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YOUR SAVIOR IS COMING. From writer/director Rose Glass and starring Morfydd Clark and Jennifer Ehle. SAINT MAUD - Spring 2020.
RELEASE DATE: Spring 2020
DIRECTOR: Rose Glass
CAST: Morfydd Clark and Jennifer Ehle
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Coming Soon: Saint Maud, The Green Knight, Zola, Minari
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Kestus: 02:12


Cristian Teran
Cristian Teran - Päev tagasi
ALI ANALISA - 2 päeva tagasi
Eilish? for real tho...? 😒🤦🏻‍♀️ dont, A24, DONTTTTT
Un Gordo Con Hambre
Un Gordo Con Hambre - 3 päeva tagasi
0:01 my favorite part of the trailer !!!!
Darren Evans
Darren Evans - 5 päeva tagasi
Put me off the witch! Garbage movie, absolutely terrible. Hereditary though, that was great
hothotheat3000 - 7 päeva tagasi
Any plans to stream this due to corona?
jackie - 7 päeva tagasi
this is actually a good movie smh yall are tripping over a trailer. just wait til it drops and you'll see its a lot more complex than you think
Amber Bryeans
Amber Bryeans - 8 päeva tagasi
We seen this preview when we went to the movie house to see Uncut gems.. spooky
Alex Gomes
Alex Gomes - 9 päeva tagasi
Saint Maud delayed to June 26, 2020.
Brandon M.
Brandon M. - 10 tundi tagasi
@Something Something i know!!! this the only new movie i desperately want to see 😭😭😭
Brandon M.
Brandon M. - 10 tundi tagasi
says who? i couldn't find information anywhere
Something Something
Something Something - 3 päeva tagasi
im going to kill someone omfg
The Entertainment world
The Entertainment world - 6 päeva tagasi
Oh sounds good. This is gonna have to wait.
Jason Zaremba
Jason Zaremba - 10 päeva tagasi
God's Not Dead 3
BlackBerry - 11 päeva tagasi
Carrie Mom Origin
Saint Sagid
Saint Sagid - 11 päeva tagasi
It's like A24s The witch but the opposite lol
Mikey LaFave
Mikey LaFave - 12 päeva tagasi
I'm done to see any A24 film
alex dancer
alex dancer - 9 päeva tagasi
Christian Nightcore
Christian Nightcore - 14 päeva tagasi
Demonic. Catholicism. Centuries after Christians from 1st century. Unbiblical is all I can say.
Eatidal Akram
Eatidal Akram - 16 päeva tagasi
A24 has been scaring the shit out of me lately
Mehreen Kasana
Mehreen Kasana - 17 päeva tagasi
Can anyone identify the track/ominous sound playing in the very beginning, please.
journalsfromdavid - 18 päeva tagasi
I’m ready to be mind fucked
Jhasmine Nychole
Jhasmine Nychole - 18 päeva tagasi
I don’t know what the HELL is going on, but I’ll be in the theatre watching.
Madeline Nelson
Madeline Nelson - 18 päeva tagasi
It’s time for true Christians and people who don’t support this kind of disrespect and disgust to stand up, fight and pray for Hollywood who thinks it’s okay to put out blasphemy like this. We live in a sick SICK time with people who need help. I’m sorry that this movie was made and all I can do is pray that it gets canceled or people turn away from it.
Lsweette - 18 päeva tagasi
This disturbs me to my soul.. now shut up and take my money!
Emme Cee
Emme Cee - 18 päeva tagasi
When is it coming out?????tomorrows my bday. Say tomorrow!!
