Testing Viral Makeup Hacks!!

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HI SISTERS! In today’s video, I decided to test out a ton of viral makeup hacks! I always see ads on Instagram or Tik Tok for these products that claim to make makeup sooo much easier, but will they actually work or are they a huge scam!? Enjoy!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov
Kestus: 14:32


Pearl G.
Pearl G. - 10 minutit tagasi
Any tips on how to clean brushes?????
Suhelica Roy
Suhelica Roy - 26 minutit tagasi
I love ur videos so much sister. U rock as the most beautiful make up artists i have ever saw ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Strawberry Helena
Strawberry Helena - 43 minutit tagasi
Let us just respect the drip Karen with James' outfit ❤️ literally living for it like nothing else. Sister slayed!! ❤️
OYISHI GHOSH - 45 minutit tagasi
james you look gorgeous it looks perfect
Sol Tula
Sol Tula - Tund tagasi
Nyla G
Nyla G - 2 tundi tagasi
If you need it, here’s the list of eyeshadow shades needed for his cute look:
Emergency Tablet
Labia Menorah
Lima Bean
Bubble Bath
Barney Was Arrested
Goat’s Milk
Peachy Time
Peachy Time - 3 tundi tagasi
these hacks r sus... ._.
Ariel Williams
Ariel Williams - 6 tundi tagasi
Love your intro and I love your work and make up keep going and don't let others poot you down you are very positive!😀🙂
Lorena Barbosa Neuman
Lorena Barbosa Neuman - 6 tundi tagasi
brasileiros marquem presença:
Kristen John
Kristen John - 10 tundi tagasi
Why do people hate James Charles if. You don't like him then you don't like makeup
Cicero - 12 tundi tagasi
1:56 *sniffff* ... *DEMONIC SCREECH*
Cole dixon
Cole dixon - 12 tundi tagasi
"now I am gonna dip into this new shade called Barney was arrested!"
Cole dixon
Cole dixon - 13 tundi tagasi
I love how he said YOLO! in 2020
Brøwnie Bøba
Brøwnie Bøba - 14 tundi tagasi
Did my ears fail me or did he just say now we are going to dip into this colour which is called tampon 😊😂 did he tho 😅
Cloe Dorin
Cloe Dorin - 15 tundi tagasi
James smelling brow thingy
Oh my God!!!!!
Also james hmm a little more 👀
Heather Aurand
Heather Aurand - 15 tundi tagasi
am I the only one that sees these these videos so much later.btw I love you James this is my moms computer I am 9 and I love your vids.
akbangay17 - 16 tundi tagasi

.............. idk..
mouza alneyadi
mouza alneyadi - 18 tundi tagasi
another title: james gets hyped because of a moving brush cleanser
PJ Dimy
PJ Dimy - 19 tundi tagasi
U don't need any make-up, cz u r still handsome
Makala Champagne
Makala Champagne - Päev tagasi
Laminated eyebrows.... kinda seems like a perm.. I mean no wetting eyebrows for 24hrs basically the same. The water would deactivate the ammonium thioglycolate being used to keep your eyebrows in place...
Kem Co Media
Kem Co Media - Päev tagasi
2:31 the fact that he sticks it up his nose. i-
Rocket - Päev tagasi
The hate for the vids tho 😌💅 👁👄👁👍
Sydney Wiley
Sydney Wiley - Päev tagasi
He's got freckles like me
Sadie Pfeifer
Sadie Pfeifer - Päev tagasi
Is that a sock shirt
Clara Junk
Clara Junk - Päev tagasi
I still can not take him seriously lol
Anabel kelly
Anabel kelly - Päev tagasi
It actually doesn't look that bad
Kenzie Readinger
Kenzie Readinger - Päev tagasi
Those the ones I added to my Amazon cart😅
Caroline Kearney
Caroline Kearney - Päev tagasi
James: “I’m just gonna dip into the shade tampon.”

Me: “oop” 👁 👁
Da Star.Stroke Shippers
Da Star.Stroke Shippers - Päev tagasi
Anyone else curious what part of LGBTQ+ he is?I am
Maddyson Chambers
Maddyson Chambers - Päev tagasi
Does anyone notice that James’s jacket is made is Nike socks?
Rebeca Novoa
Rebeca Novoa - Päev tagasi
Ily James
Rooby Khan
Rooby Khan - Päev tagasi
What's the name of that eyeshadow palette 🤔
Chloe Harp
Chloe Harp - Päev tagasi
Love the nails! They're so pretty!
Kågs Høly Sïmp
Kågs Høly Sïmp - Päev tagasi
One question: why is the shade called tampon and why is it red?😗😗
And one statement: I luv the purple BECAUSE it's called barnie was arrested ✨✨💜
Lily De Silva Gibson
Lily De Silva Gibson - Päev tagasi
Are those Nike socks!? COURTNEY, WRITE THIS DOWN!
