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Who knows Shayne best- His work girlfriend Courtney, or his work boyfriend Damien? Friendships will be put to the test today!
Who do you think will win? Let us know in the comments!
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Watch Who’s The Best Smosh Couple? | Courtney Plays Sims 4 - Pt. 7:
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DragonWolfLola - 37 minutit tagasi
Shane is such a softy it’s so cute 😍😘
isaac vine
isaac vine - 5 tundi tagasi
I still flap lol
Cyreen Consistente Bardaje
Cyreen Consistente Bardaje - 7 tundi tagasi
2020 anyone??? 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️
Juan Jaramillo
Juan Jaramillo - 10 tundi tagasi
That's a good trouple
Its_Your_ Girl_Sarah
Its_Your_ Girl_Sarah - Päev tagasi
Is nobody else dying because of the flying nope at the beginning or just me?
Mason Stone
Mason Stone - Päev tagasi
Lol i paused the vid when he asked what type of natural disaster he would be. He would be a tsunami. Sorry had to be said.
Mr Hexxic
Mr Hexxic - Päev tagasi
When i was younger and I was excited, like if I was watching videos and something could go super bad I would flap my hands and arms so you're not the only one shayne.
Neuro September
Neuro September - Päev tagasi
Courtney just screams every time she gets squirted
Angelo Portugal
Angelo Portugal - 2 päeva tagasi
Are Shayne and Damien roommates? I'm afraid for Damien
KJ Dunne
KJ Dunne - 2 päeva tagasi
3:16 " I dunno. I Don't think much of... my... self."
Oof. I feel that, but for different reasons...

Also, Courtney's laugh for that XD
mapuia pachuau
mapuia pachuau - 3 päeva tagasi
Courtney is always so hot
•AmandaDaWeirdo• - 3 päeva tagasi
Literally nobody:
Olivia: "iM prETtY suRE I KNow evERyThIng bUT hIm."
*Just says "Mhm, Yea." Whenever he says the right question.*
anna guinato
anna guinato - 3 päeva tagasi
“I’d be stoked” HAHAHAHAHA i love damien
Sloaner01- D
Sloaner01- D - 3 päeva tagasi
Dying alone
Being alone
Ender cooked chick?
Is he Gordon Ramsey Noah?
UTU VIS - 4 päeva tagasi
Olivia straight up like-likes Shayne 😏
A bot With 1k subs and some vids
Why do I want Courtney and Shane to be in an relationship
Brian Wimer
Brian Wimer - 5 päeva tagasi
My name is Brian and my brother is named Chris
ally b
ally b - 5 päeva tagasi
i’m rewatching this and still laughing at the fact that courtney laughed at shayne when he said he doesn’t think much of himself
dartney /courtmein moments
dartney /courtmein moments - 5 päeva tagasi
You should should this but with Courtney in the seat and Damien and olivia
Galaxy Unicorn
Galaxy Unicorn - 6 päeva tagasi
I would've say Shane slept in a bed 😂
The chicken nugget Lord
The chicken nugget Lord - 6 päeva tagasi
Got an ad at 7:09
Chase Keating
Chase Keating - 6 päeva tagasi
im his best friend i got 5 points and they got 4 altogether.
bisexual libra
bisexual libra - 7 päeva tagasi
courtney asking questions, olivia and shayne getting sprayed. PLEASE
Bekah Brown
Bekah Brown - 7 päeva tagasi
Shayne is straight up the most wholesome.
