RTX 3090 SLI - We Tried so Hard to Love It

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Officially Nvidia has killed SLI but the 3090 has SLI fingers... lets give it a go.
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
Video Link: eecard.info/label/h7Ce2s9-u2qijbo/video.html
iTunes Download Link: itunes.apple.com/us/album/supernova/id936805712
Artist Link: soundcloud.com/laszlomusic
Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High eecard.info
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/PgGWp
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/mj6pHk4
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/Ps3XfE
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Carbz - 8 minutit tagasi
Linus: " *Theres only one of these cards* "
Linus 5 sec later: *sets up sli configuration with two identical Asus cards*
Dodie Bicos
Dodie Bicos - Tund tagasi
Hi, Linus. Since 3090 SLI does not make sense at all, will you be kind enough to send that extra 3090 you no longer need to me over here in the Philippines? lol
Cool vids :)
James Phelps
James Phelps - Tund tagasi
Your living my dream buddy.
Vikturus22 - Tund tagasi
meanwhile I look at my 8086k and 2080 superbuild with a 750w psu.... Not hot at all!
Christian - 3 tundi tagasi
sry. that is stupid..why that say to us,,,hey even the 3090 is not enough for 4k gameing, when i have the LG C9 with 120 hz for exemple , i had think the fucking new gpu cards can it run @ 4k 120hz max settings even with the 10496 cuda cores...so where is the power? Sry i can see the power^^ yes more power than the 2080ti ...but wtf...iam out with this tech. that dont blow me away, by these costs. think 5nm is the key!
Vaishnavi Dasika
Vaishnavi Dasika - 3 tundi tagasi
Me, a gaming noob, magic man I love your magic words
Christian - 3 tundi tagasi
4:50 things are your friend^^
Grant Galaviz
Grant Galaviz - 3 tundi tagasi
I was so surprised when he first showed the card, thought it was fake hahaha
MSG SUPER GAMING - 4 tundi tagasi
I swear u looked better without a bread
wesley sherrell
wesley sherrell - 4 tundi tagasi
Linus should shave his beard and do a handle bar moustache!
Tony Zhu
Tony Zhu - 4 tundi tagasi
Dual 4090?! Secret is Out!!
Mack Langen
Mack Langen - 4 tundi tagasi
lol landlords gonna think youre growing weed
w0lfeh CES
w0lfeh CES - 5 tundi tagasi
Tf u treat ur sponsors like trash lmao
Mr Putin
Mr Putin - 5 tundi tagasi
"she's a heavy boy"......
enuff said, I understand your struggle
Visualise - 6 tundi tagasi
Ryzen fans crying rn
Crimson Failure
Crimson Failure - 6 tundi tagasi
I couldn’t dream of affording a 3090 and you have 2 in one pc😂 I’m still rocking my 1660😥 doing my best to build a new pc
Hoshantam Sagar
Hoshantam Sagar - 6 tundi tagasi
why linus looks a bit like kane williamson in this
Atthan The Cro-Magnon
Atthan The Cro-Magnon - 6 tundi tagasi
The new cards are really not made for SLI...why test a product for something it was not built for and why put up a cringe title like "we tried so hard to love it". A bunch of virgins, with 2 million views, pissing on a brand new product, people these days...
Zylice Liddell
Zylice Liddell - 7 tundi tagasi
2:20 - "She's a heavy *boy* for sure."
Me: 🤔
XxEiZzYpIeZzYxX - 8 tundi tagasi
Ty p
Ty p - 8 tundi tagasi
You could take down the White House with this thing
Av0l3nt - 8 tundi tagasi
If you read the next sentence straight after what you highlighted... you would know they changed the way it works not that they discontinued it. FFS
Anthony Jabbari
Anthony Jabbari - 9 tundi tagasi
Linus looks great with a beard!
Jason Krug
Jason Krug - 9 tundi tagasi
"card" lol. I think we can stop calling them cards. They're graphics expansion units now.
Chiggy - 9 tundi tagasi
these guys really pull max 60c on a benchmark with SLI CHONK CARDS and my titan xp hovers around 80-90c ;-;
Varad - 10 tundi tagasi
"She's a heavy boy for sure"
Noe Sanchez
Noe Sanchez - 10 tundi tagasi
I'm here but I'm not a computer person at all. I'm trying to understand him but I can't. Anyone want to help me understand the video?
Emanuel H.A
Emanuel H.A - 10 tundi tagasi
Threadripper is the solution to the CPU bottleneck..
