10 Most ANNOYING Things NFL Players ALWAYS Do During a Game

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The NFL is the biggest and most popular of all major North American professional sports leagues. And that is unlikely to change any time soon.
Thanks to an offensive revolution that’s taken over the league in the past 30 or so years, the NFL product is more exciting than ever before.
However, the overall entertainment value would be far better for us fans if NFL players didn’t always do these super-annoying things during games.
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Host + Editor: Jason Biondo
Writer: Alex Hoegler
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David Fowler
David Fowler - Місяць tagasi
By far the most annoying thing NFL players do is when a corner back waves their hands incomplete when they have done absolutely nothing to break up the play. Its even worse when they’re getting burnt all game by a WR and then the start celebrating one bad throw by a QB
Jason White
Jason White - 2 tundi tagasi
So right
Jacobskicks - 12 tundi tagasi
David Fowler dude makin the vid was more annoying than the players doin the celebration
Wally Palmer
Wally Palmer - 3 päeva tagasi
I have a similar pet peeve...when players wave their hands to signal incomplete when a pass was clearly caught. I saw the catch, you saw the catch, the fans saw the catch, the ref saw the catch, and you waving your arms like a moron isn't going to make him change his mind.
Noah Santiago
Noah Santiago - 6 päeva tagasi
Whats funny is that in Madden, when you get the 1 yd rush td, the whole o-line puts up the arms and starts complaining. Its hilarious because there also synchronized
Michael D. Williams
Michael D. Williams - 8 päeva tagasi
So in practice the QB hits the receiver every time? No. If the play is executed properly it works. If its not it doesn't, no matter what the defense does. Most offenses beat themselves.
Jason White
Jason White - 2 tundi tagasi
Trash talking when you have been torched or exposed.
Mason Yochum
Mason Yochum - 18 tundi tagasi
Trash talking is apart of the game and it’s ok do do it a little bit
coconuty reel
coconuty reel - 19 tundi tagasi
its not too common for NFL players to yell at the camera

er---i have never seen it
Aiden Glazier
Aiden Glazier - Päev tagasi
Standing over the person they hit
Wyatt Hillius
Wyatt Hillius - Päev tagasi
TPS really fell off their new hosts are so bad now
Wendell T Stacks
Wendell T Stacks - Päev tagasi
This video sucks and it’s clear that you’ve never played competitive sports.
S W I F T F O X - 3 päeva tagasi
Going down instead of scoring is a smart move sometimes, who cares about fantasy football when your trying to win a Super Bowl and earn millions of dollars
Douglas Reeves
Douglas Reeves - 3 päeva tagasi
Eye black does jacksh*t against glare.
Douglas Reeves
Douglas Reeves - 3 päeva tagasi
Had to laugh. NFL players celebrate anything they do. Guys, you're just doing your jobs for ungodly amounts of money.
Isaac Johnson
Isaac Johnson - 4 päeva tagasi
Why do they just put they're hand out for a first down
Jack Manzon
Jack Manzon - 4 päeva tagasi
When QBs keep the ball when they have a man wide open for a touchdown, also when anybody celebrates when it’s the fourth quarter ad they’re down
Billy Stanton
Billy Stanton - 5 päeva tagasi
I get the feeling this guy doesn't watch sports everytime I watch him
Vicky Sardar
Vicky Sardar - 6 päeva tagasi
Eddie Smith
Eddie Smith - 7 päeva tagasi
The first down doesn't even compare to the fly ball catch. One is offense and one is defense. Boooooo
Kaleb Stewart
Kaleb Stewart - 8 päeva tagasi
OK Ford wasn't offside against the patriots get it right
Isaiah Smith
Isaiah Smith - 9 päeva tagasi
Your trying to make it the no fun league
Gabriel Garza
Gabriel Garza - 9 päeva tagasi
He is anoyoning
Matthew Nageotte
Matthew Nageotte - 9 päeva tagasi
This video sucks
Anderson Davis
Anderson Davis - 10 päeva tagasi
I remember him saying "All the people commenting about how bad this video is"
human puppet
human puppet - 11 päeva tagasi
Ur videos are so BAD DUDE... SIKE they are great keep on with the good work.
Ads S.
