The Morons Of Coronavirus

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47TUNE - 5 tundi tagasi
Cole Hollis
Cole Hollis - Päev tagasi
This aged well
Krakolio - Päev tagasi
Nice dog.
Wong Elfski
Wong Elfski - 2 päeva tagasi
Did kenneth copeland have lube on his hands?
RIVERS - 2 päeva tagasi
Matt Osty
Matt Osty - 2 päeva tagasi
I'd love to see leafy survive in today's climate
Shock Wolf
Shock Wolf - 2 päeva tagasi
_Its spreading_
A Adopted Cyka Nugglet
A Adopted Cyka Nugglet - 3 päeva tagasi
i mean...... we did come together..... to burn have the country down
HannahS - 3 päeva tagasi
Whats going on in sophisticated Europe? Cuts to Liverpool 🤦🏼‍♀️😂
Joker Excalibur
Joker Excalibur - 4 päeva tagasi
Joker Excalibur
Joker Excalibur - 4 päeva tagasi
1Pounder916 - 4 päeva tagasi
My body my choice, but not during Corona
nichowell333 - 5 päeva tagasi
I’d love to see a summer update! Shit went waaaaaay past real and then right back to ludacris....and I’m not talking about an overhyped hip-hop act.
Calebplays - 5 päeva tagasi
Wayyooo !👌
Gavin Reeve
Gavin Reeve - 6 päeva tagasi
Huh for some reason i had thought you'd know better that its just a distraction
Shock Wolf
Shock Wolf - 2 päeva tagasi
jason lowe
jason lowe - 6 päeva tagasi
what the fuck i was working with a boss served in the army didn't think it was real
Darth Bornvisate
Darth Bornvisate - 6 päeva tagasi
How many years did you serve in the Army and what is your MOS?
Albino Chickennugget
Albino Chickennugget - 8 päeva tagasi
Freddy teesh
Nino vincent atienza
Nino vincent atienza - 9 päeva tagasi
Lol these idots, someone please inject a sample of corona virus to these morons so they can experience how deadly it is.
RickRudesMustache - 9 päeva tagasi
Even the young college students look like they're about 250 lbs already. Fat nash yall
The 3sub bucket
The 3sub bucket - 11 päeva tagasi
Mahomed Zeyad Kajee
Mahomed Zeyad Kajee - 11 päeva tagasi
Jacob - 12 päeva tagasi
My mom had to put a thermometer but she didn’t know it was a rectal thermometer and she didn’t know until she got remarried
Chinese Hitler
Chinese Hitler - 12 päeva tagasi
He was trying to sell sanitizer for $70? What a POS
Kingsley Park
Kingsley Park - 12 päeva tagasi
+100k dead
BRAVOZULU DWEST boathouse - 12 päeva tagasi
WOW the 2nd video where you don't look like a heroin addicted vagrant
Lekh Raj
Lekh Raj - 13 päeva tagasi
08:42 that shit is fire man
FT Kingfish
FT Kingfish - 13 päeva tagasi
Wait what? how is this video monetized? By the news only some certain channels on youtube are manually allowed to make money from videos.
It's Okay
It's Okay - 14 päeva tagasi
I couldn't help but notice Pappa John. I'm sorry.
Noah Granados
Noah Granados - 14 päeva tagasi
Killary Hlinton
Killary Hlinton - 15 päeva tagasi
Slap chop ad anyone?
Moses Goebelt
Moses Goebelt - 15 päeva tagasi
The reason that he says to keep tithing is because it’s apart of out religion and Jesus tells you to
Oompa Loompa
Oompa Loompa - 16 päeva tagasi
Swole _ Vex
Swole _ Vex - 17 päeva tagasi
The 15K dislikes are from people who don’t understand that this video is a joke
Scott Gordon
Scott Gordon - 17 päeva tagasi
When Ethan says he's been preparing his whole life with brassieres, I feel free to assume he was strapping his mom's bras over his face before he met Hila.
MikeZinAcoma - 18 päeva tagasi
I just wanted you to know I ate papa John's pizza purely because of this video

That is a lie I would've eaten dat shii either way
Ompskatelitty - 18 päeva tagasi
i got a corona beer ad on this one
Te Es
Te Es - 18 päeva tagasi
well, at least Cardi B knows wasup
nrspinelli - 18 päeva tagasi
corona virus is indeed for morons who believe it's real
Arthur Suprime
Arthur Suprime - 18 päeva tagasi
“We’re gonna get through this”
Video uploaded three months ago
Gandek - 19 päeva tagasi
Well this didn't age well xD. Everyone is out and about anyways and there's conflicting information everywhere.
BadMuzzy - 17 päeva tagasi
Yeah, especially considering that Ethan is now convinced the Protests have had no effect on the spread
Baku - 19 päeva tagasi
GameStop is low key kinda important. For once... being a couch potato is a good thing.
