How China Built a Hospital in 10 Days

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Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther (
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster
Music by
Select footage courtesy the AP Archive
Select Footage courtesy 大紀元新聞網 and
中国新闻网 under creative commons licenses
Kestus: 12:24


lIlIlIlI - 15 tundi tagasi
And coronavirus is orginated from where? yes, that one big dirty shithole country.
霜牙刃 - 7 tundi tagasi
coronavirus is from your home
Baby Skoppy
Baby Skoppy - Päev tagasi
China is the definition of "if i want to do something ill do it"
Cobalt Turquoise
Cobalt Turquoise - 2 päeva tagasi
you dont get credit for fixing a problem you made
Matthew Ng
Matthew Ng - 3 päeva tagasi
“I’ve always like to downplay it, I still like to downplay it”
Stormboxer - 3 päeva tagasi
We should have taken the virus extremely seriously when we heard China closed down an entire city and built a hospital in 10 days
Matthew Ng
Matthew Ng - 3 päeva tagasi
Exactly.... but as we all know now. “I like playing it down, I still like playing it down”
GMK28 - 3 päeva tagasi
someday we are going to hear about how this hospital was built to quickly, like a lot of projects over there.
Deejay Decano
Deejay Decano - 3 päeva tagasi
How quickly people forget the facts. Now people keeps blaming China for the pandemic because of the lie that they didn't warn the world and that they didn't do anything to contain it. Its amazing how the lies of President Trump can control the American people.
Leanflare - 4 päeva tagasi
It’s because they don’t have a democratic government. Democracy sounds good on paper but is complete garbage in practice.
Random Guy
Random Guy - 5 päeva tagasi
Btw the only reason why this was able to be done is also the main criticism point of china. The people listen to china. They say, they do.
They can just say "ok heres land make a hospital in 10 days or you die. Heres the funding you need." And shit will get done.
You try that in america and see how it goes "heres some land make a hospital in 10 days. Heres some funding."
Protests erupts as it is in peoples "backyard", another protest for more funding, more protests for workers rights, protests for not using local companies marterials and nothing gets done. Im not saying that china is supreme, but china is supreme in this aspect.
Sure their government can use a little touch up but it is exactly why they can make a hospital out of really big boi legos in 10 days
Boris Tin
Boris Tin - 5 päeva tagasi
Covid-19 seems to outpace United States now.
Bhuvan Nimmagadda
Bhuvan Nimmagadda - 6 päeva tagasi
now a days due to advancement in the prefabricated structures, high rise buildings and many static plants are very easily being built. " CIVIL ENGINEERING AT ITS BEST "
Zach B
Zach B - 7 päeva tagasi
If only he knew
Timothy Geneston
Timothy Geneston - 8 päeva tagasi
January 26 2020 (25 at other places)
COVID cases rose to 2014 infected
Kobe's last day D:
Arnab Ghosh
Arnab Ghosh - 8 päeva tagasi
If Their is a will their is a way!
enderLloyd gaming
enderLloyd gaming - 9 päeva tagasi
He sounds like the guy from half as interesting
Al96 - 5 päeva tagasi
too late
Ben Huang
Ben Huang - 9 päeva tagasi
China:*builds hospital in 10 days*
US:*ignores citizens, kills black man, and anounce that mask are useless*
Tattle Boad
Tattle Boad - 2 päeva tagasi
feel free to move to china
Leanflare - 4 päeva tagasi
Systematic racism is just another baseless conspiracy theory.
Al96 - 5 päeva tagasi
Ben Rosner
Ben Rosner - 10 päeva tagasi
As someone who lives in the U.S., I remember watching this in February. Looking back at it now, if only we'd known.
Ben Rosner
Ben Rosner - 5 päeva tagasi
Rich91 trust me my man, few people despise the president more than I do
Rich91 - 5 päeva tagasi
Mate your president KNEW. The recording revealed that he absolutely knew. If he is voted in again, I have no hopes for americans
JackyVivid - 10 päeva tagasi
idhar tao bass ha ha kaar hai..
Jason Tsui
Jason Tsui - 13 päeva tagasi
