Diagnosing Fake Illnesses w/ Lunch Club

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We created a bunch of fake illnesses, and then checked in with fake doctors.
Huge thanks to all the boys and girls who helped with lighting, camera, and audio work for this video
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ari - 9 minutit tagasi
i would like to say i lost my absolute SHIT with cooper's no bones
Purple Power
Purple Power - 26 minutit tagasi
Guest Uh Huh: Doctor IM DEAD
Carson: *:)*
Tri Dent
Tri Dent - 27 minutit tagasi
Love to see the bloopers of this one
Jude Welky
Jude Welky - Tund tagasi
Can we talk about Charlie's wild improv? It's so good
αη ακτυαλ βΓυΗ ΜοΜξητ
21:04-21:08 just made me laugh so hard and idk why
Peachy - 2 tundi tagasi
19:56 to 21:17 is fucking comedy gold. Every single line is consistently hilarious and I was crying by the end.
brog ooh yeah uh yes ah
brog ooh yeah uh yes ah - 2 tundi tagasi
This video slowly devolved into chaos
Marshmallow Goat
Marshmallow Goat - 2 tundi tagasi
I like how Slimecicle as the doctor looks like a 12 yr old kid wearing their dad's business suit rjgjscebfj-
HydrominousRex - 3 tundi tagasi
Eyeglasskid - 4 tundi tagasi
"Are you hungry?"
Rock girl
Rock girl - 2 tundi tagasi
We just gonna act like Ted didn’t curse Noah to death with ancient cult runes?
Franken gummy
Franken gummy - 5 tundi tagasi
14:40 bruh
Maximum Capsicum
Maximum Capsicum - 8 tundi tagasi
God, the fucking Australian accents
Rock girl
Rock girl - 2 tundi tagasi
I love Carson and Charlie together. Funny men.
- yikes -
- yikes - - 9 tundi tagasi
Man this is a lot funnier that I thought it would be
This account is Solely to comment
5:46 I will never get over his fucking laugh oh my god
Nathan Mazzariello
Nathan Mazzariello - 11 tundi tagasi
The lunch club has so few videos but I enjoy watching them over and over
Retarded Horse
Retarded Horse - 12 tundi tagasi
Surge - 12 tundi tagasi
We need a part 2 of this
Just feel D Byrne
Just feel D Byrne - 12 tundi tagasi
the jshlatt one made me only extend my pee holding record by a few minutes this was the wrong vid to watch while trying to hold for 32 hours
whale facts salesmen
whale facts salesmen - 12 tundi tagasi
It's blonde funny meme guy
Seb Babaran
Seb Babaran - 12 tundi tagasi
I love this vid man
Declan Rowe
Declan Rowe - 13 tundi tagasi
Lunch club is the definition of no girls allowed
PancakeofDeviousness - 13 tundi tagasi
Why does that place look like a porn set?
mr-self-destruct - 13 tundi tagasi
traves saying hes afraid of everyone in the room and then saying he misread the card as morons is the funniest thing in this video
J0p4nda - 14 tundi tagasi
slimscle: falls
camera: cuts
RoboRabbit - 14 tundi tagasi
This all sucks IT FUCKING SUCKS a group who wanted no drama gets 4 of their members cancelled cause everyone on twitter way bored. I even saw edits were they only put ted carson and charlie for the intro video NOAH SCHLATT COOPER AND TRAVE May have done bad things in the past but that doesnt mean we forcefully kick them out of their own group! They are over half of what l unch club is. No one is perfect.
Sarah Buckman
Sarah Buckman - 15 tundi tagasi
I love Carson and Charlie together. Funny men.
Heracrotix - 16 tundi tagasi
We just gonna act like Ted didn’t curse Noah to death with ancient cult runes?
TheOneThatLags - 16 tundi tagasi
20:51 is fav
Madz The 3rd
Madz The 3rd - 16 tundi tagasi
This just isn't funny
Rasin - 17 tundi tagasi
Ted does a pretty good Australian accent
Rasin - 17 tundi tagasi
is this what Schlatt meant when he said he was gonna get a show?
Barry Bee Bensen X Shrek
Barry Bee Bensen X Shrek - 17 tundi tagasi
Travis looks like he’d give the best hugs 😭❤️
BAGEL BITES - 17 tundi tagasi
this is the hardest i have laughed in years
brian - 17 tundi tagasi
Why do I feel like everyone’s attitude became so down over time.
brian - 17 tundi tagasi
We need a part 2.
Milkman Carson
Milkman Carson - 18 tundi tagasi
Darlene Smith
Darlene Smith - 19 tundi tagasi
Does anybody notice the tag that's still on the jacket arm?
