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Azzyland - AMAZING THINGS You Have Never Seen PEELED !
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Rainwater Dragon
Rainwater Dragon - 54 minutit tagasi
That wax is called paraffin, it makes your skin sooooooooooooooooo soft
Akami Halo
Akami Halo - 4 tundi tagasi
Me and my classmates actually got in trouble by putting glue on our hands cause it was making a mess
Ranika Rayford
Ranika Rayford - 5 tundi tagasi
It’s very appealing azzy says
What I’m thinking: WE HAVE A PUN MASTER XD
Ranika Rayford
Ranika Rayford - 5 tundi tagasi
XD it’s funny when azzy edited her eyebrows off love you no matter what azzy!
Adriona Russell
Adriona Russell - 5 tundi tagasi
The girl that had black all over her body is a famous YouTuber called Nicole skies
hayley bryson
hayley bryson - 8 tundi tagasi
Omg I love pealed grapes they taste soooo good
hayley bryson
hayley bryson - 8 tundi tagasi
I want no hairs anywhere except my head
X.xGachaBlueberryx.X - 9 tundi tagasi
My face when I see the mangos get peeled: 😳
shadow_gamer - 10 tundi tagasi
Azzy: I want to punch it and then run away
Me: I want to do the same 🤗
I love your content Azzy and your amazing and beautiful.Azzy is a beautiful person 👰🏻🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄
Mrs me
Mrs me - 12 tundi tagasi
Jeff Perez
Jeff Perez - 12 tundi tagasi
You should do an other twerking video
Robin.Evi. Playz
Robin.Evi. Playz - 13 tundi tagasi
Make a video of *peel fails*
howwasyourday youtube
howwasyourday youtube - 15 tundi tagasi
Carah Wells
Carah Wells - 15 tundi tagasi
Whenever there's a peach emoji in emojis I get reminded of my debt in Animal Crossing
LATONYA BRUNER - 16 tundi tagasi
Then don’t take that as a friend nothing on Southampton
Susan Pier
Susan Pier - 16 tundi tagasi
Love You Azzy!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Jazalyn Fearnley
Jazalyn Fearnley - 17 tundi tagasi
I love you 😘
Aaliya Nevaeh
Aaliya Nevaeh - 17 tundi tagasi
6:51 "i'm pretty sure they also filmed this on a mango"😭😭
Mark the gamer
Mark the gamer - 17 tundi tagasi
100k likes now paint haha
Ian Etsell
Ian Etsell - 18 tundi tagasi
i will be watching the 2 hour painting video, I have nothing else to do bc I'm in quarantine lol
Huzefa Shaikh
Huzefa Shaikh - 19 tundi tagasi
Play dog ingredients
. 2 cup plain flower
.3/4 cup salt
.2 warm water
.food colouring
I made it today I actually work
Huzefa Shaikh
Huzefa Shaikh - 19 tundi tagasi
Play doh
Unstoppable vlogs
Unstoppable vlogs - 19 tundi tagasi
Shes a youtuber and her name is nocole skyes with the black head mask on her arms
Sabrina Martinez
Sabrina Martinez - 19 tundi tagasi
Do you like Rainbow’s because I do 🌧+☀️=🌈
Jaden Zook
Jaden Zook - 21 tund tagasi
I love pomegranates they are so good!
Laura_cz :D
Laura_cz :D - 21 tund tagasi
6:30 oooooo yeah! Three at a time baby! 😂Jordi?
Helen h
Helen h - 22 tundi tagasi
I threw up when I ate those
Cintya Cruz
Cintya Cruz - 22 tundi tagasi
Dfffgsshxhd. Yaaxhrr te act chddshydzDnj
Mercedes McGivern
Mercedes McGivern - 22 tundi tagasi
Azzy used the same thumbnail ad Caylus/Infinite Lists
ana benitez gilliam
ana benitez gilliam - 23 tundi tagasi
Im scared on grapes😂
Time To Adventure
Time To Adventure - 23 tundi tagasi
Azzy, where is your painting vid? You above 100k likes
Jk i know it is not safe to go to the stores to get paint!
Stay safe!!!!!
Eleonora DC
Eleonora DC - 23 tundi tagasi
I have a collection of eos' (like the round lipbalms)
OLYMPIA STRONG - 23 tundi tagasi
when the person was peeling the glue off their hand i immidietly thought of a giant blister.
Elijah-Jane T
Elijah-Jane T - Päev tagasi
There u have it Azzy 100k likes... PAINT VID
Lia Willing ham
Lia Willing ham - Päev tagasi
That’s Nicole sky I think
Irene Chen
Irene Chen - Päev tagasi
The peel off eyebrow tattoo thing you can actually just put it on your skin anywhere you want then let it dry and then peel it off and you can also make any design you want then you can just have a random little “tattoo” on your skin
Faith Mavuela
Faith Mavuela - Päev tagasi
This is how many times Azzy said “WHAT?”

