The Best Car for Someone in a Wheelchair?! - Our new Tesla Model X!

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The Tesla Model X is one of the coolest cars on the planet, and just so happens to be the perfect car for Cambry. Get 1000 free supercharger miles with our code: We knew that getting in and out of a vehicle would be pretty much the same no matter what car we bought. BUT by getting an electric 'self driving' capable vehicle, we could avoid gas stations, and let Cambry's hands take a break while using the Tesla Autopilot. Not to mention the Smart Summon ablities. No more blocked parking lot spaces! The future of electric cars is looking pretty bright. Yeah, a Tesla is very expensive at the moment, just like all technology, its interesting to know that the technology exists, and will get cheaper and more common with time.
See why Dan Sold this Tesla HERE:
HUGE Thanks to Luxe Auto Spa for protecting the inside of Cambry's new ride:
Learn more of Cambry's story here:
Cambry's Instagram:
Falling asleep on Autopilot?!:
Wrapping Dan's (well... now our) Tesla:
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Green Pry tool:
Metal phone opening tool:
The camera I used to film this video:
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This is the drone I use:
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Zain Hussain
Zain Hussain - 2 tundi tagasi
My mate used the code uw
Rez - 10 tundi tagasi
Can younplease do a Tesla teardown as well?🤩 though not hers😉😅 another one🙂
mwells219 - 12 tundi tagasi
Lex Luthor seems like a pretty chill guy.
Jim Martin
Jim Martin - Päev tagasi
Ever look at the fourth phase of water crystal structure and the crystal structure of Graphene? Have you ever looked into solid state graphite crystal power cell's? I m only wondering if you will understand the technology? Design a power source for a wheel chair an electrical vehicle maybe? Your a smart guy right? 😉
Gray Franklin
Gray Franklin - Päev tagasi
Yuppppp I approve 😅😉😉🌹✌️✌️
슈퍼로더(Super Roader)
Wow, Tesla is good, I'm also glad to see her happy.
djaber bellacem bouzida
djaber bellacem bouzida - Päev tagasi
wow!!!!! you are lucky she's very beautiful
Bram vandenbroeck
Bram vandenbroeck - Päev tagasi
Can't you build her the wheelchair from avatar? You know, when the marines land on the planet and the guy gets of that "plane", he takes the wheelchair, which is folded, he unfolds it in seconds, if you could make something for her that is this easy, i think its going to be even more comfortable for her, since she doesn't need to dissassemble the wheelchair anymore (its just an idea) ;)
its P.Y.N
its P.Y.N - Päev tagasi
I haven't seen that girl in wheel chair showing her phone to jerry or taking a selfie or photos yet , i think you already know why
Brayden ct hewitt
Brayden ct hewitt - 2 päeva tagasi
What if you lower the spring maby that whold be helpfull to get in the car faster
Vilarius Tonda kornelis
Vilarius Tonda kornelis - 2 päeva tagasi
Why she on wheelchair
Ricardo Rodrigues
Ricardo Rodrigues - 3 päeva tagasi
There are some models adapted so that a small lift just loqds the whole wheelchair into the driver seat, but i guess the model x does not have that yet
Mild Misanthrope
Mild Misanthrope - 3 päeva tagasi
How comfy is Cambry in a Camry?
Aryan Raval
Aryan Raval - 3 päeva tagasi
They should start a vlogging channel
Aziz A
Aziz A - 3 päeva tagasi
Why she is on a wheel chair? He rigged her once
Felipe Garzón Acosta
Felipe Garzón Acosta - 3 päeva tagasi
Love it guys. You motivate me and my fiancé - thanks for sharing
marko polo
marko polo - 4 päeva tagasi
dude , just wauw ....
