J.J. Watt and other NFL players push back on the new NFL CBA proposal | Get Up

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Mike Greenberg, Dan Graziano, Marcus Spears and Desmond Howard react to Houston Texans DE J.J. Watt and other players taking to social media to express their opinions of the NFL’s new collective bargaining agreement proposal to change the playoff format to 14 teams, while also implementing a 17-regular game regular season.
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SlowMotion - 24 päeva tagasi
Some Guy on the Internet
Some Guy on the Internet - 27 päeva tagasi
The players are uneducated because they don't want their vacation time taken away?
Shoney Carpenter
Shoney Carpenter - 28 päeva tagasi
92 percent of nfl players make more than 99 percent of regular human beings in America. Idk why these dudes are making it seem like the average nfl player is broke and that they needs this CBA to get some extra cash.
luka832 - Місяць tagasi
Interesting thing they mentioned here that owners don't need the paycheck so are in better bargaining position. That maybe true but they still fightin' for every penny like they're on minimum wage
Jarvis Austin
Jarvis Austin - Місяць tagasi
A lot of people are saying JJ Watt tweet is uncalled for. But carry on. Everyone opinions is just like buttholes. Not looking at from the outside looking in.
Xxxx Big Rich
Xxxx Big Rich - Місяць tagasi
I'm for the players not the owners! I watch because of the players because if the players didn't play than it will be Rugby or the CFL stop guys you guys work for espn of course you're gonna side with the owners. Just stop being phony guys
Keepyourjob Keepyourjob
Keepyourjob Keepyourjob - Місяць tagasi
Funny how these players feel like they deserve this..they need to wake up ..all those players make more than the average American ..shut up ..
Jacob Sandowski
Jacob Sandowski - Місяць tagasi
See, why are they trying to up the schedule with games, why don’t just change the preseason from 4-2 games, and change the regular season from 16-18 or however they want it. Same number of games, just counted differently.
Duyan Tso
Duyan Tso - Місяць tagasi
Multi Millionaires pretending to be common folk and crying about wanting more money from billionaires
Cry us a river and go jump in it
That1Dude 44
That1Dude 44 - Місяць tagasi
These guys except for the guy on the right just lost a ton of credibility!.. they literally sound as if they were just handed envelopes from the NFL!..not a good look at all!!
That1Dude 44
That1Dude 44 - Місяць tagasi
Never listen to a man that says "I think, I believe or I feel!"!!..
John Johnson
John Johnson - Місяць tagasi
I have a solution. Here's a win-win CBA:

1. Extend the NFL regular season from 17 weeks to 18 weeks, with an added bye week for each of the 32 teams. This will effectively generate another game's worth of television revenue, since many fans will still tune into Red Zone on their teams week off due to the popularity of gambling and fantasy sports. Ticket revenue is not as important as TV revenue.
2. Keep Thursday Night games, from week 3 until week 15, with the stipulation that the teams be coming off one of their two bye weeks.
3. Keep the divisions in place for the sake of rivalries, but now only teams will now play their divisional opponent once per season instead of two. And the playoffs will be seeded 1-6 by conference standing, regardless of divisional finish. This one is for all the fans of the Bills, Jets and Dolphins out there.
4. Increase the active roster from 53 to 60 players, with a 10 player practice squad. Increase the game-day rosters from 45 to 55 players to get snap counts down all across the board.
5. The players will still get 48% revenue, however the 2% difference will be used generate a comprehensive health insurance fund for all players who make it onto a game-day roster or who accrue more than 6 weeks time. Leftover funds will go towards creating annuities for retired players and their families and will be allocated for charitable donation to various causes to be chosen by a committee of veteran players, with three such causes determined a priori: 1. Supporting veterans of the United States Military by helping them with medical services, counseling, career-training, job placement and other services. 2. Helping at-risk children growing up in poor areas that are lacking in resources by providing them with more access to books and computers and safe places to spend time outside of school hours. 3. Providing counseling, job training and other resources to help parolees assimilate to outside life and escape the PIC revolving door. These charitable endeavors will not only be charitable, but will also serve the additional purposes of sating the players interests in social justice as well as "protecting the shield" from PR damage done during the Kaep saga.
6. Allow teams to have a 4 week, 8 week and 12 week injured reserve list with 4, 3, and 3 (10 total) additional available roster "spots" but the Salary Cap will count only the highest 60 contracts out of the 80 total player spots.
