Non-Car Guy Changes Brakes For The First Time

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Kestus: 26:44


Vikram Krishnan
Vikram Krishnan - 2 päeva tagasi
He needs some maxiflex gloves. Watching this makes me nervous
Steve McRichards
Steve McRichards - 4 päeva tagasi
Noticed in first shot replacing the driver's side, inside brake pad that Ethan installed the passenger's side brake pad on the driver's side as the wear indicator isn't the correct orientation.
Wear indicators should be facing up, not down on a leading edge caliper.
Matteo Camerotto
Matteo Camerotto - 5 päeva tagasi
Please make Ethan build a car from the ground up, I'm still crying from laughing, and I saw the video 4 times!!!
mark powell
mark powell - 6 päeva tagasi
They might pretend otherwise with Ethan clearly wears the trousers
Don - 7 päeva tagasi
So he isn’t a virgin anymore
Fluffy Waffle Whale
Fluffy Waffle Whale - 7 päeva tagasi
Im a big dumb person and I don't know what basic tools I need to do mechanics! But I do want to learn but am scared :(
karcyn Fountain
karcyn Fountain - 7 päeva tagasi
Imagine not using a random picture pipe as a breaker bar
Mikey Proctor
Mikey Proctor - 7 päeva tagasi
I've never seen a man with worse posture than Ethan, genuinely.
Rico René
Rico René - 9 päeva tagasi
Dont you have to bleed the brakes after that? Or does that only apply if you change the brake fluid aswell?
_BearJuice _
_BearJuice _ - 10 päeva tagasi
" *Copper greese these nuts* "
Not even that funny but laughed so hard there😂
Leo n Teo Buds
Leo n Teo Buds - 11 päeva tagasi
To work behind the hub you could turn (steer) the other way to have more space.
Wilson's Wanderings
Wilson's Wanderings - 11 päeva tagasi
That price from Kwik Fit is ridiculous; it cost me £80 to replace the front brakes and pads, on a similar hatchback car, at my local garage.
1974mazdarx3sedan - 11 päeva tagasi
17:22 haha so good.
Deimantas - 12 päeva tagasi
As mcm once said: First off, jack up your car
Neovo903 - 12 päeva tagasi
not gonna lie, I did learn something today
CaKi - 13 päeva tagasi
Everything is easy with the right tools.
Iain Jones
Iain Jones - 13 päeva tagasi
MoldyWorm Gaming
MoldyWorm Gaming - 13 päeva tagasi
Please do more of these, they’re actually surprisingly helpful
Doge Owner
Doge Owner - 16 päeva tagasi
I never thought Ethan wasnt a car guy, I thought he was just faking it for all the other videos
AlexYeets - 16 päeva tagasi
Don't grease the face of the disc where the wheel meets. It can cause issues when torqueing the wheel - the wheel will be torqued up, and as you drive down the road, it can loosen the bolts as the grease gets squeezed out.
Those screws on the rear discs are not required. They just hold it in place whilst the wheel is fitted.
artwood4 - 19 päeva tagasi
Did he just randomly roll the jack under and start jacking away? On the seam of the sill?
Josue Pesque
Josue Pesque - 19 päeva tagasi
5:42 look at the rear wheel 😂
Alinutz Alin
Alinutz Alin - 19 päeva tagasi
280 for changing brakes? wow. I didn't think I would save that much money.
Nithrilh - 20 päeva tagasi
next time make him change rear rotors on a peugeot X07
prepare some snacks, beer and a comfy chair
torx bits torqued to 100nm
and tight AF axle nuts
VolvoValor - 21 päev tagasi
"I did that."
Probably where it all begins.
This makes me wonna learn my brother how to do basic repairs on his car.
He's also not that into the DIY stuff so I guess I fall into the same camp as this video.
