The Self-Healing Smartphones!

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Welcome to 6 of the rarest smartphones around, including foldable and Self-Healing Phones, and why each of them failed!
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Mrwhosetheboss - 7 päeva tagasi
For my Top smartphones of the Year video (Probably the best video I've made!):
Also please excuse the excessive smoke in this video, decided to try a new smoke machine but ended up getting a bit carried away 😂
de_ g0od
de_ g0od - 12 tundi tagasi
My fav material is mango
GypsyTheDj - Päev tagasi
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Lonesome Loner
Lonesome Loner - Päev tagasi
0:02 is that a hentai refrence ?
Kyle Productions
Kyle Productions - Päev tagasi
Let’s go
Maan BUTT - 2 päeva tagasi
Which 1 u prefer android or ios ?
Gabgab Pang
Gabgab Pang - 14 minutit tagasi
The reason why there are no more self healing phones is because companies want consumers to buy more of their product whenever the consumer breaks their phone, cuz who would buy a new phone right away when its perfectly good
Jazmine Tawny Ambojia
Jazmine Tawny Ambojia - 47 minutit tagasi
Imagine the phones in future become as thin as paper
Dick Teaford
Dick Teaford - Tund tagasi
For my Top smartphones of the Year video (Probably the best video I've made!):
Also please excuse the excessive smoke in this video, decided to try a new smoke machine but ended up getting a bit carried away 😂
SuperChiko 2.3
SuperChiko 2.3 - Tund tagasi
This is a beautiful video 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Salpeteroxid - Tund tagasi
Give me carbon fibre, non smudgie backside.
surmello.16 - 3 tundi tagasi
if there was an extremely nice feeling glass that kind of felt like glass and was super durable. than i could have a super thin case thats just a picture or something cause i like cases but i dont like big cases
JM Lomoljo
JM Lomoljo - 3 tundi tagasi
Carbon fiber nanotubes
liam booker
liam booker - 3 tundi tagasi
the textured glass on the mate 20 x is the best :))
Clarence Phan
Clarence Phan - 3 tundi tagasi
I got an idea for 2 screens ... Monitor my trades while watching videos.... lol
Excess Gaming
Excess Gaming - 4 tundi tagasi
The ZTE axon is probably really good for competitive mobile gaming, or if you want to play a mobile game and watch a video at the same time. Like a gaming tutorial
Francisco Martinez Alvarez
Francisco Martinez Alvarez - 5 tundi tagasi
10:19: Alright, thats going into my meme collection
James Bacon
James Bacon - 6 tundi tagasi
I got so confused when he said "Zed" instead of "Zee"
i was 200% convinced i was having a stroke xD
Vivek Gupta
Vivek Gupta - 6 tundi tagasi
kallum wright
kallum wright - 6 tundi tagasi
Still using my gflex 2 after all these years, slow as hell but it bannana.
Landel Leones
Landel Leones - 6 tundi tagasi
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covina classics
covina classics - 6 tundi tagasi
For my Top smartphones of the Year video (Probably the best video I've made!):
Also please excuse the excessive smoke in this video, decided to try a new smoke machine but ended up getting a bit carried away 😂
BleepFox - 7 tundi tagasi
I lived with a g flex 2 for a couple of years and I dropped it on pavement a few weeks after I got it. It basically sandpapered the back of it across the floor and it looked awful. I went to work and had it in my pocket all day. It was shiny and smooth once I was home again. The thing to remember about the self healing tech is that it works with a modest amount of heat (the kind you'd get from having it in your pocket funnily enough) and that's what helps it along. I really liked that phone and the curve made it really nice on the eyes portrait or landscape. I'd probably still be using it if the camera hadn't just stopped working completely overnight for no reason at all. It also has an IR blaster which I still use as a universal remote! Great phone handicapped by a fatal flaw for me
Gavin Cooke
Gavin Cooke - 7 tundi tagasi
I AM LIL DAWG :D - 8 tundi tagasi
Adam Prieto
Adam Prieto - 8 tundi tagasi
I had the G Flex 2 in that time, fantastic design but problems w the SD810 and cameras made me switch the year after!
dragonfand - 8 tundi tagasi
Emulating a game on one screen and having a walkthrough/guide/video of the game/video of something else on the other game is actually a great use for the ZTE Axon.
Leon Dietzel
Leon Dietzel - 8 tundi tagasi
I actually own a LG G Flex 2, but unfortunately I dropped it in the toilet and it is no longer working, but still today I sometimes think about this phone because I loved it so much and I wish they made a third one. I actually messaged a bit with LG's support, asking if there will eventually be one, but the chances seemed pretty small.
Milkywaymarx - 8 tundi tagasi
That foldable phone is basically an advanced 2ds
Tay Gumi
Tay Gumi - 8 tundi tagasi
Metal case cause cooling.