To fight against Covid 19, the government should have a full plan such as increasing hospital capacity to treat patients, increasing testing of people, following up every case to find the source of infection, coordinating the production and acquisition of surgical masks and medical equipment for medical staff, also production and acquisition of surgical masks for every citizen to wear, enacting laws to shutting down places and businesses temporarily, requiring people to wear surgical masks and keeping social distance and educating citizens to fully cooperate. In addition, citizens should follow all the rules and carry out all measures 100%. If all governments and their citizens carry out these measures 100%, I am sure we can reduce the spread of Covid 19 to minimum. When vaccines arrive, victory is near.
Al96 - 5 päeva tagasi
you can do better then trump
eva efendy
eva efendy - 12 päeva tagasi
Woah thanks for the info because i am learning about diseases so im learning abiut COVID-19 and this info is useful
Shu Liu
Shu Liu - 13 päeva tagasi
Damn, you should be a government advisor.
Shio Ren
Shio Ren - 13 päeva tagasi
the source of covid-19 is still unclear , dont be so confident
Pain in July
Pain in July - 10 päeva tagasi
yes it is
Mr T34-76
Mr T34-76 - 14 päeva tagasi
where can we get this mentality for Cormac it takes em a year to build a house
If you dont know what Cormac is. It is a cornish construction company that is known to be slow
Furn - 16 päeva tagasi
My country can't even build a single road in a year
Shu Liu
Shu Liu - 13 päeva tagasi
Let me guess: United States?
Tan Chiaw Wei
Tan Chiaw Wei - 16 päeva tagasi
it's assemble, not build.
Joe Miller
Joe Miller - 4 päeva tagasi
It's both
Shu Liu
Shu Liu - 13 päeva tagasi
“How will we get this hospital done?” “Think of it like oversized legos” (Construction time has been decreased by 99.029%!)
Steve Magnusson
Steve Magnusson - 16 päeva tagasi
7 months later. We're still here.
Fredrik Tirol
Fredrik Tirol - 16 päeva tagasi
Oh my god. This video's been out 7 months now
Cameron Scott
Cameron Scott - 18 päeva tagasi
It’s still pretty amazing they did this
gewoon Gijs vb
gewoon Gijs vb - 18 päeva tagasi
To everyone in the comments:
Why can't you just enjoy things?
yes there are a LOT of valid critisisms for both the chinese government, and for other governments, but thats not what this video is about.
this is (in my opinion) a video celebrating the absolutely insane stunts people can pull of if we decide we REALLY want to.
No matter the long term stability or efficiency or whatever, this was a complete building created from scrap in TEN DAYS.
Just... idunno, respect that. the builders, the doctors, the engineers, everyone. but above all: the planners. orchastrating this must have been hell, and I have the deepest respect for anyone who was able to do this without going insane.
So yeah, just be nice and simply enjoy stuff for once. Life is more fun that way
Al96 - 5 päeva tagasi
Peace 🇭🇰
Peace 🇭🇰 - 18 päeva tagasi
Pls do a part 2 of China’s dealing with coronavirus
Al96 - 5 päeva tagasi
what do you want it to be like?
GG Fuego
GG Fuego - 19 päeva tagasi
TiL, Cats>Bats,
Bovere real
Bovere real - 20 päeva tagasi
I remember the old times
jirikivaari - 22 päeva tagasi
That's pretty amazing.
You_want_some_gamer - 22 päeva tagasi
Can we get a part 2?
Mac Song
Mac Song - 23 päeva tagasi
The story that you told about one person ate a bat has no scientific evidence. Please stop spread it.
Shu Liu
Shu Liu - 13 päeva tagasi
But the memes that came from it are pretty funny.
yuvesh ragavendiran
yuvesh ragavendiran - 24 päeva tagasi
guys everyone should know that India had built a moving hospital in just 10 days housing 6000 patients
Al96 - 5 päeva tagasi
Shu Liu
Shu Liu - 13 päeva tagasi
Imagine if that goes off the rails...
张航 - 19 päeva tagasi
@yuvesh ragavendiran
yuvesh ragavendiran
yuvesh ragavendiran - 24 päeva tagasi
now its the world's first hospital train :The Lifeline Express
weaknessss - 24 päeva tagasi
Hospital my ass,
it's just an isolation camp like a jail.
Shu Liu
Shu Liu - 13 päeva tagasi
Aw man, I thought an internet fight was about to go down!
alan tsuei
alan tsuei - 17 päeva tagasi
Yeah, you really sound like a real account...
krsfenris - 25 päeva tagasi
Stop eating random bush meat ? How them hokus pokus 100% proven to not work tiger spirit (cock) erection pills working
Salonwer - 25 päeva tagasi
There is this Chinese post on to one of the most liked comments, I'm writing when it had 1.7K LIKES, so I'm translating it to English so that people understand. It's by this person. 嗷的一声喵
that happened
5 months ago
Ok so google translate :-
Huoshenshan Hospital was built like this

