[•REC] (2007) KILL COUNT

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Film ja animatsioon
Kestus: 18:34


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jj jennings
jj jennings - 6 päeva tagasi
You should do a kill count in jeepers creepers
ghost 6969
ghost 6969 - 8 päeva tagasi
Could you do the rec series as a next series kill count plz
Mitchel Amurrio
Mitchel Amurrio - 9 päeva tagasi
Jaden Moore
Jaden Moore - 10 päeva tagasi
You missed Alex on the count
Deine Mudder
Deine Mudder - 15 päeva tagasi
Please can you make a video for the movie Jennifer's Body thank you free time please keep up your amazing work and live long and prosper
Thunderwolf207 Summit
Thunderwolf207 Summit - 12 minutit tagasi
The moment Manu gets infected is when strength and safety was lost.
Torri Ferguson
Torri Ferguson - 2 tundi tagasi
Me bored ha I been beaten my pillow since it started btw this my dad
yeet yeet
yeet yeet - 10 tundi tagasi
Tommy Aquino
Tommy Aquino - Päev tagasi
Spanish always followed so smoothly to me. If I were ever to learn a third language, it would be spanish
mercy Ledesma
mercy Ledesma - Päev tagasi
Bout bout bout my wife
Daky Hrabla
Daky Hrabla - Päev tagasi
Pls do the Whole serie plssss
Music_ Beats
Music_ Beats - Päev tagasi
This movie is amazing but the camera hurts my eyes of how fast it moves
Music_ Beats
Music_ Beats - Päev tagasi
Why did I think you said Rex.....?
Francoise Gourlaouen
Francoise Gourlaouen - Päev tagasi
Do « the influence » next plz
Xavier Shumski
Xavier Shumski - 2 päeva tagasi
i love rec
FxllingHeartz - 2 päeva tagasi
[•REC] Welcome To The Kill Count!
RiseUp 2.4GHz
RiseUp 2.4GHz - 2 päeva tagasi
When someone in youre house has corona virus.
Andy Andrade Hernandez
Andy Andrade Hernandez - 2 päeva tagasi
me right now in lock down 5:32
Andy Andrade Hernandez
Andy Andrade Hernandez - 2 päeva tagasi
I fucked up the time lol
Andy Andrade Hernandez
Andy Andrade Hernandez - 2 päeva tagasi
me 5:40
Andy Andrade Hernandez
Andy Andrade Hernandez - 2 päeva tagasi
keep fucking UP
Julia Slane
Julia Slane - 2 päeva tagasi
Wow Quarantine really did just blatantly rip off this film with almoat no new things added.
Will Shrek
Will Shrek - 2 päeva tagasi
Wait isn't this just a Spanish version of quarantine
Sinaí M.
Sinaí M. - 2 päeva tagasi
“Pablo, tape everything or I’ll kill you” 😂 the translation isn’t exactly like that
Samuel Moreno
Samuel Moreno - 3 päeva tagasi
The office be wildin😳💀
Bloody Chloe
Bloody Chloe - 3 päeva tagasi
I think the boy in the attic is the Japanese couple's kid. I have no idea how he got up there in the first place but it makes the most sense
knwlzyyy - 3 päeva tagasi
SUB TO Lazerbeam he’s true blue AND sub to dead meat and when that boy came I fell off my bed
qwerty jon the gamer
qwerty jon the gamer - 3 päeva tagasi
Unique I like the fact where the actors do what they do
Hannah Alexis
Hannah Alexis - 3 päeva tagasi
Even if you're photo sensitive you can listen to it likes it's a podcast because James is so thorough 🥺
Notorious Ray
Notorious Ray - 3 päeva tagasi
Sounds like resident evil 3
meme boi
meme boi - 3 päeva tagasi
6:18 GIBBY
James Waker
James Waker - 3 päeva tagasi
This movie is not scary at all im disappointed the comments really got me hyped for nothing
Fabio Alves Show
Fabio Alves Show - 3 päeva tagasi
This movie looks awesome
Fabio Alves Show
Fabio Alves Show - 3 päeva tagasi
I love the soundtrack of this channel
George Jimenez
George Jimenez - 3 päeva tagasi
i watch them every night
George Jimenez
George Jimenez - 3 päeva tagasi
you taught me how to get a strong stomach, by watching your videos i thank you for that
Kookie Monster
Kookie Monster - 3 päeva tagasi
You should cover Train to Busan its Chinese, but its really good
harry jones
harry jones - 3 päeva tagasi
Akuzaiba - 3 päeva tagasi
to be honest james, i want you to make a summary of every genre out there, not just horror :( come on man.. i'm too lazy to watch the whole 2hours film, and your commentary is funny and entertaining
Vocalvenom - 3 päeva tagasi
Rec 2 fucking terrified me as a kid
Daily Views of Abbi Adele!
