FAST AND FURIOUS 9 Trailer (2020)

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First trailer for Fast and Furious 9 starring Vin Diesel and John Cena
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Dawna - 20 tundi tagasi
Like Letty & Haan , God can you bring back Walker :( :(
Semaj Quincy
Semaj Quincy - 21 tund tagasi

this summer we get to find out Ramsey’s last name
Ep Pro
Ep Pro - 21 tund tagasi
*3:11**-Nothing impossible when Don is in a car baby,everything posssible*
sölfisk - 22 tundi tagasi
I'm going to tell my grandkids this was fast and furious....

..Oh wait a second
Jarek newbury
Jarek newbury - 22 tundi tagasi
I'm done with fast and furious movies after paul walker's death
Rayhan Naufal
Rayhan Naufal - 22 tundi tagasi
FF X : Dom went to Domino Pizzas
Expertz - 23 tundi tagasi This is the same thing but on my channel please watch it!
sölfisk - 22 tundi tagasi
with worse quality too bitch
DabsIsChill - 23 tundi tagasi
John cena and dom must've been childhood friends
República Músicana
República Músicana - Päev tagasi
John Cena as Terminator
Omar Zacarias
Omar Zacarias - Päev tagasi
So this movie will be family against family.
Mr. J
Mr. J - Päev tagasi
I’m gonna wait until it comes out on dvd just to see how Han is alive. This franchise is dying after Paul Walker is no longer in it.
Rebecca Destin
Rebecca Destin - Päev tagasi
You guys can’t deny John Cena looks sexy as hell in this
ononuju chiwetandu
ononuju chiwetandu - Päev tagasi
I don't know whom the director is but I got something for you. Its worth Millons.
Jordan Rivera
Jordan Rivera - Päev tagasi
Just notice that other Asian guy is from Tokyo drift , not han tho
Vers ly
Vers ly - Päev tagasi
Best scene was letty and Mia fighting
Alfredo Sandoval
Alfredo Sandoval - Päev tagasi
It should be 3 limit not 8 or more
MattVCapture - Päev tagasi
Fast and Furious 10 (The Final Ride)
Dom: It used to be about family. The love of a quarter mile. Then it became the art of the drift. Soon after. It was time to shift gears.
But now. It's about one last run.
One last chance to win. To lose means the end for us. Our home. Our family. Our lives....
Letty: Teams from every country
From motorsport to the underground. The best from around the globe. From convicts to billionaires. All cashing in for a race across the continent.
Han: 300 cars. Over 5000 miles
Roman: $500 000 000 and complete lifelong immunity.
Tej: Total freedom and all the green you could want.
Dom: One problem. The moment we ride. Everyone will be hunting us. Our only chance of escape is at the finish line.
Letty: From the North to the South. From offroad to the city limits.
Tej: From Montreal to Santiago. Every cop in between on standby.
Letty: No safe house and no evasion. Our only way out is to complete the route.
Roman: The race just changed again!!
O'an Alzyoud
O'an Alzyoud - Päev tagasi
Is that Sean at 2:16
JackuJitsuPL - Päev tagasi
I wanna to see Tokyo Drift 2 pls
JackuJitsuPL - Päev tagasi
Sverre Clarke
Sverre Clarke - Päev tagasi
Please just let this franchise die allready...... They are just getting more and more stupid
CxZaN - Päev tagasi
John cena vs the rock actually😂😂
Md Ghufran
Md Ghufran - Päev tagasi
Superb come with power and Jon ceana awesome blockbuster dam break all records
Sam Vicente
Sam Vicente - Päev tagasi
Will they bring Paul Waker too?
Luis Aguilar
Luis Aguilar - Päev tagasi
I can’t wait this movie 😁😁
Nauman Javed
Nauman Javed - Päev tagasi
Fast and Furious 10.... FFX (2022): When aliens land on Earth, the only way to defeat them is by showing them that Dom and company openly exist outside the laws of physics. Rated PG-13.
ジョー009 - Päev tagasi
Fast & Frious 8 ICE BREAK
Fast & Frious 9 JET BREAK
Fast & Frious 10 PLANET BREAK
Fast & Frious 11 GOD BREAK
pranav vivek
pranav vivek - Päev tagasi
john cena isnt even there
Syed Anas Ali
Syed Anas Ali - Päev tagasi
Han is back ....
Paully.G - Päev tagasi
How the fuck did this go from street racing to fighting armies 😂😂
sagar chopra
sagar chopra - Päev tagasi
Only For Paul Walker 🖤 #SeeyouAgain
Ahmed Hanif
Ahmed Hanif - Päev tagasi
Jakson Pereira
Jakson Pereira - Päev tagasi
Jhon cena ta no filme pqp esse cara é foda
Shay C
Shay C - Päev tagasi
I wonder what they are going to do about Brian in this one. It was very important to the cast members that he had a happy ending. I really hope they don’t just kill him off
Matthew Cao
Matthew Cao - Päev tagasi
Letty survives
Han survives

