iPhone 12 / 12 Pro Unboxing - ft MKBHD!

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Full unboxing and initial Review of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro! Full camera test and battery test coming very soon! To enter the Giveaway: gleam.io/competitions/U1YVO-mega-iphone-12-giveaway
(Giveaway is free and international, winners announced 7th November)
Full camera comparison is here: eecard.info/label/g5iLyM5624BuiMw/video.html
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Mrwhosetheboss - Місяць tagasi
Just realised we wrote iPhone 11 Pro Unboxing in....Let's blame a lack of sleep 😅 It's meant to say 12 Pro
Giveaway link here: https://gleam.io/competitions/U1YVO-mega-iphone-12-giveaway
Full camera comparison is now LIVE: https://youtu.be/L3SflBuI8Rk
Full battery test here: https://youtu.be/8Xi8HfOCG8o
Eino Kuha
Eino Kuha - 10 päeva tagasi
I was about to comment about that 😐
venu gopal 192
venu gopal 192 - 23 päeva tagasi
Arun broo what happened your giveaway
sk.mahaboob ali ali
sk.mahaboob ali ali - Місяць tagasi
I don't have a Twitter account 🙄 . Am I not capable to participate in this giveaway 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️. Coz I never participated in a giveaway 😔....
Complete your sleep!!! May b that leads to more attractive content in future. A big thumbs up for crisp and flawless content 👍.
Smokin' Aces
Smokin' Aces - Місяць tagasi
Same thing babe xx
Destined Nomad
Destined Nomad - Päev tagasi
Where are the results for the giveaway? I can’t seem to find them
Destined Nomad
Destined Nomad - Päev tagasi
Never mind, I found the results on Twitter. I didn’t win anything lol never do anyways
Mainak Chakraborty
Mainak Chakraborty - 3 päeva tagasi
Why it is showing iphone11 pro unboxing on top right
Mpho Netsianda
Mpho Netsianda - 4 päeva tagasi
The camera shaped on the Iphome 11 was great why did they change it when coming to iPhone 12
Ayan Khan
Ayan Khan - 4 päeva tagasi
Woow i love iphone but it's out of reach (ak)
Mahesh Kharbas Mahesh Kharbas
Mahesh Kharbas Mahesh Kharbas - 4 päeva tagasi
Camera📷 build quality and processer power is great I like it's big. Screen size
David John
David John - 4 päeva tagasi
Hi, i joined your giveaway! Sadly, i was not able to see who the winners are because we got hit by a severe typhoon here in PH and our house was completely submerged in the flood. Is there anyway i can see the winners? You know, just makes me feel better to see them winning the iPhone 12 pro 💕
F2P Airborne Gaming
F2P Airborne Gaming - 5 päeva tagasi
Are you still giving away.. I need a phone maybe you can help me with that... I'm going to follow your social sites
Mr Toe
Mr Toe - 5 päeva tagasi
Apple: Removes charging brick and headphones from the box
Everyone: why did they remove them?!?!? We have a brick already so that is meh but the headphones too?!?!?!
Also everyone when unboxing iPhone before: *throws everything from the box on the floor*
FrostPilot - 5 päeva tagasi

24.701 LOL
lulu st
lulu st - 6 päeva tagasi
Me watching on my green 12 : 👁👄👁interesting
Edzon Pusing
Edzon Pusing - 6 päeva tagasi
they talked about their shirts 🤔😆
Jc Conan
Jc Conan - 7 päeva tagasi
Can I have a phone?
Hahahaha just kidding I know you're not😂
Krys Top
Krys Top - 7 päeva tagasi
Theodora Lehrer
Theodora Lehrer - 7 päeva tagasi
Prince Ace
Prince Ace - 7 päeva tagasi
Imperial knight
Imperial knight - 7 päeva tagasi
iPhone 12 mini iPhone 12 , pro etc. while me Nokia 3310 for call 2.4 for WhatsApp and iPhone 📱 7 for YouTube 🤣
SuperMaster 121
SuperMaster 121 - 8 päeva tagasi
I guess storage doesn’t matter because iPhone 12 also has 128 gb of storage I am not sure if it is increased on the iPhone 12 pro
Nesa Fashion Channel
Nesa Fashion Channel - 9 päeva tagasi
Mohammed Jamsheed
Mohammed Jamsheed - 10 päeva tagasi
Your video showing iPhone 11 Pro unboxing instead of iPhone 12 Pro unboxing :)
Basty bamousstudio
Basty bamousstudio - 10 päeva tagasi
Please Animal Crossing Pocket Camp
Bremen Ratzinger
Bremen Ratzinger - 10 päeva tagasi
Where will you annuonce winners
Jaison - 12 päeva tagasi
Mark Ass Brownies?
K.S Gaming
K.S Gaming - 12 päeva tagasi
Best mobile but I can't afford it 😅😅😢😟
yebebbrhr 10
yebebbrhr 10 - 13 päeva tagasi
if you are interested in getting the iphone 12 through amazon click here. I bought one and i highly recommend it.