Ads S. - 11 päeva tagasi
25 point deficit...Tom Brady...sounds familiar ;)
Cruz Taylor
Cruz Taylor - 11 päeva tagasi
Scieneering - 11 päeva tagasi
#6: Going down instead of scoring: Nothing wrong with this, players do it to conserve the lead, even if it puts you up by double scores. And as far as the reasoning of bets and fantasy football, without statistical data, it's assumed that for every possible game you ruin for NOT scoring, you could of ruined it for the other player BY scoring. If a team knees on the 1 yard line rather than scoring for example, maybe a person who had their RB losses a game, but had the RB scored, the player would of won the game. So either way, somebody's gotta win, and if you're that neutral player, you gotta pick somebody to win.
wakawaka1976 - 11 päeva tagasi
That Lamar Houston celebration the flying standing spread eagle has blown out several knees especially on turf. Hope every team tells their players not to do that.
sean park
sean park - 12 päeva tagasi
You burned a lot of fans does not includeing me
Chris Vick
Chris Vick - 12 päeva tagasi
Dude shut the fuck up. You sound like a whiny little bitch. If these things bother you SO much, just stop watching the game dipshit.
Malcolm Quick
Malcolm Quick - 12 päeva tagasi
This guy clearly has never played sports and does NOT understand them!
Janice Marshall
Janice Marshall - 13 päeva tagasi
Video not needed the nfl players are just showing how happy there are
Willie Hill III
Willie Hill III - 14 päeva tagasi
First down should have been number 1
Levi Bundy
Levi Bundy - 14 päeva tagasi
This little dude acts like he is some badass. Bet you wont say my video sucks to my face! Also how does he think 1st downs are a routine thing when he is a Jets fan?
Joseph martinez
Joseph martinez - 14 päeva tagasi
Most of these are no problem, looks like things whoever wrote this upsets
Its Zee
Its Zee - 15 päeva tagasi
Nigga never played ball before 😭😭😭😭first down cele tuff
ACE Ra1nZ •
ACE Ra1nZ • - 15 päeva tagasi
Say it to your face on the field your a fucking twig I’ll rock
fate_ alexfeid
fate_ alexfeid - 15 päeva tagasi
When i make a shot I celebrate
T Berd
T Berd - 15 päeva tagasi
Boring. I fell asleep watching.
Corey Powers
Corey Powers - 16 päeva tagasi
NBA players celebrate after every 3 pointer.
Abraham Grant
Abraham Grant - 16 päeva tagasi
Why is it annoying that they want to put on that much eyeblack? How does that affect the viewer at all?
Luke Bolar
Luke Bolar - 16 päeva tagasi
Soooooo... regular bullying ok now? I
Ken Scaletta
Ken Scaletta - 16 päeva tagasi
Number 6.

Is he really saying players should be more concerned about gamblers than about winning?
D Lewis
D Lewis - 17 päeva tagasi
Most of this stuff is stuff that makes the nfl more fun what is this guy talking about first and last time watching 💯
Andrew Moxley
Andrew Moxley - 17 päeva tagasi
Worst video by far so sad I wasted anytime clicking on this
K1980 Pray for the world
K1980 Pray for the world - 17 päeva tagasi
When the entire defense celebrates in the end zone. After any interception Especially the ones downed already. I hate that
Damien Daniels
Damien Daniels - 18 päeva tagasi
Yes MLB players signal when they catch a fly ball, yes NBA players celebrate when they make baskets.
Ggg Yyy
Ggg Yyy - 18 päeva tagasi
Fuck you tps, this is just nit picky bullshit tryna cause attention to your shitty dying channel. Damn
scott moore
scott moore - 19 päeva tagasi
Your right...this sucked!!!
Phillip LeBlanc
Phillip LeBlanc - 20 päeva tagasi
#11, listening to you yap about annoying NFL things.
Moh Boj
Moh Boj - 21 päev tagasi
Bro they go down to waste time in the 4th quarter
teror1e - 21 päev tagasi
Obviously this guy has never played football or sports for that matter cause if he did he would know how hard it can be to get a first down so in the nfl it’s a huge accomplishment also after watching the whole vid I think this guy just doesn’t like football
Patrick Stovall
Patrick Stovall - 21 päev tagasi
Richard Sherman is an arrogant douche and got roasted in the SuperBowl. He thinks he's so great but he couldn't even defend Sammy Watkins, cause he sucks. Also the Tyreek Hill camera celebration was hilarious.