TheGamingApple12 - 9 tundi tagasi
I’ve always had this dream to make a phone company and the back is this polished obsidian ugh never gonna happen tho I’m too poor to make a proto type
Mining Doge
Mining Doge - 9 tundi tagasi
10:08 a bedrock phone
CR7SW16 - 9 tundi tagasi
Weege64 - 10 tundi tagasi
the 5# looks like a nintendo ds
Mamdnz Ndkfxi
Mamdnz Ndkfxi - 10 tundi tagasi
Carbon finish cellphones would be sick
stalker pl
stalker pl - 11 tundi tagasi
I 100 % want a full steel + rubber reinforced phone with 10000 mAh of battery, with heat dissipating in entire phone, with additional laser sensors and thermal camera.
I know that it would probably rip a hole in my pocket, but it would be a perfect phone for me.
Edit: i forgot about geiger counter.
Governor Maina
Governor Maina - 12 tundi tagasi
Please add a top camera angle, I think it'll be really good for the show
de_ g0od
de_ g0od - 12 tundi tagasi
TrU MagneT
TrU MagneT - 12 tundi tagasi
this man probably has the most sexy voice in the tech industry lmaoo
Sacha The great
Sacha The great - 12 tundi tagasi
What the hell is this
S L - 12 tundi tagasi
*_Ideal Smartphone finish: METAL_*
bilinas mini
bilinas mini - 12 tundi tagasi
If there's a real smart healing smart phone it will be the end of JerryRigEverything career
Troy Augustus Racaza
Troy Augustus Racaza - 12 tundi tagasi 34+35 lyrics
Budnariu Catalin
Budnariu Catalin - 12 tundi tagasi
MWB: "Let's scratch it"
*proceeds to cut it*
Mr. Owl
Mr. Owl - 12 tundi tagasi
The Samsung galaxy S10+ is by far one of my top 3 phones, no questions asked😊
Hisham Mhd
Hisham Mhd - 12 tundi tagasi
Well,,,, My Opinion, VIBRANIUM would be Perfect!!! 😂😂
Gamerz_12 YT
Gamerz_12 YT - 13 tundi tagasi
Him and his background is so chill bro
Me when the
Me when the - 13 tundi tagasi
self-made phone
Hrittik Karmakar
Hrittik Karmakar - 14 tundi tagasi
2:09 That noise... ohh yeahhh
40Tman - 14 tundi tagasi
S6 edge+ was so light and thin. It was beautiful especially in titanium silver and it was strong af
ROHIT G PRASAD - 14 tundi tagasi
Scam is what your videos are
champagnepapi _sxm
champagnepapi _sxm - 14 tundi tagasi
Make a Huawei Matebook 14 2020 review man I would love to see a video like that
Ramji Timalshina
Ramji Timalshina - 14 tundi tagasi
metal is the best for performance
Waqar Haider Awan
Waqar Haider Awan - 15 tundi tagasi
This is one of the most useless videos I've ever seen
John Arbuckle
John Arbuckle - 15 tundi tagasi
I want Jerryrigeverything to do his durability test on this
Adhil Binyamin
Adhil Binyamin - 15 tundi tagasi
Is he related to Naomi Scott?
Женя Пеня
Женя Пеня - 15 tundi tagasi
If there's a real smart healing smart phone it will be the end of JerryRigEverything career
Shehin Sha
Shehin Sha - 15 tundi tagasi
Forget the device.
I like his british accent.
Rene - 15 tundi tagasi
lamo the lg g2 was the first phone that i bought myself
Somenath Garai
Somenath Garai - 16 tundi tagasi
Self healing smartphone?
Half healing smartphone?
harry warden
harry warden - 16 tundi tagasi
for the smartphone finish, i think uranium would be a good choice
lolthispoops - 16 tundi tagasi
I want carbon fiber on my phones
Olov Holmström
Olov Holmström - 16 tundi tagasi
carbonfiber, rubber or wood
Pdtheowl - 16 tundi tagasi
I still don't get the whole thin phone phase, that was very strange and unnecessary
Eshan Singh
Eshan Singh - 16 tundi tagasi
Your voice is like Jonny ive
God Father Gaming
God Father Gaming - 17 tundi tagasi
Then no need repair shop
God Father Gaming
God Father Gaming - 17 tundi tagasi
I didn't see healing
nwajide Tochukwu
nwajide Tochukwu - 17 tundi tagasi
I watch all this phone and I don't even have a phone. Please bless me with a phone. Am using my mama's phone
FakyZDev - 17 tundi tagasi
2:39 is it a kurzkasegt video?
PandaGaming 200
PandaGaming 200 - 17 tundi tagasi
2060: No humans.
