We Made 'StarterPacks' For 10 Employees Based on their Personalities!

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Have you ever seen those start pack meme's on Instagram, Twitter, or somewhere crazy online? If so, have you ever thought what your starter pack would look like? If so, you're not alone because we've had the same exact thoughts which have led us to create todays video. We created 10 starter packs based on our friends here at Hi5 Studios. We're going around of the office and asking our friends if they can guess who the start pack belongs to, if they guess it right, the person in the starter pack will get to keep all of the items!

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Nicolas Nelson
Nicolas Nelson - 3 tundi tagasi
Matthias has....
5 Brains Cells
4 Accents
3 Channels
2 Kids
1 Wife
Furryisbad gamerisgood Furry be gone
Nice Freddy statue
Lana Eng
Lana Eng - Päev tagasi
Why is Sam so pretty?
youthoughtso - 2 päeva tagasi
the one time woods is actually holding wood
wafflecaiks - 3 päeva tagasi
The camera person's reaction at 11:27
Bugg In A Rug
Bugg In A Rug - 3 päeva tagasi
Honestly, love how much they all know eachother. I wish every work place was like this
Richard Cochrane
Richard Cochrane - 4 päeva tagasi
Oh why is Tanner drinking banks I thought they were allowed in the office
Molly Seago
Molly Seago - 5 päeva tagasi
Hohhot, was I supposed to showaaah, I can’t!😅😂
Jaezel Nayeli
Jaezel Nayeli - 5 päeva tagasi
Me Me
Me Me - 5 päeva tagasi
Madi Wright
Madi Wright - 6 päeva tagasi
Sam's boyfriend was also in Heathers and when I saw him, I screeched
rasa sabzi
rasa sabzi - 6 päeva tagasi
Matt : i saw back hair
Og fans : 😂😂
Joker 1987
Joker 1987 - 6 päeva tagasi
Pat I can agree Wataburger is delicious
annie landry
annie landry - 6 päeva tagasi
oh how i miss videos like this
Cole Millerson
Cole Millerson - 6 päeva tagasi
Samantha is a GODDESS!!
Ethan Finamore
Ethan Finamore - 7 päeva tagasi
Everyone please go sub to the channel Supra bros
Ciara Hadaway
Ciara Hadaway - 9 päeva tagasi
It hurt when they couldn’t pronounce fiyero correctly
YvoTube Gaming
YvoTube Gaming - 9 päeva tagasi
13:11 lmao can i tell you about my boyfriend lmaooo idied
Jim - 9 päeva tagasi
I tried to like 100,000 times but my finger got tired after a while
Big long Shaqtis
Big long Shaqtis - 10 päeva tagasi
16:15 I’m a skater and Sam fuckin triggered me with the mall grab
Random Rambles
Random Rambles - 10 päeva tagasi
Plz do a part 2
I love this stuff and I’m a big fan
Arianna Phillips
Arianna Phillips - 10 päeva tagasi
Getting back from the dealership
Adam Wadsworth
Adam Wadsworth - 11 päeva tagasi
The hole vidio
Adam Wadsworth
Adam Wadsworth - 11 päeva tagasi
BASS PLANET FISHING - 12 päeva tagasi
Listen Matt has a way better beard than that.
Rana Mitchell
Rana Mitchell - 12 päeva tagasi
1:44 *yas boi*
ダニ - 14 päeva tagasi
*Shows starter pack for Pat*
now their talking about matthias’ Success rate
mxnique_mxsina - 14 päeva tagasi
sams bf is diggie smalls from liv and maddie-
Eliza Soriano
Eliza Soriano - 16 päeva tagasi
dude sam is dating THE ryan mccartan ?? YESS
Radical Mary
Radical Mary - 16 päeva tagasi
To be honest I wanted to see Tanner wear the skirt. lol
Aarav’s Movie Clips and More
Aarav’s Movie Clips and More - 17 päeva tagasi
Conner would be heartbroken 😭
Gabriel Gabe
Gabriel Gabe - 17 päeva tagasi
I’m just saying Matthias is to cool for a starter pack
Tinfoyl lord
Tinfoyl lord - 17 päeva tagasi
Matthias, *PROUD* owner of two kids.
cliffy.g - 18 päeva tagasi
isaiahpartin 2
isaiahpartin 2 - 18 päeva tagasi
i cant beet matt
Gui Guy Gaming
Gui Guy Gaming - 19 päeva tagasi
Yeah Matt watched all the marvel movies twice when only iron man was out

