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You guys, today is a special day BECAUSE we have been working on a project for 2 YEARS straight and finally, JUST FINALLY, we get to share what that project is with YOU guys! We created our very own DOPE or NOPE card game!!! We are beyond excited to share this experience and play the game with you guys! Click that link up above to buy yours now! There is only a limited supply available! We love you guys and thank you for your continuous support, it means the world to us!
Matthias, Tanner & Michael

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DOPE or NOPE - 6 місяців tagasi
Hey Guys! Thanks again for all your support! Check the links down below to buy the game, or check the availability on it! Supplies are limited for right now, but the more people enjoy it, the more we will make it!
TanMan, Michael, and Matthias
Buy the DOPE or NOPE Card Game Here!! ➡

Check Our Website For Game Availability Here! ➡
LOGAN DIAZ - 21 päev tagasi
mouth Vlog Hjyhyhyhth
Makayla Moore
Makayla Moore - Місяць tagasi
Hi I love tanner the most then Mike then matt
aidah Alam
aidah Alam - 2 місяці tagasi
Cyborg 2105
Cyborg 2105 - 3 місяці tagasi
Out of 100 people I follow on EEcard yall are my favorite
Sophia - 3 місяці tagasi
R3n3 - 14 minutit tagasi
Hmm how fitting in this time
RaspberryPiDude314 - 6 tundi tagasi
lol they predicted the coronavirus
Anil Kumar
Anil Kumar - 21 tund tagasi
100% not bad
Katie Athanson
Katie Athanson - Päev tagasi
Tanner in Nov. 2019: “One day, Dope or Nope never uploaded again.”
Us in May 2020: 👀👀👀
Chris Weis
Chris Weis - Päev tagasi
I'm still wondering what pink and purple hoodie that tanner wears and where to get it
Lance Reid
Lance Reid - Päev tagasi
It has happened it's TRUE dope or nope never uploads again lol . The big 19 killed them
Николай Чернета
Николай Чернета - 2 päeva tagasi
On the cover Matt pulls up a Pepsi Butt there no Pepsi in the mashine
Michael Perez
Michael Perez - 3 päeva tagasi
lol imagine making fun of the harry potter hat
5tefan! - 4 päeva tagasi
SneakerHeads of Dope or Nope UNITE!!!
Calvin YT
Calvin YT - 4 päeva tagasi
Why does Michael look like Abel Tesfaye?
monivideosable - 5 päeva tagasi
Watching this today and dope or nope is not uploading videos my
HypeBeastFlipper - 5 päeva tagasi
he said in the tent dope or nope would never upload again if it is 5/20/2020 then they were telling the truth
shadow Playz
shadow Playz - 6 päeva tagasi
Is that wine
12:56 top left corner
Namjoon BTS
Namjoon BTS - 7 päeva tagasi
I love the game
Rhyla Hamelin
Rhyla Hamelin - 7 päeva tagasi
Matt-people can die in there home
Me-I think you made quarantine happen
Londyn Foxx
Londyn Foxx - 9 päeva tagasi
100% not bad
Zmokah Biar
Zmokah Biar - 10 päeva tagasi
Haha perfect for the quarantine lol
Big Head Jamal
Big Head Jamal - 10 päeva tagasi
The jungle gym guessed the “great quarantine”
Nicholas Blanchard
Nicholas Blanchard - 10 päeva tagasi
Just look at the thumbnail Coca Cola pepsi
Kasey Simpson
Kasey Simpson - 11 päeva tagasi
Is it just me or do u have ur sunglasses on the back of ur shirt Mathias
Caleb Franklin
Caleb Franklin - 11 päeva tagasi
Ima sneakerhead
Blue ninja Dude
Blue ninja Dude - 12 päeva tagasi
Yo I have the privacy pop and it's really good it helps me sleep at night it really never breaks and it helps me sleep
Ralphroy08 - 13 päeva tagasi
Matt “You cant stay at home forever”
Me while in quarantine ”If Dad says you cant stay forever i wont stay forever”
Katherine sharn
Katherine sharn - 14 päeva tagasi
You literally just ripped of the game snake oil. There's no difference between the games.
Rachel - 14 päeva tagasi
This video aged well.
Noah Thomas
Noah Thomas - 15 päeva tagasi
100% not bad
Ole The Canoli
Ole The Canoli - 16 päeva tagasi
These products would help right now.
Jess Delson
Jess Delson - 16 päeva tagasi
Anyone else watch this wen quarantine happened and thought suga brown Michael had rona
Daniel Rubio
Daniel Rubio - 16 päeva tagasi
“You can’t never leave your house” 2020-watch dis
RUTVAJ NEHETE - 18 päeva tagasi
My parents wont let me buy the card game :(
Kaylie Rawlings
Kaylie Rawlings - 20 päeva tagasi
little did they know...this video would be relevant in 2020
Garrick Case
Garrick Case - 20 päeva tagasi
Matt many people die in their house nobody notices it
Garrick Case
Garrick Case - 20 päeva tagasi
You mean "can" confirm
Ryan Reeves
Ryan Reeves - 20 päeva tagasi
12.18 right now we actually can’t lol 😔
Usman Bin Zahid
Usman Bin Zahid - 21 päev tagasi
100%not bad
Winter Owens
Winter Owens - 21 päev tagasi
Micheal: *talks about the wing thing*
Tanner: wheres my lollipop?
Jayson Billard
Jayson Billard - 22 päeva tagasi
You know Mathias things may be looking up for your boys and you but could you possible consider trying to reach 80 million subs within three years for the fans
Skylynxify Reborn
Skylynxify Reborn - 11 päeva tagasi
He has no control over his sub count unless you are suggesting he buys subbots...
Gavin Chambers
Gavin Chambers - 22 päeva tagasi
sup biz the mini fridge Is lit. But you don't need that to keep you in your room " Corona"
Jacob on something
Jacob on something - 22 päeva tagasi
100% not bad
StAtIcZ LaZaR - 24 päeva tagasi
Kristina Howard
Kristina Howard - 24 päeva tagasi
terrible chair
Kristina Howard
Kristina Howard - 24 päeva tagasi
30% not bad
Tania Flores
Tania Flores - 25 päeva tagasi
100% Not bad.
Isabella Spinks
Isabella Spinks - 25 päeva tagasi
muhammad ahmed sarfraz
muhammad ahmed sarfraz - 25 päeva tagasi
Hey I bought 3 dope or nope cards it came empty :(
Trevaless' Tales
Trevaless' Tales - 25 päeva tagasi
12:16 ... You sure about that Matt? The Rona will get ya.
Gabriel Corrales
Gabriel Corrales - 26 päeva tagasi
I am a sneaker heaf
Ethan Peck
Ethan Peck - 26 päeva tagasi
Kyle Nicodemus
Kyle Nicodemus - 26 päeva tagasi
Dope or nope card game, literally just age appropriate cards against humanity
Skylynxify Reborn
Skylynxify Reborn - 11 päeva tagasi
Except it's nothing like CAH
F8te Needy
F8te Needy - 26 päeva tagasi
“100% not bad”
Billy Bingbong
Billy Bingbong - 26 päeva tagasi
''I don't know any other games that have this many cards''

