Porch Pirate vs. Glitter Bomb Trap 2.0

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11 months of social justice engineering boiled down to 15 minutes!
Thanks to Bose for their support! Save $50 on the Headphones 700 now through 12/21 (US only)
ANSWER TO FAQ- The reason some peoples faces are not blurred out is because those people signed releases allowing me to show their face.
Thanks to Macaulay Culkin! Check out his channel- eecard.info/club/sCw3J3T3XFLgKm2te7TrTQ.html
Special thanks to my buddy Sean Hodgins. I hired him to help me on this and it wouldn't have been possible without his mad skillz - eecard.info/club/E-bw6PRKuDlH6fP1mP4nOw.html
Here is where I got the biodegradable glitter from: www.plurvision.com/glitter
Thanks to all the volunteers across the country who put packages out for me!

Tools on my bench from Carlyle- www.carlyletools.com/MarkRober/
0:01 - Tchaikovsky - Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Tchaikovsky_-_Dance_of_the_Sugar_Plum_Fairy_-_The_Nutcracker.ogg
0:23 - Cereal Killa - Blue Wednesday soundcloud.com/bluewednesday/
0:56 - Arrow- Andrew Applepie andrewapplepie.com/
1:28 - Marimba Idea - Blue Wednesday soundcloud.com/bluewednesday/
2:58 - Arrow- Andrew Applepie andrewapplepie.com/
3:52 - Dansez - Fasion soundcloud.com/michalgallo/dansez-fasion-beats-music
4:28 - Sappheiroz - Falling soundcloud.com/sappheirosmusic/falling-ft-esoreni
5:12 - Cereal Killa - Blue Wednesday soundcloud.com/bluewednesday/
11:40 - Arrow- Andrew Applepie andrewapplepie.com/
12:46 - Kalimba Jam - Blue Wednesday soundcloud.com/bluewednesday/
15:44 - Q - Blue Wednesday soundcloud.com/bluewednesday/
17:53 - New Shoes - Blue Wednesday soundcloud.com/bluewednesday/
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Mark Rober
Mark Rober - 10 місяців tagasi
I have spent sooooo much time working on this over the past 11 months it feels really nice to finally show it to you guys. I've got all 12 of my videos planned out for 2020 and in various stages so be sure to subscribe, bell, donate a kidney, etc.
Fado Portugues
Fado Portugues - Місяць tagasi
Paranjay Odhavia
Paranjay Odhavia - 2 місяці tagasi
Mr Cyborg
Mr Cyborg - 2 місяці tagasi
Put ink on it
TurningMaster Roblox
TurningMaster Roblox - 2 місяці tagasi
445th reply
javierpacheco1012 - 2 місяці tagasi
Sure I will donate my kidney
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo - 3 tundi tagasi
The robbers thought they hit the jackpot. Unfortunately they didn't. 😂😂
marcus dismas
marcus dismas - 8 tundi tagasi
whaa happenn?
me donn know.
me love you long time!
꧁Safa Sapphire꧂
꧁Safa Sapphire꧂ - 8 tundi tagasi
Why we learn science in school
Skyler Nguyen
Skyler Nguyen - 9 tundi tagasi
I love the smell of instant karma😊
Rhys Cronin
Rhys Cronin - 10 tundi tagasi
Next time put a bomb in it
Caputies - 11 tundi tagasi
i still bet that after 40 years their still cleaning up that glitter
Jesse Schumacher
Jesse Schumacher - 11 tundi tagasi
Sooo, what if you offered this as a service to help with security and recovery for real packages? You could even subsidize or eliminate the cost by posting footage to a website (or just YouTube).
Jeeters87 - 11 tundi tagasi
With how things are going this year I wonder if the proper ammunition will be something other than glitter. Not saying it would be deadly, but something flashbangy.
Jebediah Kerman
Jebediah Kerman - 11 tundi tagasi
I wouldn't even do the scientology to my worst enemy
d b
d b - 12 tundi tagasi
Doakes lmao
Manú - 12 tundi tagasi
We need a follow up on the dude who you interviewed and still stole the package and hosted you
Hunter Hogencamp
Hunter Hogencamp - 12 tundi tagasi
Love the shirt dude👍
Sarbast Barwari
Sarbast Barwari - 13 tundi tagasi
Taste your own medicine thieves
James Lebatt
James Lebatt - 14 tundi tagasi
That's funny
Lilliana Hunter
Lilliana Hunter - 16 tundi tagasi
I wonder if that guy is still getting those post cards
frank franko
frank franko - 19 tundi tagasi
Why not make one with Skunk perfume 😀😀😀😂😂😂😂
Ms. Crystal
Ms. Crystal - 19 tundi tagasi
You need to sell these
# CokeSusu
# CokeSusu - 20 tundi tagasi
Free phone everyone
Shafia Ijaz
Shafia Ijaz - 23 tundi tagasi
Clairey Daniels
Clairey Daniels - 23 tundi tagasi
Funny & inspiring.
