Top 100 Moves (Jukes, Stiff Arms, & Hurdles) of the 2019 Season

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Check out the top 100 jukes, spins, stiff arms, power moves, hurdles and dives from the 2019 NFL season!
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Uzair Vaid
Uzair Vaid - 4 päeva tagasi
Before I watch this I better see watson in this
Cole Francis
Cole Francis - 5 päeva tagasi
I see you Noah Fant👀
V.O.N. - 6 päeva tagasi
Mixon needs some damn blocking
Dianne Goode
Dianne Goode - 6 päeva tagasi
Disrespecting barkleys crazy hurdle against the bears
Zakeria - 9 päeva tagasi
Don’t like this comment.
JordanOc8 - 10 päeva tagasi
Did Tyler Lockett's toe drag make it in here? I dont think I saw it. If so, absolute travesty
Kev Smith
Kev Smith - 10 päeva tagasi
Keenan Allen ?
munene mathenge
munene mathenge - 14 päeva tagasi
I came here for the King Tut stiff arm on Matt Ryan.
ousoonersaz - 14 päeva tagasi
Wow they did Kyler dirty they didn't put he's run against the browns in this video 😭😭
Eagles Fan
Eagles Fan - 16 päeva tagasi
*H E I S H O U D I N I*
Ryan Ryan
Ryan Ryan - 17 päeva tagasi
Most of these are just bad tackling
Joshua Talley
Joshua Talley - 18 päeva tagasi
Joe Mixon vs the pats?
David Archer
David Archer - 21 päev tagasi
Suttons’s stiffarm against the colts?
Talon Carpenter
Talon Carpenter - 21 päev tagasi
A quarterback just psyched out JJ Watt.
*JJ. Watt.*
chaynee c
chaynee c - 22 päeva tagasi
Love the vids do more of catches
Reilly LeBlond
Reilly LeBlond - 22 päeva tagasi
13:36 never gets old 😂
DeadNinja9100 Supreme
DeadNinja9100 Supreme - 23 päeva tagasi
I'm expecting a lot of jackson
Nacho Cheese
Nacho Cheese - 25 päeva tagasi
9:02 uh video game😂😂😂
Ixaac Immanuel
Ixaac Immanuel - 26 päeva tagasi
Please show finished plays after those jukes at least. Dont just cut right after. Whos editing this?
I love the Hermicraft series
I love the Hermicraft series - 26 päeva tagasi
Not a single 1 by the bears
Random Snake Wheel
Random Snake Wheel - 27 päeva tagasi
What about Courtland Sutton's 1 handed catch. But that video was still cool
Señor Merrick
Señor Merrick - 27 päeva tagasi
This video can also be called lamar jackson best plays of the year
T. Lipscomb
T. Lipscomb - 28 päeva tagasi
@NFL it's supper annoying y'all didn't show the end of the plays. It's your footage, so that should give you even more reason to do it
J1Gamer - 29 päeva tagasi
Honestly kinda sad that Davante wasn’t in this
SaeBravo - Місяць tagasi
Nelson agholor should be in here
Stephen White
Stephen White - Місяць tagasi
Man they love disrespecting my birds 🦅 all the weak ass moves I saw one eagles highlight my man agholor literally spun on 2 defenders consecutively and broke it to the end zone Jordan Howard ran over multiple people smh 🤦🏾‍♂️
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime - Місяць tagasi
#97? Cmon. He bounced off 1 guy. Weak sauce. Much of this video simply highlights the bad tackling these days in the NFL.
Jeremy Pawlak
Jeremy Pawlak - Місяць tagasi
didnt even put Larry's fitzgeralds best play in....whoever made this list only cared about Lamar and Henry geez
Sergio Montoya
Sergio Montoya - Місяць tagasi
ball boy @2:54
Coldhardnipps - Місяць tagasi
Could they just show the play in general without the excessive amount of moving/shaking the camera? It looks like a 8th grader did these edits. Zoom in, zoom out, pan left, zoom in, pan right, zoom out. Making me dizzy.
William Carico
William Carico - Місяць tagasi
McCaffrey should’ve been in there way more than he was
Flying Gorilla Game Play
Flying Gorilla Game Play - Місяць tagasi
No gurley stiff arms?? Come on NFL
ERK Productions
ERK Productions - Місяць tagasi
5:40 should be wayyyyyy higher top 15 at least
boi - 14 päeva tagasi
Nah 23 or 17
Noah 1
Noah 1 - Місяць tagasi
No damien williams 91 yd td vs minnesota??
Jackson Delaney
Jackson Delaney - Місяць tagasi
Tyreeks move on Richard Sherman in the super bowl should’ve been on here
Jayvon Resendez
Jayvon Resendez - Місяць tagasi
2:10 why’d that sound like sponge bobs narrator
Jayvon Resendez
Jayvon Resendez - Місяць tagasi
jeff smith
jeff smith - Місяць tagasi
Everybody knew what #1 was going to be
OJ - Місяць tagasi
2:54 we just gonna ignore the midget?
Graham Barger
Graham Barger - Місяць tagasi
darius leonard stiffarm?
