BMW M5 800hp v Ferrari 488 Pista - DRAG RACE

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No, your eyes don’t deceive you - this week we have a BMW M5 Competition going up against a 488 Pista!
Sounds a bit unfair, right? Well, things might not be as they seem, as the 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 in the M5 has been tuned by Evolve! As a result, it can now put down an incredible 800hp & 950Nm!! In comparison, the 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 in the Ferrari can kick out 720hp & 770Nm of torque, so these two cars are suddenly very closely matched!
While the power of both cars may be very similar, there’s one stat where the Ferrari has an advantage against the M5 - the weight! Coming in 550kg lighter than the BMW, will that be enough to help it grab the win? You’d better keep watching and find out!
Thanks to Phil for bringing his 488 Pista -
Thanks to Evolve for lending us their M5 -
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Kestus: 08:01


myName - 7 tundi tagasi
Pista is a track car with a lotnof downforce. Don't get confused.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty - 9 tundi tagasi
Porsche 911 Turbo S: "A worthy opponent at last?" 🤔
Gäbríęl Dê fïlpø
Gäbríęl Dê fïlpø - 17 tundi tagasi
Che ridere
Gäbríęl Dê fïlpø
Gäbríęl Dê fïlpø - 17 tundi tagasi
C’è solo 80 cavalli in più pesa 500 kg in più la bmw e tira di piu
Hoten Hitonokoe
Hoten Hitonokoe - 17 tundi tagasi
Mr Interesting
Mr Interesting - 22 tundi tagasi
Pops and crackles suck and everyone who likes the sounds of it too.
This is just an opinion and not a fact.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty - 9 tundi tagasi
That is one FAST M5!
배달기사 - 22 tundi tagasi
자기이겼다고승리의드뤼프뚜 자신감을완전히짖발아버렸따
Liam Collings
Liam Collings - 23 tundi tagasi
Please race the bmw against the Porsche 911 turbo s
Marina Qurban
Marina Qurban - Päev tagasi
plss this m5 vs 700 hp rs7
Muhammad Kazmi
Muhammad Kazmi - Päev tagasi
Lol,when i saw the thumbnail, i thought it was game.😹😂🤣😂
Tyrone Taylor
Tyrone Taylor - Päev tagasi
Porsche 911 Turbo S: "A worthy opponent at last?" 🤔
Lesego Mangope
Lesego Mangope - Päev tagasi
Can we have a race where you put that M5 against the 911 TurboS. Would be interestimg to see how it holds against that since the 911 runs 10.2
Cb1Active - Päev tagasi
Evolve Management is gunna get use to hearing carwow video
Алексей Бородавки
DSC OFF, they have the same one M5🔥
Sean Kinzer
Sean Kinzer - Päev tagasi
... I need an evolve m5 and I live in the US. 😭
Time to move.
Hitjifox - Päev tagasi
Put that M5 on a racing track vs the pista, the fefe will get the shit out of it in a matter of milliseconds.
M5 may be good for straight line acceleration but I doubt it can face the racing performance of a bloody pista.
That being said, imma go drive my Ford Fiesta.
Shaxzod Bobokulov
Shaxzod Bobokulov - Päev tagasi
Audi Rs8 vs mers vs bmw
Rafael Fassi Lobão
Rafael Fassi Lobão - Päev tagasi
Cars are as good as its drivers. Why don't you guys swap the cars in order to make a more fair test?
mari selvan
mari selvan - Päev tagasi
Do this bmw vs latest 911turbo s
Gooner For Life
Gooner For Life - Päev tagasi
That is one FAST M5!
KallouWhatElse - Päev tagasi
Man Ta
Man Ta - Päev tagasi
0:56 - "And it's got some performance as well..." For 250k it bloody well better have!
Man Ta
Man Ta - Päev tagasi
FeRRRRRRRRRRRRRari has A LOT of work to do...
Reginio - 2 päeva tagasi
really wanna race my d14 turbo civic here at carwow when its finished against a golf gti in name of my company big up from nl🇳🇱
Forget Forget
Forget Forget - 2 päeva tagasi
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Tingiz Alaxandre
Tingiz Alaxandre - 2 päeva tagasi
Models s Vs m5
Reza Morovatti
Reza Morovatti - 2 päeva tagasi
叫我皇帝 - 2 päeva tagasi
Urban Legend
Urban Legend - 2 päeva tagasi
Everyone in the comments seems to forget that the M5 is modified and the pista is not. Why is no one acknowledging that.
LetzHaveALook - 2 päeva tagasi
Wow, glad BMW has M5 as m3 and m4 are horrid.
