Snoop Dogg RAPPED with Me and my BASS

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I played bass with Snoop Dogg and he rapped with me! it finally happened.
very emotional times
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Davie504 - 9 päeva tagasi
M&M next???
Slap like if you're spittin fax too
Raina Bark
Raina Bark - 6 päeva tagasi
Daniel Trasher told somethig to you in his 'nonsense music to vibe'
Heath Lockwood
Heath Lockwood - 9 päeva tagasi
jop - 9 päeva tagasi
Dr dre!!!!!!!!
jop - 9 päeva tagasi
Just a Dog Without Pizza Rolls
Just a Dog Without Pizza Rolls - 9 päeva tagasi
Soufiane Ait ichen
Soufiane Ait ichen - 9 minutit tagasi
I feel like snoop is very overrated like wtf is that shity fucking rap
Naveen Pandey
Naveen Pandey - 9 minutit tagasi
07:10 what your are searching for
cowchipsbotme - 18 minutit tagasi
Truuuuuumpet man! That was great!
CieQue1214 - 39 minutit tagasi
2:49 damn
JAM DIGITAL - 52 minutit tagasi
and the worst one was??? snoop dog
Dk Nurul
Dk Nurul - 57 minutit tagasi
"He remind me Eminem"
Omg!!!! Not gonna lie, I thought the same thing..
Novin Nabam
Novin Nabam - 2 tundi tagasi
7:10 Davie: OMG Snoop dog just send me his part
The madarfcker Snapchat ads teh teh reh teh teh reh²😂
Complex Patriot
Complex Patriot - 2 tundi tagasi
Fiona Barry
Fiona Barry - 2 tundi tagasi
Hey Dave504 just found Aaron the Bassist age 9 his guitar is sublime.
Alberto Bravo
Alberto Bravo - 2 tundi tagasi
Hey Davie, you should mix all interventions in a single super cool jam song! So sweet! ¬¬
David Baverstock
David Baverstock - 2 tundi tagasi
Pretty half hearted rap by Snoop Dogg there.
samuel guinacaran
samuel guinacaran - 3 tundi tagasi
Alexander Shugayev
Alexander Shugayev - 3 tundi tagasi
trumpet guy is dope
Handrice Boliscar
Handrice Boliscar - 3 tundi tagasi
Yo you shouldve contacter NemRaps !!
Xotiiics YT
Xotiiics YT - 3 tundi tagasi
Butterball Adderley
Butterball Adderley - 3 tundi tagasi
Mike Choe was my favorite.
Jyotirmoy Barman
Jyotirmoy Barman - 3 tundi tagasi
@Davie504 Can you play like Ben Lapps?
Egg Boi
Egg Boi - 3 tundi tagasi
6:00 Jesus?
Egg Boi
Egg Boi - 4 tundi tagasi
those raps were flippin awsome
Николаев Николай
Охуенно! Все молодцы!
И оригинал был крут и постарались все как следует!
Von Andre Acabal
Von Andre Acabal - 4 tundi tagasi
This has to be the best collab episode! Slap is funk
Eros Swu
Eros Swu - 4 tundi tagasi
Damn im waiting for JPolland's video man...
T.C. - 5 tundi tagasi
"Snoop Dog" is a disgusting person. Your priorities are upside down.
Robert Wills
Robert Wills - 5 tundi tagasi
They're all great! Except Snoop's. He phoned it in.
Kyle Guajardo
Kyle Guajardo - 5 tundi tagasi
5:14 Love how the twitch rapper left the rhyme for Davie to plug his merch. GRANDE CERVELLO move.
Lupin D. Third
Lupin D. Third - 5 tundi tagasi
slap that subscribe button on my channel✌️
Rimey - 6 tundi tagasi
4:00 guy was the best
David Perez
David Perez - 6 tundi tagasi
I love you
Ardee Pyro
Ardee Pyro - 6 tundi tagasi
Huang Kee
Huang Kee - 6 tundi tagasi
really nice beat
Lecel - 7 tundi tagasi
now i know who is the best bassist and best rapper, SNOOP DOGG AND DAVIE504
Edit: i have been subbed for 7 years davie, omg
DJ JRDaily
DJ JRDaily - 8 tundi tagasi
Imagine, all of the submissions (and Snoop Dogg) collab...
Selah7 - 8 tundi tagasi
Slap. Smash. O em G.
