Jake Paul Defeats AnEsonGib Via First-Round Stoppage

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23 145
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Kestus: 11:28


PedropedroLA Medina
PedropedroLA Medina - 4 tundi tagasi
Elliott Cook
Elliott Cook - 6 tundi tagasi
Gib hit shift way too many times
Kenneth Turknett
Kenneth Turknett - 6 tundi tagasi
Jo jake paul
Hugo Plejer
Hugo Plejer - 8 tundi tagasi
Is KSI vs JP confirmed?
Jaideep Abraham
Jaideep Abraham - 10 tundi tagasi
I watched "GOING BROKE" (AB diss track) For 12 hours straight...
Click on the pic to watch
vinasu maaj
vinasu maaj - 4 tundi tagasi
Jake is better
FnafBonnieFan - 14 tundi tagasi
Can people give gib a break like jeez.
Tyshawn Taylor
Tyshawn Taylor - 15 tundi tagasi
9:07 the moment when u realize u proved everyone wrong 💯
Rik Gissel
Rik Gissel - 17 tundi tagasi
*_”This man has got legs and he is white”_*
- *Shannon Briggs, 2019.* So Shannon was right all along. You do need legs when you box.
Reactedgaming 341
Reactedgaming 341 - 17 tundi tagasi
Ksi: fine I’ll do it myself
Mike Mozeak
Mike Mozeak - 17 tundi tagasi
Anyone know the song playing after he wins??
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu - 15 tundi tagasi
1:58 after I put salt on my eggs
Xecrolt - 20 tundi tagasi
Xecrolt - 20 tundi tagasi
*R E N G S A Y E E D*
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu - 15 tundi tagasi
TRUE CRAZY - 22 tundi tagasi
My man gibs did the Mongraal classic
rxh - 22 tundi tagasi
Jake won’t beat KSI.
LovePugs4Life - Päev tagasi
I think gib got sticky keys
Pyro - Päev tagasi
Most likely gonna get some serious hate. People are gonna call me a Jake Pauler when I'm not. Jake pulled it off against Gib when everyone doubted him, I'm not gonna be seriously doubting if Jake can beat KSI. Not saying he will but, I feel it may be an equal chance here
MRBoss Gamer27
MRBoss Gamer27 - Päev tagasi
What’s that song playing in the celebration
Lol Kid
Lol Kid - Päev tagasi
huttio srreu
huttio srreu - Päev tagasi
I’m in Saudi
CGI Future
CGI Future - Päev tagasi
A moment of silence for people who paid for this
xxwolf vang
xxwolf vang - Päev tagasi
Jake is a beast
huttio srreu
huttio srreu - Päev tagasi
When is jj vs jake
xxwolf vang
xxwolf vang - Päev tagasi
Jake is better
Nafisa Heart
Nafisa Heart - Päev tagasi
guy commentating:
"KsI's ConDrAvErSiAl 2 PoInT DeCuCtIoN"
fam, this man is a Jake fan
Nafisa Heart
Nafisa Heart - Päev tagasi
@Yakob ?
Yakob - Päev tagasi
Nicole Sporkslede
Nicole Sporkslede - Päev tagasi
JAKE JAKE JAKE!!!!!!!!!!!@@@@@@@@@JAKEPAUL
Brice Morgan
Brice Morgan - Päev tagasi
What’s the song that played when Jake got in the corner after he won
Jamie Fox
Jamie Fox - Päev tagasi
Spencer VanOchten
Spencer VanOchten - Päev tagasi
1:58 after I put salt on my eggs
Yakob - Päev tagasi
lefrif houssam
lefrif houssam - Päev tagasi
He seems to be more technical then ksi and Logan combined
Love Blue
Love Blue - Päev tagasi
I’ve seen better middle school fights
WORLD OF YIZZEY - Päev tagasi
Jake Paul would most likely beat KSI if he gets better.
