Reacting to Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib Memes

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Reacting to Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib Memes
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BangJang96 - 25 minutit tagasi
Ok it’s bugging me, what’s the music at 2:21?
Stannis Baratheon
Stannis Baratheon - Tund tagasi
Even a 12 year old who have never thrown a punch in her/his life would beat you.
JaduaPlayz - Tund tagasi
Gib's crouch button was glitched
An idiot Who learned how to use the internet
I like how Gib was just laughed out of embarrassment the whole video.😂
Lillie Jensen
Lillie Jensen - 2 tundi tagasi
I love that gib has a better attitude about it than jake
Sir DeRANGED Psycho
Sir DeRANGED Psycho - 8 tundi tagasi
You wasted everyone's time and money. You fucken suck.
summontymegafan summontymegafan
Gib just couldn’t stop spamming the crouch key
Ozzy BumBum
Ozzy BumBum - 17 tundi tagasi
This is how many times W2S said wait for it👇
Two3hree Smoke
Two3hree Smoke - 21 tund tagasi
Gib said: 🦀
Hakim Mulli
Hakim Mulli - Päev tagasi
ure a fucking joke and so was ur attempt at boxing. this is what happens when u give dweebs fame. fuktards
Rosendal Jr.
Rosendal Jr. - Päev tagasi
got his attention
FIFA ?????????
FIFA ????????? - Päev tagasi
Fucking hell bro you couldn't fight to save your life with all that talk I thought you'd be able to throw a punch 😂😂 state
m&m snicker
m&m snicker - Päev tagasi
He made shit ton of money
So it really doesn't matter 😂
Rui Santo
Rui Santo - Päev tagasi
U're weak
TR3YVI0N10 - 2 päeva tagasi
Reng Sayeed
I Don't Know What My Name Should Be
Gib almost got more views on his reaction than Jake's reaction even after he lost
Latino Mixes
Latino Mixes - 3 päeva tagasi
just wanted to get fam from jack Paul
Lord Beerus
Lord Beerus - 3 päeva tagasi
Bobby And Mum
Bobby And Mum - 3 päeva tagasi
Jake: Hitting fast jabs
Gib: Hitting L3 to try enter stealth mode
Segments and videos 3
Segments and videos 3 - 3 päeva tagasi
Bro did anybody Evan notice that he hit the camera at the begining
gunslinger 1
gunslinger 1 - 3 päeva tagasi
Gib. loses
Me. Did you sneeze 3 times
william COOPER
william COOPER - 3 päeva tagasi
Unsubscribes from gib
matcaffrey - 2 päeva tagasi
william COOPER alright you about to catch these crabs 😤😤😤
Dabznite - 3 päeva tagasi
Guys i know why gib lost
Because ........
He taught that switching the key bind *shoot* to crouch
Dro - 3 päeva tagasi
i like how he took the win ,
much respect
Yashdeo Shewbaran
Yashdeo Shewbaran - 4 päeva tagasi
Eric Davis
Eric Davis - 4 päeva tagasi
Jesus Christ you fight like that middle school bully that picks on the small kid that knows taikwondoe
Dinno Ralpho
Dinno Ralpho - 4 päeva tagasi
thats what you get for being a sorry ass
nate hammar
nate hammar - 4 päeva tagasi
Good job atleat you are nice unlike jake paul
Valentin Nilsson
Valentin Nilsson - 4 päeva tagasi
Does that mean anesongib vs logan Paul.
SKyGuy fly
SKyGuy fly - 4 päeva tagasi
Now he's gonna end up like Joe and Dej
Joshua King
Joshua King - 4 päeva tagasi
This video is nearly as short as the fight ahahahahhaha
Xavier Febrero
Xavier Febrero - 4 päeva tagasi
You’ve let us down big time mate
JJ10 JO - 4 päeva tagasi
Harry at the start hahaha
Jordan WATERS - 4 päeva tagasi
Bruv all these youtubers thinking there Professional boxers. They train for 3 mouths become “professional” . There youtubers nothing else
indigo fades
indigo fades - 4 päeva tagasi
Anyone know the girl on the left at 2:17
indigo fades
indigo fades - Päev tagasi
@Elliemai Maddox123 thank
Elliemai Maddox123
Elliemai Maddox123 - 2 päeva tagasi
Corbin Linklater
Corbin Linklater - 5 päeva tagasi
Man thank god gin can handle a loss like a G
Joshua Gonzales
Joshua Gonzales - 5 päeva tagasi
You suck at boxing quit
Np Np
Np Np - 5 päeva tagasi
dude first you talk shit about jake 24/7 and now you congratulate him like a bitch
and do yourself a favour and never call yourself a profesional boxer again
RCJB4LL EditZ - 5 päeva tagasi
M8 he secured victory 1st round lol ur shit aligh
حمد العنزي
حمد العنزي - 5 päeva tagasi
انت عربي
Ferhat Celik
Ferhat Celik - 5 päeva tagasi
Jake: *Fighting*
Gib: *Tryna do cheat codes to spawn a helicopter*
Harley Scales
Harley Scales - 5 päeva tagasi
Jake is better then you loser 👎
Pyle Driver73
Pyle Driver73 - 6 päeva tagasi
When gib is walking out. I call that the pizza rolls are ready
TSQ S P 3 3 D
TSQ S P 3 3 D - 6 päeva tagasi
Even though gib lost its just the beginning for him and he's got respect for everybody it takes a set of nuts to get in the ring.
Iliya Dimov
Iliya Dimov - 6 päeva tagasi
TuroStr8- killa
TuroStr8- killa - 6 päeva tagasi
Keep up the good work gib you gotta have some balls to get up in the ring you worked hard I honestly wanted you to win you got a lot of heart keep doing good and keep on working your ass off
Saeed Badawi
Saeed Badawi - 6 päeva tagasi
Work hard isn’t getting knocked out in the first round in 2 minutes
matcaffrey - 2 päeva tagasi
Saeed Badawi he did some class leg training in the fight
Autumn Doucette
Autumn Doucette - 6 päeva tagasi
I am a jakepauler and a maverick but respect to you for taking the lost btw I followed
mareks - 6 päeva tagasi
Like legit i havent seen harry laugh soo much until this video
ZeroHP Gaming
ZeroHP Gaming - 6 päeva tagasi are the looser
Team Ayto
Team Ayto - 6 päeva tagasi
L to crouch
Arson Nash
Arson Nash - 6 päeva tagasi
You suck
Melk - 6 päeva tagasi
LION KING - 6 päeva tagasi
*Harry was fucking hilarious*
Daniel - 6 päeva tagasi
anesongib vs deji
The meme man
The meme man - 6 päeva tagasi
Jeremiah T
Jeremiah T - 6 päeva tagasi
U got ur ass kicked
T Gontz
T Gontz - 6 päeva tagasi
Heavy respect just the way you've handled the whole thing counts as a win in my eyes. You could of took it like a loser but didn't so much respect
Mr Slaya
Mr Slaya - 6 päeva tagasi
Ali were you trying to touch his belly button?
matcaffrey - 2 päeva tagasi
Mr Slaya he was tryna go lower
its vCroniikz
its vCroniikz - 6 päeva tagasi
Mad respect for gib!!