Top 100 Plays of the 2019 Season!

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The Top 100 Plays from the 2019 NFL Season!
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Declan Cook
Declan Cook - 2 tundi tagasi
No one:
Like no one:

I said no one
Caboose EK
Caboose EK - Päev tagasi
Where was Henry’s 66 yard run in the divisional
Kristen Morgan
Kristen Morgan - Päev tagasi
anybody hear windows 18:48
thomatoman - Päev tagasi
3rd and 17 Jimmy G to Sanders vs the Saints?
thomatoman - Päev tagasi
The rationale is so inconsistent here lmao
Josh fritchman
Josh fritchman - Päev tagasi
Not a Saints fan but #25 Rudolph was a definite push off.
Levi Berger
Levi Berger - 2 päeva tagasi
Go check out Berger editz for a new NFL video every day
Connor Depew
Connor Depew - 2 päeva tagasi
Zachary Sturza
Zachary Sturza - 4 päeva tagasi
Didn't know offensive pass interference could be a top 100 play. #25
Eli Canfield
Eli Canfield - 4 päeva tagasi
Am i tripping or was Jacoby Brissett's pass to TY from the goal line on that crazy play not on here?
TCGHD - 4 päeva tagasi
Mahomes at no.5 too low
That play is underrated
Uzair Vaid
Uzair Vaid - 5 päeva tagasi
Watson playoff ot play has to be top 20
Shunsha WoW
Shunsha WoW - 5 päeva tagasi
Honestly Miles Sanders should be on here a few times
Kathleen Sears
Kathleen Sears - 6 päeva tagasi
I like how the saints guy had to jump on kittle to tackle him
Kathleen Sears
Kathleen Sears - 6 päeva tagasi
Bengals should not be on there lol😂😂🤣🥵😆
MrGumbwit - 6 päeva tagasi
Not putting Tyler Lockett's catch vs Rams at number #1 is a disgrace
MrGumbwit - 6 päeva tagasi
Countdown starts with a Super Bowl 54 play
Countdown ends with a Super Bowl 54 play.
AaronC Galloway
AaronC Galloway - 6 päeva tagasi
Where are the saints highlights
Luke Carter
Luke Carter - 7 päeva tagasi
A lot of these should definitely be higher
Peter Harteveld
Peter Harteveld - 7 päeva tagasi
The number 1 play should have been called back because of holding
Peter Harteveld
Peter Harteveld - 7 päeva tagasi
Ps look at nick bosa
Yoboy Jake
Yoboy Jake - 7 päeva tagasi
Quarter backs with m for the start of the last name
Commentators magic
James Tyson
James Tyson - 7 päeva tagasi
Like how many times cheifs were in this
The Piper Report
The Piper Report - 8 päeva tagasi
Can you imagine if Browns had a better QB and a different coach? They would have been damn near unbeatable. Throw a Mahomes in for Baker and you have something there. Now they got Hooper as well. Should be interesting. Who knows, they may even make the wild card if they're lucky. lol
Jefferson Gonzaga
Jefferson Gonzaga - 8 päeva tagasi
How the hell does Lockett's toe tap TD against the Rams get ranked 22nd?