Rezki Ace
Rezki Ace - Päev tagasi
What’s the background Music when Jake Paul wins
Infamous Person
Infamous Person - Päev tagasi
I don’t think Jake Paul has been hit by a real man🥱🥱 .. sign me up
Garrett Whistler
Garrett Whistler - Päev tagasi
I wanna see KSI fight Floyd May weather
radu george palade
radu george palade - Päev tagasi
When is jj vs jake
huttio srreu
huttio srreu - Päev tagasi
Gib lost because Jake stole his nose a few days before this...duh!
Joanne Yaqub
Joanne Yaqub - Päev tagasi
I’m in Saudi
Jesi Achord
Jesi Achord - Päev tagasi
So why is everyone hating on gib? It looks like he’s just trying to slip punches but since neither of them are very great boxers he’s doing it a little awkwardly, he obv just didn’t have any legs and that’s why he lost but IMO he came into the round very strongly and looked like he was definitely gonna land more shots to me
huttio srreu
huttio srreu - Päev tagasi
I Think Gib Hit The Crouch Button A Little Bit To Much
Eidolon - Päev tagasi
4:39 the dude almost lost balance by just throwing a jab 🤣🤣 Ffs🤦‍♂️
speno Spenixhd
speno Spenixhd - Päev tagasi
dripzzz 200
dripzzz 200 - Päev tagasi
Tbh Jake Paul will beat KSI if it ever happens Ksi too sloppy
Cheyenne Luna
Cheyenne Luna - Päev tagasi
ceezrgrceea - Päev tagasi
So anticlimactic
Thug Love
Thug Love - 2 päeva tagasi
How did a guy with that big of a nose, no legs, no pecs, no abs, and is shorter... ever think he could win.
Dchi Giovanni
Dchi Giovanni - 2 päeva tagasi
this gib kid trained himself for the fight😂🤣🤣🤣 smh he should become a ballerina instead
Sernie Banders
Sernie Banders - 2 päeva tagasi
This is a joke
SonicSaber !
SonicSaber ! - 2 päeva tagasi
Gib was playing duck duck goose but without the goose
I LIKE MEMES - 2 päeva tagasi
7:04 Eddie Hearn seeing his next big money maker
Smity54 - 2 päeva tagasi
KSI is Scared
eli Rivera
eli Rivera - 2 päeva tagasi
Jake: Fighting Someone Better Than Him Instead Of Ksi's Little Brother And Not Looking Bad
Gib: Crouch♾
eli Rivera
eli Rivera - 2 päeva tagasi
I Think Gib Hit The Crouch Button A Little Bit To Much
leroy jenkins
leroy jenkins - 2 päeva tagasi
Gib lost because Jake stole his nose a few days before this...duh!
Thomas Perez
Thomas Perez - 2 päeva tagasi
These fights are garbage
Itachi_Pain - 2 päeva tagasi
Never seen anyone with dreads that long🤣
CalebBlue Hernandez
CalebBlue Hernandez - 2 päeva tagasi
Dang how many fights is this man gonna win
A .A
A .A - 2 päeva tagasi
Americans have alot of free time
Stijn Nuttin
Stijn Nuttin - 2 päeva tagasi
cool "fight"
Kaiden Terrell
Kaiden Terrell - 2 päeva tagasi
Unique Anique
Unique Anique - 2 päeva tagasi
What is the point of boxing
Speedymyths - 2 päeva tagasi
At 0:22 you can see ski in the back
vinasu maaj
vinasu maaj - 2 päeva tagasi
Of course KSI is cheering for Gib
Abdulghani Abdulghani
Abdulghani Abdulghani - 2 päeva tagasi
Gib: It's pepper time baby
Jake: what the fu* k is he saying
Taylor Pinkerton
Taylor Pinkerton - 2 päeva tagasi
Feel sorry for people who payed the money to see it
vinasu maaj
vinasu maaj - 2 päeva tagasi
Bro fight was stopped sooooo early
Ricky C
Ricky C - 2 päeva tagasi
What’s the name of the song playing after the fight in the background anybody ?