Here's How YOU Can Help Find a Cure for COVID-19!

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We show you how you can setup Folding@Home, a distributed computation project that allows you to donate your computer's processing power to help model protein dynamics to combat diseases like Parkinsons, Cancer, Huntingtons, and most importantly, COVID-19.
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Nicholas Dubois
Nicholas Dubois - 16 päeva tagasi
I'm downloading folding at home when I get home later, this sounds awesome!
tired shinigami
tired shinigami - 9 päeva tagasi
well im in home quarentine mid nowhere with no land line or reception so like sorry i cant help lol
Joseph N
Joseph N - 10 päeva tagasi
@R T You sound quite pessimistic. Why?
Bryan - 11 päeva tagasi
matrixfull was covid not being a drop down option ever solved?
Joshua Long
Joshua Long - 11 päeva tagasi
I have never seen my own cpu run this hard!
y2kenh - 11 päeva tagasi
i see the linus1 server online!
Paul Elliott
Paul Elliott - Tund tagasi
Just added my rig to the fold!
ROSHAN - 2 tundi tagasi
Just started folding to your team...
jb2590 - 3 tundi tagasi
Team LTT just topped the monthly scoreboard with 120,577,821,036 points! I'm folding on 32 cores Xeon e5-2680v2, and 24 cores Xeon e5-2430. I'm even running on all of the desktops and laptops available. Keep up the good work team LTT! I missed out on the registration for the competition, but I'm folding anyway and getting better than 1 WU per hour for the last 20 hours since I started.
roberto! - 5 tundi tagasi
Matthew Bosley
Matthew Bosley - 6 tundi tagasi
Can you use crypto mining cards for folding. You should not need video output and they are cheap
Steve Siegelin
Steve Siegelin - 6 tundi tagasi
world_wide_wes - 6 tundi tagasi
Just put my 2017 Macbook Pro i7 to work!
Davy Ker
Davy Ker - 7 tundi tagasi
We're less than 1% behind Curecoin! Let's beat them!
Marty Johnston
Marty Johnston - 7 tundi tagasi
Why is the public media not informing the public of the possibility of the public contributing. Be like 2 wives in a Battle of the Builds, 'Wife PC Build-Off', assisting each other, where everyone is a winner. Collaboration.
Ammar Suliman
Ammar Suliman - 8 tundi tagasi
I watching you from Germany,
I like your videos so much,
And i hope to get a gaming pc like your pc,
You make me cry when i see so many amazing technologies things 😭
But so expensive for a student like me
Thank you for this videos. 🌹
goingtoscotland - 8 tundi tagasi
They wanted me on their team so bad.
But I like Steve at GN better. Plus they need more help. Sorry, Linus.
Alex Calder
Alex Calder - 8 tundi tagasi
MrTurboTash - 8 tundi tagasi
Imagine being the IT guy at folding, "we now have more compute power than all of the worlds super-computers combined. Our bottleneck is the humans"
Ton Q
Ton Q - 11 tundi tagasi
shhh! don't talk about mining...
RaiderOfTheLostTwitch - 11 tundi tagasi
How did they combine the waterblocks like that?
Hozay - 13 tundi tagasi
So proud of this community.
Almericus Säxön
Almericus Säxön - 15 tundi tagasi
Leaving a comment so the YT algorithm detects activity and recommends this to more people. Ctrl-C Ctrl V this message.
Sifu Kyle Russell
Sifu Kyle Russell - 16 tundi tagasi
So what are the minimum needed specs for folding? Most people I know have dual core processors or at most an i7 with 16gb of ram. Will a standard PC do anything at all for this or does it have to be some complete abomination from a tech with access to parts most of us will never be able to get?
Yuniko Yato
Yuniko Yato - 18 tundi tagasi
saw you in the ranking list so joined up hoping to help
Fremen On The Sand
Fremen On The Sand - 18 tundi tagasi
wow cool video, especially your server one.

Instructions unclear, joined the gamers nexus folding team.
not left blank not left blank
not left blank not left blank - 23 tundi tagasi
Is the germ theory of disease correct?
Renato Q
Renato Q - 23 tundi tagasi
My ryzen 3900x is working at 100% but my 2070 super is at 40%, any idea why?
R. Rodcast
R. Rodcast - Päev tagasi
2:30 *Banana for scale*
nathan mead
nathan mead - Päev tagasi
If this works on linux mint I'll see if i can get my PC to help with it's AMD phenom ii x2 @3.1GHz, 40GB hitachi HDD and 1GB OEM radeon HD 6450 with 1GB of RAM but i will probably have to do it with ssh
DomDoesCoasters - Päev tagasi
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Chandler Wells.
Chandler Wells. - Päev tagasi
“Pro is the same as teams but it’s £25”
Leslie Savege
Leslie Savege - Päev tagasi
I'm on your team!!!!!!