Tessa Skidmore
Tessa Skidmore - 19 tundi tagasi
21:05 Honestly same
Puri5ive - 20 tundi tagasi
William Cooper
William Cooper - 20 tundi tagasi
Babies when you play peekaboo: 16:58
DomHyrule - 23 tundi tagasi
The Australian conversation was pure comedy
I cant change my profile picture
When is next video??
Zain Ghalib
Zain Ghalib - Päev tagasi
Charlie would be such a good voice actor
ceerw buty
ceerw buty - 21 tund tagasi
So I figured it out but now every time I watch this I just feel a little more like crying
Thotimusprime Official
Thotimusprime Official - Päev tagasi
11:56 the American jumped out as cunt is out term of endearment.
ceerw buty
ceerw buty - 21 tund tagasi
show, fucking idioit.
LeDude978 - Päev tagasi
Uh huh
celia bowen
celia bowen - Päev tagasi
I told myself i was gonna sleep on this 6 hour car ride and yet here i am wide tf awake listening to my mom and sister fight about politics
Xiacrised43 - Päev tagasi
If I were to name my show "is sit the fuck down and tell me why you are brain dead, with Cyrus the doctor"
NotARealPerson - Päev tagasi
"Bring it back"
celia bowen
celia bowen - Päev tagasi
alrighttttttt boys it is 4am i pulled an official allnighter i feel like death and this is the seventh time iv'e watched this video today
Dio - Päev tagasi
1:00 *seinfeld theme plays*
Expertag - Päev tagasi
Bro watching them have fun just makes me wish I could go out with friends again
Lesaye - Päev tagasi
What’s wrong with me?
Holdyn beaman
Holdyn beaman - Päev tagasi
Landon Watts
Landon Watts - Päev tagasi
“What’s your healthcare provider?”
“Lunch club”
“Who’s your doctor?”
man of moss and mud
man of moss and mud - Päev tagasi
Im going to slither into jshlatts closet and steal that keith harring shirt
TheDarkWolf - Päev tagasi
Where can I get that little camera that schlatt got
Kitty Gamer
Kitty Gamer - Päev tagasi
I fuckin died at the “I am in love with CallMeCarson” bit bro 😂
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui - Päev tagasi
please tell me this is all improv
TheOneThatLags - Päev tagasi
slime is the loudest
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui - Päev tagasi
where was depersonalization
Meileazean - Päev tagasi
What's your favorite show?
My Show
W/ Callmecarson, the doctor
What the fuck is wrong with you?
W/ Doctor Ted
The Thing
Shlatt's unnamed show
Choose your favorite show, fucking idioit.
celia bowen
celia bowen - Päev tagasi
So I figured it out but now every time I watch this I just feel a little more like crying
LemonBoi - Päev tagasi
“Gayshatt” pt.2 “Gaysicle”
Kalatrava - Päev tagasi
6:30 Imagine if Ted said "I'll take it" right after
Saikological - Päev tagasi
we're gonna die twice because once wasn't good enough.
Pandiz - Päev tagasi
The duolingo rat
Hudson Sanderson
Hudson Sanderson - Päev tagasi
My Show, with Carson, the Doctor
What the Fuck is Wrong with You? With Doctor Ted
The Thing
olive hong
olive hong - Päev tagasi
what is carson doing with his toes
Iggy - Päev tagasi
Mormons are basically morons
Mettaton NEO11
Mettaton NEO11 - Päev tagasi
I’d honestly pay to make this an actual show
Memer Gameplays
Memer Gameplays - Päev tagasi
8:38 ted was like what is your name again and then schlatt said his name and then he said schlagg hahahahaha what are you saying ted hahahahaha XD
Senapiii i
Senapiii i - Päev tagasi
5:00 you can see the mic xD
breatheinjuniper - Päev tagasi
the way carson says yeah at 2:59 just says he's desperately screaming on the inside to get out of this situation and he's so so done with everything schlatt is doing
YTMSAlora - Päev tagasi
I love it when he looks and says "I'm so confused" I'm dead.
Natalie Houston
Natalie Houston - Päev tagasi
where was depersonalization
Squidyrious - 2 päeva tagasi
please tell me this is all improv
The Shrimpy Tomato
The Shrimpy Tomato - Päev tagasi
Yeah I’m pretty sure it is
lolJustiin - 2 päeva tagasi
do a part 2 this is so funny lmfao
David Beeler
David Beeler - 2 päeva tagasi
I like when schlatt and Ted interact because they both never break character or laugh and it feels so surreal
Andrew Yurovchak
Andrew Yurovchak - 2 päeva tagasi
Travis’s and jschlatts voices dont match their bodies
Throw Away
Throw Away - 2 päeva tagasi
Blueshadow - 2 päeva tagasi
Noah with an Australian accent fits so well
Farah_ Afia
Farah_ Afia - 2 päeva tagasi