Thiago Lucas
Thiago Lucas - 7 päeva tagasi
12:46 The moment Damien realized he had lost :(
coh 19
coh 19 - 7 päeva tagasi
I really miss these videos of the whole squad
SuperSmashBrosPlush - 8 päeva tagasi
I feel like Olivia dethroned Damien by a landslide
RUNA - 8 päeva tagasi
Shane's greatest fear is hurting others.. Such a sweet guy. 😭
audrie staudenmier
audrie staudenmier - 8 päeva tagasi
shayne saying “one direction” >>>>>>
Bigboxbob44 - 9 päeva tagasi
shamien fans are crying
Daniel Christie
Daniel Christie - 10 päeva tagasi
I love Shane's laugh
Cooper Scofield
Cooper Scofield - 10 päeva tagasi
Shane’s a simpppppppp lol
Leah Paige
Leah Paige - 11 päeva tagasi
i’m so creepy when shane asked where he slept in the smosh house, i already knew the answer
Roberto Vazquez
Roberto Vazquez - 11 päeva tagasi
4:59 Olivas Face lol
Nicole Boriotti
Nicole Boriotti - 12 päeva tagasi
What’s shaynes greatest fear? Me: dolls. I have the cheat codes
MuffinCountry - 12 päeva tagasi
Shayne would be a tsunami because he's gonna drown again
MuffinCountry - 12 päeva tagasi
Sam is cheating on Olivia with shayne it's true
Games met Wouter en Thijs
Games met Wouter en Thijs - 13 päeva tagasi
11:13 this shit went from zero to a million real f*cking fast
GoofyMcFly 143
GoofyMcFly 143 - 13 päeva tagasi
Hmmm they don't know much about Shayne lol but these questions were very specific lol
Cucumber The Iguana
Cucumber The Iguana - 14 päeva tagasi
Damien went for so many jokes
Kaeding Brown
Kaeding Brown - 15 päeva tagasi
Damien: I feel pity for someone who doesn’t know this
*gets wrong*
Me: So you pity yourself
TobonstorJ - 15 päeva tagasi
This is amazing!!
Jake. - 17 päeva tagasi
Reagan Weldon
Reagan Weldon - 17 päeva tagasi
11:13 well that’s a red flag..
X Heyimapotato x
X Heyimapotato x - 17 päeva tagasi
What I love about Smosh is that no one gets left out 😊 this is the only friend group I’ve seen grow so close together and form an unbreakable bond x no one is left out and that’s a rare thing now 💕😔
Carys Rowland
Carys Rowland - 17 päeva tagasi
WARNING: Do not eat ceral during this video( my table was never the same)
Melissa - 17 päeva tagasi
i wish they put points up for olivia lmfaoo
IamPusheenQueen - 18 päeva tagasi
11:11 Olivia's True Form o.o
Skyler Barnard
Skyler Barnard - 19 päeva tagasi
Damien, absolutely not. Tornadoes don't make a chugging noise, they sound like trains because as they get closer, the wind they cause sounds like a trains whistle, except constant and it fills the whole sky. It's both terrifying and awesome to experience up close in person.
Chase is On thou case
Chase is On thou case - 20 päeva tagasi
In one sentence noah says he has really nice ears and then assumes he doesn’t HEAR that a lot
Dwight Fowler
Dwight Fowler - 21 päev tagasi
Damien said this is so easy on the first round and got it wrong on the second when he said the same thing
SKY RAISINS - 22 päeva tagasi
I also flap my arms, but usually when I'm nervous/trying to remember something XD
Sage Kirkpatrick
Sage Kirkpatrick - 23 päeva tagasi
I used to flap my arms to
Jared VanWinkle
Jared VanWinkle - 23 päeva tagasi
If Shane were to kill anyone he would rather kill himself because he loves everyone to much
Mr Crocodile Alligator Man1938
Mr Crocodile Alligator Man1938 - 25 päeva tagasi
I also did the flapping thing with my arms when I was little
Jammo 1
Jammo 1 - 27 päeva tagasi
Damien won because a best friend should just make him laugh
Ryza Medina
Ryza Medina - 28 päeva tagasi
3:03 *oh mah gawd.....**7:34** oh mah gaww..*
Monte Beverly
Monte Beverly - 28 päeva tagasi
When Olivia is his real best friend
SmuggMC - 28 päeva tagasi
Angela P
Angela P - 28 päeva tagasi
Damien, knowing full well he will get the question wrong: easy, easy