Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max!

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Full comparison of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max, including camera, battery, specs, features, and price! Giveaway link:
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Chevy423 Bro
Chevy423 Bro - 3 tundi tagasi
Besides apple does to quickly
Chevy423 Bro
Chevy423 Bro - 3 tundi tagasi
Samsungs big screen is way better than iPhones small screen
alicus - 4 tundi tagasi
s20 ultra❤❤
NEON CITY - 4 tundi tagasi
Samsung s20 ultra-I have 16 gigs of ram.
Iphone-Hold my optimisation.

Apple users know what it is not Android users.
Let fools be fools.
Apple lovers like.
Chandan Sethy
Chandan Sethy - 4 tundi tagasi
Please give me
Er. SOORAJ VERMA - 4 tundi tagasi
Good to see all stuff with futuristic feel.
mesfer alotiby
mesfer alotiby - 4 tundi tagasi
The sound system for your video is bad
Gday Osandu
Gday Osandu - 5 tundi tagasi
Apple fans mad😂
Santiago S
Santiago S - 5 tundi tagasi
The iphone will hold it's value way better, you can sell it in 2 years at a very good price and buy a new one
Matthew Bullard
Matthew Bullard - 5 tundi tagasi
Lmao iPhones are garbage like seriously you got the samsung fold and flip and now we got the s20 you'll be stupid to get an iPhone and now it's faster than iPhone and you can't say it's buggy because it has 16gb of ram lmao sheep
William Lemoine
William Lemoine - 5 tundi tagasi
IPhone is trash
Poonam Poswal
Poonam Poswal - 5 tundi tagasi
Samsung is best
abhishek singh
abhishek singh - 5 tundi tagasi
Love the galaxy s20 Ultra
yeet boi
yeet boi - 6 tundi tagasi
i swear if i win this I will literally jump off a building, i would probably break my legs but my phone would be fine
Rhys H
Rhys H - 6 tundi tagasi
Samsung is honestly getting better and better every single year...
Apple are just repeat shit...