Jamie B
Jamie B - 11 päeva tagasi
Was meant to be April but it has been postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak
maleek92 - 19 päeva tagasi
I couldn’t take this trailer seriously with Billie eilish playing😅😅
Supermeme Lol
Supermeme Lol - 19 päeva tagasi
I bet that there’s gonna be a twist where she’s been worshipping the devil the whole time instead of god and she just didn’t know that. Then we see the devil in some form and then the mindfuck ending similar to other A24 horrors
Jhasmine Nychole
Jhasmine Nychole - 18 päeva tagasi
Jackson Lol that’s what I’m gathering
Amelia Synan
Amelia Synan - 19 päeva tagasi
This is extremely offensive to people who believe in God. I'm disgusted by the thought of watching a movie that mocks Him and believers. "Your Savior is coming"? wow. I love horror movies, but this movie is flat out offensive.
Amelia Synan
Amelia Synan - 14 päeva tagasi
Annabelle Beltran I totally see where you’re coming from!! And I respect your opinion, but that’s personally mine. Maybe I was overreacting when I first saw the trailer, but I stick by it being lowkey offensive. I get the plot but to me it’s not okay. Idk. Not trying to get in a fight or anything just voicing what I think, but I do see where you are coming from.
Saint Sagid
Saint Sagid - 14 päeva tagasi
As a Christian I think this movie looks really good
Saint Sagid
Saint Sagid - 14 päeva tagasi
Look I think ur overreacting its clearly not trying to make fun of Christian's it's just a story of a girl who got it twisted
Amelia Synan
Amelia Synan - 18 päeva tagasi
Caleb Haag all I’m saying is that it’s offensive. Just voicing my opinion ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Caleb Haag
Caleb Haag - 18 päeva tagasi
Then don't watch it
Blasphy B
Blasphy B - 19 päeva tagasi
lame crap
j w
j w - 19 päeva tagasi
i was sold right by the studio name. probably one of the only studios who actually makes interesting horror movies. today's horror isn't scary, but movies like midsommar and hereditary have truly changed the horror industry (even if they weren't exactly scary, they were still intense and shocking movies)
allysen bond
allysen bond - 19 päeva tagasi
If you think China was reaching in her tweets... please watch the whole trailer again. Matter of fact, the first 15 seconds is good enough. Did you hear the mock praying or even care to see the plot turn into a demon/devil filled one, while the entire time to girl seems to struggle with her “Christian” faith. This movie strays so far from a godly one and mocks the Lord in so many ways. If you don’t see it... :/ you don’t have to be a Christian to see it either
allysen bond
allysen bond - 3 päeva tagasi
Melisandre Haha thanks! I guess the truth can sound pretty funny when you don’t want to face it! Sending all love towards you!
Melisandre - 8 päeva tagasi
You sound like a clown
rachel Gebre
rachel Gebre - 18 päeva tagasi
allysen bond thank u
Tee Jayyy
Tee Jayyy - 19 päeva tagasi
I’m only here cause China ann McLain ✔️
Melisandre - 8 päeva tagasi
Tee Jayyy what did she say
Victoria Perez
Victoria Perez - 9 päeva tagasi
Tee Jayyy what did she say about it?
ardipithecus - 19 päeva tagasi
Stream Selah and The Spades April 17th on Amazon Prime Video
kiraforshort - 19 päeva tagasi
ClaireBear1189 - 19 päeva tagasi
I feel like this is twisting society’s view of Christians 😔
ClaireBear1189 - 12 päeva tagasi
@Morinitio Shellfish? Pardon me? XD
Morinitio - 12 päeva tagasi
ClaireBear1189 Your religion literally condemns others to eternal torture for eating shellfish. Hypocrite.
Morinitio - 12 päeva tagasi
ClaireBear1189 Thats just dumb, of course everyone has the right to mock you andnyour beliefs.
ClaireBear1189 - 12 päeva tagasi
Kaylee Young Everyone has the right to believe what they believe. No one has the right to condemn or mock what others believe.
