Why Do NFL Players Hate The Proposed CBA?

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D-f-o - 3 päeva tagasi
Screw kroenke
Marty Moffatt
Marty Moffatt - 20 päeva tagasi
Guess they dont hate it to much pat or you are talking to the wrong players lol... Face...
tim miller
tim miller - 21 päev tagasi
Make it so no player can play in more than 16 of 18 games and expand the roster.Think of the strategy that's needed. I think it would be exciting
tim miller
tim miller - 21 päev tagasi
Fans are going to support more games....I think they should expand the roster and play 18 games...with bigger roster many players might actually play less if you think about it and many players play 20+ games a season now if you consider preseason and playoff games so this idea two extra games is going to kill the players is meritless considering the game is safer than ever.
TheBeelzboss - 25 päeva tagasi
From what I see this CBA is horrible for the sport. It's going to lead to more injuries.
Charlie Morris
Charlie Morris - 28 päeva tagasi
Imagine having to be in the NFL to potentially have access to free healthcare, in the UK everyone has it
WegotTheBOMB - 28 päeva tagasi
Don't ruin the record books over the sake of 1 more game and money. If games and money is the issue then add more teams. For every 2 additional teams that is 16 extra games a year and no records are destroyed. Plenty of great cities across America than could support a team.
Nerv ClaX
Nerv ClaX - Місяць tagasi
The MSM can't speak ill of the new CBA or the NFL will f with their broadcasting contracts.
Matthew Napoleon
Matthew Napoleon - Місяць tagasi
I say make these players earn the millions. So you don't want to risk brain damage, then don't collect your paycheck easy. Not everyone has the option. I mean, of course these players don't want to work harder for the same amount of money, who would.
Jacob Jones
Jacob Jones - Місяць tagasi
Why can’t we fix the OT?
WirelessJoeJackson - 22 päeva tagasi
it's not broken
tstryker03 - Місяць tagasi
Why do we need an extra game and why do we need to mess with the PLAYOFFS?
Keepyourjob Keepyourjob
Keepyourjob Keepyourjob - Місяць tagasi
cinnaminson 06
cinnaminson 06 - Місяць tagasi
We don't.
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez - Місяць tagasi
“Humans are understanding people” lol
A J C Sr
A J C Sr - Місяць tagasi
Owners make enough damned money !
How about making the game that we are seeing better ?
How does an untaxed multi billion dollar business not have enough money to hire full time Referees ?
You want to make more money, put out a better product.
Goodell at $50 million a year ?
You got to be fuggin kiddin me !
Larry Chandler
Larry Chandler - Місяць tagasi
60% of the league are getting a 25% raise. I’m sure they don’t hate that.
0Clewi0 - Місяць tagasi
And do you knoe if other players request like healthcare are worth more than that 25%? I just don't have trust with the owners side so will agree with what the players do eventually.
That1Dude 44
That1Dude 44 - Місяць tagasi
Owners are not winning this one boys, owners will cave or lock players out or the players will strike!..it's a loose for all
Wild_Elroy - Місяць tagasi
Just get rid of the pre season games and make them regular games. Spring training is whee you find out if your new recruits are worth the investment or not.
BlakeBrosProductions - Місяць tagasi
No bro, preseason gets you to the final 53 roster and most teams before game 3 of preseason have over 75 players on the roster, nothing better than actual game time.
Milhauze Kraig
Milhauze Kraig - Місяць tagasi
NFLPA Executives work for the owners too.. Always negotiating scary...
WirelessJoeJackson - 22 päeva tagasi
no they don't
Sammy Gutierrez
Sammy Gutierrez - Місяць tagasi
You didn’t answer the question. Clickbait.
Ghetto Nitzsche
Ghetto Nitzsche - Місяць tagasi
JJ Watt needs to SHUT THE HELL UP! This fraud never plays a whole season anyway. He always gets hurt in week 2 and misses 6+ games. Even if they raise the games to 19 - he STILL couldn't play "16"...
A J C Sr
A J C Sr - Місяць tagasi
Keyboard warriors are so tuff ! Dude you're giving me a boner.
ZeroPhonics - Місяць tagasi
3 strait 16 game seasons in which he won 3 strait DPOY. Shut up clown
BigMilt8 - Місяць tagasi
Thank you. ESPN has been the greatest detriment to the players. Someone should tell Mike Greenberg to shut the f@ck up.