Fatih - 4 päeva tagasi
Great car
Great people
Xx proxX
Xx proxX - 4 päeva tagasi
Abdurrahmaan Ahmed
Abdurrahmaan Ahmed - 4 päeva tagasi
Check out westcoast customs to see if they can do something to make it easier to get in the car
Edwin Lo
Edwin Lo - 4 päeva tagasi
I have only one question, why Do you Need to go to a gas station When you have a tesla🤔😂
Rishi Raj
Rishi Raj - 4 päeva tagasi
U both r such a lovely 💓 couple
Heime101 - 4 päeva tagasi
Mad respect to people who live with disability’s everyday and thanks to the tech that helps them.
matt laplant
matt laplant - 5 päeva tagasi
You should get ahold of collin fuze on youtube and see about him making ur wife some robotic legs so she can walk...if anyone can...he can
Vincent Foronda
Vincent Foronda - 5 päeva tagasi
jerry reminds of the guy who can be a fireman, doctor, pastor and police
fasstang87 - 5 päeva tagasi
i am curious at 2:53 she releases the brake of the chair. Shouldn't there be some sort of strap or cord that should be hooked up to the chair to the door or car to avoid the chair rolling away especially if you are not on a flat surface?
Sam - 5 päeva tagasi
This whole relationship seems kind of predatory, no?
Fredrik Bråthen Pettersen
Fredrik Bråthen Pettersen - 5 päeva tagasi
My dream car is a Tesla. I like it.
Harish R
Harish R - 5 päeva tagasi
Good job Agent 47
sara jenkins
sara jenkins - 5 päeva tagasi
This video would make a great drinking game. Every time the guy says his wife’s name you take a shot You should be balls to the walls bout half way through
Tech Guru
Tech Guru - 5 päeva tagasi
"So now that you ain't using your hands to drive, what are you gonna do with them?" anyone thinking what I am thinking???
Owen Brookshire
Owen Brookshire - 5 päeva tagasi
Just because her spine doesn’t work doesn’t mean her posture gotta be ass.
Sassi Lou
Sassi Lou - 5 päeva tagasi
Whoaaaa.... This car is perfect! I love it! ❤️❤️
Jon S
Jon S - 6 päeva tagasi
Teslas are cool but the mileage is, for the price, the dealbreaker. Most modern day cars get 450-600 miles per tank of gas and cost a fraction of the price of a Tesla. 280 miles is not enough in my opinion. Also, throughout the video, I was trying to figure out how recharging the car at a charging station is any different than filling up gas at the station for someone in a wheelchair
Gabbeloa08 - 6 päeva tagasi

Your circulation forgets how to circulate.
Rachit Sharan
Rachit Sharan - 7 päeva tagasi
It’s wonderful that you love her and do everything which makes her comfortable, and that what matters the most to her and you yourself
Killing Machine
Killing Machine - 7 päeva tagasi
So sweet girl :)
FLYBOY123456789 - 7 päeva tagasi
doesn't surprise me that the two nicest guys are friends...nice video.
Sepp Becker
Sepp Becker - 7 päeva tagasi
Such nice People
Mahmood Alaraibi, ACIPD
Mahmood Alaraibi, ACIPD - 7 päeva tagasi
Much love from Bahrain, You guys are awesome!
FadilYahya - 7 päeva tagasi
ترجمه الفيديو وين
LJ Allo
LJ Allo - 7 päeva tagasi
Is she you wife
cartoonie ?
cartoonie ? - 6 päeva tagasi
Yes she is
Renco - 7 päeva tagasi
buy her robotic legs
DetailXPerts - 7 päeva tagasi
their voice are very relaxing... to think this is an intense car! love this vid!
Rohan Pol
Rohan Pol - 7 päeva tagasi
We need more of zack and cambry
David Robinson
David Robinson - 7 päeva tagasi
I don't know why, but I had this feeling you were driving in Utah at the beginning of this video. Sure enough, you were. I also live in Utah and I am loving your videos and story. Keep up the hard work!
Sriram L
Sriram L - 8 päeva tagasi
Honestly I enjoy his real life videos more than the phone destroying ones. Especially that Africa vid
Sergio Rodriguez
Sergio Rodriguez - 8 päeva tagasi
You guys always bitch but what you have and you have everything
Joe - 8 päeva tagasi
Wow...He's really taking these paraplegic videos and running with them.