Shrek - 8 tundi tagasi
Kharizmo - 8 tundi tagasi
That first guy rapping sounded like RWJ when he had YFM.
DJ Gunsick
DJ Gunsick - 9 tundi tagasi
Snoop was a deepfake.
klyn rolle
klyn rolle - 9 tundi tagasi
DAVIE SMILD in the cat rap
klyn rolle
klyn rolle - 9 tundi tagasi
germo jake
germo jake - 9 tundi tagasi
D. Love
D. Love - 9 tundi tagasi
The Kitty rap hands down!!!
19 20
19 20 - 10 tundi tagasi
4:35 he smiled :o
polesxapart - 10 tundi tagasi
EVERYONE was better then snoop dogg unfortunately... very poor performance of snoop dogg, but people will still look to the trade mark, rather to litsten to music closer
MR CHIMP - 11 tundi tagasi
ah yes the highkage of weed village came here
Daelin Proudmore
Daelin Proudmore - 11 tundi tagasi
Not a fan of this cut up editing that youtubers do. They remove any delay between words. Very annoying.
Angel Angel
Angel Angel - 11 tundi tagasi
If you have the balls and change the name of your video to "snoop dogg rapped like shit with me and my bass"..I guarantee you, you will slap the 5 million views by 10/28/20
Michael Haze
Michael Haze - 11 tundi tagasi
You need Kendrick Lamar, sounds straight up like to pimp a butterfly
Jon Pienaar
Jon Pienaar - 12 tundi tagasi
Cat guy ftw - really went to the trouble of fitting lyrics and chorus to the song structure - overall very pro.
David Carlson
David Carlson - 12 tundi tagasi
Everyone is shitting on Snoop but I'd reckon that's because he's the only one high af and improvising lyrics. I'd imagine the others put some planning and editing into theirs
Mikkeyboyy - 12 tundi tagasi
cant see why people dont like
Sergio Raven
Sergio Raven - 12 tundi tagasi
damn so many talented people
Anne Infurna
Anne Infurna - 12 tundi tagasi
I'm Glad that cat Guy jumped down from his cross long enough to rap about his cat, Pepper!
Certainly Christian!
Andresgamer59351 - 12 tundi tagasi
He said this video had to get to 500.000 likes and it only has 380.000 (average) the best person ever davie504
Davide Di Patria
Davide Di Patria - 12 tundi tagasi
Great sound
Fraser Robertson
Fraser Robertson - 13 tundi tagasi
Whatever standard of songwriting you're at, it's so lame to rhyme 'guitar', 'far', 'car', and 'bar'.
Armi How
Armi How - 13 tundi tagasi
I slap that button, dude. You're cool
Souporsalad 956
Souporsalad 956 - 13 tundi tagasi
"His rap is really catchy"
Me: casually forgets every word
Mouquet Rémi
Mouquet Rémi - 13 tundi tagasi
5:21 did anyone found that this guy looks like dave grohl ??
Freya the uncontrollable sausage Davis
5:51 this ones like flight of the concords slap like if you understand
Devaux Antoine
Devaux Antoine - 14 tundi tagasi
I"v been slapped very hard !
LJ_Dude - 14 tundi tagasi
First guy was best.
Nóra Haouas
Nóra Haouas - 14 tundi tagasi
OMG I'm starting to play bass!!! I'm adiccted to bass!!!!!!!
aliens exist
aliens exist - 14 tundi tagasi
macho man said cream of the crop not hulk
N91 - 15 tundi tagasi
Wow. Snoop sucked
Ricardo Van Det Walt
Ricardo Van Det Walt - 15 tundi tagasi
Dude why don't you talk to spencer x he's a great beatboxer can you make a beatboxing sound then he edits it and you play the song if your guitar then you combine those two into one okay at this time i'll talk to you tomorrow bye
Danish Ikhwan
Danish Ikhwan - 15 tundi tagasi
Holy cow all the replies are so good man ?
Danish Ikhwan
Danish Ikhwan - 15 tundi tagasi
Jack Beaudoin
Jack Beaudoin - 15 tundi tagasi
Don't give me no bammer weeed!!!
Founding Farther
Founding Farther - 16 tundi tagasi
John Cusack be looking young these days. 4:00
Márk Magapatona
Márk Magapatona - 16 tundi tagasi
I like it how its actually 420 seconds later after he says "420 seconds earlier..."