7. Move the trade deadline to week 10 out of 18, with each team having played 9 of their 16 games.
8. Commission a group of retired players and coaches, to work along side representatives of the 32 owners to form a committee to develop a more consistent off-field personal conduct policy with guidelines and rules instead of the commissioner constantly caving to public opinion
9. No more drug testing for players for recreational drug use, only steroids.
10. Implement a more legitimate PED testing policy. Reduce the allowed time for urine sample submission from 24 hours to 12 hours, however, to save players (and the league) from public shame, failed tests will not be made public until the third failed test.
11. Keep Franchise tag, but players may only be tagged for one season.

You're welcome.
Maxima - Місяць tagasi
JJ is a has been
Mike McElligott
Mike McElligott - Місяць tagasi
All overpaid jacks...... Waaaaaaaah!!!
Christopher Campbell
Christopher Campbell - Місяць tagasi
A lot of hockey players are offered more money overseas.
Romanellochw - Місяць tagasi
LOL, like most of everyone else they live check to check. GTFO.
Qualified Automotive Solutions
Qualified Automotive Solutions - Місяць tagasi
$100 million just isnt enough anymore. jj needs $200 million.
Yo Yo
Yo Yo - Місяць tagasi
All J.J. Watt did was make his vote public.
Exoress Delivers
Exoress Delivers - Місяць tagasi
The minimum salary football players earning years are about 7 years unless they are the top 10%. After that they have to live on what they earned during those 7 years about $3.5 million ($500K a year). Upon leaving the NFL that's about $70K a year for the next 50 years. So they aren't living large.
Lucky X. Yang
Lucky X. Yang - Місяць tagasi
They talking about players not getting paid enough.... I'm over here like... I don't even get over 100k
King Kosta
King Kosta - Місяць tagasi
This is their job..these analyst work for a corporation that looks out for the interest for other corporations..they are not here to be for the players and this is why players hate..literally hate the media...
Anthony Ray
Anthony Ray - Місяць tagasi
None of the people on here understand collective bargaining
Bill Gehring
Bill Gehring - Місяць tagasi
No opinion on this deal, but Bakhtiari comment, cmon man. They're not going to allocate revenue based on headcount.
Ryan Bowser
Ryan Bowser - Місяць tagasi
I'm a sitting chairman of my local labor union.
Marcus Spears clearly doesn't understand what an actual strong union looks like. Of course you're operating from a position of strength. NFL players are positively identical to any other laborer in the world. You're offering your time and services in exchange for a cut of the pie. It doesn't matter what your cut of the pie is in relation to your coworkers, your voice matters just as much. There's one key point here to make: if all members are on the same page about what they want and who they want it for, there's an obvious vote to be had. But as Greeny said, there's a massive pay gap in this union. It's inherently dysfunctional. That doesn't mean it's weak. You can still fight for a better deal for those with grievances within your shop. However, once that vote comes down and a majority is had, you're stuck with it. So either put the work in on the ground with your coworkers to back your grievances and fight for a better deal, or accept your minority status.
Uncle Stinky
Uncle Stinky - Місяць tagasi
Greenberg is right. Collectivism sounds good to some people on paper, but in the end you get stuck with what other people want. All the issues Greenberg brings up with the differences between the players is true to greater magnitudes in society at large, but something tells me Greenberg does not see collectivism in society with the same clarity.
Uncle Stinky
Uncle Stinky - Місяць tagasi
This deal might be less than the players could get, but Bahktiari is looking at the issues too simplistically. It does not make sense to compare the 48-52% split because the owners have to pay all the team expenses out of their 52%. Such as coach's salaries, all expenses around the training facility, travel, stadium expenses, insurance and legal expenses, etc. Also, the pie will be bigger with one extra game. The value of the players original 48% would grow, so the .5% is not the only increase. Which is not to say that this is a good deal, it is just that Bahktiari's rationale is off.

Only the owners know if this is the best deal the players could get. Everyone else is guessing.
Taskophilus Tanner
Taskophilus Tanner - Місяць tagasi
These guys are cheerleaders for the owners.
BertSesh - Місяць tagasi
Are you fully educated on what your talking about?! Did you read the rest of the 200 page and what that proposes?
prazertv - Місяць tagasi
JJ Watt can shoot out whatever tweet he wants. This panel is full of clowns!
George Parker
George Parker - Місяць tagasi
Really what the players need to do is put a cap on QB salaries, it's unbelievable that they make so much more than everyone else
George Parker
George Parker - Місяць tagasi
The Players are weak because they are not United
77kirkwood - Місяць tagasi
Go on Strike, so we can watch replacement players.