Might M5
DownHillgamer - 2 päeva tagasi
God those 488 are the best looking cars I’ve ever seen
William Danda
William Danda - 2 päeva tagasi
we really need that M5 Evolve vs 911 Turbo S.. i think it will be interesting
Pedro Mesquita
Pedro Mesquita - 2 päeva tagasi
This is stupid comparison, 488 pista should be tested in circuit, thats not drag car lol car wow is not making justice to some of this models, iam drag car tests with cars made for this purpose.
Александр Илларионов
This bmw is 🥜😮😮😮 really really fast!!
Vassilis Sav.
Vassilis Sav. - 2 päeva tagasi
Is it possible to inform the tyres the other bikes are fitted with?
RaK163 RaKoV
RaK163 RaKoV - 2 päeva tagasi
Сделай видео совместно с Русским каналом DSC OFF
ceerw buty
ceerw buty - 2 päeva tagasi
M5 comp with Evolve's ECU tune is some serious business. NO CAP!
Leon K
Leon K - 2 päeva tagasi
I know what car I would rather have though...
124 Spider
124 Spider - 2 päeva tagasi
German know how. 👍
ceerw buty
ceerw buty - 2 päeva tagasi
it dosent sounds like a ferrarri:O
Kevin George
Kevin George - 2 päeva tagasi
I've never seen a tune-up so good! Wow. The response in that M5 gear box is awesome! Who needs a Ferrari!
Pawel Tomczuk
Pawel Tomczuk - 2 päeva tagasi
D - 3 päeva tagasi
I think this video just proves how stupid these modern cars are. Like the speeds they are doing are so high they cannot be used in the real world. I've a 420bhp car and it's really too fast to enjoy regularly without being dangerous. These cars have twice the power. There is no way these can be fun in any other way than at an airport or drag strip. Cars have become ridiculous.
Ahmed Samir
Ahmed Samir - 3 päeva tagasi
Bmw just keep talking my heart
Alex Grant
Alex Grant - 3 päeva tagasi
Might be a laugh if BMW started F1 again because it looks like Ferrari still has no chance of winning much.
Leela Dsouza
Leela Dsouza - 3 päeva tagasi
M5 vs Porsche
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu - 3 päeva tagasi
I pray who ever reads this becomes successful , And we can all arise
One Life
One Life - 2 päeva tagasi
Pray for ur beggar mentality
Per Ullgren
Per Ullgren - 3 päeva tagasi
less race and mo consumer reports? No irony.
MiWi - 3 päeva tagasi
BMW german quality
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu - 3 päeva tagasi
This same M5 vs The P11 Turbo S
m bree
m bree - 3 päeva tagasi
i find this channel very irritating, but they have the good comparisons, so ... no sound mostly will do it and skip some parts.
Nitesh Sana
Nitesh Sana - 3 päeva tagasi
Cadbury for the win!!!
andrew queensmith
andrew queensmith - 3 päeva tagasi
Sorry Matt, that's not an M5 CP!
CHEVROLET SS 78 - 3 päeva tagasi
4 Turbochargers involved in this race
Cleb Mateus Castro
Cleb Mateus Castro - 3 päeva tagasi
My Love With M5 Keep High.
mena seven
mena seven - 3 päeva tagasi
It is amazing how the BMW M5 beat the Ferrari 455.
kenneth pedersen
kenneth pedersen - 3 päeva tagasi
it dosent sounds like a ferrarri:O
aissa ali
aissa ali - 3 päeva tagasi
The Queen BMW M5 is a fictional car with great handling
Joe Danger Finesse
Joe Danger Finesse - 3 päeva tagasi
I have a feeling the pista would be 5 seconds faster on a circuit.
Irfaan Majiet
Irfaan Majiet - 3 päeva tagasi
Run this M5 against the 911 Turbo S
Mark Kevin Apalisok
Mark Kevin Apalisok - 3 päeva tagasi
Ill beat that ferrari pista if i use Ford Gt supercar 2020
Meshary alotaiby
Meshary alotaiby - 3 päeva tagasi
supercars getting smash by a family saloon and 6cylinder daily drive car!!
welcome to 2020
Time_iz_everything - 3 päeva tagasi
What a beauty 💪🏿
Crane M
Crane M - 4 päeva tagasi
YouTube men quit that 5:14 laugh!
Bob808 - 4 päeva tagasi
Would have been interesting (and a bit of fun) to see the M5 in RWD mode for one of the races! Maybe next time?
Jay Rides
Jay Rides - 4 päeva tagasi
This same M5 vs The P11 Turbo S
Zayzay Herrera
Zayzay Herrera - 4 päeva tagasi
Or they just let the BMW win because the Ferrari can go faster than that.
