Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Model Unboxing

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Microsoft sent over some models of the upcoming Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S for unboxing. These are not able to be turned on but are exact physical matches for the eventual retail units.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy - 18 päeva tagasi
SoyGalaxyHD 129qsS
SoyGalaxyHD 129qsS - 4 päeva tagasi
You lie the xbox doesnt launch does consoles
Ali Perfect
Ali Perfect - 5 päeva tagasi
@Moose من غعا
Ultra bo
Ultra bo - 7 päeva tagasi
Can you do the ps5 if you can?
TAURUS POWER - 8 päeva tagasi
Alex Medved
Alex Medved - 9 päeva tagasi
Behind a tv on the right side perfect, if it on a electrical chimney with speakers and not on a wall.👀😍
Revoked Sauce
Revoked Sauce - Tund tagasi
Bro What is Considered a Normal Console anymore Like what type of Transition is 360 to Tall Rectangular Box 😭
Rainbow Mustache
Rainbow Mustache - Tund tagasi
Series s is not as good, it doesn’t have that much space, and you can’t even put disks in...
Edit: btw this is just my opinion, please don’t hate I know everyone has different thoughts
Dracoth Begone
Dracoth Begone - 4 tundi tagasi
*Turns out XBOX is smaller and PS5 is bigger than what everyone expected.*
Ghost Dog
Ghost Dog - 4 tundi tagasi
the series s reminds me of a bulky wii
Scott C
Scott C - 5 tundi tagasi
1:57 that's what she said
Trump Jong Un
Trump Jong Un - 5 tundi tagasi
Yeah, literally boxes.
Mingno Sissypee
Mingno Sissypee - 7 tundi tagasi
Just got a gaming PC no more Xbox live subscription
Billy Games yt
Billy Games yt - 8 tundi tagasi
So brasileiro eu não entendi nada kkkkk
King Timmy
King Timmy - 9 tundi tagasi
I’ll keep the series s 😭PRICEESSS ARE $100/$200 more but that series S price hit diff tho😭😂💀🤣‼️
Jon Liston
Jon Liston - 9 tundi tagasi
Microsoft is sending so much stuff out to people for these silly reviews just for exposure.
Each review is "hey it's a box, it's a cool box, there's a smaller box too, you can even put the boxes on their sides, we even have the same exact boxy controllers. Please buy our boxes."
Julian Guzman
Julian Guzman - 9 tundi tagasi
I'm going to go get Xbox s series it's good it's cheaper
yama rex 016
yama rex 016 - 13 tundi tagasi
J2 digital
J2 digital - 13 tundi tagasi
Next up on Linus Tech Tips: Fitting an Xbox Series X into the Series S case!
Tech Mania
Tech Mania - 14 tundi tagasi
can i play my series S on my 4K tv?
the army
the army - 15 tundi tagasi
Bro no disc tray is so mind boggling what about all my blue Ray's
KxshDribblez - 16 tundi tagasi
Here after the preorder disaster. I was able to get the series x from Best Buy. It did end up taking an extra hour and a half for the Xbox to drop though.
Sushant Kuikel
Sushant Kuikel - 17 tundi tagasi
Other youtubers got functional xbox series x but this channel didn’t. Surprising
Miinan ja manun Metsästys-seura
Xbox looks like best
ahmed teeta
ahmed teeta - 20 tundi tagasi
Tbh the ps5 looks better
James Mort
James Mort - 20 tundi tagasi
Got to be honest that Xbox x looks terrible and gone backwards in design and the series s looks like a speaker
High Tier Loot
High Tier Loot - 21 tund tagasi
How Small The Series Ss
Definitely gonna get it
peter Farmer
peter Farmer - 21 tund tagasi
The dust is gonna love the Xbox Series x 😂😂😂😂
FEAR NO EVIL - 23 tundi tagasi
im getting the ps5 but i will get me the xbox series S see if it maybe worth getting the xbox series X i love all gaming systems love to try them all if i can money wise.
Jean Gomez
Jean Gomez - Päev tagasi
Xbox "S peaker" series lol
Ultimatexeno - Päev tagasi
Oh great another xbox one just because the almighty PS5 is coming out😌😌😪
Young Dinaro
Young Dinaro - Päev tagasi
Buy ps5 way better
xxdinosaurx x
xxdinosaurx x - Päev tagasi
It’s 234 GBP I am buy it
Red - Päev tagasi
Xbox is good, they just need a good games..
PS 5 beat Xbox in a matter of games..
Eliezer Garcia carias
Eliezer Garcia carias - Päev tagasi
Ian Máximo Reyes Acevedo
Ian Máximo Reyes Acevedo - Päev tagasi
Hola alguien que able español
Good old Blighty
Good old Blighty - Päev tagasi
I don’t won’t a console without disk drive,I still like buying disk instead of digital downloads only.i like buying second hand disks so gaming companies like EA & activision DONT get my money & games are a lot cheaper on game disks
Cody Jake
Cody Jake - Päev tagasi
I have to say from a completely non biased opinion (I own ps4 and Xbox one) I think Xbox is going in the right direction and also ps5 console looks horrible.
ΠΝΞ - Päev tagasi
Series S looks like my underseat subwoofer in my car :D
Diego Pimentel
Diego Pimentel - Päev tagasi
Which ones better
Anthony Varela
Anthony Varela - Päev tagasi
At first the design of the Series S felt like an afterthought, but it's grown on me and it's actually pretty adorable
Questchaun - Päev tagasi
"much smaller than I expected." Shits the size of a midtower.
TheJorge2010 - Päev tagasi
Whyyyyyy? Is there only 1 hdmi port I’d like to be able to connect my cable box on it
SebastianSnake - Päev tagasi
I like those boxes They seem to feel small compact and easy to carry
Poppa Mike
Poppa Mike - Päev tagasi
Neither have HDMI in for Cable