Teodorito - 10 tundi tagasi
"You know the product is in shortage when even the manufacturer does not have any"
hmm yes the floor here is made out of floor
Red Star
Red Star - 11 tundi tagasi
good lord this fucking cards will bend my motherboard like a serial rapist. They bigger then some PCs now.
Kris E
Kris E - 11 tundi tagasi
Keep the hate strong for motion blur!
Adrian Gonzalez Ceniceros
Adrian Gonzalez Ceniceros - 11 tundi tagasi
If you just had one gpu what would the power wattage be at ?
NBA6Fan - 11 tundi tagasi
That Ridge wallet is cool, but 100€ for that small piece of wallet you can find everywhere? Hard pass.
Rsa_Daneel Swart
Rsa_Daneel Swart - 11 tundi tagasi
What wallet should I get
Different 1
Different 1 - 12 tundi tagasi
behind the scenes u guys dont wear masks and hug all day lol
Jeff Ryman
Jeff Ryman - 12 tundi tagasi
Does anyone in the real world actually use SLI any more?
A B - 12 tundi tagasi
You're a fake
Elighttice - 12 tundi tagasi
3:44 Linus drops whole PC with two 3090s in it!
Combine - 12 tundi tagasi
I put my bet on AMD tomorrow. Not that I care which gpu brand is better, I just can't afford nvidia any more.
Who? - 12 tundi tagasi
Linus: has wayyy to many rtxs
Me: *chokes on broke*
buck78 - 12 tundi tagasi
I know this is totally off topic, but there was so much sexual energy in this vid! The guy was hot!
Johannes Schmidt-Brücken
Johannes Schmidt-Brücken - 13 tundi tagasi
Were is Ashes? 🤨
Reaper Gaming
Reaper Gaming - 13 tundi tagasi
Has anyone noticed that the 3090 is big af
Real Love
Real Love - 14 tundi tagasi
lol paired the best video card ASUS ROG Strix RTX3090 with a bad MSI MB haha
ProfessorPolecat - 14 tundi tagasi
I'm just happy I have a Radeon xt 5700 xt I got at a fair price after running a potato...
Андрей Скуридин
Андрей Скуридин - 14 tundi tagasi
So, it is a very good combination for a cold winter time )
camaro rider
camaro rider - 15 tundi tagasi
why is my 980 smoking when I play this video?!
whose this
whose this - 15 tundi tagasi
Linus chuck that gpu here will ya
Carfilliot - 16 tundi tagasi
It makes me laugh that the PS5 is getting a lot of ridicule for being ‘huge’ from the Xbox community. I guess they have never gamed on a decent pc, this is just a graphics card and look at the size of it. I personally like BIG.
Iain Carter
Iain Carter - 16 tundi tagasi
Linus needs to revisit the highest airflow vid but with duel 3090s and 10900k
Eze The Lion
Eze The Lion - 16 tundi tagasi
When the PSU failed! xD
lawltrolls - 16 tundi tagasi
Hi Linus, long time viewer first time commenter maybe. I dont remember. I recently tried to build a similar setup following this video and it seems the motherboard in this video is the Z390 and not the Z490. I have looked at msi’s website to try to find a board capable of the four slot spacing for SLI 3090s but I cant find a z490 that looks like the one in the video. Please help?
CarlosJulian MQ
CarlosJulian MQ - 18 tundi tagasi
alta gestion wacho
The End
The End - 18 tundi tagasi
Fk motion blur? You sound like an idiot who doesn't understand what object-based motion blur is, vs. camera-based. Can't believe you, of all people, is still parroting this anti-motion blur nonsense.
Hello There
Hello There - 18 tundi tagasi
Well, once he has an opinion on something he's basically incapable of changing it.
Jacob McKarthern
Jacob McKarthern - 18 tundi tagasi
Love how you had to put an asterisk on the fact you were using Intel, you pathetic shill.
Hiro hamada
Hiro hamada - 18 tundi tagasi
Just use a threadreaper
Abel Lau
Abel Lau - 19 tundi tagasi
I wish the nvlink bridge was in a standard location. FE’s will only work with FE’s
Jeon Kookie
Jeon Kookie - 20 tundi tagasi
"She's A heavy boy for sure"
Kevin Connell
Kevin Connell - 20 tundi tagasi
My computer has a 10th Gen intel i9 10980 XE
jerry spain
jerry spain - 20 tundi tagasi
but what about CIV 6???? WHY NO LOVE LINUS!!!! i bet if it was anno you would have done it.