Edit: Jamal Adams snatching up Danny Dimes and taking it for 6 got ranked 15th? What is going on...
Edit 2: Why is that Damien Williams TD in the SB higher than the Dolphins shovel pass...this video blows
Evan Nangle
Evan Nangle - 8 päeva tagasi
I think deshaun Watson's breaking two tackles should have been number 1
COBRACMR 4 - 9 päeva tagasi
Why was number 1 even in the top 30. Superbowl bias ig
Juan Canchola
Juan Canchola - 10 päeva tagasi
the number one play should have been the Miami miracle like how many chiefs plays do you need
Roddy Ricch
Roddy Ricch - 10 päeva tagasi
25 was a push off
Khalid AlAli
Khalid AlAli - 10 päeva tagasi
Guys, what’s the name of the camera style at play 35?
thecrow - 11 päeva tagasi
mahomes should be all 100
ZachTube 10
ZachTube 10 - 11 päeva tagasi
"You can kiss him goodbye"
ItsJulian - 11 päeva tagasi
Number 1 and 7 shouldn't even be in the top 10
MsTaijanae - 11 päeva tagasi
MsTaijanae - 11 päeva tagasi
5:00 🥴
Sammy Pfeifer
Sammy Pfeifer - 12 päeva tagasi
Marquise Browns one handed against the titans should have been in there somewhere
DW Money
DW Money - 12 päeva tagasi
But I think Tyler lockets catch should have been top 10
Jenny Blanco Licht
Jenny Blanco Licht - 13 päeva tagasi
The Tyrek Hill Play Did not deserve to be number one
Cody Wegner
Cody Wegner - 13 päeva tagasi
1 was not deserving. There were better plays
Guardians of Gold
Guardians of Gold - 13 päeva tagasi
this is so stupid! That Mahomes to Hill one in the Super Bowl is not #1. Also, it was clearly holding on Wisniewski. He was holding Nick Bosa. lol
Stanley Minecraft1122
Stanley Minecraft1122 - 13 päeva tagasi
6:22 Dawson Knox was a beast
michael Mullman
michael Mullman - 14 päeva tagasi
fosls trow toudow n afier ahhhhhh!
JTG - 14 päeva tagasi
Lol wide open catch is the play of the year
GoatGod - 14 päeva tagasi
Damn.... y’all put my cuzin in this?
Clip number:95
Bleach Head
Bleach Head - 14 päeva tagasi
Professional editing 18:48
MalRulesAll - 16 päeva tagasi
Leo Pulliam
Leo Pulliam - 16 päeva tagasi
Hrujfjr Durjjr
Hrujfjr Durjjr - 16 päeva tagasi
17:16 I’m a packers fan but this should be top 10 worst list I have seen
William Lafferty
William Lafferty - 16 päeva tagasi
#17 and 22 should be top 10 if not top 5....coming from a Chiefs fan.
Jack Pabich
Jack Pabich - 17 päeva tagasi
What's up with the Chief's making up like 40% of this list? Seems a bit much... Also feel so many of these should be in different places... Oh well
ツDiegoIbanez - 18 päeva tagasi
That's what me and my friends do when we play during lunch break 6:00
christian24james - 18 päeva tagasi
What the f*ck now I’m sorry I love the chiefs even tyreak hill and Patrick mahomes
But how the hell is that the best play
ezclappzzz - 19 päeva tagasi
How about the 70 yard bomb from taysom hill to Lewis against the Vikings
Madden20beast - 19 päeva tagasi
Those Sutton catches should’ve been at least top 25
Sterling Shepard
Sterling Shepard - 19 päeva tagasi
Lol there was holding on the number 1 play LOL
stavevids - 19 päeva tagasi
number 2 wat?
Leon Aburime
Leon Aburime - 19 päeva tagasi
No Mahomes Jumppass?!?!
Alex Gann
Alex Gann - 20 päeva tagasi
I swear the chiefs and mahomo are so loved it’s ridiculous
Wonted Weevil
Wonted Weevil - 20 päeva tagasi
They are missing the “should have been” 65 yard Field goal
Juicy Fruit
Juicy Fruit - 21 päev tagasi
Most of the chief’s plays weren’t worth putting in the top 100
Jvo0856 - 22 päeva tagasi
LJ Amitranee
LJ Amitranee - 22 päeva tagasi
18:13 19? He had 19 people on his back
TEEGYN JOHNSON - 23 päeva tagasi
Number 69 was my favorite😂
j train
j train - 23 päeva tagasi
Pro gun f nfl thear gonna endthe world
Chase Hamilton
Chase Hamilton - 24 päeva tagasi
Who else noticed number 92 was a 92 touchsown
Nerr Name
Nerr Name - 24 päeva tagasi
Imagine your listening on the radio and you hear “He caught it at the fffff- five end zone there’s a flag”
Wheels 21
Wheels 21 - 26 päeva tagasi
Vikings pick 6 should have Ben top 15
flouk you
flouk you - 27 päeva tagasi
where is first draft Trubisky?
ReMeDy - 27 päeva tagasi
Top-play lists should *not* involve context. For example, @ 18:35 play #17, there was nothing remarkable... HOWEVER, because it won Miami the game and dramatically affected New England's chances at a playoff bye, it somehow counts as play #17!?
Person123 - 28 päeva tagasi
The niners has so many good plays, especially defensive plays, and yet I only saw like 4 on this list
Jonathan Johnson
Jonathan Johnson - 28 päeva tagasi
How was the Falcons 90 something yard throw not even on here but some dude getting a 20 yard catch is
Fishingwith Alex
Fishingwith Alex - 28 päeva tagasi
Play 90 number 23 looks like predator
Kieran Lippert
Kieran Lippert - 29 päeva tagasi
How are numbers 7 and 1 in top 25
Lucas Ferreira
Lucas Ferreira - Місяць tagasi
Mahomes almost made Demarcus Robinson a pro bowler. Unbelievable
karson#ilovedallascowboys donnell
karson#ilovedallascowboys donnell - Місяць tagasi
who is it?
karson#ilovedallascowboys donnell
karson#ilovedallascowboys donnell - Місяць tagasi
commet down below who is your faviort nfl team
imoy shi
imoy shi - Місяць tagasi
The legendary jet chip wasp at #1. yasss!!🙌🙌
Glass SuperSkill
Glass SuperSkill - Місяць tagasi
At 18:47 you can here a windows noise
Joe Freeman
Joe Freeman - Місяць tagasi
Bruh the bears had like 2 plays
Zachery Stone
Zachery Stone - Місяць tagasi
2 is dumb
Zachery Stone
Zachery Stone - Місяць tagasi
54 no