John Mack
John Mack - 19 päeva tagasi
that rap was fire af when is it dropping on spotify
private LTZ
private LTZ - 20 päeva tagasi
So are we just going keep doing this bullshit for the rest of time
Camdoon - 21 päev tagasi
the kaceytron clip works perfectly with the seinfeld song
Noah Shackelford
Noah Shackelford - 21 päev tagasi
I like to look back to when people actually took it seriously.
David Joseph
David Joseph - 21 päev tagasi
With a little bit of intelligence you may be funny
Jerome - 21 päev tagasi
The mindset of making money in a moment of crysis is just disgusting.
Nah, i don't think we are gonna evolve soon.
Jerome - 21 päev tagasi
"Maybe i shouldn't be doing this right now "
Yeah, maybe
SBNick - 22 päeva tagasi
Girl in thumbnail looks like a Walmart Riley Reid n @4:41 is Lizzo
Ras Sale I
Ras Sale I - 22 päeva tagasi
Yo bro Corona is less harmful than flu, numbers are fake.
Bot - 22 päeva tagasi
Hila do be lookin like Eleven ngl in the intro
misantrope - 23 päeva tagasi
I thought rectal was latin for mouth hole.
Snack Pack
Snack Pack - 23 päeva tagasi
My local Hockey and Ice skating rink is being used as a fucking MORGUE for Corona victims
Samuel Animations
Samuel Animations - 24 päeva tagasi
I think that H3H3 watches John Oliver.
Dominik - 24 päeva tagasi
Youre like the one zombie from left for dead
Toasty Toast
Toasty Toast - 25 päeva tagasi
Still waiting for Ethan to call out the protestors.
Tamara Karlas
Tamara Karlas - 25 päeva tagasi
That preacher is a lizard person confirmed
John Lee
John Lee - 27 päeva tagasi
We all laughing but those water bottles are actually cheap instruments to prevent droplet from someone sneezing or coughing in front of you. If they are also wearing a mask the chance of you getting the virus is much higher than them
octalpus - 27 päeva tagasi
I was really hoping for a return to form seeing that intro, I still miss the old ethan
Greenim Pencilus
Greenim Pencilus - 27 päeva tagasi
I hate Spys
I hate Spys - 27 päeva tagasi
IamME - 28 päeva tagasi
4:25 that’s susie from David dobriks vlog I swear
Boba Tee
Boba Tee - Місяць tagasi
My brother has immunodeficiency.
My friend asked me to come over.
Sorry bro.
The Communist666
The Communist666 - Місяць tagasi
The second he’s said “let’s go down to Florida” I got scared
leftoverpizza 1123
leftoverpizza 1123 - Місяць tagasi
Why did I think that this was a add at first
Craig Lopez
Craig Lopez - Місяць tagasi
Gamestop is 100% an essential service
tyranic_uberfritz - Місяць tagasi
This sounds just like a Chinese Bioweapon
Fca Fanati
Fca Fanati - Місяць tagasi
''Able to eliminate it within 12 hours'' Just like it's natural life on any surface.
Fca Fanati
Fca Fanati - Місяць tagasi
Hey brb, I'm just going out to kill 100 children because THEY WILL INEVITABLY DIE.
- simp
- simp - Місяць tagasi
꧁ ꧂
Jaime G. Aguirre
Jaime G. Aguirre - Місяць tagasi
Laura B
Laura B - Місяць tagasi
I liked it when the sanitizer guy said he "never anticipated hardship other families would go through due to his actions." Ooooohhh you liar! That was very deliberately part of the plan, otherwise why would anyone buy hand sanitizer for $70? No sympathy for him whatsoever!
Zippy - Місяць tagasi
4:23 - This chick looks and sounds like her IQ is at least 40.
TUFF GONGzilla - Місяць tagasi
What about the idiots who are protesting,rioting and killing people?? What about them spreading the virus? Where is the video mocking them??? These protesters in these video even have guns but not a single violence but the blm libtard leftist protesters are literally killing people ..... The double standard disgust me ..
SAEK2 - Місяць tagasi
I haven’t missed the point of the video, but also
Where is the rapper, matching jacket and sweat pants from?
Lutfi Majid
Lutfi Majid - Місяць tagasi
i love the same intro music since 5 years
bull dog
bull dog - Місяць tagasi
That blond chick at 4.25 looks like a budget riley reid
bull dog
bull dog - 2 tundi tagasi
@WellCookedPotatoes oops
WellCookedPotatoes - 5 tundi tagasi
TremKresh The numbers are right the problem is that he put it as 4.25 instead of 4:25 which is the correct time stamp
TremKresh - 26 päeva tagasi
Atleast get your numbers right bro
Hunter Balto
Hunter Balto - Місяць tagasi
K-pop stans turned out to be heroes, not a virus!
WheelChair Jimmy
WheelChair Jimmy - Місяць tagasi
Im so glad I dont live in the US
Koolerkind - Місяць tagasi
4:20 she looks like a blond fat riley reed
xWrizzla L
xWrizzla L - Місяць tagasi
So many stupid people. I wanna leave this Planet......
jj nout
jj nout - Місяць tagasi
Bit late to the party but yeah Ethan is a useful idiot 🙄