Unboxing a GIANT Amazon Return Crate Full of Tech Gadgets!

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Unboxing 10 of the WORST RATED Products on Amazon! ➡ eecard.info/label/f9CcsruK3pCDmsQ/video.html
Unboxing a Mystery APOCALYPTIC Crate! ➡ eecard.info/label/p7OomJimyIWwjtg/video.html
Join the crew on DOPE or NOPE as they unbox a GIANT mystery amazon return crate! There are websites that will sell you all the random stuff that's been returned to Amazon.com, and today we bought one to see what's inside, and see if any of it is worth the cost! We hope ya enjoy this episode - subscribe to see more episodes like this in the future!
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Gerry K
Gerry K - 3 päeva tagasi
Amelia Hill
Amelia Hill - 3 päeva tagasi
I love you guys
galexywolf123dragons - 6 päeva tagasi
I have those laser guns. ... why are u still reading dis? ... ok. Um, hows ur day been??
Cori Cyr
Cori Cyr - 7 päeva tagasi
at 8:32 tanner says the spyX goggles were beaten to "SNOT" and then at 8:33 Micheal sneezes Isn't that ironic
Katy Laird
Katy Laird - 10 päeva tagasi
I used the mini drone a few years back and rewired it and reconnected pieces in a different way to make a hover car.
FFraciSS - 11 päeva tagasi
Matthias name is Matthew?!
MV 1226
MV 1226 - 11 päeva tagasi
8:33 Sam's face is priceless
Alexa Minusco
Alexa Minusco - 12 päeva tagasi
Sam: be a sneaky spy
Tanner not even 2 seconds later: *high pitched scream*
Nick Sheiffele
Nick Sheiffele - 12 päeva tagasi
tanner def has a crush on sam
Tbone Johner
Tbone Johner - 12 päeva tagasi
13:16 tanner tho
Tbone Johner
Tbone Johner - 12 päeva tagasi
Michael 🤣😂8:32
Grey - 15 päeva tagasi
i used a Eachine E010 as my first racing drone, it was good for learning. like slap a fpv all in one cam and use a fatshark v3 headset and Bam, fun for a very long time. (when it works) Now I use a custom drone when racing now tho.
ThrashnTrash Gaming
ThrashnTrash Gaming - 16 päeva tagasi
its not happy birthday is music from rust theres eggs that play music and it sounds similar to it
1800 Pupusas
1800 Pupusas - 18 päeva tagasi
Less Michael please
The Alpha Tiger
The Alpha Tiger - 20 päeva tagasi
u shoulnt use the keyboard waffle press because it is aluminum and releases toxins
KittyGames101 - 21 päev tagasi
Normal song: Hello darkness my old friend, I've come to talk to you again
My song: I hate darkness my old friend, I've come to illuminate you with bright lights
Lucas YeetOsaurus
Lucas YeetOsaurus - 22 päeva tagasi
Your breaking the law your a nope. Me just trying to cross the street
Mounir BASSOU - 23 päeva tagasi
no not the drone you or bad at flying it
Lil TaTo
Lil TaTo - 23 päeva tagasi
I have the spy x thing
Bksmash - 25 päeva tagasi
look at sam’s face at 16:34
Brody Berrios
Brody Berrios - 25 päeva tagasi
Music box sounds like simpsons theme song
Elizabeth Dayton
Elizabeth Dayton - 26 päeva tagasi
No one:

Literally not even a single person:

