Overly Romantic Cat Annoys Owner

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Kestus: 3:23


linkeffect82 - 6 päeva tagasi
Baby at the end: "So you have chosen.... a sleepless night of non-stop crying."
"So be it."
Ronni Satterwhite
Ronni Satterwhite - 2 päeva tagasi
Linkeffect82 and how's that funny? 😑😑
cool 123
cool 123 - 2 päeva tagasi
Reminds me of the boss baby lol.....
SuperNovaHeights - 3 päeva tagasi
linkeffect82 I’m not sure the baby was old enough to think like that. It just doesn’t make sense
b bhishma
b bhishma - 3 päeva tagasi
He looks like avatar the last airbender
Nate Perez
Nate Perez - 4 päeva tagasi
@Unperson no, stop lol
Deborah Carroll
Deborah Carroll - Päev tagasi
99 phones create a traffic jam !!!!
i love the scooterpocalypse in LA !!!
Ladi Day
Ladi Day - Päev tagasi
The cat that was sweet🥰
Bass House
Bass House - Päev tagasi
This is my favorite pass time
I agree
I agree - Päev tagasi
sucker fish to whale shark: HIDE ME
big boi
big boi - Päev tagasi
She better give that cat a damn hug
Angel Garica
Angel Garica - Päev tagasi
OWNER: warning put your arm and paw i well put you in the cage
Utust x Iota
Utust x Iota - Päev tagasi
2:28 r/madlads
Ian Smith
Ian Smith - Päev tagasi
I know why they were staring.
Emma J
Emma J - Päev tagasi
That lady does not deserve that cat!
*Lady Voldemort*
*Lady Voldemort* - Päev tagasi
That black cat looks exactly like mine, Tornado. 😂😂😂 Such a sweet, silly, overacting bundle of joy. ❤❤❤❤❤
Sabrina Ting
Sabrina Ting - Päev tagasi
People: *rides scooters*
Police: Stop criminal scum nobody breaks in the law in my vicinity
Dr. Meme
Dr. Meme - Päev tagasi
Nobody watches just ONE video 😏
Mystery Face X
Mystery Face X - Päev tagasi
Stop scooter users! You aren't burning fossil fuels in the name of the law!
usernameundefined123 - Päev tagasi
The girl is probably straight and didn’t like pussy🤷‍♀️
Mayokovo - Päev tagasi
The 2 Americans are actually two Canadians
Cabezon Hernandez
Cabezon Hernandez - Päev tagasi
bird:*eats sucker fish* hitch hiking is illegal here
Will Smoove
Will Smoove - Päev tagasi
Lmao my cat don’t even do that only time he would get that close to yo face is if he is hungry and he tried to get yo attention by head budding you
M A - Päev tagasi
lol i feel bad for those black people in china hahahaha shoulda said you are hollywood they start taking pictures with u
Yo Dawgu
Yo Dawgu - Päev tagasi
*when a cat treats you better then your boyfriend*
Fox,Cat, And Wolf -Wildgals
The panicked noises the baby started making at the end
PeanutButter Games
PeanutButter Games - Päev tagasi
It was my birthday when this video was uploaded!
Bearking09 Karim
Bearking09 Karim - Päev tagasi
The out laws
Uh oh s t ii n k y
Uh oh s t ii n k y - Päev tagasi
great. we started 2020 and there is already ww3, coronavirus, and LA scooter raids.
Erik Ivancic
Erik Ivancic - Päev tagasi
On Valentine’s Day I threw up in front of my class and crush how was your Valentine’s Day
The Flare Formes
The Flare Formes - Päev tagasi
Scooter Attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
•Chloe's Roblox Adopt Me Builds•
The girl looked like she was gonna cry
Nostalgic Feels
Nostalgic Feels - Päev tagasi
Mom: throws cheese on baby
Baby: *demonic screeching*
Jehosúa David Murillo Arrieta
1:23 Triline
DJ Doppler
DJ Doppler - Päev tagasi
Police: **harasses people for riding scooters**
Meanwhile: **4 robberies, 2 drug deals, and a shooting could be going down and they couldn't give less of a fuck**

PERSONALL ACC - Päev tagasi
Am I the only one who feel like this vid is 1 min
xXPandamoniusXx - Päev tagasi
I want that cat
Oi Mate
Oi Mate - Päev tagasi
Cat:I luv u, Luv me
Zab Zab
Zab Zab - Päev tagasi
0:48 police for this? lol murica
Dcgaming 7
Dcgaming 7 - Päev tagasi
I’m in a cast now and I wish I had that one
Takendonut 1
Takendonut 1 - Päev tagasi

The cat: wassup, mommy. You ready to get sexy?
Owen Wolf
Owen Wolf - Päev tagasi
bruh that cast isnt keeping that wrist in place its not a cast that works
GameVeteran86 - Päev tagasi
Hope that bartender got a very generous tip
Wisniak - Päev tagasi
2:07 Its A Duck.
Eddie Arcega
Eddie Arcega - Päev tagasi
1:07 Asians: so.. you've chosen death.
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb - Päev tagasi
That cat just want some Cat
Eddie Arcega
Eddie Arcega - Päev tagasi
Ayy. Poor kitty I feel your pain. My wife does that to me.. been 10 years now
L L - Päev tagasi
that scooter thing was beautiful i wish i was there
Lakatosova Lucka
Lakatosova Lucka - Päev tagasi
The second was in germany 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
Battlefield O yea
Battlefield O yea - Päev tagasi
I have watched the first video like years ago
Neptune - Päev tagasi
is it just me or do asian people stare more than any other race?
Stanley Banks
Stanley Banks - Päev tagasi
That doesn't get very many tourists

You mean black people
ItzNotPhoenix - Päev tagasi
Artem P
Artem P - Päev tagasi
You call her an owner? He's the real owner here.
gatinho fofo
gatinho fofo - Päev tagasi
It looks like the cat holds her hostage.
Jesus Christ Is salvation
Jesus Christ Is salvation - Päev tagasi
You know your not in a free country when you can’t even mob a scooter without the cops on your ass
ZenTunE - Päev tagasi
1:14 "Pat him on the back, that'll definitely help"
Sixth Volcano 988
Sixth Volcano 988 - Päev tagasi
Eat your cereal
Fady Sedarous
Fady Sedarous - Päev tagasi
That's not romantic... that's a rapey cat my man
Kofi Keelson
Kofi Keelson - Päev tagasi
The cat is actually Puss in boots.
Lily VK
Lily VK - Päev tagasi
The whale shark: Jesus Jerry! Again!? Now I'm going to get PARASITES!
Jerry the duck: I was hungry though.
Ysb Kidd
Ysb Kidd - Päev tagasi
That cat just want some Cat
Tank -Luke-
Tank -Luke- - Päev tagasi
Didn’t expect the cheese at the end
Potato's Galaxy
Potato's Galaxy - Päev tagasi
Forbidden Licks by overly romatic cats xD
Maks 2000
Maks 2000 - Päev tagasi
0:30 Why does police get suspicious over a scooter gang? I'm asking, cuz i don't get their confusing vision of the law.
motaz almani
motaz almani - Päev tagasi
Woman: *puts cheese on baby
Baby: u wot m8