Carrie (1976) KILL COUNT

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Kestus: 27:29


Dead Meat
Dead Meat - 16 päeva tagasi
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Dwight K. Shrute Assistant Regional Manager
How does the bucket kill Tommy, it wasn’t that high up or heavy
Milo Wirendal
Milo Wirendal - 5 päeva tagasi
do you like star wars
Wesley Couto Nunes
Wesley Couto Nunes - 5 päeva tagasi
@Dead Meat SCORE BOARD RESULT TOP 4 THE KILL COUNT MOVIE FROM EVOLUTION OF CARRIE (1976 - 2013) 1.CARRIE (1976) (73) 2.???? 3.???? 4.????
The Fitness Life
The Fitness Life - 8 päeva tagasi
Do 2002 Carrie next.
angry peper
angry peper - 10 päeva tagasi
You should do a return to oz kill count becuse Laurie Piper's in it for a couple minutes but it's pretty creepy
jkgaming101 - 7 tundi tagasi
“Crucified in the kinchen with cutlery” sounds like the name of a anti-religious metal band
Manager Of the costume party
Manager Of the costume party - 8 tundi tagasi
For English class we had to watch some scenes, specifically carries moms death and the spinning shot in this and I got some extra info for my homework because of you talking about the BTS for things like the spinning shot at the prom
Yeah Yee
Yeah Yee - 8 tundi tagasi
hey Dead Meat you forgot the kill of the house there is no way that house survived that scene!
Cheesy Marshmallow
Cheesy Marshmallow - 9 tundi tagasi
Am I the only person who thinks carries mom is Michael Myers
No ok well see ya
Jonathan Monaghan
Jonathan Monaghan - 12 tundi tagasi
Margret’s a masochist confirmed
Brazy Kid
Brazy Kid - 16 tundi tagasi
You should make your own movie 😭 😂
Crowster12781 - 16 tundi tagasi
Holy shit...was...was that "Do it" a game grumps reference James?!
kaleb Funhouse
kaleb Funhouse - 17 tundi tagasi
I love this man
Dwight K. Shrute Assistant Regional Manager
What if All the bullying didn’t happen and it was just in her head and she killed them with her powers because her mom corrupted her.
Sarah Baxter
Sarah Baxter - 20 tundi tagasi
dats sum quality chopping
Jacki Paris
Jacki Paris - Päev tagasi
seeni gzty
seeni gzty - 21 tund tagasi
How is she supposed to play a teenager lookin 30 😳
Casual_Remy - Päev tagasi
Wasn't expecting James to channel his inner Palpatine at 11:16
seeni gzty
seeni gzty - 21 tund tagasi
When you start binging Dead Meat during quarantine and find yourself subscribing. My parents are gonna think I’m a physcopath by the end of all this.
Tristan Bray
Tristan Bray - Päev tagasi
Priscilla Pointer (Mrs. Snell) is Amy Irving's mother and was Dr. Simms in "Dream Warriors."
S. Nifrum
S. Nifrum - Päev tagasi
I show up for the kills and stay for the quality
S. Nifrum
S. Nifrum - Päev tagasi
You should do videos for all 4 psycho movies

Yes I said 4 the remake doesn’t count and neither does the made for TV movie where Norman dies at the very beginning
Benjamin Chosich
Benjamin Chosich - Päev tagasi
“Wonder boy” Tenacious D
TheWWETributeGod - Päev tagasi
Could you cover the Tremors franchise please? Great video btw. Love watching this channel.
Won'tWell - Päev tagasi
Fun fact, Carrie was also turned into a Broadway musical (it's actually really good, I recommend listening to the soundtrack). My highschool did it for the fall musical, and I ran lights for it which was super fun. There were a bunch of fun lighting and special effects we got to do.
Stacy Nicholson
Stacy Nicholson - Päev tagasi
7:16 pause, when you get tolled its a half day at school
Why do I Have to have a name
Star Wars A New Hope kill count
PoikaPi06 - Päev tagasi
Let's be honest. We all know William Katt from that show. You know the one.