JM YT - 20 päeva tagasi
I don’t know if you did this already but... you should do Kevin and in the starter pack is Hand-cuffs and what he wears (Hand-cuffs because he is Security)
Brayden Humpherys
Brayden Humpherys - 20 päeva tagasi
Roze has a cruiser thankyou
Honestly, tanner is the king of cross dressing because this is amazing
Totally not Sunny
Totally not Sunny - 21 päev tagasi
I'm also from Texas waterburger is amazing
Yeti_ Squatch
Yeti_ Squatch - 22 päeva tagasi
Tanner with a crop top... Where is the eye bleach
Maggie Schaal
Maggie Schaal - 22 päeva tagasi
Ok but who else thought tanner as rose without the wig looked like a gay Jake Paul
Ernest Mak
Ernest Mak - 22 päeva tagasi
No one can be same as Matthias
Karim Lababidi
Karim Lababidi - 22 päeva tagasi
Taner’s drinking bang
Alex Deionno
Alex Deionno - 22 päeva tagasi
Matt is a boss not an employee
Jonator - 23 päeva tagasi
owen RAFOLS - 23 päeva tagasi
Watched this video a bunch of times but still laughed of all the jokes😂🤣😅
Disaster Master
Disaster Master - 24 päeva tagasi
Hi 5 is just the office in disguise
Diego Alafa
Diego Alafa - 25 päeva tagasi
at 16:32 there is a face in the window that matt is by
Caleb Monfils
Caleb Monfils - 25 päeva tagasi
Is nobody gonna talk about the fact that Sam maul grabbed cjs board
Allison Gruhn
Allison Gruhn - 26 päeva tagasi
ParDeCoconuts - 26 päeva tagasi
Ok but like, I like disney and I'm negative too. I found my twin
Alina Gonzalez
Alina Gonzalez - 26 päeva tagasi
Alina Gonzalez
Alina Gonzalez - 26 päeva tagasi
Microtel Inn & Suites
Microtel Inn & Suites - 26 päeva tagasi
Starter packs:
Matt:Star wars,Tesla,depressed
Allen Smith
Allen Smith - 26 päeva tagasi
Tanner trying to say Fiyero hurt a little bit...
Abbigail Rogers
Abbigail Rogers - 27 päeva tagasi
Does John Lennon work there now Because Tanner looks like him when he was trying to be Ross
Isaiah Roush
Isaiah Roush - 28 päeva tagasi
Black Swan KotLC Forever
Black Swan KotLC Forever - 28 päeva tagasi
tanner's starter pack: BANG
Kamaura Ealey
Kamaura Ealey - 28 päeva tagasi
Tanner: my dad

Also Tanner: trying not to laugh (edit)
Hannah - 28 päeva tagasi
19:10 ......i may or may not have done that this past week in quarantine.......and have my parents get upset because I'm speaking with the movies...
Britney McGuire
Britney McGuire - 28 päeva tagasi
Wicked fans are cringing at Tanner 😅😬😬
SneakySolidSnake - 29 päeva tagasi
sam is such a team player. i admire her gusto.
Arya Sehajpal
Arya Sehajpal - 29 päeva tagasi
At 18:19 look at Conner’s right hand
Jaida Auger
Jaida Auger - 29 päeva tagasi
Woods is so handsomeeeeee agh
your mom69
your mom69 - 29 päeva tagasi
11:19 i can see you
Gaby Peñalosa
Gaby Peñalosa - 29 päeva tagasi
Welp now we know what happened if another child shows ☝ we know what happened but maybe this time is all the 🌟 wars 🎥
JayRay - 29 päeva tagasi
Sam kinda looks like Charlie damelio
Yung Pizza Roll
Yung Pizza Roll - Місяць tagasi
Sam maul grabbed the skateboard
Mini Ninja
Mini Ninja - Місяць tagasi
Rest In Peace Tanner’s dignity 🤣
steven - Місяць tagasi
Cody Shamp
Cody Shamp - Місяць tagasi
A YouTubers biggest fear is probably copyright strikes
anja playz
anja playz - Місяць tagasi
Matt do be looking like dr robotnic in the thumbnail tho 😂😂
duck dude39
duck dude39 - Місяць tagasi
Da watabergur tho
Master Hunter80
Master Hunter80 - Місяць tagasi
Tanner and Michael gave it away XD
Michael: "Matthias wants to talk to you"
Tanner: "Don't listen to Walmart Matt, listen to Best Buy Matt"
Also Tanner 5 seconds later: "guess who I am"
Working Class
Working Class - Місяць tagasi
bay_max7 - Місяць tagasi
Ashley Trevino
Ashley Trevino - Місяць tagasi
I would put meat sticks for tanner

Tanner sees this comment where my meat sticks
Charlotte Gallivan
Charlotte Gallivan - Місяць tagasi
16:11 who else noticed the mall grab ;)
Johanna Landaeta
Johanna Landaeta - Місяць tagasi
Tomorrow is my birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Addi Duke Da Best
Addi Duke Da Best - Місяць tagasi
Tanner: my dad
Matt: 😂
Me: oh ok nice to know