Destiny Woody
Destiny Woody - Päev tagasi
I have the Lady Gaga palette he used
I'M_SLOWLY_DYING ;-; - Päev tagasi
Im not much of a james charles fan NOT because I don't like him but because even tho I'm female i don't care about makeup but i have to admit he is pretty funny
Cathleen Cathleen
Cathleen Cathleen - 2 päeva tagasi
Random Person:James how many siblings do you have?
James:One brother and 22.9M sisters.
Freak World
Freak World - 2 päeva tagasi
right after this video i got an ad for magnetic eyelashes
Nayelis Luna rivera
Nayelis Luna rivera - 2 päeva tagasi
Why do James smell the makeup?😂
Andie Shepherd
Andie Shepherd - 2 päeva tagasi
James: Trying life hacks
Me: Can't get my eyes off his nails
Penelope Libby
Penelope Libby - 5 tundi tagasi
ya me to
LazyQ XxX
LazyQ XxX - 2 päeva tagasi
I litterly spit out my tea when he said the color was called "tampon", now i have to clean it up T~T
Rollergirls 300
Rollergirls 300 - 2 päeva tagasi
I use magnetic lashes you just need a good magnetic liner and mine are very pretty
Lillian Darland
Lillian Darland - 2 päeva tagasi
The thumb nail got me lol I’m dead
Love u James u are just a positive person and even the hate never gets to you I will all was be a sister and stand bye u luv u so much💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Naz Abidi
Naz Abidi - 2 päeva tagasi
I Love James Charles
alyssa vigil
alyssa vigil - 2 päeva tagasi
i just realized this video came out on my birthday
Nisa Gavazaj
Nisa Gavazaj - 2 päeva tagasi
Haddijatou Jobe
Haddijatou Jobe - 2 päeva tagasi
When he said he was going to dip in to the 'labia minora' @9:31 i died😂💔💀
Becky Harrison
Becky Harrison - 2 päeva tagasi
"I'm a green bean" "Barney was arrested" "Bubble bath" 👁👄👁
Krizyl Scent Losañes
Krizyl Scent Losañes - 2 päeva tagasi
Me focused on james's ears :🤨 and at the same time 😂 bc of the safety pin
Mehajabin Proma
Mehajabin Proma - 2 päeva tagasi
I love your video man💜🇧🇩
Glenn Angulo
Glenn Angulo - 3 päeva tagasi
does anyone know where can i get the 200+ color palette? i actually want them
Gen Z Life
Gen Z Life - 3 päeva tagasi
hey james that brush washer actually works you just have to read the instructions
Rivky Kaplan
Rivky Kaplan - 3 päeva tagasi
I have seen people that have gotten eyeliner tattoo on there eyes so they don’t have to do it every morning
Lala_ 10
Lala_ 10 - 3 päeva tagasi
i swear i thought he said that red color was “tampon” and honestly it would make sense
Trisha Wilking
Trisha Wilking - 3 päeva tagasi
Ok honey...... I can't take you seriously with that suran wrap lookin thing stickin to your face.... But still love your looks! Keep goin baby!😜✌
blxe.bxbblegxm - 3 päeva tagasi
Why would you ever name one of the shades TAMPON? 👁👄👁🤚
lovely aleena
lovely aleena - 3 päeva tagasi
W̺͆h̺͆y̺͆ t̸h̸e̸ s̥ͦḁͦf̥ͦe̥ͦt̥ͦy̥ͦ ρ𝓲ꪀ ⒺⓇⒾⒾⓃⒼⓈᴡʜʏ 𝕤𝕚𝕤ᴛᴇʀ
Olivia Janowski
Olivia Janowski - 3 päeva tagasi
this whole video hurt my soul xd
Jas Pan
Jas Pan - 3 päeva tagasi
James where can I get those freckles? they are so Gorgeous! "Oh wait I cant because its your natrual beauty."☆
Kelty sommers
Kelty sommers - 3 päeva tagasi
I want your number so I can ask questions please I am a huge fan
Poopy ChanChan
Poopy ChanChan - 3 päeva tagasi
Hi sisters
Me : hi Bf
Surprise Animal GAMING
Surprise Animal GAMING - 3 päeva tagasi
James: I recommend this if you don’t sniff solution number 1
Everyone that gets it: *sniffs solution number 1*
Anabella Santos
Anabella Santos - 3 päeva tagasi
What so you can edit now?
