Why Race Cars Don’t Have Airbags

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Why don’t race cars, the most dangerous cars on earth, have airbags? The answer seems straightforward, but it’s not as simple as you might think. Join us as we explore the impact-filled history of race car safety, and how each crash pushed safety forward to where it is today!
WheelHouse answers all the questions about the automotive world you never thought to ask. Nolan Sykes looks at the history, sociology and psychology behind the cars you love, and the features you might overlook.
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Nut Twg
Nut Twg - 45 minutit tagasi
An f1 car is built around the cabin the fire wall is literally like an inch thick all the way around the driver so it's like the safest type of race car
nova123 - Tund tagasi
i love how the 80s synthwave is making a comeback in everything and i like to thank the weeknd for it
This Name Is A Fail
This Name Is A Fail - Tund tagasi
Get to the point man
Juozapas Mikulėnas
Juozapas Mikulėnas - 4 tundi tagasi
Hey Donut editors,
Try using "detect scene change" on Davinci Resolve. It will be way easier to cut footage from source material and you will avoid leaving a couple of frames from unnecessary shots.
Anyway, love your videos. 🥰
Juozapas Mikulėnas
Juozapas Mikulėnas - 4 tundi tagasi
13:30 🤣
Eric - 5 tundi tagasi
11:11 Avenged Sevenfold confirmed
Aiden Lin
Aiden Lin - 6 tundi tagasi
wait so why dont they have the roll cages in commercial cars?
Reaper Rsa
Reaper Rsa - 8 tundi tagasi
So it seems it's ok if we the public, are stuck inside a burning car......Noted. As such we will be nice and alive to start said BBQ.
Aditya Akula
Aditya Akula - 9 tundi tagasi
Am looking forward to the album featuring Dethklok
No u
No u - 10 tundi tagasi
Finland perkele suomi
Bailey Kenyon
Bailey Kenyon - 12 tundi tagasi
usac you-sak
Gary Oak
Gary Oak - 12 tundi tagasi
it's Pirelli? TIL the p is not an f
Gary Oak
Gary Oak - 12 tundi tagasi
wait he also pronounces nils as niels and i cannot trust this man anymore
Joseph Arnoult
Joseph Arnoult - 13 tundi tagasi
More metal screams plz
Wind of change
Wind of change - 14 tundi tagasi
A helmet, a harness, racing seats, hans device, roll bar better materials etc, they're a lot more safer than an airbag. Thats the short answer.
Bryn Dunbrack
Bryn Dunbrack - 16 tundi tagasi
587 helmetless people watched this video
Benrie Fourie
Benrie Fourie - 18 tundi tagasi
3:47 Was is a Veloster of a i20?
SCP gaming
SCP gaming - 19 tundi tagasi
race carsh have a crumble zone front of the car: pulverizes
justin murillo
justin murillo - 20 tundi tagasi
we are such advanced monkeys
Discretion - 21 tund tagasi
He says “dying in a car stuck in a fire it’s the worst way to go” and didn’t even mention my boy Paul walker didn’t even say “ Rest In Peace “ so I’m saying it
TheOnlineGamer812 - Päev tagasi
Like for the Finnish melo-death metal record!
FireStorm4056 - Päev tagasi
I'd contend that wingsuit flying is more dangerous, but your points stand nonetheless!
Reaper55 - Päev tagasi
Yessss A7X reference!!!!!!! My favorite band!
Metal Morphine
Metal Morphine - Päev tagasi
I came for one question, I stay for the PHD of Racing Technology.
arturmihk - Päev tagasi
The way he said Ott Tänak 3:39
Jacob Berlin
Jacob Berlin - Päev tagasi
Felipe Cavalcanti
Felipe Cavalcanti - Päev tagasi
+1 for a metal album.
jy7duality - Päev tagasi
Release that Finnish death metal record Nolan we are waiting
Eddy Geoffry
Eddy Geoffry - Päev tagasi
whats the point of nascar ?
BabyBlue79c10 - Päev tagasi
Jp P
Jp P - Päev tagasi
Way to butcher Ott’s name 😂
Inspectah Depressed
Inspectah Depressed - Päev tagasi
14:23 you're welcome
Clxppvd - Päev tagasi
11:30 I wonder if Nolan listens to avenged sevenfold?🤔
Duckisthename - Päev tagasi
I’m gonna say this before I watch I think there is no airbags so it’s easier to get out
the big bruh
the big bruh - Päev tagasi
ott toenock lol
Tristan Kristan
Tristan Kristan - Päev tagasi
Why was cockpit censored, youtube putting that much pressure on you guys?
Dabbing Goat
Dabbing Goat - Päev tagasi
Breakdown at 8:10
StereoSoundAgent - Päev tagasi
Im not gay, but Nolan is adorable
JAMMERMIN - Päev tagasi
my mans really just started singing bat country in the middle of the video 😂
DC General
DC General - Päev tagasi
Ryan Newman lives because of the safety
Matt Riney
Matt Riney - Päev tagasi
please make a metal album
Oziel Maldonado
Oziel Maldonado - Päev tagasi
I’ve seen you somewhere, fatboy !