- Munchkin entered the chat -
Watermelon Cookie
Watermelon Cookie - 26 päeva tagasi
Sara Bartlett
Sara Bartlett - 28 päeva tagasi
0:15 me watching this in corrona time 😖
Landon Sanchez
Landon Sanchez - 28 päeva tagasi
100% NOT BAD
AMV MASTER'S 200 - 28 päeva tagasi
Why is ever dope or nope videos are of 24 mins exact
roberrt rtm
roberrt rtm - 29 päeva tagasi
Matt you cant stay inside
Me yes you can
BEST MATES - 29 päeva tagasi
100% not bad
MegaTime01 - 29 päeva tagasi
Wow I feel like this foreshadowed something in the future
Bradan Bach
Bradan Bach - 29 päeva tagasi
CJ Memmer
CJ Memmer - 29 päeva tagasi
This aged well
Toby Nielsen
Toby Nielsen - Місяць tagasi
This would be great in quarantine
buttered toast gaming
buttered toast gaming - Місяць tagasi
getting a bit sick... OH NO! CORONA
Nutella Cereal
Nutella Cereal - Місяць tagasi
Corona Virus explains this video
Super Nova
Super Nova - Місяць tagasi
5:09 will haunt my dreams forever
Flying Toast Sports
Flying Toast Sports - Місяць tagasi
Saying your sick is fighting words this day and age
Robin Dysart
Robin Dysart - Місяць tagasi
have yall relised tanman said wight all your idies down
Sabrina Collins
Sabrina Collins - Місяць tagasi
Hey this is cool
Mr. Kit Kat
Mr. Kit Kat - Місяць tagasi
I have a bed tent
MelonBr0 The Wolfy
MelonBr0 The Wolfy - Місяць tagasi
2 men fangirl about Tanner's body
MelonBr0 The Wolfy
MelonBr0 The Wolfy - Місяць tagasi
₮ØØ ₥₳₦Ɏ Ø₦Ɇ Ⱡł₦ɆⱤ₴!!!
Galaxy_Unknown 2016
Galaxy_Unknown 2016 - Місяць tagasi
#MichaelVSLincon. Lincon is from What's inside he has a butt ton of shoes
Ethan Fox
Ethan Fox - Місяць tagasi
If you're watching during the lockdown, this is the opposite of what you want
Gabriella Lamonica
Gabriella Lamonica - Місяць tagasi
I never realized I never look at the prices and then. I wanted some of the stuff and it was $100 something
yeet squad
yeet squad - Місяць tagasi
Did they predict Corona and staying at home
Kenneth Gluck
Kenneth Gluck - Місяць tagasi
Anyone else watching this in quarantine
Joshuaq - Місяць tagasi
Chris tian
Chris tian - Місяць tagasi
0:14 what happened to Coronavirus
Silver Wind
Silver Wind - Місяць tagasi
100% Not Bad
SS2 Masako
SS2 Masako - Місяць tagasi

What did that guy really say?
Justin Massengale
Justin Massengale - 11 päeva tagasi
Gun he said gun