Marco Polo
Marco Polo - 21 päev tagasi
Cyberspace is the field on the internet. Haha
Rau Kenneth
Rau Kenneth - 21 päev tagasi
Do you cover MMA? There is so much annoying BS there.
William Allen
William Allen - 22 päeva tagasi
Didn’t make it past the first down, you’re f’n annoying. They’re just celebrating, get past it
YUNG FULISH - 22 päeva tagasi
Its most annoyimg when your a guy in a seat and not getting paid like non of these athlete and i will tell you shit to your face
Jonathan Lozano
Jonathan Lozano - 22 päeva tagasi
7:19 they are just trying to get a safe win
Jay Moo
Jay Moo - 23 päeva tagasi
Dude- it’s football, it’s an emotional game. If you don’t get fired up, why play the freaking game?
Fanai Armstrong
Fanai Armstrong - 23 päeva tagasi
Nba players celebrate when they get and ones 🤷🏼‍♂️
Philipp s
Philipp s - 23 päeva tagasi
Maybe next time do a top 5 if you can’t come up with 10 solid examples. You really felt that you knew the first few where total bullshit. Like a WR shouldn’t talk smack to the enemy’s WR because he is not actually guarding him, the fuck?
kello _209
kello _209 - 24 päeva tagasi
What was that football scene from 8:01
Mike Box
Mike Box - 24 päeva tagasi
Football, the sport with a large lack of humility. need to stop all of the celebrations, shit talk, etc.. the game is slow enough as it is.
joe vantangoli
joe vantangoli - 24 päeva tagasi
First I'd fold you on the field 2. Not just this video sucks they all suck your entire channel is trash none of you tools have played a down in your life and you constantly talk shit about players y'all abunch of clowns
CrazyAngel - 24 päeva tagasi
11:55 “ mr.whole lotta money going broke”
Blake Prinkki
Blake Prinkki - 25 päeva tagasi
Screw you bro, celebrations are huge part of the game
Adam Lawrence
Adam Lawrence - 25 päeva tagasi
I'd have to say everything Cam Newton does on the field annoys most people.
Ernesto Suarez
Ernesto Suarez - 25 päeva tagasi
Whats more annoying is when someone makes a video about annoying things that arent actually annoying!
Liangelo Ball
Liangelo Ball - 25 päeva tagasi
When both teams are jumping with their arms in opposite directions on every fumble when no one can tell who has the ball
Claren Dennis
Claren Dennis - 25 päeva tagasi
When they gonna bring back the other commentator tho...
Will Jadwin III
Will Jadwin III - 26 päeva tagasi
I don’t understand why you made a video on this...
Destroygary Funky
Destroygary Funky - 26 päeva tagasi
It's terribly annoying when a team is getting the shit kicked out of them,......and a player has the temerity to celebrate a routine tackle by beating his chest.
Pathetic .
djmaur - 27 päeva tagasi
Boo hoo fantasy football...
Exe Clan
Exe Clan - 27 päeva tagasi
You suck
Exe Clan
Exe Clan - 27 päeva tagasi
This nigga is trippin
Rory_Emery - 27 päeva tagasi
Get creative with the touch down celebrations.
Me:*thinks of 2019 duck duck goose.*
Jacob Chandler
Jacob Chandler - 27 päeva tagasi
What about WWE?
Devan Booth
Devan Booth - 27 päeva tagasi
I feel like this video was a little forced. they probably saw a couple annoying things and tried making a whole video out of it. I understand a few like the "faking injuries," but a lot were kinda ridiculous.
Rielly Kirk
Rielly Kirk - 27 päeva tagasi
Buddy’s never played football
Jake B.
Jake B. - 28 päeva tagasi
this is a stupid list
Cade 1109
Cade 1109 - 28 päeva tagasi
The celebrating at wrong times is soooo annoying to me bc ur team could be winning by 5or6 tds then the opposite team finally gets a tad they dance
Laurel Rogers
Laurel Rogers - 28 päeva tagasi
its soooo annoying when the NFL does not call a flag
Nuttella Mayweather
Nuttella Mayweather - 28 päeva tagasi
But NBA players do celebrate almost every shot