That pass key is LOOONNNGGGG!!! My computer is an I7 running at full.
I think I have another one I can fold with as well.
Justin Clonts
Justin Clonts - Päev tagasi
rip that case manufacturer
i cant think of their name right now
cgautama - Päev tagasi
Thanks Linus for sharing this. Starting foldingathome. Woohooo
Jose Pina
Jose Pina - Päev tagasi
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Jose Pina
Jose Pina - Päev tagasi
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Gary Wood
Gary Wood - Päev tagasi
"The reason we need two PSUs is 'to fold'" I see what you did there :-D
NeedlessTv‎ Official
NeedlessTv‎ Official - Päev tagasi
If anyone wants to fold for me then here's my team code: 259529
CS: GOPNIK - Päev tagasi
Won't download for me :(
It could be because my internet is 1.3 Mbps
BurstHeartsBlue darts
BurstHeartsBlue darts - Päev tagasi
try later, it is supposed to work with low speed. The minimun requirement is a broadband connection.
oren warsulkr
oren warsulkr - Päev tagasi
Count me on your side
ecmorgan69 - Päev tagasi
It's just 2.5 weeks later from the date this was filmed, and the active CPUs for Team LMG has gone from 19,928 to 182.868 - a 9.18x increase in active users. Well done, Team Linus!
mnky75 - Päev tagasi
Will it work on a a raspberry pi? I have 2 3B's ans a 3B+ i can use.
TexasGTO - Päev tagasi
Just joined Team Linus! I hope this actually does something lol
Peter - Päev tagasi
Super work guys! I’m already a member for many years for this Folding @home project, my only complaint is to Apple....they do not accept that this project is run outside their sandbox app limitations, really too bad considering that there are now 1.2 BILLION Apple devices out there with all powerful cpus and doing nothing to support this Folding program, if only somebody could make this work on for ex. iPad pro’s this could give this folding project even more impact and results!
Will Pearce
Will Pearce - Päev tagasi
Gonna get my windows insider laptop to do this overnight while I'm not using the internet for worl
The Irreverant One
The Irreverant One - Päev tagasi
I don't think mine works, I click fold but it says "inactive".
AlieZ92 - Päev tagasi
So my cpu is working but my RTX 2070 is stuck on 0.00% downloading... uhm what do i do?
BurstHeartsBlue darts
BurstHeartsBlue darts - Päev tagasi
Try double clicking the circle in the GPU menu, i did it and my GPU started working
Dave Sawyer
Dave Sawyer - Päev tagasi
I've been running Folding systems for the better part of ten years. Nothing fancy but have been slowly helping out. In the last year I'm running a stack of HP Proliant G6 and G7 servers with dual Xeons, 16 and 24 core servers. One slot per machine gives very high CPU throughput. Not a patch on the GPUs I know but I was bounding up the stats table. I was eyeing breaking through 50,000 a few weeks back. Then COVID happened, everyone jumps in with their GPUs and server farms and I'm somersaulting back passed 65,000 and towards oblivion. Sore about this? No, flippin way! Way to go everyone! Anyway, I was on team "Default" but I see team "LTT" could do with some help, so I've reconfigured. Check out this animation of the work so far and what this virus looks like. Scary stuff!
Matt Wolf
Matt Wolf - Päev tagasi
This program should be installed on all of the school and office computers not currently being used.
snelhest - Päev tagasi
"The reason we need two power supplies is two-fold" ...
"The reason we need two power supplies is to fold"

I see what you did there.
Tiaan Malan
Tiaan Malan - Päev tagasi
My gpu died...
Levi Olson
Levi Olson - Päev tagasi
What do you mean your breakers don't go any higher? wouldn't 20amp at 120v with 2400w? or 30amp @120v be 3600 watts?
Kieran Jones
Kieran Jones - Päev tagasi
Got my first 2 workloads instantly but havent been able to get one since :(
Devon Federico
Devon Federico - Päev tagasi
I usually always run F@H anyway and it keeps my room warm, but with these issues getting WUs I've had to run Hashcat also to keep my room warm.
Michael M
Michael M - Päev tagasi
I have a rack server more or less idle with 80 cores avil (4x e7-4850) as well as a ai build with 2 rtx 2070s and thread ripper....setting those up now.
Roy Kale
Roy Kale - Päev tagasi
im using a i9 9900k i hope you are happy that i use your link
Matthew's Autograph Collection
So im foldiong at homew but it isnt giving mke the option to contribute to COVID-19 as its not an option?
AlberichY - Päev tagasi
Just check which project you are working on, you can see that in the advanced interface , mine right now is 14372. Go here and put your project number and you will know if you are working with Covid-19.