Dragonzord - 21 päev tagasi
ethan is just so fucking adorable. I could watch this series for ages.
funkysatty - 22 päeva tagasi
More teaching friends how to wrench please. This was great
Ross Keating
Ross Keating - 22 päeva tagasi
Ethan is my spirit animal
Jack McCourt
Jack McCourt - 22 päeva tagasi
Y'all need a bigger breaker bar!
Charles Smith
Charles Smith - 23 päeva tagasi
Bill Little Cover Artist
Bill Little Cover Artist - 24 päeva tagasi
I'm crying 🤣🤣 hats off to him, done more to a car than I have
SpicyJono - 25 päeva tagasi
Probably one of the most entertaining videos I’ve ever watched
Cameron Finnie
Cameron Finnie - 25 päeva tagasi
Me, as a semi truck/Lorry mechanic, this both amuses me, and I'm proud of Ethan, as every mechanic had to start somewhere, and we were all bubbling idiots at one point
John Spanos
John Spanos - 25 päeva tagasi
Once Ethan wife sees this video, I’m sure ms Ethan is going to reward Ethan with the craziest Sex he’s ever had.
Now somebody please Ethan a protein bar. LoL.
Ethan for prime minister. 👍☑️
Phil - 26 päeva tagasi
I used to be a "DIY mechanic"
. Untill I realised it was cheaper to give it to an expert, rather than spend 2 days on a job that should take 2 hours.
Or when I changed a broken camshaft in my Transit van, thought I was a legend as normaly the engine has to be removed and flipped to stop the valves falling down. I used magnets to kep them in place and it actually worked👌
but it still wouldnt start! spent a week tinkering, gave up and put a new engine in. Still nothing
In the end I found the original PATS immobiliser was the reason for it not starting up and I had wasted £500 and a week of my time. 😂😂😂
Pulled out a relay and stuck a bit of wire in. Boom
Never again lol
Whiplash -WL
Whiplash -WL - 27 päeva tagasi
I've never heard of anyone using the hammer-chest trick, I've always just used channel lock pliers
isaac hough
isaac hough - 27 päeva tagasi
Im 13 and i can do brakes roaders and oil changes plus i can do tyrod ends (some stuff i learned from @ChrisFix)
Alan Pathomkan
Alan Pathomkan - 27 päeva tagasi
Is he seriously not a car guy or we been trolled for the past 10 years?
C h e e m s
C h e e m s - 28 päeva tagasi
Wait...Ethan isn't a car guy, i thought it was a joke?
Bătae Andrei Alexandru
Bătae Andrei Alexandru - 28 päeva tagasi
17:01 Ethan had a child?
Tor Erik Trønnes
Tor Erik Trønnes - 28 päeva tagasi
they diddent clean the sliders hm ? i dud from cold salty Norway
Liam Rimmer
Liam Rimmer - 29 päeva tagasi
Get Ethan to do a head gasket
Ghost3789 - Місяць tagasi
Watch 2:50 - 3:20 with your eyes closed XD
john winston
john winston - Місяць tagasi
I love watching Ethan fixing car without much knowledge about it :D
Ashley Campbell
Ashley Campbell - Місяць tagasi
Can't wait for his input shaft bearing to go
Alastair - Місяць tagasi
Why is Alex so short?
the_one_and_only_busfahrer - Місяць tagasi
Please tell everyone that they need to break the breaks in please✌️
Peter Heal
Peter Heal - Місяць tagasi
You didn’t tell everyone to pump the brakes at the end! Everyone gunna drive off with no brakes for a little hahah
MarioMalifi - Місяць tagasi
I love how proud he was after doing the first one, reminds me of the first time I worked on my car.
Dylan - Місяць tagasi
This is hilarious 😂
BadgerZ - Місяць tagasi
What does that nose, finger touch thing mean????
Miles H.