Lee Noonan
Lee Noonan - Місяць tagasi
Fabulous tshirt !
Russell Giangrosso
Russell Giangrosso - Місяць tagasi
So what was the bad things from the last deal , what was so bad about it, its probably the same thing, you keep saying the last deal was so bad so what was so bad about it, that's not a secret anything lol it probably money, its always about money and that's the problem with unions these days , it's just a big money grab and with the players today it's all about the super stars, the one percenters, it's all about what's best for them and damn the middle class and the poor , sound familiar 🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
The house of Chaos
The house of Chaos - Місяць tagasi
The funniest part is they bitched about the previous proposal. They got a good bit of what they wanted.. pay wise the main thing they wanted.. and it back fired on them. Instead of the money that was saved, by cutting rookie salaries, they expected it to be going to veterans.. but all it did was make teams cut veterans and buid around more rookies.. I'm sorry but that's what happens when your average player IQ is under a 100. They will swing the other way wanting this or that.. and the owners and gms will out think them again.. and so on and so forth.. they will focus on the wrong things. And not realize that the owners are planning on what they need in, to help them.. they need to get the lawyers the mlb players use...
Michael Ingram
Michael Ingram - Місяць tagasi
'way to speak the truth, Pat - a SWEAT SHOP is still a SWEAT SHOP - no matter how many zeroes you put behind it!
NFZ8D - Місяць tagasi
You are wrong about one thing Pat. Fans will side with the players despite the PR campaign. It's 2020. Times have changed. We have your back this time!
Justin Sadowski
Justin Sadowski - Місяць tagasi
Why can't a player rep simply create a burner account and leak the bad parts of the deal on Twitter like everyone else does? It would be the easiest way for the public to know without putting a name to it.
Anon ymous
Anon ymous - Місяць tagasi
This is getting ridiculous. The Players are 100% getting under paid, and have been for a while. The amount of play time, not to mention the shorter life span, and after taxes, a guaranteed 80 Mil contract is only 45 Mil take home. Non guaranteed contracts? Forget about it. This is why the XFL will take over, and pretty soon. Rules are better, games are better. The NFL is getting too cocky, and spreading way too thin, when that happens to any Corporation, it implodes. How can they spread this sport Global, when they cant even decide what Pass Interference is? The NFL is an international laughing stock.
Anon ymous
Anon ymous - Місяць tagasi
Pat......Offering Intuition?...…..Really? Stop Drinking on set.
Noah Gibson
Noah Gibson - Місяць tagasi
JJ Watt only doesn’t like it because he hasn’t even been able to play 5 games a season
Christian Pankow
Christian Pankow - Місяць tagasi
As a Packer fan I can’t even imagine relating to a team owner over the players. Anyone who does that is not a football fan, they’re a business fan.
01987 N?a
01987 N?a - Місяць tagasi
I'd rather have 3 super bowls kind of like the nbas 7 game final. So it's best of three would probably better for the majority of the players as only two teams make it so it's a small majority who have to play.
Johannes -
Johannes - - Місяць tagasi
Why isn't there a second nfl league like second league in soccer in Europe? Not like some new freakin rules xfl shit but just some pro athletes who aren't good enough for the NFL but still more football almost as good as the NFL.
kyle wallace
kyle wallace - Місяць tagasi
I'm pro CBA just as a selfish fan
Justin B
Justin B - Місяць tagasi
Hey Pat, for real, where did you get that shirt?
Big Travis
Big Travis - Місяць tagasi
The NFL should have made the pre season 2 games , 18 game regular season with an extra bye week and a 7th wildcard while increasing salaries on a sliding scale from 15% for bottom earners 5% for top 10%, expand rosters by 4players
It’s easy for top players to play hardball and no workforce wants to hear top paid guys riding a high horse over a contract negotiation
unconditionalLove1 - Місяць tagasi
People want more games? Who the fuck wants more? The product is already declining because these guys’ bodies can’t handle the load lol we should be talking 14 game seasons not 17
Rhoetus Ochten
Rhoetus Ochten - Місяць tagasi
So every player is making an extra amount that is MORE than what my wife and i combine to bring in, and there is any complaint at all about the contract?
No, sorry, but you will never win over your average football fan crying over that kind of thing.