Burung Pipit
Burung Pipit - 17 tundi tagasi
temen" kalo ada waktu bisa mampir disini dulu dijamin ngangkang😁
Yoda - 17 tundi tagasi
I wish my wrists would do this
DEPRSNsultan - 17 tundi tagasi
That accent
C R - 17 tundi tagasi
It's not easy to squeeze a grammatical error into the name of your channel.
JETKAI :3 - 18 tundi tagasi
Imagine someone robbing his house.
Test Automation TV
Test Automation TV - 18 tundi tagasi
Nice phones, pretty whacky
SHADOW - 19 tundi tagasi
2056: phone = humans
Aneeq J
Aneeq J - 18 tundi tagasi
li am
li am - 19 tundi tagasi
I miss lgs old phone like the LG g2 and 3
muthu kumar 007
muthu kumar 007 - 20 tundi tagasi
May be Sapphire finish🙄
God Private
God Private - 20 tundi tagasi
moto z was no the thicker phone ever ... KAZAM TORNADO B348 WAS in 2015
Jay Tat
Jay Tat - 20 tundi tagasi
Arun: self healing smartphone
Jerryrigeverything: finally a worthy opponent our battle will be legendary
Damoth Niobe
Damoth Niobe - 21 tund tagasi
It only took 5 years, but Alex finally got Chris Harris to concede that Phil the MX-5 is now cool!
More on this, life on Top Gear and returning to YouTube in our podcast with him:
(You can also listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts etc)
Dhanush - 21 tund tagasi
sound: fine on my own, gamma skies
Daniel Park
Daniel Park - 21 tund tagasi
Although it wasn’t the perfect self healing tech, it wasn’t meant for deep scratches. More for scratches from sliding on tabletops or keys in your pocket.
esteban collazo
esteban collazo - 21 tund tagasi
JerryRigEverything: Scratches at level 6 with deeper groo... Oops the scratch disappeared
Filip Staněk
Filip Staněk - 22 tundi tagasi
I still have the LG G Flex 2 at home somewhere in a drawer. 😂
Christoph Fischer
Christoph Fischer - 22 tundi tagasi
10:07 Nexus 5
That shit looked good and was un-fucking-breakable.
ultraali453 - 23 tundi tagasi
nice video, cool upload. nice voice too
Prasanna - Päev tagasi
Please learn some presentation skills. When you are scratching something, please zoom on it with good lighting. See jerryrigeverything or other channels.
Dikshit Joshi
Dikshit Joshi - Päev tagasi
I am fan of your voice your pronunciations your way of speaking and all from nepal(नेपाल)🇳🇵
Gaurav Prashar
Gaurav Prashar - Päev tagasi
I was interested to see the self healing action up close . Meh
drew bello
drew bello - Päev tagasi
The flex was actually a fantastic phone, I loved it
BCOB59_HARDEEP SINHA - Päev tagasi
How about vibranium???
Will throw it in the ground and the phone will absorb the kinetic energy
And then I'll put in my pocket and yeah that's it...
João Montesinos
João Montesinos - Päev tagasi
1:36 I could see kindle making a book like this
Vasu Sharma
Vasu Sharma - Päev tagasi
This is an example how apple is anti innovation company. When they can't do something or cost more to them they force such companies
KuroBushi - Päev tagasi
202020 phones that walk like the guns in Borderlands
erika flores
erika flores - Päev tagasi
I want Jerryrigeverything to do his durability test on this
ツNissa - Päev tagasi
Yeah. Thin phones stopped being good. But thick phones are still shit lol
Anshu Pandey
Anshu Pandey - Päev tagasi
I would love to see a wood phone
tech world
tech world - Päev tagasi top 3 bus simulator games
DUHRANDOMDUH - Päev tagasi
I would probably buy the ZTE Axon M just so I can have and streaming from Xbox at the same time
Jay Dadhania
Jay Dadhania - Päev tagasi
Why is the audio sync really bad in all of his videos?
Cam Cordell
Cam Cordell - Päev tagasi
I used to have that of phone 🤭😂😂😂😂
ya boi cofy stain
ya boi cofy stain - Päev tagasi
Yo I'm watching this on my moto z
Mohd Hanif Md Mahir
Mohd Hanif Md Mahir - Päev tagasi
OK I just had to login and comment on the LG G-Flex..
1. The self healing is NOT supposed to cure a large gash caused by a direct knife slash. It is supposed to cure micro scratches caused by being in pockets or bags with coins/keys/pens but not knife. Which is actually really practical. This means you don't have to use any case for this phone. You should have tested it with keys/coins instead.
2. The G-Flex is actually flexible....Literally. You can press the G-Flex until it is flat straight and it will bounce back. This flexibility actually allows it to bend and follow the curve of your bottom if you put it in the back pocket. Not just the display and the body is flexible, they even patented the flexible battery inside.
You should have researched more into this before wasting two good phones just because of your ignorance.
Delta Gaming Official Yt
Delta Gaming Official Yt - Päev tagasi
Who's the bosses : phone