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From director Kelly Reichardt and starring John Magaro, Orion Lee, and Toby Jones. First Cow - Now Playing.
RELEASE DATE: March 6, 2020
DIRECTOR: Kelly Reichardt
CAST: John Magaro, Orion Lee, and Toby Jones
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Kestus: 01:53


Łukasz Polak
Łukasz Polak - 3 päeva tagasi
The main dude is a mix of Diego Luna and Paul Dano
Many Dog
Many Dog - 5 päeva tagasi
Thanks Frash
Alan CL
Alan CL - 7 päeva tagasi
¿Que pe2? ¿Por qué esto está en la lista de reproducción "Desde Mar" de Dama G?
Cole - 15 päeva tagasi
If It's Gay, then I'm In.
Thanks for the inspiration and the encouragement!!
0:43 💗🎥💝
Burlagos_ FMS
Burlagos_ FMS - 18 päeva tagasi
Steffen AM
Steffen AM - 19 päeva tagasi
I want to see this movie, but it´s not released here in Europe yet except on the Berlinale last february. Hope it will be released on DVD or blu Ray.
William Neal
William Neal - 19 päeva tagasi
The sad thing is the "people" who need this agitprop will never see or be moved by it. Hope is the people will and will mmmmmoooooove those "people" along.
BoN BoN - 20 päeva tagasi
How am I supposed to watch it now with the curse
Brian Webber
Brian Webber - 21 päev tagasi
Hope this actor cow was treated well and won’t be slaughtered in future
Joseph Wolf
Joseph Wolf - 21 päev tagasi
So good!
Earl of Wickshire
Earl of Wickshire - 22 päeva tagasi
Do they reach their whole arms up the cow’s butt to shake hands as friends?
Momo Hachmy
Momo Hachmy - 23 päeva tagasi
First time I know you can make cookies from milk
Ger Unkwon
Ger Unkwon - 24 päeva tagasi
how did they get footage of me and my friends chillin in the backyard?
Kristin Kay
Kristin Kay - 24 päeva tagasi
im hoping they didnt butcher the cow. or im gonna end up crying
Johny Ricco
Johny Ricco - 24 päeva tagasi
Yer fond of me pancakes, ain't ye?
Christian Anderson
Christian Anderson - 24 päeva tagasi
Okay, somebody give A24 all of the Oscar's forever. . .
Christopher Penney
Christopher Penney - 24 päeva tagasi
Someone please invent a product to bookmark a movie trailer and be automatically reminded to see it when it comes out.
Der WasserBastard
Der WasserBastard - 25 päeva tagasi
Like si vienes por Dama G a very este trailer
Maria Rohmer
Maria Rohmer - 26 päeva tagasi
More cow please. I mean it is in the title. lol
Love you, Kelly Reichardt. I'm devoted to all of your films.
Josef Lindholm
Josef Lindholm - 27 päeva tagasi
Just heard an enthusiastic NPR review.....
Mauricio Merida
Mauricio Merida - 27 päeva tagasi
Brokeback Mountain: the prequel
Sarah Reinhardt.
Sarah Reinhardt. - 27 päeva tagasi
This was a beautiful movie. The friendship between King Liu and Cookie, and Cookie and the cow. There were moments of such beauty I caught my breath. The first cow, but also the first farmer's market. The ingenuity in figuring out how to make something from what you have. But also the nod to poverty without being heavy-handed - which I never mind, but appreciate when a message can be conveyed in such a compassionate and objective way. I hope many people see this film.
sportinlife jones
sportinlife jones - 28 päeva tagasi
Spoiler alert = they sell the cow to McDonald’s.
itsallinallston - 28 päeva tagasi
It's a moooooooooo-vie. Has anyone said that yet?
smiley eiligh
smiley eiligh - 28 päeva tagasi
what a wonderful instance of tenderness in a time period and place in the world where there was not much tenderness to be spared
Eddie Sharp
Eddie Sharp - 28 päeva tagasi
When I heard the title I thought that this movie was going to be a broad comedy about either the presidents cow or the first cow president or the first cow on the moon. I’m a little disappointed tbh.
goodolarchie - 29 päeva tagasi
They said it shouldn't be done.
They scorned him; mocked their kinship.
Now the milk has soured, and the leader of the free world will fight...
to get his beloved bovine back.

*First Cow*
Drew Chase
Drew Chase - 29 päeva tagasi
The follow up to Brokeback... hopefully with a happier ending.
Elke Weiss
Elke Weiss - Місяць tagasi
Why is this shot 4:3??? The last movies like this were made 20 years ago.... A reason not to watch...
Osceanix - Місяць tagasi
A24 Please bring this movie to China too please.
William Wong
William Wong - Місяць tagasi
If they ever do a new adaptation of East of Eden, Orion Lee who plays King Lu should play Lee in it.
spaceboy1313 - Місяць tagasi
this looks like a good moooo-vie
Jajackboss - Місяць tagasi
If it’s from A24, then take all my fucking money
Akhenaten The Turnip
Akhenaten The Turnip - Місяць tagasi
Trailer song?
bigreduiw - Місяць tagasi
Akhenaten The Turnip Highway Anxiety - William Tyler
Patrick Hebenstreit
Patrick Hebenstreit - Місяць tagasi
3:37 PM
Patrick Hebenstreit
Patrick Hebenstreit - Місяць tagasi
Patrick Hebenstreit
Patrick Hebenstreit - Місяць tagasi
Patrick Hebenstreit
Patrick Hebenstreit - Місяць tagasi
smellmyclock - Місяць tagasi
Can’t wait for the second cow
Ricardo Guanipa
Ricardo Guanipa - Місяць tagasi
A24 Studio,
Either the Cow is the Devil or the Town's folk are a cult of witches
Casey Carpenter
Casey Carpenter - Місяць tagasi
Imagine if Paimon possessed Black Phillip, Lean on Pete, and the Cow and it moves on from animal to humans until Hereditary. Then it'll be an A24 Cinematic Universe.
ludynable - Місяць tagasi
I felt asleep watching the movie I'm sorry
Leonardo R
Leonardo R - Місяць tagasi
when he said "i taste london in this cake" i felt that, i miss the street food from when i am.