Gratz on your project
christina farkas
christina farkas - Päev tagasi
I love Karma ☺️
Project Me
Project Me - Päev tagasi
Has to be one of the best things ive ever seen on youtube. Legend.
Crafty With Jacob
Crafty With Jacob - Päev tagasi
Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuton Spary
jonah lowell
jonah lowell - Päev tagasi
yo this was the first vid of u ive seen and honestly ..... i give u my respect bro i subed fast
Stefan Werleman
Stefan Werleman - Päev tagasi
Did you use Django with Python for the website to monitor your boxes?
Kent Carper
Kent Carper - Päev tagasi
So Funny!!! 😄🤣😄 I would love to do that in Sioux City.
Markus E
Markus E - Päev tagasi
Jacob Funez
Jacob Funez - Päev tagasi
sail sell
sail sell - Päev tagasi
Well he got 4 mobile phone though hm
Pepe Mendez
Pepe Mendez - Päev tagasi
He was being to kind he should’ve added itching powder to the glitter and made the fart spray go off for an hour
Bacon Overlord
Bacon Overlord - Päev tagasi
8:25 shouldn't be too hard to figure out these losers since they obviously work for Metro phone store.
Señior Meme
Señior Meme - Päev tagasi
I'm taking your packages
TrainsBeat - Päev tagasi
Next version is a bomb
Mist Universe
Mist Universe - Päev tagasi
Make a package that looks like a timed bomb in movies and when the timer hits 0 fart a bunch of fart spray just disintegrates their lifespan
Push back, Taxiing, Takeoff
LOL this was uploaded on my B day
seth souder
seth souder - Päev tagasi
more contemplating of life choices
Heidi Dietrich
Heidi Dietrich - Päev tagasi
How did you get Macaulay Culkin to be in your video.
LJRC - Päev tagasi
Tell us the fart formula!!
markadex the mooster
markadex the mooster - Päev tagasi
I like your funny words magic man
Aidan Pon
Aidan Pon - Päev tagasi
I want one!
Janah Hussein
Janah Hussein - Päev tagasi
that guy sucks
NE patriots
NE patriots - Päev tagasi
Kuela Gilles
Kuela Gilles - Päev tagasi
Hubster Rig
Hubster Rig - Päev tagasi
Hehe smart
Andy Mittelman
Andy Mittelman - Päev tagasi
Awesome, you should use dye packs instead.
Jessica Lee
Jessica Lee - Päev tagasi
The glitter bomb I know about it
And the cams wont work and the glitter can never work on me you started war
Jessica Lee
Jessica Lee - Päev tagasi
The glitter bomb I know about it
And the cams wont work and the glitter can never work on me you started war
Jessica Lee
Jessica Lee - Päev tagasi
Hello mark rober I know what your doing and it is not going to work
Nokachi - Päev tagasi
bannbaoo - Päev tagasi
Imagine if all of the glitter was laced with the fart spray... GOOD LUCK LOL
C R - Päev tagasi
32,000 are most likely thieves.
Jonah Thrane
Jonah Thrane - Päev tagasi
Honestly it's such a scummy move to steal packages. I'm so disappointed with people.
John - Päev tagasi
James Lincoln
James Lincoln - Päev tagasi
your awesome
Glorious Friends
Glorious Friends - Päev tagasi
I must say, I’ve memorized everything mark says in his videos to the point where I lip sync everything he says as if its a song.
YouKnowAlready - Päev tagasi
Ibrahim Mahamed
Ibrahim Mahamed - Päev tagasi
Hacksmith and stuff made here and you should build something together
Roberta J
Roberta J - Päev tagasi
Rosie White
Rosie White - Päev tagasi
I can't believe that guy intentionally stole the package after you interviewed him, etc.!!
1981eskay - Päev tagasi
So what happens after this?