HeafersPlayz13 - 8 päeva tagasi
His voice is so perfect
Jay Zee
Jay Zee - 8 päeva tagasi
Imagine if it was one BIG door that lifted up and the whole side of the car was open to get in to with no middle door pillar and swivel drivers seat! The ultimate disability car! (and just ultimate car really!)
William Abaiz
William Abaiz - 8 päeva tagasi
What a great choice to make Agent 47.
Knickerthief - 8 päeva tagasi
Cool. It would be great to build an automated solution to loading and unloading the wheelchair.
Sub to this cute dog
Sub to this cute dog - 8 päeva tagasi
I knew it looked familiar, I’ve ridden in that car. Great choice!
Mio Roslund
Mio Roslund - 8 päeva tagasi
I'm just gonna turn of my ad blocker so you get ad revenue from me.
phil driver
phil driver - 8 päeva tagasi
my biggest hate , someone parking in a disabled spot , illegally .
S N - 8 päeva tagasi
What's the price?
Stacks2Hell - 8 päeva tagasi
That dropped cam lmao 😂
ruata pachuau
ruata pachuau - 8 päeva tagasi
are u going to rig this car
Sjaak Lent
Sjaak Lent - 8 päeva tagasi
She’s so pretty!
lý hiếu
lý hiếu - 8 päeva tagasi
Girls: There is no good guy anymore
Cambry: Hold my Jerry!!!!!!
Love you guys 😊♥️ Jerry and Cambry
Vasanth Kumar
Vasanth Kumar - 8 päeva tagasi
u guys r rich so u can buy this car but v cannot afford this
Rebecca Heiberg Noe
Rebecca Heiberg Noe - 8 päeva tagasi
adit patnaik
adit patnaik - 8 päeva tagasi
Is there something you do outside of YouTube that enables you to buy such expensive vehicles?
Hari Tehri
Hari Tehri - 8 päeva tagasi
One of the Most lucky girl in the world
gege palma
gege palma - 9 päeva tagasi
Her wife looks so nice and its like she complements him. Sweet.
Dragonite955 - 9 päeva tagasi
Step 1: be rich.
royal rider
royal rider - 9 päeva tagasi
Both are blessed couple to have each other in life. Bless you both
Tuck - 9 päeva tagasi
Bro why she always looking like she's plotting an evil plan when she looking at the camera
Onais Rashid
Onais Rashid - 9 päeva tagasi
He's a good man. Respect!
william dolezal
william dolezal - 9 päeva tagasi
It's not about the same as a normal car. My stick shift 2019 Kia forte gets just under 500 miles to thr tank
Wheeled & Well Armed
Wheeled & Well Armed - 9 päeva tagasi
Nice, I always thought a Tesla X was way too expensive. The Smart Summon is neat. FYI Costco workers will fill up your tank of wheelchair drivers. Also I noticed she didn't fold her chair back down to transfer in the car. Great video.
Francis B
Francis B - 9 päeva tagasi
Mmmm...don't you have gas stations with full serve? Where I live, we have many with 2 or 3 pumps that are full serve, the one's that don't, have to provide the service for handicapped people. Most people will also help you if you can't/have problems by yourself.
Lee Taylor
Lee Taylor - 9 päeva tagasi
@5:55 for the launch
Gary Playz
Gary Playz - 9 päeva tagasi
i have a question when are you going to modify her wheelchair?
Warm Association
Warm Association - 9 päeva tagasi
God bless Tesla!
ThrillyVOLT - 9 päeva tagasi
He built an elevator so his wife could get around the house alone, he bought her a Tesla. This man is making her dreams come true
mrbeast6000 - 9 päeva tagasi
Hold up how does she put it back huh
wolfie craft
wolfie craft - 10 päeva tagasi
The doors in the car look like it’s from back to the future
One Fusion
One Fusion - 10 päeva tagasi
You guys are the best couple on YouTube ❤️✊🏽 could watch you guys all day
Kiria Riad
Kiria Riad - 10 päeva tagasi
I hope get a good helth and good family