Katherine Carr
Katherine Carr - 3 päeva tagasi
James: looking at eyeliner
Me thinking it's soo good
James: sighs 😟
Me: 👁️👄👁️
Jessica Zeman
Jessica Zeman - 4 päeva tagasi
where can i buy that palet lol I don't care if it's cheap I just need packable colors
Jingjing Liang
Jingjing Liang - 4 päeva tagasi
# notsponbynike
Randomness 4eva
Randomness 4eva - 4 päeva tagasi
Catapilla brows
That_one_ Vlogger
That_one_ Vlogger - 4 päeva tagasi
Thanks I just started doing my makeup and this video showed me what hacks work
Max Wang
Max Wang - 4 päeva tagasi
2:48 My hair days be like.......
Pleasekillmeh :3
Pleasekillmeh :3 - 4 päeva tagasi
DoNt Be ShY pUt SoMe MoRe
Jackie Kraus
Jackie Kraus - 4 päeva tagasi
People act like James didn’t get through highschool with all A’s and pre-ap. He doesn’t have time to explain the science to us in depth- but he knows what he’s talking about
Bill Chin
Bill Chin - 4 päeva tagasi
James be like = “This eyeshadow doesn’t look that bad.”
Me = “WOW”
Natty Bear
Natty Bear - 4 päeva tagasi
I’m just starting doing makeup
Natty Bear
Natty Bear - 4 päeva tagasi
Be your self
Elizabeth Wagner
Elizabeth Wagner - 4 päeva tagasi
Why am I addicted to watch this king*-*
Carmel Blount
Carmel Blount - 4 päeva tagasi
You know you made it when you can make junk makeup products look good
Bunny - 4 päeva tagasi
Hey I just found your channel today ☺️
Bunny - 4 päeva tagasi
Snake doesn’t want berries
Snake doesn’t want berries - 4 päeva tagasi
The spiny thingy was the best part
hamburger and sprite
hamburger and sprite - 4 päeva tagasi
6:37 palette name?
Alin nini
Alin nini - 4 päeva tagasi
Me waking up
Also me:hi sisters🌚💅
Zainah Fawaress
Zainah Fawaress - 4 päeva tagasi
First I really want to see James with pink or red lipstick 💄 and second I really want to see the table that James work on lol 😆 😂
ExclusivelyCiCi - 4 päeva tagasi
Love the shirt!
It's Noora
It's Noora - 4 päeva tagasi
James:Bella Hadid
I love you James you are the light im the dark! :D
JAREMAE CELEDONIO - 4 päeva tagasi
I really need it in school and actually my Phone is HTC And we don't have enough money to buy a new phone so i hope James Charles that you'll see my message cause i really need it😢😷 I hope you'll give me a phone its ok if it's used already🙏🙏
Rhiley James
Rhiley James - 4 päeva tagasi
hi i love you
Chloe Gott
Chloe Gott - 5 päeva tagasi
I honestly wish “Barney was arrested” was an acc shade name
Jayda Pickett
Jayda Pickett - 5 päeva tagasi
He is litterly so butiful without makeup
samuel rodriguez
samuel rodriguez - 5 päeva tagasi
i DIED when he said "BaRnI GoT ArReStEd" hahha i cant spell😂
Trinity Rosegates
Trinity Rosegates - 5 päeva tagasi
I think James should Trade Followers with Charli.
Rhianna Morgan
Rhianna Morgan - 5 päeva tagasi
Dead ass have his pallet and that pallet that has three different ones... im glad im not the only... love you james❤.
I literally don't use it cause your pallets my favorite. Im like in love with it.
Amber B.
Amber B. - 5 päeva tagasi
James: "This is so unnecessary " Also james : What do I wear today? The jacket made of nike socks will do.
Rebecca McAreavey
Rebecca McAreavey - 5 päeva tagasi
can we just talk about the intro for a second?!?! Btw I'm new here!
Melody Mertinaz
Melody Mertinaz - 5 päeva tagasi
Did I hear this correctly 9:22 “tampon”
꧁kenma kozum gaming ꧂
꧁kenma kozum gaming ꧂ - 5 päeva tagasi
James crew:wow that’s the best contour you’ve ever looked
James:you guys are literally on crack
E Jewell
E Jewell - 6 päeva tagasi
When James makes fun of the eyeliner being bad but then you do your eyeliner and it turns out it looks the exact same, but its the best you've ever done.
Jordan Barnett
Jordan Barnett - 6 päeva tagasi
James Charles I was going to get your Make up palet but then my mom said no idk why she said no
Rebecca-Ruth McEnespy
Rebecca-Ruth McEnespy - 6 päeva tagasi
I'm going to go watch ⌚ a couple more vids
Rebecca-Ruth McEnespy
Rebecca-Ruth McEnespy - 6 päeva tagasi
I love your blog and your hair 😍 💕