Mikey Cage
Mikey Cage - Päev tagasi
Bro!!! I think it's time quite Donut and become the frontman of DETHKLOK!!! 🤘🤘🤘
Ali Mohamad
Ali Mohamad - Päev tagasi
14:23 is when he starts talking about the airbags, but I definitely recommend watching the whole thing!
NAscar jimmie 48
NAscar jimmie 48 - Päev tagasi
Nascar makes hens device why DO IT FOR DALE
Henri Helü
Henri Helü - Päev tagasi
Me, Estonian listening how he said "Ott Tänak" 😂😂3:39
Taavi Tars
Taavi Tars - Päev tagasi
Estonia Gang!
Son Goku
Son Goku - Päev tagasi
8:55 what a guy. a man of the people. we need more selflessness like this
ltlbuddha - Päev tagasi
Thumbs up for the vid, but not for the metal
Josh Dupont
Josh Dupont - 2 päeva tagasi
I forgot what the video was about until the end where he said "so why don't race cars have air bags?" and i was like oh thats why i was watching this. lol
Cody . Dixon
Cody . Dixon - 2 päeva tagasi
Probably learned more in this one video than all my binging during the outbreak. awesome vid donut dudes!
Manuel Rivera
Manuel Rivera - 2 päeva tagasi
HAHAHAHA 13:33 !!!!
Streamles - 2 päeva tagasi
Look at Kenny bräcks Crash
William Perry
William Perry - 2 päeva tagasi
That was great! Definitely do a metal recording.
Taavi Häkkinen
Taavi Häkkinen - 2 päeva tagasi
Khimii rhaikoneen
Ultra Nyan
Ultra Nyan - 2 päeva tagasi
Where I live its illegal to have a roll-cage in your street car cause it encourages careless driving.... They should ban seatbelts also.
-Omega Zero-
-Omega Zero- - 2 päeva tagasi
I want Nolan’s metal debut album
The Concrete Garden
The Concrete Garden - 2 päeva tagasi
“that’s not even the most brutal i can go dude”
try me
Aadit Malik
Aadit Malik - 2 päeva tagasi
Can someone please fix his hair...
Speed Of The Moment
Speed Of The Moment - 2 päeva tagasi
What about newmans crash at Daytona?! He was t-boned at like 180 MPH and had a minor bruise on his brain
Que - 2 päeva tagasi
11:11 such great cringe
Artur Lino
Artur Lino - 2 päeva tagasi
A7X fan there
hollo dollo
hollo dollo - 2 päeva tagasi
14:36 for the answer.
David Dumitru
David Dumitru - 2 päeva tagasi
E M - 2 päeva tagasi
Talking seat belts, My late Grandfather never in his life (a full 98 years of it) gave up the idea that seat belts would trap him in a burning car if he crashed and he absolutely refused to ware one regardless of how much evidence we showed him to the contrary , not to mention he refused to drive faster than 35MPH as well, and received several impeding the flow of traffic tickets as well ..... ಠ_ಠ, oh grandpa, you old stubborn man, stuck in the past
Jason Gruber
Jason Gruber - 2 päeva tagasi
Who is censoring "cock"pit? Beavis and Butthead ha aha ha ha. How stupid
General Porpoise
General Porpoise - 2 päeva tagasi
Are we just going to gloss over that perfect guttural 👌👌
Bean Nighe
Bean Nighe - 2 päeva tagasi
I came to learn about this but ended up NEEDING my boy here to make a death metal album lol
Rodri Segura
Rodri Segura - 2 päeva tagasi
oooh, so thats the reason why there´s no people selling f1 tyres on ebay :c i want one
PapaLemon Boy
PapaLemon Boy - 2 päeva tagasi
Wait wasn't Fernando Alonso the one with 46g crash in 2016
Basic_ Things ッ
Basic_ Things ッ - 2 päeva tagasi
ow i feel bad for the peoples that used as “dummy” back then testing 3-point lap belt until the 60’s and 70’s till now
Muhammad Ammar
Muhammad Ammar - 2 päeva tagasi
What was the music in the first beginning of the video
Ampyx YT
Ampyx YT - 3 päeva tagasi
coldnapalmFJ - 3 päeva tagasi
Let’s see, because 5 or harness, helmets, racing safety seats and roll cages?
ISHRAK FARHAN - 3 päeva tagasi
At 8.19 he literally did the Physician-Physicist error!! whoa!! :-o
Physician : medical practitioner
Physicist : An expert in the field of Physics. :-) :-)
Denis Moore
Denis Moore - 3 päeva tagasi
That moment you find out knolan is a metal head 😂
Z 31
Z 31 - 3 päeva tagasi
we die like real men
Jimmy Newtron
Jimmy Newtron - 3 päeva tagasi
Your confidence is awesome. Cause you should try to record a death metal track with that voice bro. you have the smart and nice guy voice that can turn into satan in a split second lol
Aadi Samaroo
Aadi Samaroo - 3 päeva tagasi
Its an 120 N
Patson Zgambo
Patson Zgambo - 3 päeva tagasi
If you not patient 14:20 though youll miss out on a lot
Foolish Specialist
Foolish Specialist - 3 päeva tagasi
I hate myself for asking this, but does anybody know the background music at the beginning of the video?