I DON’T CARE - 14 päeva tagasi
My fav phone tbh is iPhone 12 , but most ppl I know like the pro max,pro or 12 mini but I consider this as grippy phone and a good one
Rsjs _ 511
Rsjs _ 511 - 14 päeva tagasi
No iPhone8?
QWERTY - 14 päeva tagasi
who won?
Desi Biy
Desi Biy - 14 päeva tagasi
This is a Comment
Hitesh Jangra
Hitesh Jangra - 14 päeva tagasi
they are giving a charging cable in the box. magic
next year you will have to buy battary seprately
Manu Bircea
Manu Bircea - 15 päeva tagasi
Alexandra Jabor
Alexandra Jabor - 15 päeva tagasi
@Mrwhosetheboss Hi sir may i just ask if you called via phone number? @Mrwhosetheboss i just want to know if its posssible that its in your team that called me recently because its a foreign number. It would be my biggest regret if its you. I picked up but the line got cut😞😞😞
Alexandra Jabor
Alexandra Jabor - 15 päeva tagasi
@Mrwhosetheboss Hi sir may i just ask if you called via phone number? @Mrwhosetheboss i just want to know if its posssible that its in your team that called me recently because its a foreign number. It would be my biggest regret if its you. I picked up but the line got cut😞😞😞
the life of nick
the life of nick - 15 päeva tagasi
please give away an iphone 12 mini to me i love watching your videos and i watch your videos on a moto e 1st gen and i want an iphone for other needs pllssssss
Mary Frauline Inding
Mary Frauline Inding - 16 päeva tagasi
"Like a proud dad"
TOPE ADEKOYA - 16 päeva tagasi
Even if it wasn't an iPhone 12 but I am happy I was still able to win an iPhone 11 pro max with the help of *d3fhacker* on Instagram. He made all that possible. Chat him up to get yours, he can help you out
TOPE ADEKOYA - 16 päeva tagasi
Even if it wasn't an iPhone 12 but I am happy I was still able to win an iPhone 11 pro max with the help of *d3fhacker* on Instagram. He made all that possible. Chat him up to get yours, he can help you out
Mohammed Farhan
Mohammed Farhan - 16 päeva tagasi
are you married
ala elgabou
ala elgabou - 16 päeva tagasi
mrwhosetheboss: Which sits about half way between something that looks professional and something thats kinda fun looking.
Me: *sitting in my chair wondering if those fingerprints are meant to be part of the professional or the fun*
wolfies feathered Friends friendly chickens birds
I follow you on twitter
Tanvir Hossain Ratul
Tanvir Hossain Ratul - 16 päeva tagasi
8.06//// A14 Bionic Hanged......Omg
Gene Edward
Gene Edward - 17 päeva tagasi
I got mine through *cyberwizard19 on instagram* at a low discount,that guys is a life saver indeed💯 ✅
afro excobazz
afro excobazz - 17 päeva tagasi
I'm your number 1fan from Africa
Unknown :p
Unknown :p - 18 päeva tagasi
At the top they said 11 pro but it is the 12 pro
giannis ghazna
giannis ghazna - 19 päeva tagasi
Finaly! An iphone for minecraft Steve
Tyto Do'Urden
Tyto Do'Urden - 19 päeva tagasi
So you want like a Sony xz2 compact design
Ezito improved
Ezito improved - 19 päeva tagasi
can you like the wallpapers?
yash sonone
yash sonone - 20 päeva tagasi
Today's date is 12 November, who are the winners?
Raha Armin
Raha Armin - 20 päeva tagasi
I still like 11 more than 12
I think that you also think like this🙃
Jordan SMITH
Jordan SMITH - 20 päeva tagasi
You’ll probably have to buy the box for the iPhone 13
Shakila Ali
Shakila Ali - 20 päeva tagasi
when will the winners of the giveaway wil be announced
Shakila Ali
Shakila Ali - 20 päeva tagasi
when willl be winners of giveaway announced?
Meshram Manish
Meshram Manish - 21 päev tagasi
Loved it ❤️
Thata Dioka
Thata Dioka - 21 päev tagasi
Where is the giveaway
Sumit Rana
Sumit Rana - 22 päeva tagasi
What about giveaway results
Abijith Suresh
Abijith Suresh - 22 päeva tagasi
Entry Done Sir
I always love your content sir
Jovan Santos
Jovan Santos - 22 päeva tagasi
Is there a video to know the raffle draw?
Harvey Birch
Harvey Birch - 22 päeva tagasi
How do we find out who won the giveaway?
Kai Clements
Kai Clements - 22 päeva tagasi
Yea ofc
Max Pozdnyakov
Max Pozdnyakov - 23 päeva tagasi
Thank you, Arun!
Abdula Yousef
Abdula Yousef - 23 päeva tagasi
Why do you didn’t give me the iPhone 12 pro I am always I am always I want this phone I don’t know if I have iPhone 5 for real
Paul Mason
Paul Mason - 23 päeva tagasi
Good video
ProffesionalG - 23 päeva tagasi
Since he gave the opportunity to everyone, even the iphone 12 would be a big upgrade from my iPhone 6s. Its not in bad condition since i take care, but the software is slow. Love the iPhone 6 gang 😂 but would be a cool upgrade, love to everyone. ❤️ and happy holidays🙏 stay safe! Luck to everyone!