ABOlsen80X - 4 päeva tagasi
Why don't you take both cars on Silverstone and see who comes out ahead?
Michel Bou haila
Michel Bou haila - 4 päeva tagasi
Please race this MBW with a PORSHE 911 TURBO S
Elías Fabio Gómez
Elías Fabio Gómez - 4 päeva tagasi
I want a drag race with Porsche 911 Turbo S vs this BMW M5
Leevi Hango
Leevi Hango - 4 päeva tagasi
The M5 was a split second closer to the 911 record
Igglepiggle336 LightningMcqueen909
£6000 for a monster M5. That’s a bargain!
Pocket Operator Jams
Pocket Operator Jams - 4 päeva tagasi
The Pista got pissed on!
Seiki Arjuna
Seiki Arjuna - 4 päeva tagasi
They've put some voodo in that M5...Bloody fast!!!
Herald Callewaert
Herald Callewaert - 4 päeva tagasi
the ferrari guy should learn how to launch ffs
Focus_Org - 4 päeva tagasi
what is faster 200hp and 3000nm or 3000hp and 200nm?????
Anelka Williams
Anelka Williams - 5 päeva tagasi
you should do the M5 vs a Porsche GT3 RS
МУЗЫКА РЕМИКС - 4 päeva tagasi
siclops320 (matthew o santos)
siclops320 (matthew o santos) - 5 päeva tagasi
Tune that Ferrari and see what happens
Lance Sanchez
Lance Sanchez - 5 päeva tagasi
M5 comp with Evolve's ECU tune is some serious business. NO CAP!
adi mugen
adi mugen - 5 päeva tagasi
3:42 that expression probably sold a lot of M5s.
Telepathic Membrane
Telepathic Membrane - 5 päeva tagasi
The same M5 Comp with 1000 Bhp tune Vs a Kawasaki H2 motorcycle with 400 Bhp tune, in summer.
Mat rides the bike, Yianni drives the BMW.
Salih Yasli
Salih Yasli - 5 päeva tagasi
It's M5 competition day in, day out!
Salih Yasli
Salih Yasli - 5 päeva tagasi
@cnmmd qiuoo yeah, I feel u! Need that fucker too
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo - 5 päeva tagasi
Need a m5 in my life
Igor - 5 päeva tagasi
Please this bmw vs Porsche 911 turbo s
Kubi240 Minecraft
Kubi240 Minecraft - 5 päeva tagasi
Just take normal BMW
Mohammed Almamari
Mohammed Almamari - 5 päeva tagasi
M5 time 10,2
911 turbo s time 10,1
We need to see this race for real
COF X CFO - 5 päeva tagasi
“That’s a 10 sec. car bro”
Adam El Amrani
Adam El Amrani - 5 päeva tagasi
put the m5 vs 911
Atique Hussain
Atique Hussain - 5 päeva tagasi
What will be a good race if someone tunned the m8 compertion like that m5 then race the Porsche 911 turbo s
Mahmoud Elsayed
Mahmoud Elsayed - 5 päeva tagasi
M5 800 hp vs 911 turbo s
Garth Brandt
Garth Brandt - 5 päeva tagasi
This M5 Vs the porsche 992 turbo s
Car Reviews by Mohammed Aryan
Car Reviews by Mohammed Aryan - 5 päeva tagasi
Toyota Supra GR MK5 Review
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leonARD 6
leonARD 6 - 5 päeva tagasi
Well without germany u will never see such a nice and fast BMW😂
AutoAspiration #
AutoAspiration # - 5 päeva tagasi
992 911 Turbo S
Awash Awash
Awash Awash - 5 päeva tagasi
the most awaited race, porsche 911 turbo s vs 918 spyder vs gt2rs
Alfredo Morales Lopez
Alfredo Morales Lopez - 5 päeva tagasi
Danik Kudai
Danik Kudai - 5 päeva tagasi
London Drone footage
London Drone footage - 5 päeva tagasi
The ultimate race will be this m5 vs porche 911 turbos vs maclaren 765lt
Lee Needleman
Lee Needleman - 5 päeva tagasi
Need a m5 in my life
afutla qian
afutla qian - 5 päeva tagasi
I don’t understand why make everyone a test with a tuned car vs no tuned
İsmail - 5 päeva tagasi
Shit comparision, Pista is not a drag car its track car, so compare this bmw with a drag car not with the pista
Anthony Olivier
Anthony Olivier - 5 päeva tagasi
That M5 might just take the 911 Turbo S with a good launch