InsertVoiceHere - Місяць tagasi
not a single dolphins player there....
D‘ Angelo Drummond
D‘ Angelo Drummond - Місяць tagasi
I think Mark Ingram’s move (50) should’ve been higher ! Good list though . 7:00
Charlie Kaludis
Charlie Kaludis - Місяць tagasi
Mj - Місяць tagasi
Lamar would totally be a way better RB than he is QB. The dude can run kinda sad that he isn't.
matthew stevison
matthew stevison - Місяць tagasi
The browns and the Seahawks are constantly on this
Mj - Місяць tagasi
Man as a Fan of the Vikes and Bengals, all I saw was heartbreak haha. Some good ones those but mostly against
Movin Turtle
Movin Turtle - Місяць tagasi
2:56 what do u seee
Jacob Bowers
Jacob Bowers - Місяць tagasi
Yo they got a midget as a ball boy at 2:52
David Söhngen
David Söhngen - Місяць tagasi
Nr 12 mustve been feeling great for the big fella
12MAN NATION - Місяць tagasi
I pray that my boy cris Carson heals up for next year .go hawks 💚💙🙏...... and fly DRAGONS 🧡🧡💙💙
裏切られた - Місяць tagasi
Who else skipped to top 10 🙋‍♂️
Daquan McDonald
Daquan McDonald - Місяць tagasi
Yu already shno LJ was gone be on here a few times
Camerie Cooper
Camerie Cooper - Місяць tagasi
see anything at 2:55
Moshe Couzens
Moshe Couzens - Місяць tagasi
Y'all really left my boy miles Sanders outta that...smh
Acidins - Місяць tagasi
That aaron Rodgers one has me dying😂
Sam Singer
Sam Singer - Місяць tagasi
The ravens are like 50% of this list and sadly most are on defense 😢
Connor Cook
Connor Cook - Місяць tagasi
Josh jacobs truck against the packers shouldve definitely made it
James Kell
James Kell - Місяць tagasi
Hey my bengals made number 1
Alex Wilson
Alex Wilson - Місяць tagasi
Where the hell is courtland Sutton's stiff arm against the colts
prod. Hammy Sosa
prod. Hammy Sosa - Місяць tagasi
Eagles defense is all over this video getting washed 🙄🤦🏾‍♂️
Phillip Wombacher
Phillip Wombacher - Місяць tagasi
As a Nebraska fan I love seeing Rex burkhead doing awesome stuff in the NFL!
Benny Miller
Benny Miller - Місяць tagasi
Anyone else looking for Alex Mattisons hurdle?
Ramon Torres
Ramon Torres - Місяць tagasi
2:39 what move?😂 bro this is a video of a bunch of broken and missed tackles. Rarely any jukes, most people in the video get hit and spin or get hit and stiff arm.
Josephine Washington
Josephine Washington - Місяць tagasi
14:30 madden animation 😂😂😂😂😂
Mark James
Mark James - Місяць tagasi
Gardner Minshew

:speed: 50
:quickness: 99
Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott - Місяць tagasi
The Bears, Dolphins, Falcons, and Rams are the only teams that aren't featured in this countdown, and ironically none of them made the playoffs
Also who else knew #1 was gonna be Jackson's spin move against the Bengals
StormingCobra55 - Місяць tagasi
McCaffrey’s flip is overrated. 5-yd TD, didn’t clear the hurdle, didn’t land the flip, nothing special.
Braska! through the Games
Braska! through the Games - Місяць tagasi
Why cut the clips short..?
NERD TUBE - Місяць tagasi
Derek Carr breaking the bangles d line and jumping into the end zone? So that didn’t happen?
A Random
A Random - Місяць tagasi
2:55 never seen a dwarf ball boy until now😭😭
Jalonie - Місяць tagasi
I think when Zeke trucked malcolm jenkins and didn’t make the list?
Jalonie - Місяць tagasi
It should have made the list I mean
Frxitzy _
Frxitzy _ - Місяць tagasi
Where the hell is alexander mattisons hurdle??? Everyone has seen that stupid run of Lamar no one cares about it
Tyler Wirig
Tyler Wirig - Місяць tagasi
Henry is me at the family reunion when we play football with the little cousins
Pattabhiram and Swathi
Pattabhiram and Swathi - Місяць tagasi
OHH HE BROKE HIS ANKLES!! HE IS HOUDINI!! That will never get old
Juan Bretado
Juan Bretado - Місяць tagasi
Weak ass stiff arm😂 5:05
Hay930 - Місяць tagasi
forgot SPROLES
Anthony Camarda
Anthony Camarda - Місяць tagasi
The bengals defense was featured at least 20 times
Tstrode - Місяць tagasi
14:27 trey flowers at his finest
Ce’Darian Carter
Ce’Darian Carter - Місяць tagasi
I love these
Leon3DG - Місяць tagasi
No marlon Mack vs the jags? Bullcrap list. Easily top 10
Andrew Guillen
Andrew Guillen - Місяць tagasi
Where are the two plays of Damien Williams against the Chargers ???