Miles H. - Місяць tagasi
Now all you need to do is to change drum brakes.
matejme - Місяць tagasi
U gang need to make MOAAAHH videos like that, its very inspiring and easy to learn to save ourself mechanic's scam. Im grateful for those kind of videos and gg Ethan!
aztecducky - Місяць tagasi
Next up, drum brakes!!
Joe Smo
Joe Smo - Місяць tagasi
I think it’s this *does wheel bearing instead of brakes*
CB - Місяць tagasi
Have done that so many times
Connor McCardle
Connor McCardle - Місяць tagasi
How can one man be such a victim ahahaha When he got caught on the bush I nearly died!
CorporateButcher - Місяць tagasi
Loved it! Keep up!
Rob Walton
Rob Walton - Місяць tagasi
Let's see him do drum brakes.... that's the true test.
Let's go
Let's go - Місяць tagasi
I learned loads from this video
Krzysiek PFS
Krzysiek PFS - Місяць tagasi
Next job for Ethan will be headlights polish. And maybe proper wash for this Jazz 😂😉😂
ChickenNugget - Місяць tagasi
I can tell you now, Dick-fit gave you a rough price of just changing one axle
Dinos - Місяць tagasi
We need more of this :D :D :D :D
Max Reece
Max Reece - Місяць tagasi
Is it bad that I come to rewatch this just to see ethan lose his mind
MTC Car - Місяць tagasi
Jonathon Burns
Jonathon Burns - Місяць tagasi
No to alarm you guys but... at 11.07 a mountain lion walked on by x
RyanMCR - Місяць tagasi
Loving these series,
Benedict Devine
Benedict Devine - Місяць tagasi
ethan is turning into a car guy
Ryan Preston
Ryan Preston - Місяць tagasi
I'm 15 and I have take wheels off my sisters can and changed the broken spring and bisc and brake pads on a ford fiesta but Ethan taken a wheel of for the first time
Max Reece
Max Reece - Місяць tagasi
Your not 15 at all you can’t spell for the life of you
xtrm23 - Місяць tagasi
15:30 LOL the look on his face 🤣🤣🤣
KenDoesThings - Місяць tagasi
ethan put an allenkey and half a marigold in the hub this time? xD
John Alexander
John Alexander - Місяць tagasi
I feel like I’m watching a British version of my brother and I. He’s telling me and I’m trying lol.
Pheonix arts
Pheonix arts - Місяць tagasi
The first part of the video almost sounds sexual
Lachlan A
Lachlan A - Місяць tagasi
Interesting how no one told him to turn the front wheel to give him better access.
TTV_TOXICNERD 2 - Місяць tagasi
just did my first brake job on a 1963 split window corvette
bassem samuel
bassem samuel - Місяць tagasi
What if we told Ethan that he can turn the steering wheel to get more access?? XD
Sydney Earl
Sydney Earl - Місяць tagasi
Nice job mate. I’m 11 now and when I was 9 I fitted brakes in half that time 😂
Thankfully my grandad helped me instead of making fun of me
Gary Cooke
Gary Cooke - Місяць tagasi
Car fix for dummy’s is a winner. Ethan’s proud face is superb. Funny as. Do more...
Ash Rana
Ash Rana - Місяць tagasi
God this was painful to watch, both have no idea what to do.
Dylan M
Dylan M - Місяць tagasi
Altetnate title: Tommy Robinson bullies Jack Whitehall while he changes the breaks on his grans car
Morten Henningsen
Morten Henningsen - Місяць tagasi
Well this must be one of the best ones yet. Love to se him so frustrated and you guys bullying him. Om not a mecanic myself,so i feel hes pain haha
Thomas Dickinson
Thomas Dickinson - Місяць tagasi
I’d love to see Ethan have his own project car!
seeni gzty
seeni gzty - Місяць tagasi
Jesus get the poor man some penetrating oil or something - I know I would've soaked everything in Blaster before doing this
Trife - Місяць tagasi
Can't wait for when Ethan's gearbox starts rattling and he has to change that lol
Trife - Місяць tagasi
@seeni gzty its common with Auto Jazz's lol alomost all of them have the issue
seeni gzty
seeni gzty - Місяць tagasi
What a drama queen, this is hilarious.