Tangerine Dream fan
Tangerine Dream fan - Місяць tagasi
Manuel Rodríguez Huck
Manuel Rodríguez Huck - Місяць tagasi
Que hace esto en la lista de reproducción de Desde Mar.
Eratin uwu
Eratin uwu - Місяць tagasi
Oh yes
Kelly Reichardt
I must see this
Robin Cloud
Robin Cloud - Місяць tagasi
not a single woman talking...yawn
Cris Daniel
Cris Daniel - Місяць tagasi
I love how A24 can push out EVERY kind of movie imaginable! From disturbing and fucked-up movies like THE WITCH and MIDSOMMAR, to fast and anxiety-inducing movies like UNCUT GEMS and GOOD TIME, to slow burn movies like UNDER THE SKIN and THE LIGHTHOUSE, to kickback and heartfelt movies like FIRST COW. Goes to show that they truly do have a versatile eye for artists!
ꪀiᥴꪮꪶꫀՇՇꫀ - Місяць tagasi
Alguien más está aquí porque encontró este vídeo en la lista de reproducción de la serie "Desde mar" de Dama G?
Matias Cuebas
Matias Cuebas - Місяць tagasi
Dama G??Acaso eres tú xddddd
hoibsh - Місяць tagasi
A cow is indeed a beautiful thing.
hoibsh - Місяць tagasi
I know if I get the soundtrack to this movie, I'll cry to it.
Scott French
Scott French - Місяць tagasi
Kelly Reichardt: The best American filmmaker working today.
Starxy FIRE xD
Starxy FIRE xD - Місяць tagasi
Esto estaba en la lista de Dama G xdddd
crumbs - Місяць tagasi
Francis Vincent Ong
Francis Vincent Ong - Місяць tagasi
That cow is most certainly going to be stolen, shot and butchered.
christian - Місяць tagasi
*Reads title*
I didn't think they'd make a movie about Michelle Obama!
Fred Lewis
Fred Lewis - Місяць tagasi
JERSEY REPRESENT. (The real Jersey that is. Biggups the jersey cows)
shia pitt
shia pitt - Місяць tagasi
This isn't even my type of film but it has a weird nostalgic feeling to me lol
Ahmed Kareem
Ahmed Kareem - Місяць tagasi
I didn't know they were making an origin story for "Caddicarus"
Christopherson f
Christopherson f - Місяць tagasi
I'm surprised this doesnt star Amy Schumer
Vikas Sen
Vikas Sen - Місяць tagasi
i'm a simple man and Hindu, i see cow and i click.
Austin Eggart
Austin Eggart - Місяць tagasi
Damo - Місяць tagasi
Wholesome levels: OFF THE CHARTS
Gareth Stack
Gareth Stack - Місяць tagasi
Hideous cinematography. Looks like it was shot on a cheap Sony Alpha with a kit lens.
andy shea
andy shea - Місяць tagasi
Oh, Toby Jones. This will be a chill movie.
Abdiwahaab Siyaad
Abdiwahaab Siyaad - Місяць tagasi
Karthik - Місяць tagasi
First cow?!
Indians have entered the chat 😄
Hacher Unfriended
Hacher Unfriended - Місяць tagasi
Second cow: the cowboy
DamnedXtians - Місяць tagasi
I thought it was a documentary about Melania.
ERR0R ERR0R - Місяць tagasi
You SOB Im in
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez - Місяць tagasi
First Cat
FadeFinder - Місяць tagasi
The cow is going to die at the end I'm calling it now.
Austin Smith
Austin Smith - Місяць tagasi
Red Dead Redemption 3 looks incredible.
Joannot - Місяць tagasi
Fun fact, for a cow to produce milk, she needs to be pregnant every year.
So they take the calve away from her mother to either kill him, or fatten him and then kill him for veal.
If it's a female she is either killed right away or have the same destiny as her mother seeing her babies stolen away ... and after less than half her life expectancy she'll be also killed.
If you feel bad about unnecessarily inflicting such a fate to innocents, then it's because of your conscience, don't ignore it.
Soulless Husk
Soulless Husk - Місяць tagasi
Yep got first hand experience seeing it, often the calves are just 'destroyed', since they are not commercially viable for anything else. This happens on smaller scale farms too. Same for eggs, the male chicks are sorted out and macerated into paste. If you want eggs (hens will lay them anyway), you should keep chickens yourself basically.
dirra ld
dirra ld - Місяць tagasi
When this popped up first in my timeline I just thought it was some documentary from discovery channel
KingSmithie - Місяць tagasi
I thought this movie is about a disturbing cow who got possesed or something😐
Chunkalunkin - Місяць tagasi
From First Cow to First Steak to First Burger to First McDonalds
Android MNSKY
Android MNSKY - Місяць tagasi
Téma la vache,téma la vache!
Jonathon Ansley
Jonathon Ansley - Місяць tagasi
Based on the title, I thought this was going to be ridiculous, but no, this looks just phenomenal.