B0NECLAW - Місяць tagasi
Most fans are stupid and don't know shit. 16 games is more than enough. People who have played the game on any organized level should understand this. But I agree, The NFLPA needs to be transparent on what it is that they're against.
Kyle Hartman
Kyle Hartman - Місяць tagasi
Frosty - Місяць tagasi
Bro what's up with the wedding chapel music during the live read 😂
BAR Chaosmaster339
BAR Chaosmaster339 - Місяць tagasi
I love football but I would hate 17 weeks it’s already risky enough at 16. Just look at the Seahawks they lost all three running backs most the o line and for a while was using practice squad players and the was still in the regular season
Sean Jenkins
Sean Jenkins - Місяць tagasi
Best take I've heard. And the same can be said about the NFL on every issue, they manipulate the media to control the narrative
trev N
trev N - Місяць tagasi
When Future billionaires like Bron act like they are slaves and say STUPID shit all the time and act like Victims it ruins it for everyone. Don't try to act like a Victim if you are a top paid guy. Watt is not helping the players. Guy has played like 1 season last couple and is fully paid his high salary while out the whole year
Pat Coghlan
Pat Coghlan - Місяць tagasi
What is interesting is the high profile guys are coming out against this, but you aren't hearing anything from the minimum salary guys.

The proposal here is something that cuts against this divide. It goes to a vote, after all.
McGunski’s Failed Abortion
McGunski’s Failed Abortion - Місяць tagasi
Dear JJ Watt, you’re not gonna play more than 3 games this year. Why do you even care?
** - Місяць tagasi
Jesse Meza
Jesse Meza - Місяць tagasi
Fuck all these stupid crybaby millionaires!!!
Fat Guy Fitness
Fat Guy Fitness - Місяць tagasi
Every time I pay for a ticket ($200 plus for a seat in the nose bleeds), and $10 for a beer. I side with me dumping the whole NFL.
Beo Pray
Beo Pray - Місяць tagasi
The players r probably signing non disclosure agreements...
PendersGaming - Місяць tagasi
"If you do the math it's only like $70,000 per player"
How did you manage to say that like a bad thing?
The Little Penguin
The Little Penguin - Місяць tagasi
Yeah I really don’t understand why the players don’t explain themselves. If anything, the fans are really trying to be on their side in this, and they’re making themselves out to be a bunch of pricks. Just tell us what’s wrong XD my ex-girlfriend was less petty than this.
Cody Phinney
Cody Phinney - Місяць tagasi
Idc, to get paid MILLIONS to play a damn football game is ridiculous!! I pipeline, away from my family 11 days in a row, then im home 3 days then go back to work. So, i see my family 6 days a month! BUST MY ASS ALL DAY! And i make a little over $8,000 a month. That’s it! Which, is MORE than enough money for any person! These guys are making MILLIONS!!! Fuck, the president makes $400,000 a year! Players are a bunch of winers, and I’ll stand by that always! Like to see them players come to work with me once, then, they’d be a little more appreciative of what they got. Get use to 5 million a year. Imagine only getting $1,500-$2,000 a week. They’d NEVER MAKE IT!
Coach Timo
Coach Timo - Місяць tagasi
If the NFL wants to add games, you have to extend rosters. Injuries being the key reason over an even longer season proposed. I say go to 60 man Rosters.
David Johnson
David Johnson - Місяць tagasi
Not chargers fans lol FUCK SPANOS
False Prediction Sonnen
False Prediction Sonnen - Місяць tagasi
To be fair JJ Watt only plays about 8 games a year anyways
M - Місяць tagasi
So, basically there is fine print in the deal.
FootballJunkie - Місяць tagasi
I wish they would expand the rosters to 5-7 more guys able to dress and about 5 more guys on the practice squads. That way they can endure a long season a little bit better.
Garry Cole
Garry Cole - Місяць tagasi
I have to say football players are just too stupid because they concentrated on football instead of business and and negotiating. The owners are not any smarter but they know one thing and that is to find the best representatives and make a cohesive strategy. The NFL PA will cave in because they have no clue.
Wolfblaze - Місяць tagasi
Players will never win the PR battle. Majority of fans think they're over paid whiners. If they don't like it go find a new career the fans will watch whoever ends up on the field. Look and browns and XFL fans. 🏈 is 🏈
Wolfblaze - Місяць tagasi
We still dont care what the players thinks. Jj watt calling it a ni means absolutely nothing to football fans. Jj watt rarely even plays the full 16
Victory Saber
Victory Saber - Місяць tagasi
I think a extra playoff game as opposed to 18th game is fine. The fans actually would care. The last few games are crap. 1 teams fans will be excited. Viewers will care. Another empty stadium and 12 useless games cause the seeds are decided already. It sounds like the robert Downey's wanting 50 million a movie and the players want outstanding money.