Faham Parsa
Faham Parsa - Päev tagasi
hey Linus just wanted to point out that the testings are done in a lab and with testing jars what part of that is being done by computers exactly? and plus there are billion-dollar research firms out there that they have multi-billion dollar racks what exactly is this used for? and why the heck they need to know who we are and in what team we are in why is that important ? are they gonna pay us for something or what??
AlberichY - Päev tagasi
You can fold as an anonymous user, there is no need for someone to know who you are. Simulations of how proteins can interact are highly important to generate knowledge about how the virus works. Those simulations are also important to develop possible molecules that target important proteins of the virus to kill it. The amount of time that this computer ("in silico") analysis saves is enourmous and can help to point out the better options to proof in life beings ("in vivo"). Sorry for my bad english.
Roger Bergqvist
Roger Bergqvist - Päev tagasi
Folding with LTT now.
Travis Ratigliano
Travis Ratigliano - Päev tagasi
pick me pick me lol i set mine up!!!
Elijjah Ragas
Elijjah Ragas - Päev tagasi
I want it😭😭😭 (the PC not the coronavirus)
Anthony Jennings
Anthony Jennings - Päev tagasi
Mobile Gaming
Mobile Gaming - Päev tagasi
I had 3 older PCs I set up, I had to go find some cheap monitors though. But, I guess it is worth the $100 I spent.
Đark Moyan
Đark Moyan - Päev tagasi
So its mining but for a good cause!
Matthew Crabb
Matthew Crabb - Päev tagasi
Leaving a comment so the youtube algorithm detects activity and recommends this to more people Crl- C Ctrl V
bluedragon219123 - Päev tagasi
I want to add you can help even more by running Rosetta@home alongside Folding@home! They both work on finding cures, among other things including COVID-19, though in different ways! You can run both at the same time too! Everything helps! :)
MrKalashnik0va - Päev tagasi
*Using my PSP vita*

"I'm doing my part!"
ONEnamelessNAME - Päev tagasi
Why is my GPU not starting to fold
Julien Dragon
Julien Dragon - Päev tagasi
it may take some time to download the package. You can stop folding on your gpu and refold just after to short the time to connect to the server
Vlad Walhalla
Vlad Walhalla - 2 päeva tagasi
All my firms pc’s fight the Chinese Comminist Party Coronavirus. We need more. Help us fight the CCP CORONAVIRUS
クラば - 2 päeva tagasi
silkmantis - 2 päeva tagasi
Thank you for posting this. In just one week I have more than four million points. I have it set to full power 24 hours a day. I feel like i am doing some part, however small it is, to make this world better and rid it of this horrid disease. Working together we WILL defeat this!
Isaac Mega9600
Isaac Mega9600 - 2 päeva tagasi
Linus has officially gained big PP status for this
mRblade brownJr
mRblade brownJr - 2 päeva tagasi
nice to see linus happy
Angel Leonard
Angel Leonard - 2 päeva tagasi
the moment when the pc community decided to help and fold@home
im pretty sure the guys at the other end are baffled
Doctor Bobby Who
Doctor Bobby Who - 2 päeva tagasi
bobby who here my keboad is slow
WoHinGehtDerPunkt? - 2 päeva tagasi
i thought this bitch stopped making videos
eclypse3d - 2 päeva tagasi
I dedicated two of my 48 core servers for the team.....Just sitting in my rack unpowered. Both are configured and running now.
Dave - 2 päeva tagasi
It is all beautiful and for a good cause but do tell the kids to not do it without consulting their parents before their electricity bills skyrocket into the moon.
Giorgio Lo Brano
Giorgio Lo Brano - 2 päeva tagasi
Intel i7-9700k overclocked
Nvidia 2070 super
MSI z390 Tomahawk
Corsair vengeance RGB PRO 32GB 3600mhz
Corsair H150i: 3 maglev push and 2 pull
Corsair 650w 80plus gold
Corsair 275r AIRFLOW (no glass side panel, open af with unlimited supply of air spray dust cleaner)
Task Force 223518: going dark.
Arturo Tabera
Arturo Tabera - 2 päeva tagasi
So, I found some stuff to put to good use. It's located in your warehouse! Don't mind if I do!
Arturo Tabera
Arturo Tabera - 2 päeva tagasi
Hardware older than 3-4 generations is probably too powerhungry and not cost effective. Like oder than 6th gen Intel or 1st gen Ryzen. Same with GPU. I used to run BOINC and f@h for 20 years. It drove my power bill right up my a**.
Cameron Skinner
Cameron Skinner - 2 päeva tagasi
Built a pc today to set this up, hopefully the measley 4790k and 1050ti help a little.
micah schlup
micah schlup - 2 päeva tagasi
intell9900k and 2080 ti both on full tilt for folding at home! lets get it!
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson - 2 päeva tagasi
@8:58 Rudy’s tool