Mike CHEATS on Lana with Dr. Phil GIRL! #DramaAlert (INTERVIEW)

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Kestus: 11:25


DramaAlert - 7 місяців tagasi
CORRECTION: Mike did not text me that he was drunk. I misread what he wrote to me. - KEEM
ArtiDoesArt Stuff
ArtiDoesArt Stuff - 19 päeva tagasi
Maximilien Bissonnette
Maximilien Bissonnette - 2 місяці tagasi
Shit bro
RhinotheWorks -
RhinotheWorks - - 4 місяці tagasi
You are a mistake, no surprise you make them all of the time
Cords - 5 місяців tagasi
You should go on dr Phil keemstar. Maybe you'll learn a thing or two about handling a Monday on minecraft perhaps?
MoonStudio - 6 місяців tagasi
man up cry baby!!!!
j.fraser10 - 22 tundi tagasi
Thats ironic
Dodo Dodo
Dodo Dodo - Päev tagasi
she’s so annoying
Brodie M
Brodie M - 7 päeva tagasi
She literally cheats on him for a job 😂
ruqqzz - 12 päeva tagasi
D Cohn
D Cohn - 16 päeva tagasi
this bitch keeps on victimizing herself
Austin Nixon
Austin Nixon - 22 päeva tagasi
Sean Digger
Sean Digger - 22 päeva tagasi
This is the best content on YouTube, besides RedBar... Keeping doin Gods work, Keem...
Big Squeeto
Big Squeeto - 24 päeva tagasi
10:18 she really tryna pull out the woman card lmao
F1 Unknownn
F1 Unknownn - 25 päeva tagasi
I was in thuhhh cluhb.. uhhhh
Kane Antonio
Kane Antonio - 25 päeva tagasi
Bro im late for this 😆
Old Buddy Productions
Old Buddy Productions - 25 päeva tagasi
What a fucking idiot
ZapDozHoes - 25 päeva tagasi
Lmao people act like lana was still making films while with him which isnt the case xD. I'm so disappointed people dont care about her saying "oh I only sucked it for less than 30 seconds so THATS NOT CHEATING" DAMN BRUH!!! These disgusting fucks really are the problem with dating nowadays.
Lack Taint03
Lack Taint03 - 26 päeva tagasi
keemstar you a bitch
washics - 28 päeva tagasi
imagine being a girl
Obama Prism
Obama Prism - Місяць tagasi
Mike Cheats on Lana with Dr. Phil

Pornstars are temporary, Dr. Phil is eternal
Don’t Sub
Don’t Sub - Місяць tagasi
Crazy Fishy god
Crazy Fishy god - Місяць tagasi
30 seconds does not count are you a fucking idiot
Mick Marty
Mick Marty - Місяць tagasi
Some Guy
Some Guy - Місяць tagasi
Imagine cheating on Lana fucking Rhodes
Equilibrium Phoenix
Equilibrium Phoenix - Місяць tagasi
“So you don’t believe women keem?!” Oh god why
Vanessa Caprini
Vanessa Caprini - Місяць tagasi
Does keem purposely mispronounce everyone's names?
MLG PRO BRO - Місяць tagasi
I did not expect Lana to get cheated on but instead Lana to cheat this is just un-precedented😶😶😳😳😳
Vlogf33d - Місяць tagasi
wtf was 6:30
Sal Gallego
Sal Gallego - Місяць tagasi
keem looks so bored listening to this girl talk dude
Big Bankster
Big Bankster - Місяць tagasi
Whos layna it's pronounced lana
ColorsStones - Місяць tagasi
It's not considered cheating if i have sex with him for 30 sec,did she actually said that ?
Cheaters with their dumb excuses,oh it was 30 sec,oh i was drunk,oh i thought it was you but was too late, what a filthy garbage morons hope they face karma and get obliterated
Zaczz - Місяць tagasi
Eeshhh, well now this is over and they are happy together...... I’m still laughing cause she called him a 3
Zaczz - Місяць tagasi
Me: going crazy hearing him say launa
Vistalla - Місяць tagasi
Who else still waiting for the failed Daniel broccoli and lana to fight in the Octagon
barbie doll
barbie doll - 2 місяці tagasi
Jonathan Becerra
Jonathan Becerra - 2 місяці tagasi
Fuck this phil girl is ratchet
Paradox Yt
Paradox Yt - 2 місяці tagasi
She obviously wasn't sent to the ranch
Simply_Ashton - 2 місяці tagasi
Bruh cheating on LANA???
Legendary Deathzekk
Legendary Deathzekk - 2 місяці tagasi
Why tf would someone cheat on a pornstar
epic castle
epic castle - 2 місяці tagasi
very nice
llYorFav1ll - 2 місяці tagasi
Imagine cheating on a girl with that much “skill” 👀 bro you dumb LMAO
Nakayla Lavertu
Nakayla Lavertu - 2 місяці tagasi
That girl got too much self confidence for her own good smh
Vipex007 - 2 місяці tagasi
4:15 what the fuck is wrong with women man. Even if it was for one second its still cheating
Kalsey Vroman
Kalsey Vroman - 2 місяці tagasi
I swear this girl a clown. Keem knows, that's why he Changing the subject 😂