Can You Find Him in This Video? • Hidden in Plain Sight #16

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Can Danny hide from his boss in this mysterious location? Jamie is in the dark on this one...
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Mirabel Breckenridge
Mirabel Breckenridge - 11 tundi tagasi
If I saw that girl my LAST reaction would be to scream GO CATCH HER!
amdarms - 11 tundi tagasi
I hate scary stuff and I don’t know wHy I watched this...
Polite Gordon Ramsay
Polite Gordon Ramsay - 12 tundi tagasi
So they were just casually playing Macbeth... a play where a man commits genocide, then his wife kills herself and Macbeth gets murdered by his mortal enemy. Huh.
Mikey Millerick
Mikey Millerick - 12 tundi tagasi
Polite Gordon Ramsay
Polite Gordon Ramsay - 12 tundi tagasi
5 nights at Vat19
mctadeo gaming and vlogs
mctadeo gaming and vlogs - 12 tundi tagasi
This is better than movies on Netflix
Beastly Lexi
Beastly Lexi - 12 tundi tagasi
So was it adam that slammed the door??
WeiJi He
WeiJi He - 13 tundi tagasi
John getting attacked by creepy ghost girl
Jamie: She’S FaSt!
haha noobs
haha noobs - 13 tundi tagasi
hahah the doll heads were funny
haha noobs
haha noobs - 13 tundi tagasi
at 8:46 mins of the vid that was adam
haha noobs
haha noobs - 13 tundi tagasi
this isnt scary
Lxvender __
Lxvender __ - 12 tundi tagasi
Then why tf r u hiding in the comments?
Wojciech Pabijan
Wojciech Pabijan - 13 tundi tagasi
This episode deserves a like, it was so scary :P
prokiduk#lol - 13 tundi tagasi
I feel like I'm watching Dora the explorer but horror😅😅😅
ZeWepre - 13 tundi tagasi
deadmeat should do a kill count of this
Julie Smith
Julie Smith - 13 tundi tagasi
This will give me a nightmare
Julie Smith
Julie Smith - 13 tundi tagasi
What time were you plying at it was probly 3am but he did probly a set up tho but this feels like a horror moive im about to yet my ipad outside but i can not this is the only ipad i have like the vid if your scared
Zombie_Turtles - 14 tundi tagasi
That building was used in a satanic movie idk the name
Audrey Burdis
Audrey Burdis - 14 tundi tagasi
Episode 1 to 15 Really funny and goofy episode 16 a ligit horror movie with me a 13 year old watching this at midnight
NOVA GH - 14 tundi tagasi
Hey guys, it's the Silent Hill movie remake!
Fireviper - 14 tundi tagasi
NOVA GH yeah
David De Saver
David De Saver - 14 tundi tagasi
Episode idea: put Jamie in a coma without him seeing you

