I Have Severe OCD | The Secret Life of Lele Pons

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It’s no secret Lele Pons is one of the most successful social media icons with over 40 million followers and considered an internet trailblazer for her contributions to various platforms. Known for her unfiltered videos, candid humor and crazy stunts, Lele’s storytelling arch takes a more serious tone as she opens up to the world with her deepest secret. Through access to private moments, emotional interviews and never seen before footage, Lele reveals her life long struggle with OCD among other mental health conditions and doesn’t shy away from the most intimate details of her battle.
If you or someone you know needs help, find resources in your area from the International OCD Foundation: iocdf.org/?s=+&post_type%5B%5D=iocdf_provider&post_type%5B%5D=iocdf_clinic&post_type%5B%5D=iocdf_support_group&post_type%5B%5D=iocdf_program&search-type=provider
Produced by: Shots Studios
Directed by: Alicia Zubikowski
Kestus: 26:10


Lele Pons
Lele Pons - 7 päeva tagasi
Thank you everyone for supporting me. I hope you enjoy this docu-series and learn about OCD, Tourettes, and other things. LIKE the video if you watch it! I'll see you next Tuesday for episode 2 :)
Laura Schmidt
Laura Schmidt - 3 päeva tagasi
I am your biges fan lele!
Eric - 7 päeva tagasi
I love you lele pons
Jady Clovis
Jady Clovis - 7 päeva tagasi
I love u Lele
Sandra Apun
Sandra Apun - 7 päeva tagasi
I loveee youuuu leleeee❤️❤️❤️❤️
Chibi Alpaca
Chibi Alpaca - 7 päeva tagasi
Love this video lele
Lola Dola
Lola Dola - 11 tundi tagasi
Ocd means doing everything many times just to feel relief😢😢
yoLux - 11 tundi tagasi
I never imagined this would be all in her head....she has it bad we should still continue to love and support her
danny viveros
danny viveros - 12 tundi tagasi
Sandrasss Sanz
Sandrasss Sanz - 12 tundi tagasi
Thank you Lele for telling us what is happening to you, you have all my support and you are the strongest. And this is silent: 👑for telling us about your problem and you are very strong, a big hug. 😭💜👑💝🥰😍☺
Gracias Lele por contarnos lo que te pasa, tienes todo mi apoyo y eres la más fuerte. Y se te callo esto: 👑 por contarnos tú problema y eres muy fuerte, un abrazo fuerte.😭💜👑💝🥰😍☺
Careen Culcu
Careen Culcu - 12 tundi tagasi
Everyone saying they didn't expect her to struggle like this- ...Now see your blindness fools!!
Sarai Morales
Sarai Morales - 12 tundi tagasi
I had always watched her videos but I stopped watching them because of other creators. I thought that she was this perfect influencer, for Lele to show this side of her made me respect and understand that she’s human just like everybody else 🥺
Anbeisa Salgado
Anbeisa Salgado - 12 tundi tagasi
All my prayers to Lele pons It’s sad to think that an amazing person and YouTuber suffers from that.
Wambui Mugo
Wambui Mugo - 12 tundi tagasi
u r very strong n awesome lele
Nathalhia Sierra
Nathalhia Sierra - 12 tundi tagasi
I consider you a very valuable person you are great you draw incredible you have extraordinary energy you are super loving this disorder makes you a much better person in the world there should be more people like you I love you very much you have my unconditional support you have an incredible family💓 ♥ ️
Sadiya Fariha
Sadiya Fariha - 12 tundi tagasi
5:30 So no one gonna talk about that? ​😂
Neela Prajapati
Neela Prajapati - 12 tundi tagasi
Wow you are such a inspiration! I love you work and music and am so sorry that you have to deal with ODC. I know that everyone is so proud of you!! Great job 🎉
Blair Woods
Blair Woods - 12 tundi tagasi
you are so cool lele
reind mansour
reind mansour - 12 tundi tagasi
Your strong ,your funny,your loving, keep your head up dont give up i love you❤️💕❤️
maoli trinidad lora
maoli trinidad lora - 12 tundi tagasi
Noa Ingaran
Noa Ingaran - 12 tundi tagasi
Lele I cried I dont have ocd but I understand you! 😭
Sara Sari
Sara Sari - 12 tundi tagasi
Lele u should never listen to the haters and stay strong luv u 💟
Megan Weil
Megan Weil - 12 tundi tagasi
i love u lele you have inspired me
N0b0dy3k Abs
N0b0dy3k Abs - 12 tundi tagasi
Lele stay strong i love you so much from a small country ~!!!