Morinitio - 12 päeva tagasi
Kaylee Young OMG that Taylor Swift video totally shows how all christians really are.
addya - 19 päeva tagasi
only heard about this movie cause of china lmao
XO MRWN - 2 päeva tagasi
@rachel Gebre nothing is immune to blasphemy or mockery. Especially religion which has been the worst thing to happen to mankind. You religious folk are sensitive af. Imagine defending something that doesn't exist. Delusional
LK CHIC - 4 päeva tagasi
addya facts
Michaela Rose
Michaela Rose - 7 päeva tagasi
I get what she means. She thinks this movie is portraying how god and his people are when it’s just the work of the devil. I still believe u can watch these types of movies and still have the same religious background. As I Christian I love horror movies so I don’t take in what’s in the movies.
Kaylee Young
Kaylee Young - 12 päeva tagasi
irrelevant bish racism is not at all equivalent to a movie inadvertently hurting your feelings but good try!
irrelevant bish
irrelevant bish - 12 päeva tagasi
@Kaylee Young so is that the only thing tht we have to be worried about? So if racism were to happen in this time, I can't be offended bcoz they are ppl out there that are dying?
HIPHOPE - 19 päeva tagasi
China Anne McClain brought me here.
XO MRWN - 2 päeva tagasi
Don't you love it when religious people think their religion is immune to blasphemy or mockery. Just because someones delusional, doesn't mean that their delusions can't be criticized.
D - 10 päeva tagasi
Idk who she is but A24 has made movies about religion like midsommar, and they’re never meant to offend religions
Saint Sagid
Saint Sagid - 14 päeva tagasi
@Nish Heard okay I think everyone is overreacting its clearly not trying to make fun of Christian's it's just a story of a girl who got it twisted
Nish Heard
Nish Heard - 18 päeva tagasi
Kayo Terrell mainly because they are twisting the faith that is Christianity into some sick disturbing illustration. This makes following God our time be something it’s really not.
Kayo Terrell
Kayo Terrell - 19 päeva tagasi
Same. But I didn’t see where they were disrespecting ppls beliefs in god. I guess cause I struggle with mines. But the film was pretty dark. Those are the best films.
Cjx Savage
Cjx Savage - 19 päeva tagasi
Who else here came from China Mclain?
maddo _219
maddo _219 - 13 päeva tagasi
rachel Gebre people have been doing insane things in the name of god for centuries though- in real life. (Example- mass murders, mass shootings, the Spanish Inquisition etc) Sadly people are still doing awful things in the name of god to this day. However, this movie isn’t supposed to be realistic in any way. It appears to be very very over exaggerated- as fictional movies are. This girl is very obviously possessed or mentally unwell. As I said, nobody thinks Christians are walking around with nails in their shoes. Plus, if people are going to Hollywood movies to see examples of what a Christian should look like, they’ve gone to the wrong place.
rachel Gebre
rachel Gebre - 18 päeva tagasi
maddo _219 The girl was doing everything for god insane things, thts not the representation of god and the fact they used prayers or religious staff for a horror movie is disrespectful. God is not the subject of ur need for entertainment. I’m sorry if this came out as offensive.
maddo _219
maddo _219 - 19 päeva tagasi
I’m here, I don’t think this movie is attacking Christians. This woman is obviously possessed in some way, people have enough common sense to know Christians aren’t going around putting nails in their shoes smh
KEAYANNI - 19 päeva tagasi
Cjx Savage me I’m disappointed in this shit do they think Christians are like this?
StarrMooreStyles - 20 päeva tagasi
This has NOTHING to do with Christianity!! PERIOD!!
Saint Sagid
Saint Sagid - 12 päeva tagasi
@rachel Gebre I'm pretty sure everyone used religious activity once in there life and ur getting mad because of a film I think everyone is overreacting
Andy Santos
Andy Santos - 18 päeva tagasi
rachel Gebre They actually DO use other religions for many horror films. You know why people of those religions say nothing? Because they don’t care. I didn’t see anyone having this same energy for The Exorcist, The Conjuring series, The Rite and so on. And if we’re on the subject of “mocking”, why don’t we talk about the various Christian films that mock non-believers? Movies like the God’s Not Dead series showcase that non-believers disbelieve because of personal demons, which more than half the time, is not true. Not only that, but they make them seem like arrogant, unrealistic caricatures of what some Christians make them out to be. Stop being hypocritical.