011 - Місяць tagasi
The average salary in the US is $45k, the NFL league minimum (not average) is $510k in 2020. Cry me a river.
Lisa Smythe
Lisa Smythe - Місяць tagasi
Wow! I thought Pat McAfee was exaggerating espn commentators take on the new contract. Guess what? He wasn't. They are not even trying to pretend that the players have legitimate concerns. Did espn tell them to do this to keep their jobs or is the nfl straight up giving them payola.
Black knight
Black knight - Місяць tagasi
Marcus Spears your not in the league the nfl pays you to say everything you do on tv. You just don’t want him to spread his opinion cause the nfl tells you to try to silence him
C.J. Hill
C.J. Hill - Місяць tagasi
It's obvious the NFL should add one more playoff team in each conference and keep the 16 game schedule. Preseason used to be 6 games back in the day With a 14 game schedule that's brutal.
Evan Dautzenberg
Evan Dautzenberg - Місяць tagasi
Your being payed way too much! Either you play or you don't !!!
Garrison Pulley
Garrison Pulley - Місяць tagasi
The minimum contract in the nfl is 495,000 and greeny has the guts to actually tell us these guys are living paycheck to paycheck
F C - Місяць tagasi
F C - Місяць tagasi
horrible proposed CBA but...week to week? paycheck to paycheck? really?
You lost my respect on that one.
their minimum salary is what at least 200k a year?
I work hard, my kid just graduated a 4 year university and he makes 60k a year....
Please tell me how making AT LEAST 200k a year is living paych3ck to paycheck.
Mike Ehrcke
Mike Ehrcke - Місяць tagasi
We still need more from what I got is swapping last preseason game and making it a regular season game, adding 2extra playoff teams and allowing weed. In exchange you want more money think you get the weed and the extra game gives you more incentives more money should be going to owners that’s how Capitalism works welcome to the US. I can understand the check for the extra game as I heard it only caps at 250k. Still not understanding the big issue need more details as far as I heard it’s not too bad of a deal the contracts for that game need work
Abi Hamal
Abi Hamal - Місяць tagasi
Everybody going to the xfl lmao
Scott Martinez
Scott Martinez - Місяць tagasi
JJ W is a grown a** man who knows what he saying, He does not need to follow your apologetic leftist narrative.
Johnny Li
Johnny Li - Місяць tagasi
more gambling = more money for star players and owners
Agent August
Agent August - Місяць tagasi
This is why the NFL players will always lose out. Because this kind of thinking. The NFLPA, told the guys for at least the last three years, save up and be prepared for a work stoppage just in case. Now the NFLPA need to concerned themselves with 70% of players who live on "paycheck to paycheck" on 150k+ a year? If I were in charge, I would tell the 70%(...yea it's not 90% Marcus Spears is being way too dramatic)of players, bunk up... grab a loan..sale cars.. because you can only succeed if you are willing to fail. Get up
.bunch of idiots( although I tend to like Greeny), it's clear the show runners are afraid of pissing off the NFL.
G Kenobi
G Kenobi - Місяць tagasi
Reasons why XFL is guna be the new American football
G Kenobi
G Kenobi - Місяць tagasi
If the minimum is guna raise then that just says there's a new minimum and that 1% raise of merch Is a joke. Whos names are on the jerseys and who are attracting fans. The players!
Swol Team 6
Swol Team 6 - Місяць tagasi
Compared to the NBAPA, the NFLPA is a dumpster fire. That's on the players.
Ross Montreal
Ross Montreal - Місяць tagasi
Well sorry but there’s every day people that only make 50 thousand a year and practice players make more than that for 20ish weeks.
PunjabiM8 - Місяць tagasi
Education is not a strong suite for the NFLPA for obvious reasons
Banquet Meal
Banquet Meal - Місяць tagasi
Lol did Greenberg really just say NFL players are living paycheck to paycheck?
the truth
the truth - Місяць tagasi
If you're gonna be against something everyone should have at least 1 specific reason they could explain to anyone, I haven't heard anything but "nah bruh" 😂
the truth
the truth - Місяць tagasi
& some of these dudes brag about playing from the ivy league 🤦‍♂️
Steve Wagner
Steve Wagner - Місяць tagasi
Player tweets can be and are part of the negotiation process.
Chris M
Chris M - Місяць tagasi
I love Marcus Spears. - Any video he's in, he's never the first to speak and you can see him listening quietly. Not just waiting for his turn to talk, but to really hear what the other guys say, before he says something.
rich majors
rich majors - Місяць tagasi
that extra game,if the players arent getting a piece of the pile,,nope...