They called me Tanner Tinkles
And I’m changing my clothes a lot
Brody Stevens
Brody Stevens - 27 päeva tagasi
Some people don't want to pay $20 a month the for a membership just to watch a music Box.
TWE studios
TWE studios - 29 päeva tagasi
Sam is low key hot
im lonelyyy
im lonelyyy - 29 päeva tagasi
Why do i feel like matt can be sam’s father
nik the jolteon
nik the jolteon - 29 päeva tagasi
Batman only got punching skills bru
Magnus Helgesen
Magnus Helgesen - Місяць tagasi
wer can you buy it cant fiende it
David Galvacsi
David Galvacsi - Місяць tagasi
That face at 20:31😂🤣😂
Charlene Myers
Charlene Myers - Місяць tagasi
I love how on this set the nope is pointing at matt
pandameme - Місяць tagasi
i joined
pandameme - Місяць tagasi
Who else has also been here sense “backwards” 2013 Matthias
Jonathan Nance
Jonathan Nance - Місяць tagasi
Jonathan Nance
Jonathan Nance - Місяць tagasi
why do they exclude us that cant pay to become a member?
Tronman Durglur
Tronman Durglur - Місяць tagasi
the mini drone probably just needs a wire re-solder on that motor, iv fixed so many little toys like this that have bin returned, because they didn't know how to fix the issue, a lot of the time its something super silly like a plug unplugged inside but sometimes a little more is needed, like if you have to solder and not everyone can do that so easy, you guys need someone like me that can fix pretty much anything you get when you get these return crates, you do your big boxing and as things don't work you hand them to me instead of the nope bin and then do a video of all the fixed items at least for the expensive items
Wayne Miller
Wayne Miller - Місяць tagasi
Bro you got a major acne problem I thought that stuff goes away when you're an adult
Wayne Miller
Wayne Miller - Місяць tagasi
Downloading ROMs off the internet's illegal as well lmfao but you recommended it
Jarred Tim
Jarred Tim - Місяць tagasi
look at their faces at l:58
magrosu nrg
magrosu nrg - Місяць tagasi
i would like that mini drone even it doesnt work properly
Fenne - Місяць tagasi
3:45 I bought it too and it worker
Jessica Seaver
Jessica Seaver - Місяць tagasi
Kc Lambert
Kc Lambert - Місяць tagasi
So in reference matt is a nope ???
Saad Chakir
Saad Chakir - Місяць tagasi
Queen Of Unicorns
Queen Of Unicorns - Місяць tagasi
18:03 would definitely work for me everyone tells me it is way too loud when I say it ain’t that loud and it on 30
Challengins Game Channel
Challengins Game Channel - Місяць tagasi
If Sam and tanner weren’t dating anyone I would totally ship it samer
MrDrakePrice - Місяць tagasi
That was a Georgia O'Keefe calendar you uncultured swine.
Joe Frahm
Joe Frahm - Місяць tagasi
Tanner: it’s about perspective Me: Life is all perspective. Also not to be that Guy but Sam looks good in those pants
Mariner _ 97
Mariner _ 97 - Місяць tagasi
5:45 my sister when she plays anything and I breathe
bluefox ice fire
bluefox ice fire - Місяць tagasi
tanner looks so disappointed when micheal sneezes
bluefox ice fire
bluefox ice fire - Місяць tagasi
H Studios
H Studios - Місяць tagasi
I’ve seen you
owefuh qwoifh
owefuh qwoifh - Місяць tagasi
chicken nuggie
chicken nuggie - Місяць tagasi
5:40 I hate when girls do that because they always blame on us trying to talk them to them but people really think that but here the anoying part........ they can multitask better than boys!!! IT KILLSSSS MEEEE but it's okay sam
hv gg
hv gg - Місяць tagasi
Emannoel Antônio
Emannoel Antônio - Місяць tagasi
Michael's sneeze sounde like a tsuzumi ahahaha
Memphis Hambly
Memphis Hambly - Місяць tagasi
Cats hot
salty potato
salty potato - Місяць tagasi
I dont have unuf mony to join
Jose Humberto Elissetche Vizcarra
Jose Humberto Elissetche Vizcarra - Місяць tagasi
I wan the drone
Laura P
Laura P - Місяць tagasi
i had that and it sucked. all i heard was a radio station
ZaCat King
ZaCat King - Місяць tagasi
(a year later) so the date of the video was my birthday
Kenzi Johnson
Kenzi Johnson - Місяць tagasi
B Saavedra
B Saavedra - Місяць tagasi
I have that mini drown
Alex Sokvisalsak Chum
Alex Sokvisalsak Chum - Місяць tagasi
I have that Nintendo it what’s made in 1985.
Wolf Space
Wolf Space - Місяць tagasi
0:03 who else was reminded of Farenheit 451?
Angela Ali
Angela Ali - Місяць tagasi
Best video ever!!!
emmy warnock 101
emmy warnock 101 - Місяць tagasi
i have the ame nintendo thing
GamerJoe - Місяць tagasi
Are we all gonna ignore how they all turned at the same time at 8:31 😂
Gamer 08
Gamer 08 - Місяць tagasi
The laser game is a knock-off on the game laser X
Cameron Willey
Cameron Willey - Місяць tagasi
Hey Tanner😹 looked like a lobster at 0:28 😹
Price Outdoors
Price Outdoors - Місяць tagasi
Sam 🤤
Finn Mc360
Finn Mc360 - Місяць tagasi
Im playing spiderman ps4 and when i died it played the gta5 death sound! 😆
Jack Bailey
Jack Bailey - Місяць tagasi
If you still have that SNES I want it
Graf Xander
Graf Xander - Місяць tagasi
sam looks super tall
Jacob Siple
Jacob Siple - Місяць tagasi
18:54 Sam :uh uh honey
Dream world
Dream world - Місяць tagasi
Wrong set
Marissa M
Marissa M - Місяць tagasi
Tanner at 10:05. Lol
Tayshawn Mosley
Tayshawn Mosley - Місяць tagasi
When you want a raise 15:35
Shadow Plays
Shadow Plays - Місяць tagasi
Lism Urfer
Lism Urfer - Місяць tagasi
Taylor Rose Gacha
Taylor Rose Gacha - Місяць tagasi
I was watching this late at night and was laughing so much and my parents came and grounded me for a month! Thank you guys!
ClearEvening :}
ClearEvening :} - Місяць tagasi
My dad always has the tv at 100 and my mum has it at like 30-40
Hopesxde - Місяць tagasi
Okay fine ill stop