we have da best phone and totally removed it first
Lg: no we did it first
Microsoft: lemme add 20 headphones jacks instead of none
Microsoft’s game Minecraft: apple has left chat
Microsoft’s game Minecraft: Samsung has left the chat
Microsoft’s game Minecraft: Google has left the chat
Microsoft’s game Minecraft: lg has left the chat
Yay we win and all dem company’s played our game we da best!
Thomas Humphreys
Thomas Humphreys - 5 päeva tagasi
Sub to Jerry rig everything or I will delete your fortnite account
nolaz010 - 5 päeva tagasi
Bruh, this title has me dead. They’re 3.5mm jacks, sure, most consumer headphones are 3.5mm, but that doesn’t mean the only thing they transmit is audio.
Plasticgamer YT
Plasticgamer YT - 3 päeva tagasi
Either way the headphone jacks are meant to have an accessory to replace whatever it coresponds to on an Xbox one controller with an accessory from someone who is disabled
HexoSword - 5 päeva tagasi
"Apple has left the chat"
We got 'em