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joe Musarella
joe Musarella - 40 minutit tagasi
I wtched the whole thing in 2 goes first go to 46 mins second to 1 hour
bigfoot 2700
bigfoot 2700 - Tund tagasi
If you want to know how i feel ill tell you how i feel. . . EVERY TIME he said alright that's the end of the video i almost exited off the video because i thought it was over
Truth Absence
Truth Absence - 2 tundi tagasi
Whoever disliked I've got a very high set of skills and I Will find you and I will kill you
Sk1ppy - 3 tundi tagasi
5:56 👁🐽👁
patchesgezen - 4 tundi tagasi
RIP Cupcake 🧁 you lived your 9 lives twice ✊until we meet again!
Robbie Dewan
Robbie Dewan - 5 tundi tagasi
Which app is that?? The one that changes color of hair? Please somebody mention it
Dream Ss
Dream Ss - 6 tundi tagasi
Where are the people that got overdosed
Yo Yo
Yo Yo - 6 tundi tagasi
I start watching this video again and can't stop. 2hr challenge)
Bappo the Supreme
Bappo the Supreme - 6 tundi tagasi
*Malachite stops me from healing... :(*
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia - 8 tundi tagasi
Umm sir this is overdosing
namdnaS rM
namdnaS rM - 10 tundi tagasi
10:32 modern pirates
nbdy - 11 tundi tagasi
That guy on the ski lift has never seen the horror movie frozen apparently
3 Muskaf*cks
3 Muskaf*cks - 15 tundi tagasi
I thought the ommish people can’t be recorded
Take Hofstra
Take Hofstra - 16 tundi tagasi
Is the narrating for blind people?
Aiden Lao
Aiden Lao - 17 tundi tagasi
3:00modern day assassin’s creed
ົཽHikari pasute
ົཽHikari pasute - 19 tundi tagasi
Why the video of the car that crashed into a gym is so funny?
413 - 20 tundi tagasi
*(No intros)*
Me: Well Alright then... *clicks the video*
Me again in 3 seconds: YOU LIARR!!!!!!!
Hatim Faizi
Hatim Faizi - 21 tund tagasi
Asxtro-wertyy •
Asxtro-wertyy • - Päev tagasi
59:28 *ded*
Lucky coins ꨄ
Lucky coins ꨄ - Päev tagasi
1:44 me when people are being toxic:
1:55 me going to get food:
Dae T.
Dae T. - Päev tagasi
Damn well not all mountain bikers are cool people
Ondřej Bačkovský
Ondřej Bačkovský - Päev tagasi
Why am i already at 23. Minute? xd
Riley Eagan
Riley Eagan - Päev tagasi
50:26 everybody a gangsta till he shows up
メラスキュラ - Päev tagasi
Netflix: are you still watching?
Someone’s daughter: 6:11
Reuben Cotton
Reuben Cotton - Päev tagasi
Sorry about cup cake
LV DaNz - 2 päeva tagasi
1:02 I can imagine her saying “Why are you in the gym? Your problem you got hurt.”
Emilio Guevara
Emilio Guevara - 2 päeva tagasi
This should be illegal because it overdose us on our daily needs
Kabel Ninja
Kabel Ninja - 2 päeva tagasi
Jackson - 2 päeva tagasi
China and india have a problem
Fish - 2 päeva tagasi
0:50 drives in casually
leaves car casually
Ken Price
Ken Price - 2 päeva tagasi
Very good form
And informative
Well done
NELSON TV Mettalum Films
NELSON TV Mettalum Films - 2 päeva tagasi
Imagine just working out and you see headlights in the window.