Krawberry Strush
Krawberry Strush - Місяць tagasi
I mean, if they aren’t giving a specific reason, then it might be stricter drug tests
Drew Ramsey
Drew Ramsey - Місяць tagasi
No one wants to accept that the owners have all of the leverage in negotiations, always. It doesn't matter where public sentiment lies. The players will be forced to capitulate. Without the shield, where could Dak Prescott dream to receive 35mil annually. There are no options for players outside the NFL. Furthermore, most owners have outside resources and their teams are vanity props, Very, very liquid vanity props.
ChumblesMumbles - Місяць tagasi
The owners might want a 17th game for the TV money, but by the end of the season, there are a bunch of terrible teams with losing records that are just looking to end it already, and their fans don't want to have to watch another putrid performance and have the luxury of looking forward to next season.
Patrick Kabler
Patrick Kabler - Місяць tagasi
I agree with the new schedule. As a fan, I like the fact of an extra team in the playoffs, and the extra regular season game I like. That's the whole reason for having depth on the roster. If you need to make it so teams can keep more players on the roster instead of the 53 or whatever it is.
Isaiah Ramirez
Isaiah Ramirez - Місяць tagasi
250K cap for the 17th game should be all anyone needs to know to fight for the players. That’s highway robbery for the superstars and (especially) veterans who would be making anything above that
Brodha Sattva
Brodha Sattva - Місяць tagasi
Do the fans even want 17 games? I dont. Itll hurt the legitimacy of records.
METAL HEAD - Місяць tagasi
70 k a year extra if the average is 3 years that's 210k extra for s career
METAL HEAD - Місяць tagasi
The only reason I watch is because we love our home team like no other franchise if they leave I don't care. WHO DAT
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez - Місяць tagasi
Guaranteed contracts for those poor fuckers on 53 man roster that aren't the 5-7 that eat up 75 to 80% of the cap. If the XFL is smart they will give the "Team Players" security.
Ray Harris
Ray Harris - Місяць tagasi
This is exactly why I rock with Pat. Keeps it 100
Chidsuey - Місяць tagasi
This is an important lesson to learn not just about sports news, but about all of the corporate media.
Justin Psycho Monkey Johnson
Justin Psycho Monkey Johnson - Місяць tagasi
The guys that made 100 million dollars said no. What about the 70 plus percent on league minimum that get a huge raise.
** - Місяць tagasi
Vbat 421
Vbat 421 - Місяць tagasi
Good points Pat. Ppl really don’t talk about it more thoroughly. Fans are not good ppl-jealous of players making money that they can’t make their entire lives. The fan are the worst!!!
Jay Lew
Jay Lew - Місяць tagasi
"Which is only 70k per player"... you ass
Dabbing Dave719
Dabbing Dave719 - Місяць tagasi
Players are soft now
Billy Mo
Billy Mo - Місяць tagasi
They're dunnies if they don't use the xfl as leverage
2wheelphoto - Місяць tagasi
the entire nflpa should walk over to the XFL 🙌😁😁😀
4ftBeaver - Місяць tagasi
3 years ago all the tv personalities were saying that they expected a strike before the new CBA. Now all you hear is about how great the deal is. If I remember from the last CBA the biggest issue was that the NFL owners were not releasing all the records for revenue. Only the big things like TV deals. So they say the NFL makes 32 billion a year and splits that at 48% for the players, but with all the hidden accounting the owners make another billion or two that they don't tell the players about. This is the issue the players had.
Bill Younker
Bill Younker - Місяць tagasi
The players only have 14 full pad practices. 1 a week for the first 11 weeks then 3 spread out over the last 6 weeks. And ur crying about I more regular season game oh the poor rich football players.
Chris Sullivan
Chris Sullivan - Місяць tagasi
Honestly, screw the NFL and the players. Put them in a kit and have them run around in a combat zone for 32 grand a year. Pro - athletes are the biggest cry babies. I was in Iraq the last time they went on strike. Haven't watched the NFL since.