Did Paul Walker survived??
NITESH NAIK - Päev tagasi
SouthIndian Movie ??
Cylor - Päev tagasi
Why can't they just make a movie like back before paul died? I'm tired of this Mission Impossible thing.
temoo 1
temoo 1 - Päev tagasi
temoo 1
temoo 1 - Päev tagasi
J K - Päev tagasi
They go to far with these film now ruins it
Essey Mickaell
Essey Mickaell - Päev tagasi
y’all might as well fight the avengers at this point🤦🏾‍♂️ smh
Notorious Volney
Notorious Volney - Päev tagasi
Didn't know Yelena was in this movie
Rene S.
Rene S. - Päev tagasi
Unfortunately this isnt fast and furious anymore.
It is dead since part 3.
This is only a good Action movie nothing more
Ni Wayan Juni Astari
Ni Wayan Juni Astari - Päev tagasi
Liat trailernya aja aku tak berkedip
Isaac Kim
Isaac Kim - Päev tagasi
The ending scene where dom drove his SRT to the bridge and the part hooked to the rim, they both could have died in real life because scientifically, after he turn on his nitrous, the mass and speed of his vehicle could have snapped the rope. Any type of rope could have snapped. If he was using a cable, that would make sense
WE FUN 21 - Päev tagasi
The heroes are not made in the training halls, the heroes are made from deep things inside them: will, dream, vision.ヾ(❀╹◡╹)ノ゙
Udbhav Halder
Udbhav Halder - Päev tagasi
you can't see him
spades 5514
spades 5514 - Päev tagasi
Is it just me or did Dom had the face expression of nothing phases him
Mr Racz
Mr Racz - Päev tagasi
2:35 how did that big ass truck got stopped by a little car and did a 180
James HighEST
James HighEST - Päev tagasi
That’s not possible. Han died in the force awakens.
Justin S
Justin S - Päev tagasi
Alright, if *Han* is back then it would be even more possible to bring back *Gisele* since we never seen her ( *die* )
Justin S
Justin S - Päev tagasi
“Not all blood is family.” 💯 FACTS!
francis short jr
francis short jr - Päev tagasi
Han is still snacking away
Shaggy - Päev tagasi
Aditya - Päev tagasi
Too bad that most of the Cenation members won’t be watching this in theatres as they kids and FF is 18+
Akio_ 2003
Akio_ 2003 - Päev tagasi
Sooooo when are we going to see Brian returns?
We already saw Latty returns. And then han. So when is brian going to return?.
MrHateful12 - Päev tagasi
This shit is ridiculous. I guess with family you can do anything.
Xamse Moha
Xamse Moha - Päev tagasi
This will be the most difficutlt enemy tof defeat since they and can't se him new 😮
Lilian Ochan Olay
Lilian Ochan Olay - Päev tagasi
Lilian Ochan Olay
Lilian Ochan Olay - Päev tagasi