UPDATE CORNER: Paul Speaks Out

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We're in the update corner talkin' about Paul. Or should I say... TROY.
I don't know. I honestly don't know anymore.
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on EEcard, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.
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Elaine Vo
Elaine Vo - 11 tundi tagasi
7:52 is that a mutherfuckin Hannah Montana reference?
Daniele Meyers
Daniele Meyers - 11 tundi tagasi
Notifications on even though I’m constantly checking for new videos. Am I truly Greg yet.? 😁
abelsdreams - 11 tundi tagasi
the worst thing at all, it's that paul's ex-best friend is a fucking pervert, idk who's worse really
Reponity - 12 tundi tagasi
React to N&A Productions.Its the stupidest shit ever
Sam Adams
Sam Adams - 12 tundi tagasi
I was one of those fan she scammed, no regrets!
Arabella Ribaudo
Arabella Ribaudo - 12 tundi tagasi
once danny said "nobody's perfect", i started singing the song by hannah montana and then he did. my head exploded
bilinas mini
bilinas mini - 11 tundi tagasi
You HAVE to check out a movie called "Barnyard" from Nickelodeon (All the cows are trans)
Victoria Turner
Victoria Turner - 12 tundi tagasi
don't hide that you watched hanna montana danny.....
Khadijah Johnson
Khadijah Johnson - 12 tundi tagasi
Paul really be thinking everyone is dumber than him.
bilinas mini
bilinas mini - 11 tundi tagasi
glasses-wearer, I understand it. However, it would have made much more sense if he had adjusted the glasses in some other way in the "normal" one.
Rose Sea
Rose Sea - 12 tundi tagasi
I joined Greg
Anthony Acosta
Anthony Acosta - 12 tundi tagasi
I thought you where just trash but turns out your pretty cool and funny
Squibbly Squibble
Squibbly Squibble - 12 tundi tagasi
I subscribed and turned on notifications,
Am I a Greg now?
BubblyBoleyn - 13 tundi tagasi
Paul zimmer: exists

Danny’s knees: why do I hear boss music.
BubblyBoleyn - 13 tundi tagasi
He was obviously saving the airplane to eat for later
Me No
Me No - 13 tundi tagasi
Your kinda harsh dude
Torracat9 litten
Torracat9 litten - 13 tundi tagasi
Don't forget we sold our souls to you
arya gupta
arya gupta - 14 tundi tagasi
kinda reminds me how this guy named drew gooden keeps trying to pretend he's a different person from this danny kid
the great sneyser
the great sneyser - 14 tundi tagasi
I subbed and turned on notifications can I be a Greg now
Queen Rogerina herself
Queen Rogerina herself - 14 tundi tagasi
I guess we can now say “Paul is Dead”
Terribly Twisted
Terribly Twisted - 14 tundi tagasi
please do another bad movie review video
nated - 14 tundi tagasi
That "Oh my god" kills me everytime
Julie Weegens
Julie Weegens - 14 tundi tagasi
On the sitting down putting on sunglasses one -- It's the fact that he directly touches the lens that makes that one the "psychopath." I'm not saying it's good, but as a lifelong glasses-wearer, I understand it. However, it would have made much more sense if he had adjusted the glasses in some other way in the "normal" one.
Alice Lubbers
Alice Lubbers - 15 tundi tagasi
You HAVE to check out a movie called "Barnyard" from Nickelodeon (All the cows are trans)
Cringy cat minecraft lets plays
Hi Danny
Rohan - 17 tundi tagasi
this is some great gastby shit
Noah Lendo
Noah Lendo - 17 tundi tagasi
Subscribed and notifications on i am truly greg
Kylie P.
Kylie P. - 18 tundi tagasi
Is no one concerned that Danny went on vacation and got the “flu”?
Dat Artist Kid
Dat Artist Kid - 18 tundi tagasi
I subscribed and turned on notifications am I now Greg?
Love your vids BTW.
Kali Conte
Kali Conte - 19 tundi tagasi
Catriona Charles
Catriona Charles - 19 tundi tagasi
Why doesn't Danny make the corner a little bigger and put a chair or stool in there?
- Layla -
- Layla - - 19 tundi tagasi
Moral of the story: Don’t get caught up in forever-escalating lies.
bilinas mini
bilinas mini - 18 tundi tagasi
Danny’s video about doing troys thing exists Troy: it’s free real estate
Miguel Pires
Miguel Pires - 19 tundi tagasi
I have subscripted and turned on the notifications and now i am truly GREG
DS Jr.
DS Jr. - 15 tundi tagasi
not quite, but you're getting warmer.
annelise - 19 tundi tagasi
what about the video he posted on youtube
DS Jr.
DS Jr. - 15 tundi tagasi
@bilinas mini his kid is actually 23 years old. wild shit.
annelise - 18 tundi tagasi
bilinas mini jesus christ. i didn’t watch the video, but at this point i don’t even know if i should believe this.
bilinas mini
bilinas mini - 18 tundi tagasi
dude he has a CHILD
briana williams
briana williams - 19 tundi tagasi
Danny Montana
Roland S.
Roland S. - 19 tundi tagasi
Notifications on. I am now a Greg.
slim flim gamer
slim flim gamer - 20 tundi tagasi
My last hame is Gonzalez too!!!!!!!
Pharaoh Ontiveros
Pharaoh Ontiveros - 20 tundi tagasi
Danny needs to make fun of bad riddles
OffJay Playz
OffJay Playz - 20 tundi tagasi
Sooo I can’t find the notifications button. I can’t turn on notifications and become Greg..... :( to make up for it, I made a second channel just to subscribe. I don’t know if this makes me Greg or even half a Greg. What do I do?
Angel Felix
Angel Felix - 20 tundi tagasi
I turned on My notifications am I officially Greg Now ?
Itz Abbie
Itz Abbie - 21 tund tagasi
Turned on notifications! I am truly Greg!
Sophia Anna
Sophia Anna - 21 tund tagasi
I turned on notifications and I subscribed. I am truly Greg.🤘🤘🤘
Leigh-Anne Afia
Leigh-Anne Afia - 21 tund tagasi
Wait but didn't 'Troy' say that Paul gave him his TikTok account? So they are actually both 'Troy's', idk i am confusion
Alyssa Reese
Alyssa Reese - 21 tund tagasi
Did you go on another Trip or something? I don't have insta or anything like that cuz it wont let me on.
Vanesa Elzbergyte
Vanesa Elzbergyte - 21 tund tagasi
Do ‘Ins Tracker’ ad reacting next. They’re....uncomfortable 😬
Abby Stahl
Abby Stahl - 22 tundi tagasi
I love that Danny Edge laughed at Danny G's comment
Auggie Beeler
Auggie Beeler - 22 tundi tagasi
dude he has a CHILD
RandomPancake !
RandomPancake ! - 22 tundi tagasi
Danny’s video about doing troys thing *exists*
Troy: it’s free real estate
Jude Studt
Jude Studt - 22 tundi tagasi
Pls make a vid on this
i Prinz
i Prinz - 22 tundi tagasi
Every time im watching your videos you always sound like chris from mrbeast 😂🔊
Failbuoy - 22 tundi tagasi
you look like a younger, sexier version of Sawyer Hartman lmbo.
Salmon Abdomen
Salmon Abdomen - 22 tundi tagasi
Can you watch the Gacha community