Lyric X
Lyric X - Місяць tagasi
So they want 17 games? Okay for all of the stars they can sit out. Problem solved. I dont want to hear any problems that a millionaire has on his couple of months job.
Oakland Legendary
Oakland Legendary - Місяць tagasi
Avreage nfl player gets 580 thousand a year plus bonuses stfu
Oakland Legendary
Oakland Legendary - Місяць tagasi
Lmao we know who works for owners stfu
JoshP0415 - Місяць tagasi
Lol paycheck to paycheck, the league minimum is $400k for active roster. Practice squad guys may $8,000 a week or $32,000 a month. These guys are making in month what the lower middle class make in a year. JJ Watt won’t play more than 10 games a season, and he’s not nearly as talented as the either of the Bosa brothers, even in his prime.
Fritoz - Місяць tagasi
A room full of NFL shills in that ESPN studio.
Esaa Mikal
Esaa Mikal - Місяць tagasi
Maybe the other players aren’t being heard! So why not have a well known player speak out???
brand robert
brand robert - Місяць tagasi
The nfl is full of a bunch of low IQ people with onset cte. Just be happy you all are in the top 1 % for playing with a ball and hitting people.
mi4k20 - Місяць tagasi
NFL players have to be the dumbest players on the earth. They are scared to go on strike.
Roddy Richardson
Roddy Richardson - Місяць tagasi
none of them are the same option, but it's still an option
Brobeans - Місяць tagasi
If 90% of the league lives paycheck to paycheck, they need to learn how to spend their money... I understand it sucks cause the superstars can spend it like its nothing but if you earn that much money, there is absolutely NO way you have to live paycheck to paycheck
TheWarPrimeMinister - Місяць tagasi
Gotta get that MLBPA
OKAYYYY - Місяць tagasi
Sherman can't cover
Jr Salinas
Jr Salinas - Місяць tagasi
Why do players fines cover for. Ex NFL injury etc insurances. Etc. Why should the players. Pay..the owners. Should ..let me negotiate smh...
Deon Taylor
Deon Taylor - Місяць tagasi
If the players don't play the owners don't make money period!
Deon Taylor
Deon Taylor - Місяць tagasi
Kids watch this. Football is THE MOST IDIOTIC sport in the world to play. The NBA players the MLB players Soccer players Tennis player are all smarter than these clowns.
weakbrainthrombosis - Місяць tagasi
What you have to do is figure out the amount of lost profit a strike would cause the owners, then counter with a labor proposal that costs them 5% less. How it gets distributed is still debatable, but I do think more money should go towards raising the league minimum salary and the lower end of the wage scale. If your a player who is in the top 10% of the league, you probably have a lot of other available revenue streams, and a lot of the top stars in the nfl can make more money from endorsements as they do from their playing contracts.
Jaciel Hernandez
Jaciel Hernandez - Місяць tagasi
Xfl looking nicer and nicer
Joshua Lawrence
Joshua Lawrence - Місяць tagasi
Bruh this is unbearable to watch, everybody on this panel is a shill for the NFL
Big Travis
Big Travis - Місяць tagasi
Every workforce faces the same dilemma, new hires will give concessions for another $1.50 an hr while the long time workers at the top of the pay scale can hard line negotiations because they make plenty
John Morin
John Morin - Місяць tagasi
Fu Fu watts is talking trash Frankenstein Jr. is a clown the Texans what a joke.
shuatreee - Місяць tagasi
Dan Graziano is a corporate stooge. Thanks for repeating what the owners asked you to.
C J - Місяць tagasi
Folk in here talking about paycheck to paycheck fail ta realize that when you want these players to play like men!!!!!.. then they get fined/suspended which takes away half of their coin. They want ta be paid the way they should get paid cause when it comes down to tv ratings etc the NFL is a monster and the players want ta get paid just like other leagues pay out when they get new tv contracts. Other leagues can smoke marijuana for pain etc while football players take drugs most of us can't pronounce🤷🏾‍♂️. Sooner, or later the league is gonna ostracize quarterbacks outta the locker room chemistry
Gabriel Gonzalez
Gabriel Gonzalez - Місяць tagasi
17 games here we go!! Can't wait.... suit up foo
METAL HEAD - Місяць tagasi
Play 18 games 2 preseason
Cloud GAMING - Місяць tagasi
.....The players are getting a raise.. and its the worst deal in the history of sports.. Come on man...