I used to be an Apple guy but I got the S10+ for a change and never looked back. Honestly, I advise all iPhone users to try Samsung, its mind blowing how much you guys are missing out on, and from much less cost 😁
ayo akingbaso
ayo akingbaso - 6 tundi tagasi
Love ur videos 😎
THE ONE - 7 tundi tagasi
Samsung's screen will suck battery like a vampire!. 😂🤣 That cracked me up real good
Rudolf Wisteria
Rudolf Wisteria - 7 tundi tagasi
So who is better?
Eugene Wangchuck
Eugene Wangchuck - 7 tundi tagasi
No one comments about sensor size. I believe that the main camera is 1/1.3 and f1.8. I don't care about 108mp. If so, low light is better than sony rx100mk7 which is f2.8.
Nick C
Nick C - 7 tundi tagasi
Ultra end phone?
Ty w
Ty w - 8 tundi tagasi
This reeks of an apple sponsorship. 🤔
Ladyv Walls
Ladyv Walls - 8 tundi tagasi
Is it for metropcs
Grotesque Angel
Grotesque Angel - 9 tundi tagasi
you forgot about DEX .a very cool feature . im using samsung Dex everyday , so most of the time im not even turning on my pc
Ali Hasnayn
Ali Hasnayn - 9 tundi tagasi
Its all about the Note 10 Plus 5G 😀😀🙂
I do not like the square cameras sticking out of the back of this S20. 😏
Brenden Nabors
Brenden Nabors - 9 tundi tagasi
I know, I know..... but its
Grotesque Angel
Grotesque Angel - 9 tundi tagasi
depends where ur living ;)
nicolas Diaz jr
nicolas Diaz jr - 10 tundi tagasi
His voice is so soothing
Roman Romero
Roman Romero - 10 tundi tagasi
iphone is kinda raped by S20 ultra this time 😂
علي عماد
علي عماد - 10 tundi tagasi
انه ستفت ايي 😂
Remy B
Remy B - 11 tundi tagasi
The iPhone just makes me cringe.
Struggler boyz
Struggler boyz - 11 tundi tagasi
david rose
david rose - 11 tundi tagasi
Great video! Very informative!
Stephen Cadden
Stephen Cadden - 11 tundi tagasi
face id is not secure. How do I know well I'm a dude and my daughters phone thinks I'm her when I pick it up. So I get full access which is definitely odd.
rac3r5 - 11 tundi tagasi
Let's be honest about the premium look of both phones, chances are that most people are just going to put their phone in the case cause the glass screens on both phones won't survive a 2 foot drop on the pavement without cracking.
Kubilay O
Kubilay O - 11 tundi tagasi
So glad that I found your channel. That was really a good comparison at hand. By the way I support flat screens on smartphones and flagships. Samsung's repairs get crazy expensive because of curved screen and it really decreases durability as well with that kind of exposure and have to add screen protectors can't stay on the curved screens as well.
Rakesh Yadav
Rakesh Yadav - 11 tundi tagasi
MrQuidestveritas - 12 tundi tagasi
2 years of software updates for Samsung is just painful.
Believer - 12 tundi tagasi
Bit insane that 2 phones a year isnt that much anymore.
DenThygo - 12 tundi tagasi
Imagine a phone where you can put a lens on, that'd be dope
Ajay Kisku
Ajay Kisku - 12 tundi tagasi
Heavy gaming material💣💥
Federico Remy
Federico Remy - 12 tundi tagasi
I feel like having an 108 megapixel sensor to make 12 megapixel photos is stupid no matter the proccessing behind it, wouldn’it it be simpler to make a better and bigger 12 megapixel sensor?. I guess not for marketing
Bad Birch
Bad Birch - 12 tundi tagasi
Me: screenshot
Mrwhosetheboss: screen grab
Otto von Wolf
Otto von Wolf - 13 tundi tagasi
Why are you out here trying to argue about pointless shit? Buy a Samsung if you want, buy an iPhone if you want. Go get a life😂
Christopher Da Silva
Christopher Da Silva - 13 tundi tagasi
CONLUSION???? 😂😂😂 little typo my friend
Pectro lyte
Pectro lyte - 13 tundi tagasi
Where is the give away rules?
Tigra Gaming
Tigra Gaming - 13 tundi tagasi
Samsoung tears apple apart
Norberto Perez
Norberto Perez - 13 tundi tagasi
I have the Samsung 9 and I love it I came from an Apple phone and I hate it
Naldy Diaz
Naldy Diaz - 13 tundi tagasi
"Now offers so much more than the iPhone counterpart"? No, bro. Samsung (and Android) has ALWAYS offered much more than iPhone's counterpart. It's just now glaringly obvious to YOU, and you can't possibly deny it in any quantifiable or logical way. Glad you finally came to this conclusion, though.
E R - 13 tundi tagasi
It’s not 120hz at WQHD. Only at FHD. Absolute fucking failure. One is 6 months ahead then the previous. These comparisons are completely retarded. It doesn’t matter. It depends what you want. Apple will always be boring, better optimized and virtually bug free with far less tech. It’s just shows how far behind Samsung actually is. $1600? For that price on an iPhone it will destroy any Samsung from now until 2023. 4gb iPhone ram vs 16gb Samsung ram and iPhone is keeping up just fine. That shows you all you need to know. Real life use is what matters. Samsung. Failure. Again.
ravulapalli rishi
ravulapalli rishi - 13 tundi tagasi
your clear view and neat explanation helped me last time for me to have a good mid-range phone but now please help me out on any good high range phone by the way you explain the details about the phone very well than any other tech review on youtube wish you luck.
Kimberly Pragados
Kimberly Pragados - 13 tundi tagasi
First time to watch a phone review that i enjoy😁 thank you😍
Sandhu Haider
Sandhu Haider - 14 tundi tagasi
Best phone Samsung S20 ultra Any Phone 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Best camera
eduardo crespo
eduardo crespo - 14 tundi tagasi
Yeah that galaxy might be the coolest phone but let's be all real and a year or two that phone will be stuttery because that's what galaxies known for. If you buy a iPhone you're going to buy expensive technology but that s*** is buttery smooth. If you want to Android that's buttery smooth as well you buy a Google phone and it's going to be buttery smooth for three plus years. Either way it's up to you guys fixated mind in what's is a quality over quantity 🤨
Cammyboi - 14 tundi tagasi
My Note9 looks like a rock in comparison to the S20 Ultra
Arif Mohd
Arif Mohd - 14 tundi tagasi
It's a amazing phone, i have seen ever. Its Samsung
Vivek Panwar
Vivek Panwar - 14 tundi tagasi
ok, I'm gonna wait for certain decades so I can buy this on my savings
Fernando Munguia
Fernando Munguia - 14 tundi tagasi
Raise your hand if you just got the galaxy s10 last week and now you regret everything
Yoshua Brao
Yoshua Brao - 15 tundi tagasi
Can I have the Samsung s20 ultra cause I don’t have a phone
Manoj Biswas
Manoj Biswas - 15 tundi tagasi
2019 best Android flagship killer smartphone 🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️
sangam suketia
sangam suketia - 15 tundi tagasi
Almost all points covered
Alefiyah Ezzy
Alefiyah Ezzy - 15 tundi tagasi
I think the samsung m30s has a bigger battery with 6000 mah.