Oh Napper
Oh Napper - 18 päeva tagasi
rachel Gebre I wonder if it was about Buddhism or Something like that would everybody put it off as they do with our religion 🤔, i wonder if instead of using a cross they used a Buddha statue, I wonder then would people still be like “this is not offensive”
rachel Gebre
rachel Gebre - 18 päeva tagasi
Andy Santos I didn’t watch the movie but the fact that the whole trailer is about her and her faith with god is disrespectful, it’s a horror movie they shouldn’t use the topic of god to pot-ray that. It’s not okay. Even the movie poster is her wearing white clothes with a cross on it. Y don’t they use other than Christianity or religion to make the movie they could’ve just pick another topic tht she could go insane about not God. Thts not the true representation of him or Christians. All love❤️❤️❤️
Andy Santos
Andy Santos - 18 päeva tagasi
rachel Gebre Well, from early reviews of this film from the premier that already happened, religion is not the main focus of this film. The film deals with mental illness. Just because a movie uses religious themes does not mean they are mocking religion.
John Hillyer
John Hillyer - 20 päeva tagasi
A24 has GOT to be the most dynamic studio on the planet! They continue to birth fantastic, and sometimes divisive, movies for us to consume. Every time I see their logo, I know I’m in for a mind-blowing experience. Thank you from all of us who love quality over quantity (I’m looking at you Marvel)
Kendall Dickson
Kendall Dickson - 20 päeva tagasi
China Ann McClain bout make this video have sooooooo many dislikes..💀😂
Saint Sagid
Saint Sagid - 14 päeva tagasi
@skylarlocera ya some ppl are angry actually dont know why lol
skylarlocera - 14 päeva tagasi
@Saint Sagid I said she was reaching. Meaning she was making a problem out of something that wasnt there. Reading is fundamental.
skylarlocera - 14 päeva tagasi
@Saint Sagid ???? Nobody is angry....I literally just said....nobody is angry.....
Saint Sagid
Saint Sagid - 14 päeva tagasi
@skylarlocera okay yall need to calm down I'm a Christian and no there not trying to make fun of them their just making entertainment personally this looks good idk why every one is mad about it
skylarlocera - 19 päeva tagasi
I was really looking for the angry Christians in this comment section after reading her post but ain't none in here. I think, to a certain degree, she was reaching with this one.
K Andrew
K Andrew - 20 päeva tagasi
More mocking
Meng Meng
Meng Meng - 20 päeva tagasi
It reminds of a movie
I'mma write it down when I remember.
Max Mu
Max Mu - 21 päev tagasi
Can’t wait to watch this one!
Michael Fiorelli
Michael Fiorelli - 24 päeva tagasi
This looks like Carrie if Carrie was the religious nut in the family
David Krosht
David Krosht - 25 päeva tagasi
Nails on shoes? What a trend setter
Saint Sagid
Saint Sagid - 25 päeva tagasi
Never seen a movie like this before
wiinterflowers - 26 päeva tagasi
I'm definitely getting Exorcist and Witch vibes from this..
An Anomaly
An Anomaly - 27 päeva tagasi
The twist: there's nothing supernatural and she's just bat shit crazy.
Brendan Wright
Brendan Wright - 27 päeva tagasi
Billie eilish is just gettin over fuckin played. Jesus. Its no wonder artists today often get forgotten about. Because media pushes it down your throat until everyone gets sick of it. Bring back rock/metal for a change.
Clutch-Mode productions
Clutch-Mode productions - 27 päeva tagasi
This movie looks slow and boring
Tyrone Shoelacez
Tyrone Shoelacez - 27 päeva tagasi
Looked good until that stupid Billie Elish trash came in
Enrico Vendrametto
Enrico Vendrametto - 27 päeva tagasi
What if Carrie White wasn't abused by her mother?