Believe it or not, I'm walking on air.
Dannie The Icon
Dannie The Icon - Päev tagasi
I always wondered how Chris talked during that moment in the car 😂
yasio bolo
yasio bolo - Päev tagasi
Yessss my grandma let me watch this a year after my period started and i LOVE IT
CJ Scotian
CJ Scotian - Päev tagasi
WOW, Nancy Allen was in Carrie and Robocop playing someone you dont fuck with
yasio bolo
yasio bolo - Päev tagasi
So a falling bucket is much more deadly than drowning, stabbed, and being shot at
The Blank Panel
The Blank Panel - Päev tagasi
Carrie, the OG “play stupid games, win stupid prizes”
Edward - Päev tagasi
Heads up, dude! You can instead use Brown (another neutral color) to make it a little more appealing. That way, you can make the joke of the brown being something like, I dunno, rhubarb?
Suck my TICK
Suck my TICK - Päev tagasi
My mom: that movie.. look she doesn’t play attention anyways
Me: hehe ashtray go weee
Suck my TICK
Suck my TICK - Päev tagasi
Carrie: do you.. not get your period? .. mom get that checked out
Phoenix 101
Phoenix 101 - Päev tagasi
When you start binging Dead Meat during quarantine and find yourself subscribing.

*My parents are gonna think I’m a physcopath by the end of all this.*
Shawna Engalla
Shawna Engalla - Päev tagasi
How is she supposed to play a teenager lookin 30 😳
prehistoric animations
prehistoric animations - Päev tagasi
*C A R R O T*
S.P.M. Xtreme
S.P.M. Xtreme - Päev tagasi
I dont know why but for years I've been mixing this movie with Prom Night II 🤔.
Riley Van Dyke
Riley Van Dyke - Päev tagasi
21:05 nice
Lewis Larson
Lewis Larson - Päev tagasi
I have never seen a kid eat so much shit on a bike befor
Isaac Clodfelter
Isaac Clodfelter - Päev tagasi
How can she slap?!?
Gaster Jaquon DG
Gaster Jaquon DG - Päev tagasi
Carrie felt a little like me so I'm sobbing
Chxvlote Crumbs
Chxvlote Crumbs - Päev tagasi
Wait did that black haired person kill a pig HOW DARE HIM KILL A PIG I LOVE PIGGGGS
Dylan Robson
Dylan Robson - Päev tagasi
Oh shit I didn’t know that this was filmed at my school, that’s sick!
Jonas B
Jonas B - Päev tagasi
The mom really looks like the mom in Greys Anatomy
Benedict Monteon
Benedict Monteon - Päev tagasi
So a falling bucket is much more deadly than drowning, stabbed, and being shot at
rexinq - Päev tagasi
Yessss my grandma let me watch this a year after my period started and i LOVE IT
Nevermore Raven
Nevermore Raven - Päev tagasi
I don't remember if she does it's been a long time since I watched the movie, but if not. Am I the only one who thinks simply yelling a warning to Carrie as you run at her would have helped prevent the whole situation?
Again if she did I simply don't remember it.
And running towards someone silently is a trope that's used quite a bit when just yelling out to the person would have done the job.
Rofiat oderinde
Rofiat oderinde - Päev tagasi
Do family blood
AXOLOTL1 - Päev tagasi
rexinq - Päev tagasi
It was her first period though
InvaderTif13 - Päev tagasi
this is where i prefer the car scene from the tv remake where theyre driving right at her
SilkySmooth56 - Päev tagasi
"While her mother is ready to bless her with Father Son and Holy Shiv..."
That is great, I am using that from now on!
Luke Mckenzie
Luke Mckenzie - Päev tagasi
Now I’m curious who would’ve ACTUALLY won Prom King/Queen
InvaderTif13 - Päev tagasi
thats y i like the billy in the tv remake of 2002
santi mina
santi mina - Päev tagasi
one day we’ll get 69 kills
Juicy - Päev tagasi
the first 10 minutes I was like NO KILLS until tommy gets hit with a bucket
Joey JoJo
Joey JoJo - 2 päeva tagasi
Sissy Spacek was a great Carrie, I legit felt bad for her and hoped she would of made it out happy but alas
Michael Jaquez
Michael Jaquez - 2 päeva tagasi
Those old-school stuntman were badass