Easy win
THEREALGAMER - 14 tundi tagasi
i was sooooooooo scared at the walkie talkie part
Jack Carroll
Jack Carroll - 15 tundi tagasi
woah how’d you get billie eilish to act in this video
Just Jack
Just Jack - 15 tundi tagasi
The only scary thing is how white Danny’s hands are
Тим Летов
Тим Летов - 16 tundi tagasi
No one noticed heart on windows on 6:11?
Mukasyafah Suaid
Mukasyafah Suaid - 16 tundi tagasi
Warning:this video is not for children
Me: *me watches video at4:43 a.m😯😮😦😧😟😱
Mr Unlucky Kitten
Mr Unlucky Kitten - 16 tundi tagasi
omg that jumpscare at 4:20 scared the life out of me
Kerri Millar
Kerri Millar - 17 tundi tagasi
John's gonna have nightmares lol
Meghan Francis
Meghan Francis - 17 tundi tagasi
Delilah Ericson
Delilah Ericson - 17 tundi tagasi
Jon: I think I just had a heart attack
Jamie: i dont think danny is in the studio🤨
Comixed Imagination
Comixed Imagination - 17 tundi tagasi
This video gave me a guava juice 3 am vibe.
Madeleine Katherine
Madeleine Katherine - 18 tundi tagasi
me:a fifteen year old who watches horror movies for fun also me: is absolutely terrified of whatever this is
manuel fabrizi
manuel fabrizi - 18 tundi tagasi
Adam or jaimie or kyle
LOD Undertaker
LOD Undertaker - 18 tundi tagasi
i just shit myself :/
James Aquilone
James Aquilone - 19 tundi tagasi
next video find him at a hunted house and then they can make a story to go with this episode
James’ Wacky Wednesdayzzz With James Finn
i was so scared the whole time and ran out of my room right after it ended
Zachary Villa
Zachary Villa - 19 tundi tagasi
O younger viewers
Yea sure
I hate stereotypes of this stuff like big guys like me and my buds we are all about 16 to 19 range of age and we all have pushed 5 foot 11 personally myself I am 18 and 6 foot 4 and we all work out but we all hate scary shit
Like we are a big ol bunch of pussies when it comes to scary movies and stuff like this isnt bad but shit like it chapter 2 we watched it and went on a large date with all our girlfriends so ten people and we all hate scary movies just scared to crap our big back yard with the projector and a large blow up screen so we all hate it and every person I have ever met exept those few people I mentioned expected me to love scary stuff cuz we are big guys
(Edit: we arnt wider or fat we are all in good shape and all are workout nuts and that's how we meet cuz we all went to high school together and always went to the school gym after school
Kalwin420 Vang
Kalwin420 Vang - 19 tundi tagasi
The amount of effort and time that goes into these videos is insanity
dissocia. DID.15
dissocia. DID.15 - 20 tundi tagasi
Jamie: WE ARE IN THE RING Jon: OMG Danny in his head: it’s just me in a wig
AllyThe Mortal
AllyThe Mortal - 20 tundi tagasi
for Halloween you should do a Christmas themed one...because this one is sorta halloweeny...
Lea Brugaman
Lea Brugaman - 20 tundi tagasi
Danny: *is dead*
ISsA rEd HerRiNg
a mistake
a mistake - 21 tund tagasi
"so this is hidden in plain sight, this isn't some weird call for help?"
aku _iping
aku _iping - 21 tund tagasi
Why am I shitting me pants
It's a setup
Heather_Anne - 21 tund tagasi
Okay but if course Adam was up for scaring people
꧁ w i l l x w ꧂
꧁ w i l l x w ꧂ - 21 tund tagasi
-sees a warning-
Oh- Oh no T^T
KenExtreme PH
KenExtreme PH - 21 tund tagasi
OK its says scary I'll watch this tommorow morning
Gabriel Jackson Windsor
Gabriel Jackson Windsor - 22 tundi tagasi
Jon:are you alone
Jamie:I think so...
My sister:why you screaming I'm trying to listen to BTS
Me:shows my sister clip
My sister: speechless
Me:seeeee it's scary
My sister:screams
Me when he says he'll say what's going on:ok byeeeee
Gabriel Jackson Windsor
Gabriel Jackson Windsor - 22 tundi tagasi
The Willow Plays
The Willow Plays - 22 tundi tagasi
Me: goes on my phone at 2am
Also me: sees this video
Also me again: thinks this is not going to be that scary
Me: watching
The Willow Plays
The Willow Plays - 22 tundi tagasi
Danny get murdered in the dark
Jamie: it’s just a red hearing
The Willow Plays
The Willow Plays - 22 tundi tagasi
I actually didnt this this was going to be this scary or sure was I wrong XD but I’m still watching it:) (prob going to have nightmares)
TheLivingTale - 23 tundi tagasi
This was a bad thing to watch right before bed-
Danielle Saun
Danielle Saun - 23 tundi tagasi
Not done but this episode views like an ad for this:
Heqin Veth
Heqin Veth - 23 tundi tagasi
𝚆𝚘𝚠 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚌𝚛𝚎𝚎𝚙𝚢!!!!!!!!!!
NijjRobloxlove L
NijjRobloxlove L - 23 tundi tagasi
I tryed to watch dis at night
Rock girl
Rock girl - 23 tundi tagasi
Me: oh heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy no 😰
Sun Kissed
Sun Kissed - Päev tagasi
Bro this was so good
Rock girl
Rock girl - 23 tundi tagasi
Also me: looks at dark spots of my room
Eugene Lim
Eugene Lim - Päev tagasi
This is like playing a horror game but the floor is very slippery and the controls sucks and the view sucks aswell
Shawn d'Augereau
Shawn d'Augereau - Päev tagasi
I was gone for like 2 weeks and where did the man get a beard
Salty Seal
Salty Seal - Päev tagasi
As I was watching this and my power went off and its 3:00 am
Enayah Ahmed
Enayah Ahmed - Päev tagasi
Could anyone pls care to tell me what the heck just fricking happened cuz this is just too creepy
Emmi_17 - Päev tagasi
This was different..
gaming and more 42
gaming and more 42 - Päev tagasi
i want to watch hbut get jjump scared or just scared easy
Danny perez
Danny perez - Päev tagasi
Don't go to the music
PWB Studios
PWB Studios - Päev tagasi
*is it me or is danny slowly becoming a demon*
Harrison Hegarty
Harrison Hegarty - Päev tagasi
Hidden in plain dark knight
Cameron Smith
Cameron Smith - Päev tagasi
Jamie: go towards the girl go towards the dark room go towards the scary music

Me: NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!
Aaden Ly
Aaden Ly - Päev tagasi
Is it just me but when Danny said I didn't do it I am like RUN GET OUT OF THERE
Stimmpy Thehero
Stimmpy Thehero - Päev tagasi
I was thinking at first this was a sponsor for something.
Aaden Ly
Aaden Ly - Päev tagasi
Is it just me but did he get kidnapped at night
Joshua Kinnard
Joshua Kinnard - Päev tagasi
16:47 Guessing that danny is the cameraman
Akasha Mack
Akasha Mack - Päev tagasi
Also me: looks at dark spots of my room
Akasha Mack
Akasha Mack - Päev tagasi
Me: oh heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy no 😰
Nathaniel Hedrick
Nathaniel Hedrick - Päev tagasi
Oh it's okay is just a lunatic
McDenz Villavicencio
McDenz Villavicencio - Päev tagasi
This is giving me FNaF vibes
David Galvan
David Galvan - Päev tagasi
I saw that ring girl at the beginning of the video and I said "yup fuck this I am out"
Homer Tagulao
Homer Tagulao - Päev tagasi
That's scary
Larissa Burke
Larissa Burke - Päev tagasi
I literally kept skipping through this video!😂😂😂
Channing PlayZ
Channing PlayZ - Päev tagasi
I have a better hiding spot than the camera man... Danny can just be the camera!
Naughman Safdar
Naughman Safdar - Päev tagasi
Doesn't Jamie look like Eminem right with the beard and all that oh ok only me
Mandalay - Päev tagasi
Me: 10mins in still scrolling the comments not to be scared but refuses to click off the vid just to find out what happens
Dewkota DM
Dewkota DM - Päev tagasi
Me watching this before I sleep be like:
Sophie Bredensteiner
Sophie Bredensteiner - Päev tagasi