👇🏾. ( my goal is 200 likes)
Teagan Hauswirth
Teagan Hauswirth - Päev tagasi
JayisLG Pro
JayisLG Pro - Päev tagasi
Sis vs boyw
HASEEB NADIR - Päev tagasi
HASEEB NADIR - Päev tagasi
Sachin Singh
Sachin Singh - Päev tagasi
Her life is boring but amazing too.
Sachin Singh
Sachin Singh - Päev tagasi
This is her life...Poor azzy.
KGamer 47
KGamer 47 - Päev tagasi
Kassie somewhere in this comment section -😈- XD.
Mia Melichar
Mia Melichar - Päev tagasi
Me 👇🏻
Heather Kelley
Heather Kelley - Päev tagasi
Me sadly but its helping a lot of people no school no work 😀
niduoe stre
niduoe stre - Päev tagasi
Azzy:Struggling to open a pomigrant. Me:Throws pomigrant across the room then it has dirt on it but 5 second rule
Victoria Gamez
Victoria Gamez - Päev tagasi
I peeled grapes it doesn't taste the same a little
Hoan Nguyen Minh
Hoan Nguyen Minh - Päev tagasi
niduoe stre
niduoe stre - Päev tagasi
The girls withe the black stuff all over her is a famous youtuber
Instant Alicecreative
Instant Alicecreative - Päev tagasi
Um the egg does not look like thay
ireen phiri
ireen phiri - Päev tagasi
The vid reached 100k likes
Maks Sužnik
Maks Sužnik - Päev tagasi
I need a hero!
Danielle Tweats
Danielle Tweats - Päev tagasi
These are really satysfying and you can get those lip balms in England
Justin Leech
Justin Leech - Päev tagasi
I used to watch her with the black head stuff down her arms and she like jo jo siwa you should do a video of people who look like jo jo siwa
Kingjins Soria
Kingjins Soria - Päev tagasi
Im satisfied
Adityaa Tikoo
Adityaa Tikoo - Päev tagasi
What's wrong with having a unibrow
A K - Päev tagasi
i saw that egg one tried it even.
GachaAlpal - Päev tagasi
"Ooooo I feel that." Dead.

Anybody else realise how wrong it sounds?
I did the egg before it was so cool I made a yt vid about it
Naurah Auni
Naurah Auni - Päev tagasi
legend Hill
legend Hill - Päev tagasi
She said put toilet paper on tha thing being quarantined right now think about that azzy
Lily Anna
Lily Anna - Päev tagasi
My aunt said you have nice eyebrows
Sheralee Pearson
Sheralee Pearson - Päev tagasi
Alyssa Gimble
Alyssa Gimble - Päev tagasi
Who knows Nicole Skye's well she was the girl who put the black head remove her all over her arms
Wolfy Crew
Wolfy Crew - Päev tagasi
The girls withe the black stuff all over her is a famous youtuber
Andriel Vaughn
Andriel Vaughn - Päev tagasi
I would try to eat the ice leaf
Cyber penguin 3030
Cyber penguin 3030 - Päev tagasi
Who else is watching de to someone holding you hostage totally not meeee... I'm stuck in a vending machine
Marcos Vidales
Marcos Vidales - Päev tagasi
Marcos Vidales
Marcos Vidales - Päev tagasi
you are funny
Sophie Hermann
Sophie Hermann - Päev tagasi
The wax is a special kind of wax used for arthritis and it makes your hands soft
Amelia the Xbox player
Amelia the Xbox player - Päev tagasi
In 1st grade me and my friends used to always peel are grapes
Geraldine May Dionicio
Geraldine May Dionicio - Päev tagasi
Can he move his hand
Nancy Carnahan
Nancy Carnahan - Päev tagasi
Title: amazing things that you have never seen peeled

Video: turns into people peeling tape
Jaymi Marquez
Jaymi Marquez - Päev tagasi
2:47 I now her,her Chanel is Katie Angel she talks Spanish like me😁😁😁
Kyla Cavanaugh
Kyla Cavanaugh - Päev tagasi
OMG Nicole sky's is in this video one of my favorite YouTubers!!!!!!!!!!
Naomi Dadon
Naomi Dadon - Päev tagasi
I think that’s the person from Sky‘s Family
the DOGE lover
the DOGE lover - Päev tagasi
Azzy: how the neck do you open this pomegranate
Me: * over here throwing it across the room *
My sister: * grabs knife and starts stabbing pomegranate and finally gets pomegranate open *
Leah Jimenez
Leah Jimenez - Päev tagasi
Natascha Mcleod-Robertson
Natascha Mcleod-Robertson - Päev tagasi
I am home because of corona
Charlotte Ann
Charlotte Ann - Päev tagasi
hi how are you azzy
sushi the cat
sushi the cat - Päev tagasi
I'll save it ...... BY EATING IT
Michelle Sole
Michelle Sole - Päev tagasi
2:05- 2:12 watch it with your eyes closed