Daily Views of Abbi Adele! - 3 päeva tagasi
Me: **imagining the face hugger going on Jigsaw’s face**
Me: 0.o
Jonathan Myers
Jonathan Myers - 4 päeva tagasi
this is for all the photosensitive viewers. 16 people died in rec.kill 1: Conchita Izquierdo, 12 mins. in, found infected in her apartment. kill 2: columbian woman, 20 mins. in, killed by conchita. kill 3 and 4: older police officer and alex, 42 mins. in, bitten/ fell a few stories then infected. kill 5: guillem, 43 mins. in, bitten by alex and infected. kill 6: Jennifer Carmen, 45 mins. in, infected by virus. kill 7: sergio, 48 mins. in, bitten by jennifer and infected. kill 8: mari carmen, 50 mins. in, attacked and killed by infected guillem and police officer. kill 9 and 10: health inspector and cècar, 53 mins. in, infected/bitten and infected. kill 11: Japanese man, 54 mins. in infected and neck broken. kill 12: Japanese woman, 56 mins. in, infected and smashed up w/ mallet. kill thirteen: manu, 59 mins. in, infected. kill 14: boy in attic, 1 hr. 5mins. in (found infected), found infected. kill 15: tristana medirios, 1 hr. 7 mins. in, found infected. kill 16: pablo, 1 hr. 9 mins. in, beaten w/ hammer and neck bitten by tristana. 6 female vitims and 10 male. runtime 78 mins. with a kill on average every 4.88 mins. gold chainsaw to mari carmen. dull machete to columbian girl. please like this sopeople can see it :)
Antwain Henry
Antwain Henry - 4 päeva tagasi
what about the dude dat jump off the stairs
Krishna Mishra
Krishna Mishra - 4 päeva tagasi
I hope you are safe and healthy too
Bryce Kemp
Bryce Kemp - 4 päeva tagasi
This movie is Quarantine in Spanish. check out the movie Quarantine
NekoTaishō - 4 päeva tagasi
16:49 /16:56 yeah
X-blue-danger- Gacha-C
X-blue-danger- Gacha-C - 4 päeva tagasi
Try figure out the Friday the 13 game lore
X-blue-danger- Gacha-C
X-blue-danger- Gacha-C - 4 päeva tagasi
Ya dead meat
Erika Shiella Santillan
Erika Shiella Santillan - 4 päeva tagasi
I actually watched the movie unexpectedly. I was just looking on my step father's cd's and I find this. When I first watched it, I thought it was a documentary about firemen.
K1ng_R1pp3r - 4 päeva tagasi
Isn’t there a remake called Quarantine on netflix I’m so confused
redpanda 97
redpanda 97 - 4 päeva tagasi
Dam I really need to stop watching this at night
Sunshine Tovar
Sunshine Tovar - 5 päeva tagasi
what about as above so below
peeper crack
peeper crack - 5 päeva tagasi
and isnt the move *c h i n e s e* ?
Soy Joy
Soy Joy - 5 päeva tagasi
I hate that kind of movies but u made it more interesting ❤❤
Jeff Anders
Jeff Anders - 5 päeva tagasi
Spanish Sherman Helmsley!!! lol
Tristan Palmer
Tristan Palmer - 5 päeva tagasi
If you are doing different languages then Train to Busan is a really good movie!
Potato kids
Potato kids - 5 päeva tagasi
I dont like how the girl with the last name medeiros is my last name too.....
battle pup
battle pup - 5 päeva tagasi
this is a horror movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QDKLglEP5Y or The Mangler
Martin the boy s
Martin the boy s - 5 päeva tagasi
You said that rec 2 and 3 4 are going to be in may and now is may soooooooooo
Konstantinos Karagiannis
Konstantinos Karagiannis - 5 päeva tagasi
This the best Spanish horror movie, and one of the 5 best and most scariest zombie movies ever!
iiHaox - 5 päeva tagasi
When corona evolves
Forest Armstrong
Forest Armstrong - 6 päeva tagasi
Sucks that Contagion "is not a horror movie" because there is a very fine line between horror and thriller; as a thriller, Contagion is a lot more cerebral with the fear factor, while horror movies go more for visual and visceral jump-scares. I respect the decision not to Kill Count the movie, and while I hope that they reconsider it in the future, I'm always satisfied with the content that I do get.