First of all, you need an urgent order: led by China Construction Third Bureau, Wuhan Construction Engineering, Wuhan Municipal Administration, Hanyang Municipal Administration and other enterprises participated in the construction, and commanded 7,500 builders and nearly 1,000 on the 50,000 square meters of tidal flat slope by Wuhan Zhiyin Lake. Taiwan's machinery and equipment have established a military position to all Chinese and the suffering Wuhan citizens-"in ten days, build a life-saving hospital with 1,000 beds."

Next, you need Beijing Zhongyuan International Engineering Design and Research Institute to complete the design and construction drawings of Xiaotangshan Hospital 17 years ago in 78 minutes. Then it was submitted to Wuhan CITIC Architectural Design Institute without reservation, and Dr. Huang Xiqiu, a national survey and design master, repeatedly asked the experience gains and losses.

You need CITIC Architectural Design Institute to convene 60 designers within one hour, and at the same time set up public welfare projects, contact hundreds of BIM designers across the country to participate, and go all out to fight: design plans within 24 hours, within 60 hours Consult with the construction unit to finalize the construction drawings.

You need Wuhan Hangfa Group to quickly enter the site to start site leveling, road and drainage engineering construction; at the same time, two listed companies High Energy Environment and Dongfang Yuhong form an emergency engineering construction team responsible for anti-seepage engineering, sewage treatment and medical waste transfer facilities Construction; in the most difficult time, China Railway Heavy Industries, a subsidiary of China Railway Industry, must be called upon to quickly increase assistance to catch up with the construction period.

You need the State Grid, and more than 260 electric power workers work continuously for 24 hours without sleep. Complete the relocation of two 10kV lines, the placement of 24 box-type transformers, and the laying of 8,000-meter power cables before January 31, and start power transmission on time.

You need Yiwei Lithium Energy. Before the laying of power cables is completed, an emergency silent generator car will be provided to solve the emergency power supply problem of key equipment such as communication base stations.

You need Huawei, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, China Tower, China Electronics, China Information Technology, Zhongke and other front and back companies to work closely and coordinate operations. After 36 hours of rapid 5G signal coverage, cloud resources are also delivered. , Computing and storage equipment for the core system, and a remote consultation system with the PLA General Hospital.

Then you can set up a camera behind the three sweet-scented osmanthus trees to start the live broadcast, and then summon tens of millions of cloud supervisors to watch the "Delivering Ash Sect" and "Song Mud" supported by Sany, Zoomlion, and Xugong Machinery. "Jiang" are busy 24 hours a day.

You need PetroChina’s on-site refueling truck, and requisition the Sinopec Zhiyin Avenue gas station to provide oil protection for the project site, while providing instant noodles, boiling water, meeting venues and temporary toilets.

You need all the production staff of the Three Gorges Group Ezhou Power Plant to be stationed in the plant to provide guarantees for the use of electricity in Wuhan; China Railway Construction Expressway gives priority to the release of materials from the Huoshenshan Hospital; Baowu Steel, Zheshang Zhongtuo, and Minmetals Development provide steel; China National Building Materials provides gypsum board ,keel.

You have to use food delivered from outside China and grain and oil donated by COFCO to provide three meals a day for thousands of workers; Hubei Zhongbai Warehousing and Alibaba’s Taoxianda will build a "contactless cash register" within one day. "Supermarkets provide convenient and safe supplies of daily necessities for workers and medical workers.

During construction, you need cement from Huaxin Co., Ltd., fireproof coatings from Hebei Junhui, galvanized round steel from Zhengda pipes, Huamei energy-saving rubber and plastic insulation materials, 5931 toilets and faucets from Huida Sanitary Ware, and fire alarms from Bay Security 3,500 sets of integrated houses from three companies, including industrial equipment, Jiaqiang Energy Conservation, spheroidal graphite cast iron pipes from Xinxing Jihua, municipal and construction pipelines from Yonggao, 4800 sets of steel components from China First Metallurgical Group, and 50 sets from Zhuzhou Megmeet Power equipment, 2000 valves from Shanghai Guanlong Company.