Cassandra Paiz
Cassandra Paiz - 12 tundi tagasi
i love u lele don´t let no one get to you u will get through this those people are just a level of life i have be bulled by people and i still do but i dont worried about them they are just hating and they wont go through life like that LOVE YOU
Mateo Villeda Rivera
Mateo Villeda Rivera - 12 tundi tagasi
I’ve always had depression since elementary then now still but in medication even for anxiety because of how much I’ve been bullied for my sexuality or me being for just being transgender and now with gender dysphoria but it’s hard for my cis friends to understand my dysphoria I get kinda frustrated for me
Fun Time
Fun Time - 12 tundi tagasi
2:39 and 4k
Stefany Rms
Stefany Rms - 12 tundi tagasi
The video just show us how strong Lele is, we are so proud of u Lele ❤️
Ruth Hannah
Ruth Hannah - 12 tundi tagasi
We Love You So Much Lele Always Remember You Beautiful Just The Way You Are
Love You Lele...
Kyra Maloney
Kyra Maloney - 12 tundi tagasi
I think its very brave of you to tell your story
Allu Girl
Allu Girl - 12 tundi tagasi
I just love You and it is saad that You have to experience something like that and i wish i can see You some day💖💖
Noah Harmon
Noah Harmon - 12 tundi tagasi
I feel so bad for you lele but look at you now. Your confident caring to everybody I never thought in million years you had OCD and you hold it in so well I can't even notice it! :)
MITZANGELA MACIAS - 12 tundi tagasi
Never give up!
Sonia Alexa
Sonia Alexa - 12 tundi tagasi
You are not alone you have me Hanna and All.😊🙂❤
Autumn VonAhrens
Autumn VonAhrens - 12 tundi tagasi
I understand what you're going threw. I struggle with OCD and anxiety also PTSD it's a struggle to fit in when it feels like no one understands or likes you because of your personality.
Pan Powell
Pan Powell - 12 tundi tagasi
*Big hug* I never though that you have OCD or other conditions. I was waiting impatiens for that series, cause i like you and your work so much :D
I saw you once on IG and stays :D
You have a lot of courage in you
Caroline T
Caroline T - 12 tundi tagasi
She is a very brave woman to tell the whole world her problems and what she struggles with not a lot of people would ever do that I would not be sharing that much information about me she is very strong and brave ❤️💛❤️💛❤️💛
Maybe love Again
Maybe love Again - 12 tundi tagasi
Lele we all love you made me cry 2 min in ❤️😭
Lamija Mehinagic
Lamija Mehinagic - 12 tundi tagasi
Don't worry Lele ur beutiful and caring,loving
napperforlife - 12 tundi tagasi
“She’s a genius” ok
michelle - 12 tundi tagasi
Isadora: “I dont know where Lele’s interest for singing came from, no one in the family sings”
Her dad: Chayanne
xxlonely_mxxnxx x
xxlonely_mxxnxx x - 12 tundi tagasi
The only ocd i know is the channel :/
MIRANDA RAMOS (Student) - 12 tundi tagasi
Lele we all love you we all support you and you are the best
-1 Aa
-1 Aa - 12 tundi tagasi
Türkçe altyazı ekler misiniz
emely daniela
emely daniela - 12 tundi tagasi
Si tanto habla de sus origenes latinos porque no lo sube en español🙄
para sus seguidores latinos
Jc Moise
Jc Moise - 12 tundi tagasi
I’m so sorry for you I am literally crying
Daphne Peñaloza
Daphne Peñaloza - 12 tundi tagasi
Don't worry Lele we all love you and support you no matter what
Melanie Perez
Melanie Perez - 12 tundi tagasi
Chale, quién rayos puede odiar Lele???
Es casi imposible
Ms Ma
Ms Ma - 12 tundi tagasi
Estas buena para actriz.