Lxira Qxbao
Lxira Qxbao - Päev tagasi
This is why I love science 😌
Jacob Barfield
Jacob Barfield - Päev tagasi
who ever this guy is he/she are jerks
lee61387 - Päev tagasi
Make the next one spray ink everywhere 😂
HHHavenn - Päev tagasi
I have the best headphones they're called cochlear inplant
Andrejs Asd
Andrejs Asd - Päev tagasi
Ahhh... Glitter... Herpes of the crafts world.
Good luck getting rid of that shite!
IntrinityXVI - Päev tagasi
This triggered me so much omfg
RoundenBrown - Päev tagasi
Next time use a dye pack.
RoundenBrown - Päev tagasi
9:34 - Air Force!
Cracker Jack
Cracker Jack - Päev tagasi
Instant karma
Cleveland BCI
Cleveland BCI - 2 päeva tagasi
1. FULL blast of skunk spray
2. Dye pack.
3. Fatality🔥🔥🔥
ALM7SHSH_91 - 2 päeva tagasi
You need to love in a new neighborhood (:
Pro_YOUTH YaNg - 2 päeva tagasi
Is a good idea
Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson - 2 päeva tagasi
Hey man I was just wondering if you might have a Gmail that you might be able to send me a blue print of the package I want to catch the one's who are stealing my package and other things.
Tristan Shamblin
Tristan Shamblin - 2 päeva tagasi
This is sooooooooooooo Cooooooooooool
TheSammami - 2 päeva tagasi
The Scientology prank is the best thing I have ever seen in my life.
L N - 2 päeva tagasi
lol can I get one plz?🥺
Chi S.
Chi S. - 2 päeva tagasi
Those people got what they deserved. No sympathy from me, thieves even steal people's medical packages...
Brian Vincent
Brian Vincent - 2 päeva tagasi
Honestly have a built in pepper spray cause this petty theft pisses me off more than anything
maria thomas
maria thomas - 2 päeva tagasi
Can it work for cemetery thieves cause man there's so many people who steal there
Peace King
Peace King - 2 päeva tagasi
If I made a trap like that I would make it something that would ruin there hole week. Like paint that stains skin.
Randy Kumpf
Randy Kumpf - 2 päeva tagasi
4:48 - GLITTER BOMB Slow Motion better than ASMR!!!
_milos_ 0
_milos_ 0 - 2 päeva tagasi
Once one man sad "surpruce mother fu****" dexter.
Narwalz :P
Narwalz :P - 2 päeva tagasi
D um
D um - 2 päeva tagasi
Does anybody hear minecraft button sounds at 2:14 and 2:18 ???
Austin Parker
Austin Parker - 2 päeva tagasi
Guy steals a pair of headphones and pretends like he bought them for his girlfriend. Instant karma.
Jay Blake
Jay Blake - 2 päeva tagasi
I quit my job at NASA to make YouTube videos.
Everybody: Well F*ck.
Kinda Sus
Kinda Sus - 2 päeva tagasi
The fact that a T mobile took the package is funny
Gerald Furry
Gerald Furry - 2 päeva tagasi
More BS from a no working bum only interested in himself being seen and bs on the subject matter.
Ms Ying San
Ms Ying San - 2 päeva tagasi
Just cant believe that they have no conscience at all...🤔🤔🤔 oh well. Tsk tsk
Wabbit N Red
Wabbit N Red - 2 päeva tagasi
Last year I was literally ROFLMAO. THIS year I spit my drink across the room. Please do more!!
DARIUS LAZDINIS - 2 päeva tagasi
The glitter is soooooo trippy
FlameSiobhan - 2 päeva tagasi
I love the idea! Just give to me and my mum will be heckin madddd
FlameSiobhan - 2 päeva tagasi
Very pretty! Ill take it!
Panda - 2 päeva tagasi
hihihi worth it!
Petie Bowen
Petie Bowen - 2 päeva tagasi
So you committed fraud
Jeremy Walker
Jeremy Walker - 2 päeva tagasi
Best lmao vid I've seen in my life.
Edward Decker
Edward Decker - 2 päeva tagasi
This is why Tech nerds rule the world. Good job!
KOKACHI FANS - 2 päeva tagasi
1:12 two watches in one hand. EPICO
Nicole Allen
Nicole Allen - 2 päeva tagasi
Just brought back all the best memories with this one lol at him grabbing his CHEEKS 🤣
Nilesh Mahajan
Nilesh Mahajan - 2 päeva tagasi
One of the people was looking like Kevin from the movie Home alone