ٰ - 23 päeva tagasi
2:18 :
bi people :😥😢😰
Everton Alves
Everton Alves - 23 päeva tagasi
Hey, who won the giveaway?
Joanne Beveridge
Joanne Beveridge - 23 päeva tagasi
Want an election free stream to chill out in? I'm going to play the new Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Demo and probably some Splatoon 2
Clipz - 23 päeva tagasi
Well at least the regular 12 is an upgrade from my old 8 plus
Amy J.
Amy J. - 23 päeva tagasi
I had the iPhone 12 in green but sent it back to o2 and got the iPhone pro in blue instead I love my new phone I only upgraded because it was cheaper on contract than my iPhone 11 lol
amy ni :o
amy ni :o - 23 päeva tagasi
cool found
love your video in youtube
Ahmed Mustafa YT
Ahmed Mustafa YT - 23 päeva tagasi
where is the announcement?
Hanzala Seid
Hanzala Seid - 23 päeva tagasi
Pidathala Shushanth
Pidathala Shushanth - 23 päeva tagasi
Hey Arun i am one of your biggest fan.I like the way of your explaining about the product. :-)
陳鵬 - 24 päeva tagasi
Yo Arun, your skin is glowing. Share your skincare routine 😁
Nefarious Duo
Nefarious Duo - 24 päeva tagasi
So sad that I didnt win😞
Ankit Mahato
Ankit Mahato - 24 päeva tagasi
glossy arun :)
robert louis
robert louis - 24 päeva tagasi
who won the giveaway
Anime Manga
Anime Manga - 24 päeva tagasi
Omggg can’t wait for the IPhone give awayyy good luck everyone who participated!!! I want to know who’s the 5 lucky people
Mitanshu Kalsariya
Mitanshu Kalsariya - 24 päeva tagasi
I lose the giveaway
Mario Chua
Mario Chua - 24 päeva tagasi
cyblog ng
cyblog ng - 24 päeva tagasi
The competition just ended. I pray I win bcus it will really do great for me it will really help me in life. I won't be able to say why because many won't understand. I had to put so much effort to try winning this competition
Nick Here
Nick Here - 24 päeva tagasi
After the giveaway I feel like dying , I stayed up all night , and I won nothing , am damn broken 😔
Happiness Hlayi
Happiness Hlayi - 24 päeva tagasi
Wooow this is amazing 😭😭my heart yearns for it already 💔
Shuvo chowdury
Shuvo chowdury - 24 päeva tagasi
Sir need this 😭😭
Jerffry Sarante Veras
Jerffry Sarante Veras - 24 päeva tagasi
Berry good
ABDUL samad
ABDUL samad - 24 päeva tagasi
Good job
lenovo garen
lenovo garen - 24 päeva tagasi
4hrs left for me to exp life changing..
R.K. Dhingra
R.K. Dhingra - 24 päeva tagasi
I wil prefer buying tvs ntorq super sqad editon for 93k and lg g8x thinq dual screen from flipkart for Rs 18k and still i wil save money out of Rs 120k for the date wit my gf. 😛😛😛
genixx - 24 päeva tagasi
really nice video :)
Mitanshu Kalsariya
Mitanshu Kalsariya - 24 päeva tagasi
Can't wait for tomorrow's giveaway results
Shifah Abdool hamid
Shifah Abdool hamid - 24 päeva tagasi
If I win I’m going to die
Constantinos Anastassiou
Constantinos Anastassiou - 24 päeva tagasi
Keep up the great work!!
Your opinion:
Iphone 12 or 12 Pro if i choose the 128GB storage model in Europe? (I have 6s Plus)
You think is better that an Android flagship?(oneplus 8Pro or others)? Should i switch?
-No instagram, video and photo shooter not so much, nor gamer
+Intensive multitasking app user for work(mails,whatsapp,viber,messenger,skype) lot of calls!
+youtube or live sports videos mostly
Falak sher
Falak sher - 24 päeva tagasi
Good luck
Aboobacker Siddique
Aboobacker Siddique - 24 päeva tagasi
Aboobacker Siddique
Aboobacker Siddique - 24 päeva tagasi
Aboobacker Siddique
Aboobacker Siddique - 24 päeva tagasi
Aboobacker Siddique
Aboobacker Siddique - 24 päeva tagasi
The Man
The Man - 24 päeva tagasi
Nice one
Sahil sharma
Sahil sharma - 24 päeva tagasi
I think m going to be a winner this time 😎
farhan ach
farhan ach - 24 päeva tagasi
iPhone 12 one of the best phone if not the best 📱 Super XDR display with upto 1200 nits 🔆 A14 Bionic chip best chipset in an mobile phone blazing fast 🚤 One of the best camera phone 📸 Vintage iPhone Design 😍 iOS 14 one of best OS optimised for its devices 👨‍💻 Over all an complete package 📦 iPhone 12 in black 🖤 is love Hope I win one 😬🤞🤞🤞🤞
Aman Singh Jayant
Aman Singh Jayant - 24 päeva tagasi
I phone 12 series is good upgrade then i phone 11 series...