The house is built and then renovated, you need 100 management staff and 500 construction staff from China Construction Shenzhuang to complete the indoor and outdoor floor glue laying, bathroom and buffer room floor tiles, and the interior decoration tasks of more than 200 wards in 3 days.

After the decoration is completed, you need a full set of more than 2,000 computer equipment provided by Lenovo Group and a professional IT service team stationed on site; all public LCD screens provided by TCL Electronics; tablet computers provided by Xiaomi; Ziguang, Fiberhome Communications, Qi Anxin Provided network and security equipment; Internet hospital cloud platform provided by Weining Health.

Professional equipment is indispensable. You need CT equipment from Shanghai Film United Medical, Shanghai Xintou, Neusoft Group, special medical air conditioners for ICU and operating rooms of Weifang Yashi, thermal imaging chips from Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Association, Shanghai Xinnuofei 930 sets of UV disinfection lamps, OP lighting professional lighting equipment, Lepu Medical’s 2000 electronic thermometers and 700 finger clip oximeters, Huiqing Technology and Aojiahua’s professional air purifiers, Orion Star’s medical service robots ; Ouyada Home's property management team and bed supplies.

All the above-mentioned material transportation relies on the domestic and global green channels jointly opened by Chinese logistics giants such as SF, Zhongtong, Shentong, Yunda, EMS, Alibaba logistics platform, etc., to transport relief materials for Wuhan from all over the world for free.

Finally, let the professional team install Gree air conditioners, and wait for Haier's engineers to rush to the site with the refrigerator on their backs because the road is closed, and put the Midea water dispenser and water heater in place. Outside, dozens of negative pressure ambulances donated by Yutong Bus and Jiangling Group are ready to go.

If you think of it, someone will provide it in time; if you don't think of it, someone will provide it.

A file cabinet worth 200,000 yuan, 14 Luoyang furniture companies rushed to work overnight, and only told you after delivery, "No need to buy, we donate."

The 8,000 catties of winter melon, Shanghai greens, and coriander were delivered by Wang Guohui, a retired veteran from Baiji Town, Shenqiu, Henan, who drove 300 kilometers to the construction site on New Year's Eve.

One ton of "Zizhong Blood Orange" was selected and sent by Huang Cheng, a farmer from Shuinan Town, Zizhong County, Sichuan Province, who is not well-off.

The 400 benches were donated by Taobao shopkeeper Jin Chen who had been in business for less than a year and couldn't bear to see the workers sitting on the floor and rushing to work day and night.


There is no "infrastructure madman",

There is only the "speed of life and death" that races against time.

No need to "shock and applaud."

As long as you never give up and clenched your teeth.

Hold your breath and endure the pain.

The dragons in the village give you the hardest scales,

Even if he is scarred. . Reprinted from a China Railway Construction
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Matthew Ng
Matthew Ng - 3 päeva tagasi
Amazing, thanks
Shu Liu
Shu Liu - 13 päeva tagasi
Yes this definitely sounds like a government official.
Shohanur Shohag
Shohanur Shohag - 19 päeva tagasi
Very detailed. one can't really imagine what it needed there to make this happen. Thank you btw
ICY Pg3d and roblox YT
ICY Pg3d and roblox YT - 24 päeva tagasi
Atit - 26 päeva tagasi
Make a video on how China bought wendover productions🙏
Shu Liu
Shu Liu - 13 päeva tagasi
Jeez how poisoned is your mind? Being a die hard American isn’t about hating on other countries.
hz Lin
hz Lin - 27 päeva tagasi
actually that was seefood market, not wild animal market. And eating bat is just a folk rumors. Why this happend, ask trump
Shu Liu
Shu Liu - 13 päeva tagasi
So... it isn’t a zoologic virus?
Mark Leo
Mark Leo - 28 päeva tagasi
You should have focused on how the hospital had been built, not your political bull shit.
Shu Liu
Shu Liu - 13 päeva tagasi
People like you aren’t speaking what you think is the truth. Every now and then I see one of these rotten apples.