Fadi chahine
Fadi chahine - 21 tund tagasi
Why didn’t you use the 3950x instead
GamerX Ivan
GamerX Ivan - 21 tund tagasi
6:01 wait a sec did he just say dual 4090s lol
That non gay furry
That non gay furry - 22 tundi tagasi
Linus: Deus ex mankind divided if youre still playing it then dual RTX3090 SLI pretty good option.
Me: Ok lemme just rob a bank so I can get enough money for that.
KnightlyTech - 22 tundi tagasi
3:45 he just has a titan card sitting there lmao
Digg W
Digg W - 22 tundi tagasi
браво! так подколоть сисоник и заменить корсаром это респект!(кто не в курсе сисоник занимает 22 место на амазоне пропуская череду корсаров)
Marko Sudar
Marko Sudar - Päev tagasi
ur just jealous of navidia
essam - Päev tagasi
Jake_Snake49 - Päev tagasi
"She's a heavy boy for sure" 2:20
Thomas Donaldson
Thomas Donaldson - Päev tagasi
"ASUS were like, It's the only one we have...." Linus pulls out second one 8|
ThePixelitomedia - Päev tagasi
SLI = waste of money
puiu cel mic
puiu cel mic - Päev tagasi
6:15 Rap God
Ez T-bag
Ez T-bag - Päev tagasi
soon PC need Briteq - CEE-CABLE 10M to keep running
Bishal Chakraborty
Bishal Chakraborty - Päev tagasi
Brian Tep
Brian Tep - Päev tagasi
3090 sli to run quake 2, i approve
Shirwel - Päev tagasi
where to buy this gpu!! i just need one hahaha
Sarah Cooper
Sarah Cooper - Päev tagasi
As nVidia they have studio drivers so would it be possible nvlink would be ideal for the data crunch side of GPU's?
Ahmed Sohail
Ahmed Sohail - Päev tagasi
“She’s a heavy boy for sure”
Luc LeCroy
Luc LeCroy - Päev tagasi
But can it run RTX Minecraft shaders???
Lucky-CODM - Päev tagasi
But can it run minecraft is the real question.
Lexy Starwatcher
Lexy Starwatcher - Päev tagasi
Funny that this popped on my suggested videos as I was looking to set up my free disused 970s into an SLI cause I can't afford anything that costs money. Never mind I had to buy an SLI cable off amazon because I lost the one that came with the motherboard.
Neytiri te Tskaha Mo'at'ite
3:30 You got it wrong !!! There is alot more powerful customer cpu than that, and is:
AMD Ryzen 9 5950X , see here how strong it is ;) https://www.cpubenchmark.net/high_end_cpus.html
Retro Un-Retro
Retro Un-Retro - Päev tagasi
She’s a heavy boy
Tim_ - Päev tagasi
i would use this to play minecraft
Blue Dinosaur
Blue Dinosaur - Päev tagasi
I actually agree with linus, FUCK motion blur makes games look shitty and causes motion sickness
Vincent Hernandez
Vincent Hernandez - Päev tagasi
i doubt the 30 series videos matter cuz they aren't on sale
fire surfer
fire surfer - Päev tagasi
Thanks for reminding me to use the coupon I got from Micro center before it expires.
USA_Ham - Päev tagasi
Too bad SLI isn't supported on Star Citizen. Imagine actually being able to play it on anything more than 40 FPS on any graphics setting other than minimum.
Bald People
Bald People - Päev tagasi
I love how I don’t have a pc but still watch his vids
Vulpine407 - Päev tagasi
Damn that's a lot of dust on the card's case in the closeup shots. Time to dust-mop the shop Linus.
Rafael Tavares
Rafael Tavares - Päev tagasi
Maybe the heat from the top card made the thing not work properly
TheLetsplaymine - Päev tagasi
motion blur should be removed from all games ffs
Cory Ball
Cory Ball - Päev tagasi
You’re my friend that pops up on my entertainment devices so you have friends.
Five Nights At FoxLife_Real
The graphics card is great and all but the question is...
*"Can it run Minecraft?"*
ricead - Päev tagasi
More interested in how it works for AI using Tensorflow than gaming, or 3d rendering AGIsoft.
Julien Taming
Julien Taming - Päev tagasi
now we can play Flight Simulator 2020....
Robert Paulson
Robert Paulson - Päev tagasi
....why are these cards growing to the size of an actual PC?
Rhazien - Päev tagasi
But can it run Crysis
flame - Päev tagasi
2:20 SHE is a heavy BOY for sure?
Matthew Pierce
Matthew Pierce - Päev tagasi
He says “dual 4090s” Linus is in the future
Xedoken - Päev tagasi
what is a case?