C R - 6 päeva tagasi
Can you change your channel or playlist name to Hipster Recap of Horror, Based on Other White Boys' Reddit Opinion? As it stand, "Kill List" is misleading.
Dippin Dot Pawz Skittles
Dippin Dot Pawz Skittles - 6 päeva tagasi
*K W Y R E N T I N E*
Balazs Ujhelyi
Balazs Ujhelyi - 6 päeva tagasi
Please do the rest of the franchise! seems cool!
KevinJr Walters
KevinJr Walters - 6 päeva tagasi
Shes Dead, No, She didn't survive, Shes Dead, Dead, Finished, Finite, No, UH UH, She ain't coming back from that. their no way she got dragged into a room only to be just left alive
Leonor Rizo
Leonor Rizo - 6 päeva tagasi
Your should do the movie Cloverfield I don’t know if it is a horror movie but it has a lot of kills (I think it has a lot of kills, it is a movie that involves a giant monster that attacks New York)
Erin McGinnes
Erin McGinnes - 6 päeva tagasi
wait why have i never seen this video before woah
jynxlord21 - 6 päeva tagasi
Is it just me or isnt this movie like a foreign version of quarantine
HotaruZoku - 6 päeva tagasi
I can't watch these. Something in my soul twists in two every time "the authorities" decide to condem a group of people to a slow, crazed series of deaths, without so much as a timeline for hope.
And to think, no one outside would help.
Who would ever stand up to people in uniform?
God we live in a sick, sad society.
Jeremy M.
Jeremy M. - 4 päeva tagasi
It’s only a movie
Felipe Patlan
Felipe Patlan - 5 päeva tagasi
We do.
Fluffyth3f0x - 7 päeva tagasi
I was drinking milk when the fireman fell down and I snorted that shit out at 500 mph
Alex Has A Generic Name
Alex Has A Generic Name - 7 päeva tagasi
but why didn't they just hide out in an apartment and barricade the door shut?
Martin Pultz Holm
Martin Pultz Holm - 7 päeva tagasi
i know its a little late but can you count the kills in under the sand witch isnt a horror movie but gives some jumpscares
Zero Thyme
Zero Thyme - 7 päeva tagasi
12:38 Thought that said "Attacked and killed by infected Gollum." But I also didn't question it, cause I was like "Yeah, that happens sometimes."
Monikans - 7 päeva tagasi
The dull machete for me is Pablo. We only see his camera falling then his death.
clout frame
clout frame - 7 päeva tagasi
I haven't watched you for years and I can still tell this is going to be great
roigo xd
roigo xd - 7 päeva tagasi
Glad my country did this masterpiece
og mxtsy
og mxtsy - 7 päeva tagasi
the movie is a knock off a
movie called * quarantine*
hi i like cats
hi i like cats - 3 päeva tagasi
It's the other way around actually.
RUBIO - 7 päeva tagasi
Left 4 dead 2 the movie
Dy on The block
Dy on The block - 7 päeva tagasi
do rec 2
Polter Boo
Polter Boo - 7 päeva tagasi
I love Rec it is such an awesome horror movie
The version of this they did in the US didn't do justice to this original masterpiece
PoisonClanGaming - 7 päeva tagasi
I fuckn lost it when he said spanish sherman hemsley
Nathan Cochran
Nathan Cochran - 8 päeva tagasi
this is literally the movie quarantine in another language
hi i like cats
hi i like cats - 3 päeva tagasi
Quarantine came out a year after Rec.
Complete TV
Complete TV - 8 päeva tagasi
Wait so the Japanese people ate the infected dog and..... ohhh it makes sense now
ImBored - 8 päeva tagasi
Watching this while quarantined, I felt it was fitting.
OFfie Tales
OFfie Tales - 8 päeva tagasi
Not all dogs are good boys

Some are good girls
hello pizzariamo
hello pizzariamo - 8 päeva tagasi
[rec'] is 100% the same as "Quarantine" in netflix, does anybody notice?
The Insp3ctor
The Insp3ctor - 8 päeva tagasi
Quarantine is a remake of this movie