Gary Heywood
Gary Heywood - 2 päeva tagasi
Sorry to hear about your cat, r.i.p cupcakes
Logan Eldridge
Logan Eldridge - 2 päeva tagasi
i am glad that i dont get aten by my parents
PupMello - 2 päeva tagasi
Rowlet and Meltan be like
Aaron Valeska [VIRUS]
Aaron Valeska [VIRUS] - 2 päeva tagasi
Aww I didn't know his cat died 😥
Forest Tischler
Forest Tischler - 2 päeva tagasi
Does anyone know what the app is called at 4:14
marley Collins
marley Collins - 2 päeva tagasi
4:03 misty meadows in fortnite be like:
Labinot Hasani
Labinot Hasani - 2 päeva tagasi
"the brake pedal wasn't working properly"
Aeron Fernando
Aeron Fernando - 2 päeva tagasi
NASA be like during a volcanic eruption:
" *haha volcano goes brrr* "
LegendWakeraシ - 2 päeva tagasi
25:56 Wow is that actually you? :D
By the way, im sorry for your loss :[
Asxtro-wertyy •
Asxtro-wertyy • - Päev tagasi
Its another youtuber called “The Daily Dose Of Internet”’s cats
Stephanie Chavez
Stephanie Chavez - 2 päeva tagasi
"noone in the gym was siriosly hurt" guy on the treadmill "ya just a scratch
Max Hoenicke
Max Hoenicke - 3 päeva tagasi
Luke Buss
Luke Buss - 3 päeva tagasi
3:44 is frozen REALLY just an animation or is it real life, cuz that kinda seems the like arandel (idk how to spell it)
Jared Geelhoed
Jared Geelhoed - 3 päeva tagasi
who here actually watched all the way though this video
Swagmuffinz 51
Swagmuffinz 51 - 3 päeva tagasi
Well I like when my bananas has mold 😎 45:32
FIRE WOLF - 3 päeva tagasi
no intros but it starts with a intro
Alecxy Canenguez
Alecxy Canenguez - 3 päeva tagasi
24:37 dog vibeing
the random
the random - 3 päeva tagasi
Whats the app tho??
Jaxon Hunt
Jaxon Hunt - 4 päeva tagasi
14:48 not the man we wanted but the man we needed
dbpgh - 4 päeva tagasi
Hi I’m his sun and I am very sad that his cat cupkake is DEAD 😭😢😰😓😥😿☹️
YYTTBOW Gamers - 4 päeva tagasi
YYTTBOW Gamers - 5 päeva tagasi
21:00 like moving a refrigerator!
Yeah, a very cold refrigerator
YYTTBOW Gamers - 5 päeva tagasi
12:50 ??????
Kyle Dayang
Kyle Dayang - 5 päeva tagasi
Ass Cheeks
Ass Cheeks - 5 päeva tagasi
51:58 *He needs some milk*
Austin’s Reptiles
Austin’s Reptiles - 5 päeva tagasi
5:40 Idk if I would call those works of art beautiful
Dandara Sophia
Dandara Sophia - 5 päeva tagasi
"this shows the population of countries throw out the years" Brasil dropping with the genocide of indigenous people by portugal in the 1500's
International funny man
International funny man - 6 päeva tagasi
Daron Lawrence
Daron Lawrence - 6 päeva tagasi
god's country
Im Gaming
Im Gaming - 6 päeva tagasi
15:05 this is why garbage workers need to be respected more
Vinícius Negrão
Vinícius Negrão - 6 päeva tagasi
No intros, first thing in this video: INTRO
Abstract Fysics
Abstract Fysics - 6 päeva tagasi
0:01 LIES!!!
Hurgleflurp - 6 päeva tagasi
sorry doc i overdosed on internet
Homa Plays
Homa Plays - 6 päeva tagasi
Fuck, I just watched an entire thing
DOB Liming
DOB Liming - 6 päeva tagasi
0:39 I just about shit myself. Like, why bro.
シックリン先生 - 6 päeva tagasi
1:04 "sorry it's cause i'm Gemini"
doomdank - 6 päeva tagasi
PsycheGeezy - 6 päeva tagasi
R.I.P Cupcake ;((((
Python 3D
Python 3D - 6 päeva tagasi
Daily overdose of internet
Sharon Jagd
Sharon Jagd - 7 päeva tagasi
Can this dumb comment get 1k likes? Idk it's my dream :p
Mr.Cheese - 6 päeva tagasi
i will watch your career with great interest
Arthur Harpenau
Arthur Harpenau - 7 päeva tagasi
I like in the car that runs into the gym the girl takes her time to close her car door
P_boui Nap nap
P_boui Nap nap - 7 päeva tagasi
You are taking others content and you don’t even give credit
Longson Fullmetal
Longson Fullmetal - 7 päeva tagasi
12:30 proof that bikers are assholes. even offroad.