Junk1e boi
Junk1e boi - 2 päeva tagasi
All the Stephen King adaptations, potential kill counts. No excuses, James
xJusteBx - 2 päeva tagasi
We're all sorry...Cassie
Gavin Anthony
Gavin Anthony - 2 päeva tagasi
The tenacious d reference had me dead 4:02
Bastian Rudolf
Bastian Rudolf - 2 päeva tagasi
it got demonetized :((
AJ WYLMS - 2 päeva tagasi
That needs to be catchphrase of this movies series “The father, the son, and *THE HOLY SHIT* “
Jake Douville
Jake Douville - 2 päeva tagasi
26:10 Magnum!
SomeQuestionableUsername - 2 päeva tagasi
I loved this horror movie because karma is served so good to ratty characters
Cotton Candy Kitty
Cotton Candy Kitty - 2 päeva tagasi
Paul Hirsch? Is he related to Alex Hirsch the creater of gravity falls?
PixlrEdn - 2 päeva tagasi
i remember when i got stephen king and stephen hawking mixed up and thought "oh stephen hawking made this? thats pretty cool"
Absolute Coaster
Absolute Coaster - 2 päeva tagasi
Lol a real slap, let alone 29 real slaps. that would never fly in Hollywood today
Absolute Coaster
Absolute Coaster - 2 päeva tagasi
The message of this movie is what happens when parents abuse children, when students bully their peers. There’s a reason why everyone had to die in this movie.
MsWatcheverything - 2 päeva tagasi
Lina Stefanova
Lina Stefanova - 2 päeva tagasi
this carrie movie is not well made sorry stephen king it was all obviously fake
Rock girl
Rock girl - 2 päeva tagasi
Nobody: The captions: I'm James age Indies and this has been the kill count.
Rock girl
Rock girl - 2 päeva tagasi
Should do hobo with a shotgun
COVI D-19 - 2 päeva tagasi
Bone tomahawk please
Logan Twartz
Logan Twartz - 2 päeva tagasi
The scene where the blood gets dumped on Carrie is referenced in The Descent (2005)
yasio bolo
yasio bolo - 2 päeva tagasi
Imagine how terrible the scent was from the amount of candles
Chris' Animation // ʏɛȶ
Chris' Animation // ʏɛȶ - 2 päeva tagasi
The title looks a bit like a verification code
yasio bolo
yasio bolo - 2 päeva tagasi
you be getting sidetracked way too much sometimes lmfao
Fira/Watera. Da TattleTail
Fira/Watera. Da TattleTail - 3 päeva tagasi
Sodomy is a sin so basically if you don't contribute to reproduction it's a sin to her mom would have had sinned MORE if she didn't conceive Carrie.
Reuben Hatso
Reuben Hatso - 3 päeva tagasi
4:00 what a tasty reference to the D
Shayla Williams
Shayla Williams - 3 päeva tagasi
I fell bad for carrie if I was in the same school as her I will be her friend and help her
Yo Jay
Yo Jay - 3 päeva tagasi
Hey james i love all your videos
banana leaf
banana leaf - 3 päeva tagasi
I counted 103 people in the crowning cermony so I don't know if some escaped or the writer of The Rage: Carrie 2 just did not care.
J. M.
J. M. - 3 päeva tagasi
James: "DO IT."
Me: But I've already eaten twelve of them. Do I need 13?
Let your imagination run wild.
windy - 3 päeva tagasi
carries musical kinda do be a bop doe 😳
Grant Stevenson
Grant Stevenson - 3 päeva tagasi
You forgot William Katt went on to become the Greatest American Hero...would have made a great quick insert like Bill Paxton in Aliens.. But love your video's anyway
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt - 3 päeva tagasi
Nobody: The captions: I'm James age Indies and this has been the kill count.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt - 3 päeva tagasi
Fun Fact: i never i have my period XD
Uncle Daddy
Uncle Daddy - 3 päeva tagasi
I love these videos dude, they're like heroin, can't stop.
Merme 87
Merme 87 - 3 päeva tagasi
It's sad to realize that Carrie's mom was going to kill her no matter what. Like, we just saw Carrie kill a lot of people at her prom, but her mom doesn't know anything about that, so she was just straight up gonna kill Carrie no matter what. Poor Carrie.