**I have left it, but I do enjoy the game of Gacha life**
Roxy Hunt
Roxy Hunt - 22 tundi tagasi
Plot twist: he has a baby that eats planes too
Enzo Sena
Enzo Sena - 23 tundi tagasi
sub to my moms you-tube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZfMCOlG-Tpa6B2kcI0Rb9g
Fish face
Fish face - 23 tundi tagasi
So is no one going to explain that danny did bring up the fact that paul did have an older channel
Madyson Howe
Madyson Howe - 23 tundi tagasi
Maybe the plane in Paul/Troys tiktok was his lunch
Jbwmh - Päev tagasi
But like Greg is always so on point in the comments. We are Greg. We love BEING Greg
_ Seppe
_ Seppe - Päev tagasi
2:10 I actually thought he was pretending to be a soccer mom
Luca Gaido
Luca Gaido - Päev tagasi
just turned on notifications now i am truely greg now
Samirah Abdurrasheed
Samirah Abdurrasheed - Päev tagasi
That gamer brother one is true tho😆
Luca Gaido
Luca Gaido - Päev tagasi
i am truly greg!!!!!!! love the vid
Sweet Dee
Sweet Dee - Päev tagasi
I get the most disturbing ads on your videos!! It's like they know
Suranjana Chatterjee
Suranjana Chatterjee - Päev tagasi
Subscribed and hit the bell. I'm Greg now, ain't I?
Lora Pedersen
Lora Pedersen - Päev tagasi
Danny: Try to pratice some social distans

Me: Well that's not gonna be a problem

My social anxiety: Yep
360kid - Päev tagasi
I notifications I am GREG!!!
Aesthetic - Päev tagasi
notifications on, who dis? 👁👃👁
Eyrún Sara Ivarsdóttir
Eyrún Sara Ivarsdóttir - Päev tagasi
I am Greg. Notifications are on 🤠
BeeVlogging - Päev tagasi
1:53 AHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA man you are so funny Danny!!!
Daria Orasanu
Daria Orasanu - Päev tagasi
You got the song from Hannah Montana
Everybody makes mistakes
Everybody has those days
Lottie Gordon
Lottie Gordon - Päev tagasi
I love you
Steph ツ
Steph ツ - Päev tagasi
he just made a youtube video on the yt channel “troy becker” adressing it more!
Gloria Glorka
Gloria Glorka - Päev tagasi
Janko Vidojevic
Janko Vidojevic - Päev tagasi
You remember when Danny colabed with this guy?
godzilla bro55
godzilla bro55 - Päev tagasi
Is it me or when I was younger I would watch all Danny’s vines, then watch all his YouTube videos and then when he started to ask for tweets for videos and stuff, I would be so jealous of the people who had it and I didn’t cause I didn’t know how to get Twitter and now that I have it... It doesn’t feel the same.
Cailey Brown
Cailey Brown - Päev tagasi
Danny, get a tiny stool for the update corner
Shanas Kamran
Shanas Kamran - Päev tagasi
Do a video on nikacado avacado pleaseee
Wik - Päev tagasi
We need to start a petition to get danny a stool or a chair
The Drawing Quill
The Drawing Quill - Päev tagasi
Get a stoooool for your coooooorner
cosmo - Päev tagasi
You wore a yellow shirt today.
Emily Boismier
Emily Boismier - Päev tagasi
Finally turned on notifications. I am one whole greg now
Fayde - Päev tagasi
I am now greg, the best army on the internet.
The Legendary Mudkip
The Legendary Mudkip - Päev tagasi
I Subbed With Notifications. I believe I am truly Greg