Brian Lecker
Brian Lecker - 27 päeva tagasi
This looks awful. Coming from the studio that puts out the worst horror films today im not surprised
Well you’re obviously right but,
Looks saint meh
James Camali
James Camali - 29 päeva tagasi
Movie looks great, but I hope I didn’t ruin the full experience of the movie by watching the trailer
stormking989 - 29 päeva tagasi
*"It's like he's physically in me" That's what she said.*
Dria Woods
Dria Woods - 29 päeva tagasi
I’ve never enjoy anything A24 makes...but this looks interesting so I’ll give their crappy films another shot.
Shxve - Місяць tagasi
I hope this is scary Bc I want to take a girl to the movies and she gets scared and she gets closer to me
Demented Nun
Demented Nun - Місяць tagasi
Looks shite .... they cant act.
Ary Sobral
Ary Sobral - Місяць tagasi
In A24 we believe.
James Williams
James Williams - Місяць tagasi
SuburbiaAwaken - Місяць tagasi
Midsommar and hereditary have the same director. The production company means nothing. Paramount vantage put out great films for a while, because they focused on certain directors like the Cohen bros. Saint Maud looks like the typical contemporary horror flick—trying way too hard to disturb the audience. The horror genre is all but dead.
JDo - Місяць tagasi
quit as soon as edgy billie song starts.
Jah OG
Jah OG - Місяць tagasi
She JUMPED into her Shoes.
Who even does that?
May Be a Thriller but this Ain’t Horror
KZN - Місяць tagasi
love it already
Jajackboss - Місяць tagasi
I have seen every movie of A24
You fucking bet imma see this one
It looks so fucking scary
Ciggy Pop Culture
Ciggy Pop Culture - Місяць tagasi
Is Billie Eillish going to be the cliche artist to use for dark stories with female protagonists?
Wolf Grim
Wolf Grim - Місяць tagasi
When Christians take things too far:
H M - Місяць tagasi
female directors are usually TERRIBLE
lil reese buttercup
lil reese buttercup - Місяць tagasi
So she's basically being possessed by the devil
Danial bin Nordin
Danial bin Nordin - Місяць tagasi
I thought it would be awesome if every A24 movie trailer have Billie Eilish song
Ricardo Guanipa
Ricardo Guanipa - Місяць tagasi
A24 Logo, religious and occult themes.....get ready for some creepy naked old people
Dillon Frosty
Dillon Frosty - Місяць tagasi
Everyones talking how Billie’s song makes the trailer better, but it makes it less scary for me...almost corny 🤷🏾‍♂️
Saint Sagid
Saint Sagid - Місяць tagasi
Saint maud 😍😊
FrozenMJ - Місяць tagasi
And I thought stepping on legos was painful.
ORI - Місяць tagasi
I love the way they did this trailer I’ll be watching it for sure
djmovieloverdane - Місяць tagasi
This movie is about a religious nut who goes too far
Reverend Benzo
Reverend Benzo - Місяць tagasi
I only watched 1/4 of the trailer. I'm sold. I like not knowing shit.
Frazaar1st - Місяць tagasi
3571113 - Місяць tagasi
A24 always kills it , fuckn hell !
Invidious - Місяць tagasi
A24 is saving horror!
Off The Cuff Reviews
Off The Cuff Reviews - Місяць tagasi
This looks great wow
Matt S.
Matt S. - Місяць tagasi
Thank god for A24 the last couple years. They've consistently been among my favorite movies of the last few years. VVitch, hereditary, light house, now we got green knight coming which looks really amazing, and saint Maud that also looks delightfully disturbing
1997residente - Місяць tagasi
Danny Boyle described Saint Maud as "a genuinely unsettling and intriguing film. Striking, affecting and mordantly funny at times, its confidence evokes the ecstasy of films like Carrie, The Exorcist, and Jonathan Glazer’s Under the Skin."