Pup314 - 7 päeva tagasi
The bikers if spotted removing signs for protected areas should be arrested, have their bikes confiscated, and then be fined 500 times the value of their bike. Once let out of prison they should be banned for life from the park.
Mr.Cheese - 6 päeva tagasi
at first i thought this was a dumb comment then.... there is fricken endangered animals soo yah you're right
Pup314 - 7 päeva tagasi
Honey Badgers come from africa, Jaguars come from South and Central America.Leopards come from Africa and Asia. Only Leopards woould ever come across Honey Badgers.
Golden Chicken Leg
Golden Chicken Leg - 8 päeva tagasi
17:23 Music name please?
your local Clown
your local Clown - 8 päeva tagasi
55:40 eyelash bug
Zach Harlow
Zach Harlow - 8 päeva tagasi
I want a face reveal
Nathan Gillings
Nathan Gillings - 8 päeva tagasi
His cat looks so much like my cat
Dippy999 - 8 päeva tagasi
Rip daily s cat
BONKAII - 9 päeva tagasi
Who else came close to clicking off the video when he said “later”
Garrett Lamb
Garrett Lamb - 9 päeva tagasi
I wanna know what that WiFi signal app is
Prod. LILBinkZ
Prod. LILBinkZ - 9 päeva tagasi
37:01 why would you... wha... wh... h... I just hope they fixed it up and didn’t just waste a perfect and beautiful car like that. Honestly how could they...
Sansaet Nathan James
Sansaet Nathan James - 9 päeva tagasi
Now I'm overdosed by the internet
Thomas Romundstad
Thomas Romundstad - 9 päeva tagasi
00:45 WHO THE FUCK MADE THOSE TIRES! They properly held all that force
WannaComment2 - 9 päeva tagasi
22:35 She's reading out the unlucky ones. That's evolution in progress.
arcykaplanhehe - 9 päeva tagasi
there is another...
Claudia Bolliger
Claudia Bolliger - 9 päeva tagasi
R.I.P Cupcake
Candy Hembree
Candy Hembree - 10 päeva tagasi
garrett ferguson
garrett ferguson - 10 päeva tagasi
2:02 damn my allergies dude
Jdm Edits
Jdm Edits - 11 päeva tagasi
Ben je Nederlands are you dutch ?? 🇳🇱
Jdm Edits
Jdm Edits - 10 päeva tagasi
Kaarssteun poahh dik
Kaarssteun - 10 päeva tagasi
Delaney Holian
Delaney Holian - 11 päeva tagasi
Me at my interview:
Boss: are you allergic to anything?
Me: well I have dogs but I get a little runny nose after I play/sleep with them too long.
Boss: ok umm so do you think you would be ok with a little fur everywhere?
Me: absolutely!
Ham Shambler
Ham Shambler - 12 päeva tagasi
0:50 “luckily nobody was seriously hurt”
The treadmill: Are you challenging me?
K.O Limitless
K.O Limitless - 4 tundi tagasi
Does it not make anyone extremely upset about how she takes her time getting out the car and all she does is put her hands up like she doesnt know she just hit a man
Isaac Ramirez
Isaac Ramirez - 2 päeva tagasi
Poor dude he was just working out and than rrrrr crash
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@Elroy Rebello EEcard
Elroy Rebello
Elroy Rebello - 6 päeva tagasi
@Level Crossing Fan92 Halloween 👻 🎃 I didn’t get you
Level Crossing Fan92 Halloween 👻 🎃
@Elroy Rebello EEcard videos have been uploaded to Vimeo
Dooj Schooley
Dooj Schooley - 12 päeva tagasi
God Bless Cupcake and you for being such a good daddy to her.
Siimply pink
Siimply pink - 12 päeva tagasi
19:12 ewwwwwww I would never be able to pick up a slug
Adam Bukal
Adam Bukal - 12 päeva tagasi
32:31 That place is the most beatifull thing I have never seen, I can't compare it to anything-
Shadow HunterFNM
Shadow HunterFNM - 13 päeva tagasi
59:28 I feel like I just wasted an hour of my life on this. For some reason it was so entertaining and I don’t even care because it is 1 am.🤣
Sridhar Dande
Sridhar Dande - 13 päeva tagasi
why are humans being cruel to plants and animals? /\_/\
l l
*.* *.*