Alina - 12 tundi tagasi
You are beautiful !
mazharnawaz1 - 13 tundi tagasi
I have anxiety issues and sometimes I can’t sleep at night for four or three hours
Noor Ghazi
Noor Ghazi - 13 tundi tagasi
I never thought u live this live ,from now on people how bolly u God will never forgive them and u will be fine because u Made people laugh and happy u are the best YouTuber for me and forever for everyone
Noor Ghazi
Noor Ghazi - 12 tundi tagasi
I hope people understand what I say
enow clarisse
enow clarisse - 13 tundi tagasi
I love and respect you Lele, sending much love😘
alaina watson
alaina watson - 13 tundi tagasi
Lele you are beautiful and kind and funny
Gacha Wolf
Gacha Wolf - 13 tundi tagasi
my best friend has it amd i didn't understand it... but now i can more recreate it, i understand it now and I'm kinda angry at myself that I couldn't really be there for her, i just wanna hug her and support her..
Courtney Wilson
Courtney Wilson - 13 tundi tagasi
I believe you lele pons i believe you can go through it let's fight it together
Grace Lalrinsangi
Grace Lalrinsangi - 13 tundi tagasi
Bts ROBLOX master
Bts ROBLOX master - 13 tundi tagasi
I love you lele keep on moving forward I hope you get this love you ❤️
Dean Saras
Dean Saras - 13 tundi tagasi
I here to leave a positive comment

we love you lele
Benjamín Ferreyra
Benjamín Ferreyra - 13 tundi tagasi
Katharina vG
Katharina vG - 13 tundi tagasi
You are so brave and a inspiration to me!
Isabella's Cool Channel
Isabella's Cool Channel - 13 tundi tagasi
I have autism I know how you feel Lele I respect you.
Annie Star
Annie Star - 13 tundi tagasi
I know I'm not her target audience, so I don't enjoy her content very much, but I can't help but have incredible respect for her posting this. As someone who also suffers from some issues, it's incredibly brave to tell even one person, let alone the entire internet, fans and haters alike. Although I don't know very much about her, seeing such a vulnerable side of her really humanized her for me, and I think I'll definitely think twice before making fun of her in the future
Ana Gonzalez
Ana Gonzalez - 13 tundi tagasi
Lele is si funny un the videos
Melany Aguilar
Melany Aguilar - 13 tundi tagasi
Omg i never noticed this i thought lele was always funny
Benjamín Ferreyra
Benjamín Ferreyra - 13 tundi tagasi
Joven lele ánimo
Dina Fawzi
Dina Fawzi - 13 tundi tagasi
I ended in tears omfg you’re have just sm courage to— wow really ✨💗
Ashlyn Benitez
Ashlyn Benitez - 13 tundi tagasi
I love lele shes the most bravest person i ever knew
ameera117 - 13 tundi tagasi
Wow. Humans are such vast and amazing creatures. I love that you came out and discussed this.I have an entirely different respect for you.
Floreshe Nasufi
Floreshe Nasufi - 13 tundi tagasi
aawww you dont have to do this for us
Camillia Handsborough
Camillia Handsborough - 13 tundi tagasi
I will love you no matter what just be yourself.
Chloe Knight
Chloe Knight - 13 tundi tagasi
I never new I'm zo schok I tocht ze was happy kinda like me 😭😭
Vikram Thakur
Vikram Thakur - 13 tundi tagasi
After knowing all these things about your life... you become more great 👍
You are a hero now 👌👌🙏🏻🙏🏻
PAYSLIE STEEN - 13 tundi tagasi
Seeing lele cry makes me cry love u lele keep fighting ❤💛🧡💚💙💜
Joana Ramacciotti
Joana Ramacciotti - 13 tundi tagasi
Lele you are ao brave! Just keep doing you!
AHMED DEZINAN - 13 tundi tagasi
I think i have a bit of this but its good
setayesh rashedi
setayesh rashedi - 13 tundi tagasi
You are perfect 😇
Leigh hibbins
Leigh hibbins - 13 tundi tagasi
You are so brave I whant to give you the biggest hug ever xxx
Amiyah McDougal
Amiyah McDougal - 13 tundi tagasi
It’s ok my sister has adhd I like your videos
Nice Boy
Nice Boy - 13 tundi tagasi
marykate pote
marykate pote - 13 tundi tagasi
Amazing amazing amazing 😍😍😍😍 love it
Jason Jerome
Jason Jerome - 13 tundi tagasi
Lele you inspire me. I have ADHD, anxiety, and depression. I'm here for you when ever you need me.
Isabella Diaz the kitty kat freak
Melvin Moate
Melvin Moate - 13 tundi tagasi
Plz pray for her she is my best friend lele u are amazing truly
Nyasia Seabrook
Nyasia Seabrook - 13 tundi tagasi