Szalas Hut
Szalas Hut - 16 tundi tagasi
Kelly TV
Kelly TV - 16 tundi tagasi
Hi davie number 1 fan here in Philippines 💯💯💯🤟
yotzoman - 17 tundi tagasi
"Tomorrow morning..." part @1:14 has Em vibes. Edit: and then he says the same at the end, lol. Great mind think alike.
hunter erks
hunter erks - 17 tundi tagasi
Mike choe killed it damn
Super Maxzz
Super Maxzz - 17 tundi tagasi
5:12 the ending was soo good + link in description XD
Taylor Bee
Taylor Bee - 17 tundi tagasi
The first guy both looked and sounded like Weird Al
Mr Eplus forlife
Mr Eplus forlife - 17 tundi tagasi
YOU THE BEST OF OUR TIME am so proud of you, i wish i know how to play any guitar, but not withstanding i can still dance to your beat
Some Guy
Some Guy - 17 tundi tagasi
I can't believe you paid for that terrible rap. Wow my granny drops better times and she's been dead for years. Bad Dogg Snoop!
Der Sauerkrautmann
Der Sauerkrautmann - 17 tundi tagasi
his smile is fucking cute
Christoffer Rasmussen
Christoffer Rasmussen - 18 tundi tagasi
I haven't even watched past Mike Choe and i can already say with confidence that he's the winner in my book. Not only was it a great rap, it also shows that he's actually a fan of you.
Props to you Mike, if you're reading this!
UNNOTICED - 18 tundi tagasi
1 and 4
GregStein - Age of empires 2
GregStein - Age of empires 2 - 18 tundi tagasi
Snoop "I'll meet you in the car, standing by the bar".. In what world is that?
emanuel rodriguez
emanuel rodriguez - 18 tundi tagasi
Can you put all the samples together plus a sample rap for a full song!!! Or I’ll slap you!!!!
Michael Naniong
Michael Naniong - 19 tundi tagasi
Damn bro.... No feng E?
rurban75 - 19 tundi tagasi
You paid Snoop for that ? Hopefully you got a refund , he sounded half dead. All the submissions sounded way better.
Jara de Nooijer
Jara de Nooijer - 20 tundi tagasi
will stetson next, atleast u won't waste ur money cuz that snoop dogg rap was beyond garbage. srsly all the rappers b4 that which aren't famous got ya better quality.
Mari Marquez
Mari Marquez - 21 tund tagasi
KaiLeo_11 - 21 tund tagasi
*This is a Christian Channel* 😂😂😂
galawang_ pUtr4gezzz
galawang_ pUtr4gezzz - 21 tund tagasi
i didn't really even know how to play any instruments but i'm willing to learn how to slap bass subs here from phillipines..
V A N B U R N - 22 tundi tagasi
AlphaAdvance - 23 tundi tagasi
4:02 i dont like rap at all, but this one was actually good lmao
mikin lirou
mikin lirou - 21 tund tagasi
Snoop dog and davie colab???
Camilla - 23 tundi tagasi
Snoop dog cameo?
mikin lirou
mikin lirou - 21 tund tagasi
Davie504 orgoglio nazionale!!!
Grizz YT
Grizz YT - 23 tundi tagasi
Why do people dislike?!
Paolo Simonetti
Paolo Simonetti - Päev tagasi
I just can’t stop listening to these masterpieces. Pazzesco
Samuel Phillips
Samuel Phillips - Päev tagasi
My favourite is the cat dude
Titanium Bladezz
Titanium Bladezz - Päev tagasi
I thought you said raped for a sec
Giacomo Landi
Giacomo Landi - Päev tagasi
mfw when snoop was literally the worst, probably due to the weed cannon he was puffing
Dankrupt - Päev tagasi
Regarding the first guy, why on earth would he end the rap without rhyming, that completely ruined his whole rap. The end is the most important part, if you end well, people will remember that and think the whole thing was good even if it wasn’t. Its some psychology type shit
Forbearance Bear
Forbearance Bear - Päev tagasi
First guy had the best rhymes, but his delivery was super corny. Cat dude probably had the best submission.
Steven L
Steven L - Päev tagasi
Mike Choe ( 3:59 ) was my favorite. Mad rap skills and super entertaining.
Anthony Winston Garcia
Anthony Winston Garcia - Päev tagasi
"Snoop dog sent me his rap part....."--
Then a loud freaking ad suddenly popped 🤧
Sheio Da Wolf
Sheio Da Wolf - Päev tagasi