Stanilius Athanase
Stanilius Athanase - Місяць tagasi
I've cringed so badly that I've never wanted to click off of a video so badly😬
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu - Місяць tagasi
instructions from google. Lets see if she can finish this faster than Ethan took with those brakes."
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni - Місяць tagasi
Ethan : My hands are so dirty! Also Ethan taking care of his hair every minute 😅
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu - Місяць tagasi
DO NOT put copper grease anywhere near brake pads it isn't needed.
Schmids Gamebox
Schmids Gamebox - Місяць tagasi
Love that Video! Everytime I (or ma and my dad) change Brakepads or the discs or both somebody comin' up "Uh you're making the brakes. I would only let my brakes done at some mechanics" - annoying
troublefinders 2018 lukes personal account cool
Lol y’all torque the calipers
Logan Boy
Logan Boy - Місяць tagasi
1:19 "Were not gonna edit that out" 4:05 paid promotion🤣
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni - Місяць tagasi
pads have an inner and outer one, some protruding tabs on them may be different, so make sure they're going on the right side. 18:20 2nd one should be a bit quicker since
James Baxter
James Baxter - Місяць tagasi
Another half a job done by Ethan 😂
James Baxter
James Baxter - Місяць tagasi
Could have told him to turn the wheel out 😂
off road kidd
off road kidd - Місяць tagasi
Waching ure vidio and one of ure adds come up and think it's the vid still
Mod Mark
Mod Mark - Місяць tagasi
You know you loose all feeling in it when you smash something. Nice
Victor Zhao
Victor Zhao - Місяць tagasi
I live alone, got no knowledge on car, still learning, not much of a budget and no tools. But i gotta start somewhere. Not to mention i am not a domestic student, still living off my student visa
Victor Zhao
Victor Zhao - Місяць tagasi
At least he got someone to guide him, i would pay money for someone to show me how to do it. Rather than paying for someone to do it for me.
Serena Hansen
Serena Hansen - Місяць tagasi
FYI don't use copper grease on the mating face between the disc and wheel, just the centering ring in the middle. The acceleration and braking forces are all transferred through friction between the mating faces, which is created by the clamping force of the wheel fasteners. With grease the forces can be taken by the studs or bolts laterally, where they are only designed to clamp inwards.
I have had cars that needed a mallet to get the wheels off the first time, then with the mating faces cleaned and greased only on the centering ring they have subsequently come off without any problems. That is where all of the corrosion grips the pieces together, not the flat mating faces. Also clean up the matching parts inside the wheel.
That said, Ethan did great.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi - Місяць tagasi
Copper grease...DEEZ NUTS. . . . I'm sorry I'll just leave.
Mike Willy
Mike Willy - Місяць tagasi
That oily horrible residue is wonderful for when they're sitting on the shelf.
Charlie Wiggins
Charlie Wiggins - Місяць tagasi
What a drama queen, this is hilarious.
P24p1 - Місяць tagasi
Jesus get the poor man some penetrating oil or something - I know I would've soaked everything in Blaster before doing this
Frank White
Frank White - Місяць tagasi
9:08 ; 20:22 ; 20:38 ; 21:31 ; 24:12 ; 24:55
With so much gunk and copper grease in your hair Ethan, who needs hair gel, right?
Carl Enderby
Carl Enderby - Місяць tagasi
DO NOT put copper grease anywhere near brake pads it isn't needed.
Lungshenli - Місяць tagasi
"Today Ethan is gonna instruct his wife on how to Rotary Swap their Honda Jazz. We have provided her with the necessary tools. Ethan is gonna provide her with the necessary instructions from google. Lets see if she can finish this faster than Ethan took with those brakes."